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Adularia: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

adularia crystal

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about adularia, including its meaning, location, properties, and more. Let's get started!


Adularias are one of the most beautiful and interesting crystals in the world of gemstones. Also known as moonstone, adularia is highly coveted by gemologists and astrologists owing to its various healing and metaphysical properties. Its “moonlight” luster imparts a highly fascinating, ethereal appeal that can easily mesmerize your senses.

In this post today, let us discuss everything about the adularia gem. 

  • Introduction
  • Adularia Meaning
    • Adularia Spiritual Meaning
    • Adularia Pronunciation
  • Where is Adularia Found
    • Adularia Quartz in Arkansas
    • Adularia in Switzerland
  • Adularia Properties
    • Adularia Metaphysical Properties
  • Adularia Jewelry
    • Adularia Necklace
  • Adularia for Sale
  • Conclusion

What is Adularia?

Adularia mineral is composed of feldspar and potassium aluminosilicate (KAlSi3O8). When it comes to the definition of adularia, mineralogists say that adularias are varieties of three minerals: microcline, sanidine, or orthoclase, which are different feldspar minerals. Adularia stone and sanidine are polymorphic crystals of potassium feldspar, which are generally found in volcanic deposits that are hydrothermally transformed and felsic in nature. Adularias resemble prismatic crystals that are transparent or translucent in appearance. 

Adularia Meaning

One of the richest sources of adularia gem is Mount Adular in Switzerland, which explains where this gleaming whitish mineral gets its name from. 

As rays of light strike the surface of adularias, they get diffracted by layers of albite and orthoclase present inside this gemstone, giving rise to the “adularescence” effect. This creates the appearance of a cloud-like floating sheen or light within the adularia gem that is of a bluish to white hue. 

Adularia Spiritual Meaning

Beyond its fascinating physical appearance, the adularia mineral is also endowed with deep spiritual prowess. According to metaphysical practitioners and spiritual healers, the adularia gem is aligned with our crown, heart, throat, and third eye chakras. It is considered a feminine gemstone associated with worshipping the goddess. 

Adularias are great for those individuals who wish to embark on a journey of spiritual self-discovery. It can help you improve your personal relationships, especially by helping you understand the deeper emotions that lie underneath. Adularia quartz, which is a rare variety, can help strike the right balance among all your chakras and stimulate your inner consciousness. 

Spiritual healers say that adularia quartz can also empower you by unifying your vibrations and elevating them to the higher realms of the cosmic consciousness. Once you start meditating with adularia crystal, you can master the art of manifestation through your third eye chakra, and experience spiritual upliftment. 

Adularia Pronunciation

The correct pronunciation of adularia stone should sound like “Ad – you - lare’ – ee - uh”.

Where is Adularia Found?

adularia stone

Going back to history, you will find that the most valuable variant of transparent colorless adularias used to be sourced from Myanmar. Today, adularia crystals are found in many countries across the world, including Sri Lanka, Turkey, the USA, Mexico, and Australia.

Adularia Quartz in Arkansas

The Arkansas region in the USA is one of the most famous sources of adularia gem today. Adularia quartz found in this part of the world comes in varying shades of golden and white and is of high aesthetic value.

Adularia in Switzerland

In Switzerland, adularias are generally present in the alpine-like parageneses. Crystals of this beautiful mineral were originally found in the Adula Massif, in the Ticino region of Switzerland, from where it got its name. The adularia mineral was named in the year 1780 by Ermenegildo Pini from the locality where it was discovered. 

Adularia Properties

When it comes to the properties of adularia stone, there are certain significant aspects to discuss. First comes the physical properties of this beautiful and rare gem.

Among all other gemstones, adularia moonstone is the easiest to identify by its characteristic physical attributes, mainly the microscopic inclusions. Inclusions are intrinsic to any adularia crystal and are the clearest indicators of their authenticity. Adularias contain fissures and cracks which are formed because of the effect of natural external elements, such as pressure. There are also certain dark rectangular areas within adularia stone, called cavities, which are mainly caused by stress cracking. 

The presence of these fissures and cracks refracts the ambient light rays off the adularia edge and endows it with an ethereal shimmer, with phenomenal shades and hues. Moonstones that emanate a blue sheen are of the highest valuation in the market today. Silvery and whitish translucent adularia moonstone are also available and are relatively easy to find in larger sizes. 

Adularia quartz is among the rarest variants of this fascinating gemstone; it was last found roughly fifty years ago.

Adularia Metaphysical Properties

The adularia gem is not only just a pretty sight to behold, but it also comes with abundant properties that are beneficial for your spiritual wellness. So talking about the various metaphysical capabilities of this rare crystal forms a significant part of the discussion about its properties:

  • As mentioned earlier, adularia gemstone is deeply entwined with four chakras, namely – our heart, crown, throat, and third eye chakras. It can help you balance all these chakras and attain greater emotional and spiritual stability. 
  • Metaphysical practitioners say that adularia quartz is endowed with both male and female energies, which help balance your body, mind, and soul. While the male energies aid in sourcing strength and help you focus on your goals, the female energies bring in the calmness of mind and boost intuition, as well as your physical and mental strength. 
  • Another very significant thing about adularias is their ability to facilitate clarity of thoughts and focus. If you wish to revitalize your spiritual and physical abilities and seek proper guidance through your emotional experiences, meditating with adularia crystal can be of great help.
  • If you seek to elevate your spiritual consciousness to the higher energies of the cosmic world, such that you can communicate with the spiritual world, adularia quartz can help you.
  • Adularia gemstone is highly precious to spiritual leaders; it helps them enhance their clairvoyance skills and arouse innate psychic potentials.
  • Quartz adularia is also said to be highly effective for manifestations through meditation. It can help open up your senses for spiritual enlightenment, self-discovery, by empowering you to break away from old, useless habits and patterns. 
  • It also supports all those who are trying to break away from addictions.

Adularia Jewelry

adularia necklace

Courtesy of its inherent otherworldly charm, the adularia moonstone is often used in various jewelry items. It is one of the most expensive gemstones available today, with the translucent white and bluish ones being the priciest kinds. 

Since ancient times, jewelry items made with gorgeous adularias became a potent talisman for feminine energies. Its direct resemblance to the lunar phases triggered a sense of veneration among people. The most expensive variants of this charming gem had found great acceptance in the Art nouveau jewelry, which still dazzles Europe's rich history. 

However, adularia jewelry continues to enjoy immense popularity even today. Its bright, shimmering surface won’t only embellish ostentatious jewelry but also effortlessly enhance your elegance and style. Starting from stunning adularia pendants and hanging earrings, to intricately designed bracelets and more; this rare gem looks brilliant in any form. Adularias are available in a variety of gorgeous shades of pink, pale yellow, reddish-brown, glassy translucent, white and more, which add to your options of customizing adularia jewelry.

Adularia Necklace

Adularia moonstone is often used as a substitute for pearls. Its luminous appeal, like the moon, looks stunning on necklaces. Any shade of adularia gem will look fascinating on a necklace, but if you have any preference for a particular shade, you can go for it.

Wearing a magnificent adularia necklace can not only transform and enrich your inherent beauty but also help you keep calm and steady, as it lies close to your heart chakra. You will feel more confident and contented from within as you turn heads by wearing an exquisite adularia necklace.

Moreover, since adularia mineral is hailed as a powerful symbol of good fortune, it can also help you deal better with the ups and downs of life and shape your providence. 

Adularia for Sale

All variants of adularia crystals might not be available everywhere. But you will find abundant options of gemstone sellers on reliable and popular online stores like Etsy which retail different types of adularias. Starting from adularia moonstone tumbled stones and gleaming rough crystals to snowy white gemstones and adularia quartz, you have countless choices.

The price ranges for different kinds of adularia will, of course, vary. Rarer variants of adularia crystals will be significantly more expensive than others.

However, you must be careful to check the authenticity of the adularia crystal before making a purchase. Remember, you can achieve the desired manifestations and spiritual benefits only from genuine adularia gems.


To wrap up, we can easily say that adularias are one of the most interesting gemstones found on this planet. It not only comes with enormous spiritual and metaphysical powers but also looks every bit intriguing with an innate ethereal charm that is tough to ignore. For those who seek to instill balance and harmony in life, this rare gem can help work wonders. But to experience the best outcomes, you must make sure to purchase genuine adularia gemstone from reliable sellers only.

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