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19 Best Crystals for Money and Abundance

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In this post, we reveal the top crystals for money and abundance, including how to use them to bring more wealth into your life. Let's get started!


There aren’t many people who will say they couldn’t do with a little more money, a little more abundance. In fact, most will go to great lengths to get it, but some have the secret of crystalline energy in their back pocket… literally!

In this article we discuss the following:

  • How to Use Crystals for Money and Abundance 
  • 19 Best Crystals for Money and Abundance
    • Pyrite
    • Peridot
    • Citrine
    • Green Jade
    • Stibnite
    • Ruby
    • Yellow Sapphire
    • Green Aventurine
    • Tiger’s Eye
    • Clear Quartz
    • Amazonite
    • Green Moss Agate
    • Bloodstone
    • Selenite
    • Sunstone
    • Amber
    • Black Tourmaline
    • Malachite
    • Labradorite

How to Use Crystals for Money and Abundance

Attracting money and abundance using crystals is easier than you think. You see, the most natural state of existence recognized by the universe is that of abundance; the universe is an infinite, ever expanding entity — it only knows abundance. 

When we talk of attracting an abundance of money, what we really mean is an abundance of prosperity. The state of being prosperous usually involves money, money, money: enough so that things in life never feel particularly unattainable or inaccessible. 

pieces of purple crystal rocks different sizes and shapes scattered on a white background

Crystals that attract money aren’t the only way of bringing about abundance and prosperity, but they’re probably the least effortful. Other methods include daily meditation and the use of repetitive prayer to better align your point of attraction. 

Crystals form under the Earth over thousands of years. They are energetically charged with the minerals and elements that are native to the planet, though there are some stones that are thought to have found their way here from outer space. 

These crystals vibrate at much higher frequencies compared to human beings; in this way, they are able to affect the energy of a user by slowly pulling up their vibration to match that of the stone. It’s complex metaphysics, and the concept that crystals have beneficial properties is eternally rejected by science. 

Crystals for abundance of money need to be kept in as close proximity as possible to their user. In this way, they’ll be able to attune to your own energy and start generating flow in your life. Accordingly, if you want to work properly with a crystal, it’s essential that you select a method by which to incorporate it into your everyday life. 

Consider some of the following methods that we find to be most effective:

  • Money and abundance aside, we should all be meditating for a minimum of 15 minutes a day, no excuses! During meditation, hold your stone for money luck in the palm of your hand and focus your deepest intention from your mind’s eye into the crystal. 
  • Place your chosen stone in the base of the glass you use to drink water throughout your day, or inside of your actual water bottle. Crystals will charge any water that they touch, and the benefits will be delivered throughout your body as you drink. To simplify the process, consider using a crystal water bottle.
  • Wear crystals as jewelry, especially earrings, rings and necklaces. 
  • Place your crystal onto your physical body whilst lying down. Allow the stones to affect your chakra center and pull your vibration upward. 
  • Keep your stone next to your bed, or under your pillow as you slumber. Crystals love to work with the subconscious mind. 
  • Keep your stones for wealth in any place where you would expect to find wealth. For example your pocket, handbag or wallet. 

Basically, you want to have your abundance crystals as close to your physical body as possible. This way, your aura will work one on one with the stone, even in the moments where you aren’t necessarily intending to engage in crystal healing. These techniques were all recognized by ancient civilizations who used crystalline energy in everyday life; slowly but surely we are rediscovering the magic and great benefit of this healing practice. 

How to Cleanse Crystals

Stones that attract money are powerful forces, and because they forge such a tight knit relationship with the user they need to be regularly cleansed and recharged. 

This is especially true if anyone else has picked up your crystals and handled them out of interest. The stones aren’t able to decipher between one human and the next; they simply recognize the energy and attune to it. If a friend, family member or child handles your stones, then they may leave behind some of their own energy, and cause the properties of the crystal to become confused. 

These stones are also deeply influenced by the notion of flow. If you think about it, money and abundance exist thanks to a healthy flow of energy both toward and away from a user. Since there will be such a significant passing of energy back and forth, the stones will become weakened a lot faster than they would with regular crystal healing. 

unpolished purple and pink crystal rocks placed on a textured white surface

Make time to cleanse and recharge your prosperity stones as often as possible, and once a month at a minimum. We recommend any one of the following methods:

  • There are some crystals that dissolve when coming into contact with water, and there are some that do not. Those that are water-safe can be easily cleansed using a saltwater solution (either collected from the ocean or made at home). Simply submerge your stones in the solution and leave them there for a minimum of 24 hours. 
  • Water in motion is another quick and effective way of cleansing crystals. Hold each stone under running water for one minute, and use a towel to dry them off. Again, this method is only suitable for water-safe stones!
  • Burning sacred herbs or incense over your crystal collection will cleanse them within minutes. We recommend sandalwood, Palo Santo and any form of sage. 
  • Bury your crystals in the garden and leave them there overnight, or for up to 48 hours. 
  • Once a month, use the light of the full moon to cleanse and recharge your stones. Simply leave them out overnight. 

The process of mining, cutting and retailing crystals involves a significant amount of handling time. Before they reach your humble abode, your crystals will have been poked and prodded by a number of questionable energies, and some of them may have remained behind. 

We recommend cleansing your stones the minute you receive them; this way they are clean and ready to begin working with your energy and your energy alone!

19 Best Crystals for Money and Abundance

1. Pyrite

If there ever were a most powerful stone to attract money, it’s probably pyrite. 

raw silver rocks beside purple prism shaped polished crystals

Pyrite, which is often called ‘fool’s gold’, is a known facilitator of one’s truest path to abundance. If this particular path seems totally unimaginable from where you currently stand, pyrite will facilitate a clearer vision and guide you toward it intuitively. If something has been keeping you blocked off from this kind of experience, pyrite will remove it. 

Pyrite is an inspirer of change and motivation, and it will help you feel driven to attain the abundance that you seek, be it with regards to money, opportunity, joy or even love. It’s an incredibly lucky stone and should be kept in places where you would usually find cash money, such as your pockets or purse. 

2. Peridot

Peridot: the crystal for good luck and loads of cash!

This money stone even manifested itself as the color of money. It works so that abundance and prosperity can creep their way into all avenues of your daily life. 

This is also a stone of growth, which can indirectly be applied to your bank account, though you’ll likely find you get a ton more benefit when it comes to growth of character. It’s a heart opening stone that fuels intuition free of doubt: a form of property in itself. 

Because peridot is a gemstone with the closest relation to the diamond, owning a piece comes at a price. That being said, all crystals for attracting money end up paying for themselves over time; try to keep this in mind. 

3. Citrine

Citrine has many beneficial properties, and almost all of them are rooted in the essence of abundance. This makes it one of the best crystals to gift to any individuals suffering from anxiety or depression, which are two states of being usually fueled by a perception of lack of abundance. 

Citrine is sometimes called the ‘Lucky Merchant’s Stone’. It’s golden hue is directly correlated to that which it is able to bring to a user. In the same breath, citrine is a sharing stone and encourages wealth distribution so that all may benefit; in this way, you end up giving more away so that even more can flow in. It’s the law of attraction at its finest. 

Citrine carries the energy of the sun, so it will also improve your mood and level of positivity. These are abundance-based qualities that are essential to your progress. 

4. Green Jade

This is another green stone that embodies the paper money we so desperately seek. Green jade was used across Ancient China to bring success and luck, which was an indirect yet straightforward approach to bringing in more money. 

Jade works with the abundance of nature and delivers it into your experience. It knows that we are simply a physical extension of nature, and shows us how to tap into that world of abundance for our personal gain. At the same time, jade is never greedy, and will maintain a healthy balance that doesn’t corrupt your integrity along the way. 

Jade is a physically cold stone, and can be used directly on the skin for its anti-inflammatory benefits. Jade rollers are widely sold and make wonderful additions to a daily skincare routine. 

5. Stibnite

Stibnite are not common gemstones and are usually difficult to find. If you are able to get your hands on a piece, hold it close!

This unusual stone has a deep seated connection to the higher realms of existence: places where abundance is standard practice. Stibnite is able to physically ground experiences from the higher realms into the Earthly plane, meaning that abundance can be tapped into in places where we don’t often get to interfere. 

Stibnite is also believed to aid anyone wishing to astral travel, or make contact with extraterrestrials. 

6. Ruby

If you feel like your good fortune has been affected by irreparable soul connections, ruby is the money stone for you. 

pinkish red tear drop shaped gem stone close up view

Ruby will restore, repair and recreate soul connections that have been energetically compromised to the point where your experience of prosperity has been affected. This is a unique stone, and is best used by wearing it on the physical body, ideally as a necklace. They don’t always come cheap, but they will be worth it in the long run. 

Over time, all decisions that you make regarding money will lead to success and monetary abundance. This is a stone that needs you to be in it for the long haul; if you are, you’ll be generously rewarded when the energies are just right. 

7. Yellow Sapphire

The yellow sapphire is one of the most powerful crystals for wealth. This is because it works with the solar plexus, and opens it up for a sensational boost of energy that shoots both up and down the rest of your chakra body. 

When this happens, it is very difficult not to fall into the vibration of abundance. You’ll feel energized, ambitious and totally uninhibited when it comes to charging toward your goals. 

The best way to use yellow sapphires to attract money is to hold them in the palm of your hand as you meditate. 

Note that sapphire stones are notoriously easy to fake as they look very much like dyed glass. Always purchase them from reliable retailers, as some suppliers offer mock sapphires posing as the real thing. 

8. Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is one of those money crystals that works to undo the damage of unwise, frivolous spending that got you into this place of lack. 

Aventurine can’t bring back your lost dollars, but it can bring missed opportunities back around so that you have a second chance to take advantage of them. It’s quite remarkable how this stone works with the human experience; you’ll have to try it to believe it. 

Aventurine is all about opening doors where there weren’t any, and intuitively leading the user down the path of least resistance, where money and abundance abide. This is another stone that is best used during meditation; hold it tight in the palm of your hand!

9. Tiger’s Eye

Sometimes your money and abundance are simply sitting on the other side of your dreams and aspirations. Whether this is a new career, or an unknown lover, tiger’s eye pulls it into reality in a timely fashion, so that you can start reaping the rewards. 

In addition to this, tiger’s eye is also able to help a user be more sensible when it comes to monetary decisions and spending. It does this through its combination of Earth and solar energies, which ground human beings into being more conscientious for the better. 

It also acknowledges that luck can work wonders for an individual’s perception of prosperity. Tiger’s eye is a powerful luck bringer, above all else. You may also know of this stone as one of protection; indeed, tiger’s eye is versatile and thus a wonderful crystal to gift to people who travel a lot and can’t necessarily carry a lot of individual gemstones. 

10. Clear Quartz

white geode crystal rock beside bottle shaped bluish smooth stone and tiny green crystal rock

Clear quartz is probably one of the most versatile and programmable gemstones for prosperity. The problem is that because it looks just like glass it’s easy to fake. As a result, it’s necessary to only purchase clear quartz from reputable sources, or to opt for raw quartz when in doubt. 

Clear quartz works closely with your most intimate thoughts. The intent for money and abundance will reside in the crystalline structure, and remain there until you personally feel satisfied with the outcome. 

Clear quartz makes a great companion for anyone who is in the process of setting up a new business, or for people who feel they are drowning in unpaid bills. What’s more, clear quartz has a profound healing effect on the physical body wherever there is pain present. Use it directly on the skin for this purpose. 

11. Amazonite

Amazonite is one of the crystals for prosperity that works in an indirect, gentle fashion. The goal of this stone is to dispel any energetic blockages residing within the user that may be contributing to the lack of abundance present in their physical experience. 

In the process, you’ll be asked to face any characteristics that you embody that are not necessary or 100% in integrity with your inner being. You see, amazonite stays in direct communication with your higher self at all times, and this part of you knows that your most natural state of existence is abundance. 

Amazonite will help you make a more positive connection at home and in the workplace. To receive abundance you need to be surrounded by others who are in abundance; that’s the law of attraction!

12. Green Moss Agate

It’s all about the green stones when money and abundance are concerned. 

Green moss agate is a crystal that looks, feels and sometimes smells like the essence of the Earth. It’s mother nature in its physicality, and thus the natural existence of abundance is not only present, it’s understood. 

These particular crystals can be used to attract money and are also concerned with success. This is a subjective experience and will be unique to each user. For some, success is endless work and opportunity and, for others, success can be the opportunity to do nothing at all. 

Sometimes the harsh reality is that we are personally to blame for holding ourselves out of vibrational abundance. When this realization occurs, a certain level of forgiveness is necessary and green moss agate can facilitate it. Forgive your past self; you knew no better. 

13. Bloodstone

Bloodstone is a crystal for abundance that works through the experience of conservation. They say one should place a piece of this crystal in different parts of the home, where the user will come into direct contact with it on a daily basis. 

We think great spots include: inside a safe, wherever you keep your house keys, and next to your television remotes. 

Bloodstone helps you conserve your existing wealth, while simultaneously pulling more toward you. Your creativity will be amplified and you’ll be inspired to explore new avenues for wealth retrieval. This is the crystal to use if there is a business venture that you’ve wanted to pursue for a while but have felt too apprehensive to do so. 

14. Selenite

hand holding burning sage on a wooden slab green and white crystal rock near it

Selenite is a crystal for luck and money that we believe everyone should have in their collection. Selenite is usually sold in wand-form, and looks a lot like a geometrically formed icicle. 

The main benefit of using selenite to attract more money is the stone’s ability to keep things moving. Selenite believes in flow, and only flow. Money moves out, and selenite knows that this only means more can move back in. It’s all about cycle and motion. 

The real reason you want a piece of selenite on your side is because it is one of very few crystals that self-cleanses. That’s right: you’ll never have to take time out to clean or recharge your stone; on the contrary, you can actually use selenite to cleanse all of your other crystals. 

15. Sunstone

The easiest to use of all crystals for money are those that inspire positive energy from day one. 

Sunstone retains the energy of the sun; it’s a natural mood enhancer, and positive vibe bringer, even in the darkest of spaces. There’s no real hiding from the light of the sun, right? 

Abundance and money all really boil down to attitude. You need to work with crystals that amplify your energies into their highest possible good, so that you are existing at the equivalent frequency of all the heightened experiences you seek, including the abundance of money.  

Fear of failure is also something that regularly holds us out of alignment with the abundance we seek. Sunstone can reduce fear and provide faith. 

16. Amber

Amber is a tricky gemstone to work with, especially as a beginner. There is meaning within the unique crystalline structure of each piece of amber out there, and it takes a seasoned eye to identify the most powerful of them. 

When you get it right, amber shoots to the top of the list of best crystals for wealth. It works best for individuals who feel like there are an overwhelming amount of external forces attempting to take their wealth away. Perhaps your bills are piling up, or there are simply too many physical things you desire to own. 

Amber keeps the money firmly in your hands, while also attracting more to replenish the supply when the time comes for it to be released. 

17. Black Tourmaline

If you feel particularly bogged down by debt, you need the help of a crystal that simply gets it. 

Black tourmaline makes a wonderful companion to anyone needing to get their greater relationship with money to a more stable, trustworthy place. Debt plagues most of humanity, and can be significantly detrimental to one’s peace of mind. Use black tourmaline to clear the mental clutter and awaken your true financial potential. 

Black tourmaline is an incredibly lucky stone, which works effortlessly with the experience of prosperity and abundance. Wear it as jewelry or keep a generously sized piece by your front door to ward off any unlucky vibes. This stone will also protect your home from threatening entities. 

18. Malachite

Sometimes we are like a holding station of high vibrating, potential energy that is just waiting to manifest into something physical. Since malachite is a transformation stone, it can help push this energy into the physical realm, allowing you to reap the abundant rewards. 

Wherever there is stagnancy, malachite will seek to unblock and generate flow. It is also considered to be a bringer of great luck, and works well in conjunction with financial relationships. Where loyalty and trust are needed, malachite can provide it. 

These particular crystals for success work with the heart chakra. You can connect deeply with your own intuition, allowing you to make better and more abundant choices going forward. 

19. Labradorite

unpolished green yellow blue color rock close up view

The intricate crystalline structure of labradorite makes it one of the most aesthetically pleasing stones out there. In our opinion, no crystal collection is complete without a piece of labradorite. 

This stone offers a major stroke of fortune to anyone who can figure out how to properly channel the energy. It tends to bring abundance and prosperity through synchronicity, and will usually facility chance encounters that swing your finances into a different direction. 

Anyone feeling particularly stuck in life, or like they could use some good luck, will find great companionship in labradorite. The feeling of flow is tangible after just a few days of use, and very often it involves the removal of things you didn’t even know were holding you back. 

Wear labradorite as jewelry, or invest in a substantial-sized slate to display in your home. Labradorite needs to be cleansed on a regular basis. 


We hope you enjoyed this article! If you are interested in incorporating crystals into your life, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of a crystal that resonates with you. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of calm and serenity. Also, if you are interested in reading more about how crystals can help with anxiety, check out our comprehensive blog post on the 15 Best Crystals for Anxiety!

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