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Baryte: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)


In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about baryte, including its meaning, properties, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


When we think of crystals, our minds often go straight to visions of richness and extravagance. But crystals aren’t all gold and diamonds (literally!). Baryte is one such crystal that isn’t used in fancy jewelry, but rather in industries like the petrochemical industry. 

Despite this, baryte is rich in the benefits it offers. Here is what you will learn in this article:

  • What is Baryte
    • Baryte Meaning
    • Baryte Pronunciation
    • Baryte Chakra
    • Where Can You Find Baryte
      • Baryte Gemstones in Oklahoma
      • Baryte Mines in India
  • Baryte Properties
    • Baryte Physical Properties
    • Baryte Metaphysical Properties
    • Baryte Spiritual Properties
    • Baryte Physical Healing Properties
    • Baryte Emotional Healing Properties
  • Baryte Crystal Pairing
  • Baryte Color
    • Baryte Black 
  • Barytes Uses
    • Baryte Gravel
    • Baryte Paper
    • Baryte Powder
  • Working with Baryte
  • Baryte Price
  • Conclusion

What is Baryte

Baryte, (or barite) is a mineral. It is composed of barium sulfate or BaSO4. Due to its high barium content and easy availability, it serves as the main and most important ore of barium. 

Baryte Meaning

The word baryte comes from the Greek word ‘barys’. This word means ‘heavy’ and refers to the uncanny heavy-weight of the mineral. Baryte mineral is heavy because of its high specific density of 4.5. This sort of density is usually seen in metallic minerals and not in non-metallic minerals like barytes. 

Baryte Pronunciation

When you pronounce baryte, it should sound like beh-right.

Baryte Chakra

Baryte is associated with the crown chakra. The crown chakra is the last chakra and is located at the crown of your head. This crystal is believed to gently clear out blockages in the chakras and facilitate the smooth flow of energy. 

Where Can You Find Baryte


Barytes are found in sedimentary rocks like limestone and dolostone. It is common to find barytes as concretions and vein-fillings in these sedimentary rocks. Relatively large accumulations of baryte can be found at the point of contact between soil and bedrock. 

Another place where barytes can be found is in sand or sandstone. Barytes can crystallize in the sand and often form beautiful shapes. One such shape is a ‘baryte rose’. 

Barytes can also be found in hydrothermal veins and sulfide ore veins. It can also be found deposited with ores of elements such as silver, copper, lead, and manganese. 

Baryte has been found in large quantities in India and China. There are also reserves in many other countries, some of which include the USA, South Africa, Brazil, Greece, Germany, Ireland, the UK, and Australia. 

Baryte Gemstones in Oklahoma

Central Oklahoma doesn’t have a lot of geological diversity, but the one thing that can be found in abundance here is baryte roses. Interestingly, baryte roses are the official rock of Oklahoma.

Baryte Mines in India

There are 32 baryte mines in India, 28 of which are located in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The largest deposit of baryte in the world is also located in Andhra Pradesh and is the Mangampet deposit in Cuddapah. This mine contributes to almost 95% of the country’s total production. 

Baryte Properties

Baryte Physical Properties

Baryte has distinct physical properties which make it relatively easy to identify. It has a high specific gravity of 4.5. Not many non-metallic minerals have such a high specific gravity.

At the same time, baryte is relatively soft and has a low Mohs hardness of between 2.5 and 3.5. The baryte crystals have three directions of right-angle cleavage.

Baryte is found in various colors including white, blue, brown, yellow, red, and green, among others. 

Baryte Metaphysical Properties

Baryte is associated with the crown chakra, so it is believed to have potent metaphysical benefits. Baryte crystal is said to have high vibrational energy. This can help you forge a strong connection with metaphysical realms and it can also help with astral travel. 

People say that barytes can help you understand your dreams and their higher significance. You will be able to decipher what life holds for you. This increases conscious awareness as well. 

Baryte Spiritual Properties

With baryte, it is believed that you will be able to align with your higher purpose. You may become more aware and accepting of your powers. Baryte crystal can also help you on your spiritual ascension journey by helping you link with higher energy realms. 

Baryte assists in raising your vibrational frequency so that you can access and explore higher consciousness and spirit realms.

Baryte Physical Healing Properties

Barytes are often used for alleviating physical ailments. 

Firstly, it is believed to have a powerful effect on the brain. The crystal, associated with the crown chakra, can help sharpen memory. It can help synchronize the functioning of the left and right sides of the brain. Barytes are also used to assist in the healing of brain damage and other such conditions. 

Secondly, barytes are sometimes used to ease chronic pain during chemotherapy or radiotherapy. It is believed to have the power to clean the body of toxic substances. Beyond cleansing, the crystal is also believed to protect the body from the harmful effects of prolonged exposure to x-rays and UV-rays. 

Third, it is believed that barytes can help reduce withdrawal symptoms in those who are trying to heal themselves from any addictions. 

Another major effect of barytes is on the nerves. Those suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD can benefit from the soothing energy of the baryte. The crystal can also help with neurosis. 

Lastly, it is believed that this crystal can also help with anxiety and help cure high fevers.

Baryte Emotional Healing Properties

If you struggle with making decisions, baryte might be the crystal for you. It is believed that baryte can help make your thinking process clear and structured. This will help you make the right decision in any situation. It can also calm the mind. Hence, it can help those who are easily excited and can’t control their emotions.  

The crystal is believed to improve communication skills. You will feel yourself sharing more and expressing yourself clearly. This free expression can improve relations with friends, family, coworkers, and pretty much anyone you interact with.

The free flow of thought also helps release recurring negative thoughts and can prevent anxiety and depression. 

Baryte Crystal Pairing

For emotional healing, overcoming addictions, and moving past traumatic experiences, barytes can be paired with minerals that contain lithium such as lepidolite, petalite, and lithium phantom quartz, among others.

If you are looking to strengthen your spiritual practices or wish to experience astral travel, you can use barytes with crystals like angelite, moldavite, celestite, and starbrary. 

Baryte Color

Barytes are found in almost every color of the spectrum. There are warm colors like red, orange, yellow, and brown; cool colors like green and blue; colors like black and grey, and even colorless specimens of barytes. 

Baryte Black 

Black baryte has a unique and specific use. These crystals are generally used in digging petroleum wells. 

Barytes Uses

white powder on a plate

Baryte Gravel

Baryte gravel is crushed to form baryte powder and other useful types of baryte. It has numerous uses in the petrochemical industry and also, surprisingly, in the medical industry. 

Baryte Paper

Baryte paper, better known as baryta paper, is used in the world of photography. It is a paper with a layer of barium sulfate, which comes from barytes. This paper is applied to fiber photo paper before applying the layer that receives ink. This adds some sheen to the photograph. 

Baryte Powder

Baryte powder is used to make baryte mud. This mud is used in the petroleum extraction process. Baryte mud is pumped into oil wells and acts as a weighting agent. 

Working with Baryte

You can benefit from the properties of barytes in many different ways. 

If you practice meditation, especially with crystals, you can use baryte during your meditation. This is said to facilitate your mind’s journey inwards and you may be able to connect with higher dimensions. 

An easy way to use baryte is to place a crystal on top of your head. It is said that this can bring up unreleased emotions, and,  as such, can be extremely cathartic and can leave you feeling much more free and relaxed. This way, you can finally be free of negative emotions like anger, shame, fear, guilt, and resentment. You will feel at peace within yourself. 

Instead of putting a baryte crystal on their head, some people choose to place it on different parts of the body. This helps release trapped energy and relieve tension. 

If you don’t meditate with crystals, a super-easy way to benefit from barytes is to place a crystal on your bedside table. This way, you will be able to benefit from the healing energies of this crystal even as you sleep. Since the crystal is associated with the crown chakra, it is said that it can even help you remember your dreams. 

Baryte Price

Baryte is not an expensive stone. Since it is widely available and used a lot in commercial industries, it doesn’t cost much. The crystals usually cost between $50 to 180 USD per ton. 


Baryte is one of the rough and tumble stones in the world of crystals, and it makes up for in benefits what it lacks in luster. Baryte is composed of barium sulfate and is found in many countries across the world. The crystals are used by healers because of their immense physical and emotional healing power. It is believed that these crystals can also help connect the users with their spirit guides. 

If you are only beginning to use crystals and are unsure about investing too much, you can start with the very affordable baryte. 

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