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Hanksite: Complete Guide (2024)

hanksite crystal

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about hanksite, including its meaning, properties, types, and uses. Let's get started!


Hanksite crystals are simple in appearance and not alluring compared to other crystals, but this simplicity is part of this crystal's charm. It is an intense grounding stone with earthly elements and a crystal that helps bring out our true selves. Let us learn more about this plain yet valuable crystal.

  • Hanksite Meaning
    • What is Hanksite Used for?
    • Is Hanksite Toxic?
    • Is Hanksite Rare?
    • Hanksite Spiritual Meaning
  • Hanksite Properties
    • Hanksite Metaphysical Properties
  • Hanksite Jewelry
  • Hanksite Uses
  • Hanksite Cleaning
  • Hanksite for Sale
  • Conclusion

Hanksite Meaning

Hanksite was discovered by William Earl Hidden in Searles Lake, California. He named it after the geologist Henry Garber Hanks. After the lake waters evaporate, crystalline hanksite is seen at the bottom. Large deposits of hanksite are in Soda Lake, Mono Lake, Death Valley, and Searles Lake in California and some parts of Turkey. 

Hanksite is colorless, white, yellow, gray, and transparent or translucent. On the Mohs scale of hardness, the hanksite is between 3 to 3.5. Under the ultraviolet light, it glows yellow. 

Hanksite stones are associated with the Taurus zodiac sign and are said to activate the solar plexus chakra. 

What is Hanksite Used for?

Hanksite crystal helps ease suffering and understand the loss of a loved one. It provides a new perspective and aids in distinguishing your wants and needs. Using a hanksite provides us with awareness about trickery and illusions played on us and makes us conscious of and adept with the environment.

It is used in meditation to make oneself spiritually advanced. Also, it is used to stimulate hair growth and help with head colds. Using hanksite enhances the flexibility of mind and body.

Is Hanksite Toxic?

Hanksite is not a toxic mineral. It is a form of either sulfate or carbonate. Carbonates are not toxic until consumed. Carrying a hanksite or using it while meditating is not toxic. 

Is Hanksite Rare?

Yes. Hanksite is relatively rarer than other crystals. Very few minerals belong to both the carbonate and sulfate groups, and hanksite is one of them. This makes the stone very rare.

Hanksite Spiritual Meaning

Hanksite is a heavy grounding stone that aligns with your etheric chakras. The energies of hanksite combined with your aura cleanse your spiritual body and any negative vibrations stuck to you. 

Using hanksite makes you spiritually advanced as it aids in getting in touch with your spiritual guardians. The vibrations of hanksite crystal work with the universe's creative forces to elevate you.

Hanksite Properties

Hanksite is a stone that aids in improving the immune system and assists those who have been breathing toxic air. It is said to work well with the respiratory system and nervous system. It may also aid with cold when breathing gets strenuous because of a blocked nose. 

Hanksite may help in detoxifying the body, which aids in improving metabolism. It may reduce inflammation of the skin and aid with intestinal issues.

Hanksite Metaphysical Properties

Hanksite vibrations are believed to clear negative energies and toxins that cause illness. It helps in water retention and detoxifying, which assists in weight loss.

Hanksite attunes our vibrations and energies to new ideas and helps us activate the third-eye chakra. Hanksite is also known as ‘the truth stone’. It activates the solar plexus and the throat chakras. Hanksite is said to provide insight and perception and help us see the truth.

Hanksite removes blockages from these chakras and aligns their energy to clear our physical and spiritual bodies. It boosts our confidence and makes us feel in control of our life. 

The healing frequencies of hanksite are intense purifiers. It provides a sense of reality and helps you understand yourself better. It encourages self-love and gives us the courage to create our reality.

Hanksite helps clarify the knowledge of yourself and builds confidence. It is an exceptional stone for introverts as it teaches them to trust in themselves and leads them on the path of truth and enlightenment. 

Crystal healers claim ‌hanksite helps us gain access to ancient wisdom. It aids in moving through the dimensions, making one spiritually advanced. Hanksite crystal protects against negative energies. 

It aids us in acknowledging lies and distractions and helps us overcome them while moving on to achieve the needed growth and personal development. It helps us forgive ourselves and others and helps us enjoy a fulfilling life. 

It dispels negative energies and nourishes and rejuvenates our ethereal spirits. It shows us the path of love and kindness towards others and ourselves. 

Using hanksite to meditate is one of the ways to benefit from it. It also repels unwanted thoughts and negative vibrations. 

Hanksite Jewelry

Hanksite crystal is not worn as jewelry as it is a brittle and water-soluble mineral. Making the hanksite into jewelry would damage the crystal. 

Hanksite Uses

hanksite crystal

Hanksite is used in meditations as it has the power to help with interdimensional and astral travels. It helps in advancing one’s spiritual growth. 

Hanksite is also known as a grounding and protection stone that shields the user from negative energies and bad auras or evil intentions focused on them.

Hanksite Cleaning

Hanksite is a water-soluble crystal and thus cannot be cleaned with water. It can be run through with brine (extremely salty water) so it does not lose its crystalline quality.

To clean and preserve a hanksite crystal, it should be coated with mineral oil. 

Hanksite for Sale

Hanksite is a rare mineral and thus is expensive compared to other crystals. 1-inch hanksite crystal can cost between $40 to $65 USD.


Hanksite resonates with all the chakras and assists self-growth. It is a stone of truth and love that balances emotions and encourages forgiveness and healing. It is also a stone of creativity that can help in work life.

Hanksite is known as one of the most grounding and purifying crystals. It cleanses your physical body and enhances your spirituality. 

All the above-mentioned properties make hanksite a must-have crystal in your collection.

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