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Green Amethyst: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

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In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about green amethyst, including its meaning, benefits and value. Let's dive in!


Amethyst doesn’t always have to be purple. In fact, green amethyst could be even better suited to your crystal healing needs than any of the other ray energies. Here’s everything you need to know about this precious stone, including the kinds of jewelry you’re most likely to find it in. 

In this article we discuss the following:

  • What is Green Amethyst?
    • Is Green Amethyst Natural?
    • Prasiolite vs Green Amethyst
    • Green Quartz vs Green Amethyst
    • Green Amethyst vs Green Glass
  • Green Amethyst Meaning
    • Green Amethyst Birthstone
  • Green Amethyst Benefits
    • Green Amethyst Healing Properties
    • Green Amethyst Metaphysical Properties
  • Green Amethyst Value
  • Green Amethyst Jewelry
    • Green Amethyst Ring
      • Green Amethyst Engagement Ring
      • Green Amethyst Engagement Ring Meaning
      • Effy Green Amethyst Ring
    • Green Amethyst Earrings
    • Green Amethyst Necklace
    • Green Amethyst Bracelet
    • Green Amethyst Pendant
    • Green Amethyst Pendant Sterling Silver
  • Green Amethyst Raw

What is Green Amethyst?

The green amethyst gemstone is a variant of amethyst that is considered to be uncommon, even rare. There is a lot to be learnt about this unique stone, including the ways in which it occurs, from Earth to owner. 

Let’s dive straight in!

Is Green Amethyst Natural? 

It depends on how you define ‘natural’. The compound that is green amethyst occurs very naturally beneath the Earth. All forms of amethyst are derivatives of quartz crystal, and exhibit varying minerals within them that give them their own unique crystalline structure. 

Certain forms of amethyst have the ability to be treated with high heat, at which point they will then take on a different ray energy relative to the one they initially formed with. For example, when regular purple amethyst is treated with heat, it takes on an orange ray hue and becomes what we know to be citrine. 

Occasionally, there is amethyst that forms with a unique set of compounds within its structure which gives the amethyst the ability to turn green under certain conditions. Specifically, amethyst with Fe2+ iron compounds present will have the ability to turn green when treated with high heat. From this, we get light green amethyst. 

There is also some confusion when it comes to green and purple amethyst. There are variants of naturally green amethyst found in rare quantities in the Earth. Scientifically speaking, these stones bear a closer resemblance to quartz crystal than they do to amethyst, and almost all green amethyst that is sold commercially comes from heat treated deposits that, technically, don’t occur naturally. 

Prasiolite vs Green Amethyst 

Another name for green amethyst is prasiolite. There are also some who refer to it as vermarine, though this name is becoming less and less used. So to answer the question, is green amethyst the same as prasiolite? Yes. 

How to tell if it's real prasiolite? The stone looks like a mint green amethyst, though some forms may be slightly lighter depending on how much iron was present in the compound at the time it was exposed to the high heat.

It’s worth knowing that green prasiolite does occur naturally, on occasion. This is extremely rare, and happens when an existing amethyst deposit happens to be exposed to increased temperatures while still underground.

For example, an amethyst deposit that is near a hot spring may eventually take on the heat of the source, leading to the heating of the crystals within. In this way, prasiolite would form on its own, entirely naturally and without any human intervention. Similarly, any amethyst deposits that are exposed to radiation have the potential to form green prasiolite over time. 

Green Quartz vs Green Amethyst 

If you take things down to their technicalities, green quartz and green amethyst are very much one and the same. This is because they start their journey on Earth with the exact same crystalline structure, and begin to shift as new minerals are introduced into the deposit. 

All high end green amethyst starts off as quartz, but not necessarily green quartz. The correct terminology, within the scientific world, is actually green quartz or prasiolite; there is no recognized term of ‘green amethyst’. 

Under the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines, it is against their rules to refer to prasiolite as ‘green amethyst’. This hasn’t stopped the metaphysical healing world from adopting this name, however. The term has been very much embraced and widely used. 

You can rest assured that if you are purchasing a stone labeled as ‘green amethyst’, it is definitely prasiolite. 

Green Amethyst vs Green Glass 

This is a strange topic, but it is one that seems to cause a lot of confusion amongst individuals on the Internet. Let’s be clear from the start: green amethyst is not a form of green glass, or vice versa. 

The thing with certain crystals is that they can be very easy to counterfeit. The ever booming worldwide crystal market has brought opportunity for fraudulent crystal manufacturers to make a quick buck, provided they can produce relatively convincing crystal dupes. 

light green crystal rock close up view white background

Using glass and dye, it is very simple to produce real-looking polished stones and pass them off as refined forms of rose quartz, aventurine and even green amethyst. It can be nearly impossible to tell the difference between a real or fake form of these stones, especially with an untrained eye. 

When buying a rare stone, such as prasiolite, it is somewhat imperative that you deal with a reputable retailer. Be prepared to pay a relatively high price for this kind of crystal and, if the price ever seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

Where possible, seek reviews from previous customers that can support the integrity of the retailer. Alternatively, get a second opinion before committing to buy a stone that you suspect may be a form of green glass. 

Green Amethyst Meaning

The meaning of green amethyst can be more easily understood through an understanding of the chakras. Green ray energy is concerned with the green chakra, also known as the heart center. 

Green crystals tend to work very closely with this energetic hub, and green amethyst is no different, even though the green ray technically comes after the stone’s initial formation. 

Green amethyst will work closely with your heart, in ways that regular amethyst usually would not. We’ll get into exactly what kind of work you can expect to enjoy via this crystal in a bit; first, we’d like to expand on this particular green amethyst crystal meaning. 

Because green amethyst was originally regular amethyst, the properties associated with this stone do not fall away. They actually merge, and they make green amethyst a worker for not only the heart chakra but also for the third eye and crown chakras as well (these would be the focus points of regular amethyst).

It is not common for a single crystal to be able to work with so many chakras simultaneously. In fact, it’s quite an anomaly, which is what makes this such a fantastic crystal to add to your collection. 

Green Amethyst Birthstone

Another anomaly is for heat treated crystals to be associated with a specific birth month of the calendar year. Green amethyst is the birthstone for those born in February. 

Those born in this month are said to particularly benefit from the frequency of this stone. It’s a great item to gift to anyone celebrating a February birthday, especially newborn babies. 

This is not to say that everyone else should not make use of green amethyst. On the contrary, this is one of the most versatile crystals in the world, and it’s suitable for anyone who is open-minded enough to receive its gifts. 

Green Amethyst Benefits

Green Amethyst Healing Properties 

Green amethyst is both a physical, and metaphysical, healer. Green amethyst healing is very much concerned with the entire body. It seeks health and wellness for every cell within the individual vessel, so that your overall physical experience is improved. 

More than this, many people report that prasiolite works as a natural detoxifier. Anything being harbored within your body that is not serving your health will be gently flushed out as effectively as possible. 

In doing so, there is a high chance that any blockages that have accumulated over the years will suddenly disappear. This includes ulcers, tumors and growths. 

Green amethyst, as a physical healer, is able to neutralize stomach acids. In this way, you’ll be able to absorb nutrients in a healthier way. 

This kind of work requires a dedicated period of work with this stone. You’ll need to make the time to have the stone interacting with your physical body at least once a day, so that it can begin to influence the physical frequency that you hold. 

Green Amethyst Metaphysical Properties 

On a metaphysical level, there is much to be desired from this green entity. 

Green amethyst is known as a prosperity-bringer, as most green stones are. It will work to attract abundance, wealth and good fortune into your experience, and establish a continued flow of these elements so that the perception of lack is always kept at bay. 

If you’ve got new projects in the pipelines, green amethyst will motivate you to work with a clear mind, and high energy. Brain fog tends to become a thing of the past when green amethyst is nearby. 

In terms of the heart, prasiolite wants it to remain open, available and ready to receive things with high vibratory association. This could be new love, or the friendship you’ve been longing for. 

Green amethyst is also a facilitator of self love. If this is an area in which you struggle, then working with this stone may just change the way you perceive yourself for the better. 

Remember, amethyst is a highly spiritual stone, and it remains deeply connected to the spirit realm even when in green ray energy. It’s very normal for your psychic senses to be heightened, and for your crown chakra to open up to planes that you usually wouldn’t tap into. 

Green Amethyst Value

Despite being uncommon and arguably rare, green amethyst doesn’t retail for as high prices as it could. You can easily purchase a pendant-sized piece of cut and polished prasiolite for under $12. 

light green crystal rock close up view white background

Finding palm-sized, raw chunks of prasiolite is very unlikely. If you do come across a piece, we recommend making it yours immediately, no matter the cost. Green amethyst is usually always sold in very small portions, and is polished or strategically cut. 

Brazilian green amethyst usually has a much richer color than other sources of this crystal. It sells for slightly higher prices, coming in at around $20 per pendent-sized unit. 

Again, it is highly unlikely you will come across raw pieces of this stone, and if you did they would sell for over $50 for a palm-sized piece. You see, amethyst usually breaks when it is exposed to these high temperatures that turn it green, so it is always smaller fragments that make it to the sale rack. 

Green Amethyst Jewelry

Green Amethyst Ring and Engagement Ring 

Green amethyst rings are fast becoming the new trend for engagements. A lot of people are moving away from traditional diamonds and opting for precious stones instead, especially those that offer healing benefits. 

polished green crystal precious stone placed in silver ring

Green Amethyst Engagement Ring Meaning

The meaning of a green amethyst engagement ring is largely subjective. It depends on the content of the relationship between the individuals, and what these energetic stones happen to mean to them. 

If you want to get technical, a green amethyst engagement ring could mean a direct path to the heart. Stones in green ray energy are all about the heart, which is essentially what the meaning of an engagement is, too. 

Effy Green Amethyst Ring

Effy Jewelry has been making some of the most exquisite green amethyst rings in the world. Their rise to fame occurred a few years ago, when the public started to dip into the popularity of this trend, and found Effy to be nailing the design and quality. 

Their best pieces are their green amethyst ring with white gold, though they do also offer gorgeous green amethyst rings with diamonds.

Most of the pieces are made with 14K yellow gold. They retail for just under $1000, though if you catch the Effy website on a good day you could find a significant discount of a couple of hundred dollars. 

Effy’s wares are not limited to green amethyst rings. They do some beautiful earrings and necklace pendants, too. They don’t come cheap, and almost all of them have some form of diamonds embedded in the design. 

Green Amethyst Earrings 

Because green amethyst is so closely concerned with the crown and third eye chakras, there is great benefit in wearing the stone as close to the head as possible. 

Earrings ensure that you place small pieces of green amethyst right next to these chakras as you go about your day, leaving ample time for them to work very closely with your unique frequency. 

Green Amethyst Necklace 

Of all green amethyst jewelry sets, we’d most recommend a green amethyst necklace, especially if heart healing is something you are seeking. 

These pendants hang directly in line with the heart, and will work in ways that you’re probably not conscious of as you go about your daily life. Heart healing is a natural side effect to wearing green crystals as necklaces. 

Green Amethyst Bracelet 

If you’re in need of physical healing from a green amethyst stone, then wearing it as a bracelet is preferential. 

This is because the wrist offers the most direct path into the bloodstream, without breaking skin. So, it is from here that crystals are well able to deliver their healing frequencies throughout the body. 

Green Amethyst Pendant 

A green amethyst pendant can be worn on a necklace, and it can also double as a pendulum stone. Amethyst makes for great pendulum work as these crystals are exceptionally sensitive to fluctuating frequencies. 

You might also like to suspend a green amethyst pendant from your car rearview mirror, which gives you a chance to interact with it multiple times a day. You might find high quality green amethyst in sterling silver retailing for slightly higher than what a plain stone would. Green amethyst happens to channel energy quite strongly when paired with sterling silver, so rest assured that the benefit is worth the cost. 

Green Amethyst Raw

We’ve mentioned that raw green amethyst is an uncommon find, due to the high risk of breakage when treating any crystal with intense heat. Though uncommon, it is not impossible, and there may be a retailer out there with a hearty amount of green amethyst clusters to let go of.

Polished amethyst makes for easy jewelry making, while raw stones are better for home display. If you want to do energy work by placing the amethyst directly on the body, then finding a decent-sized raw stone will be of greater benefit. 

To find raw green amethyst, embark on a detailed online search and narrow down reputable retailers. 


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