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White Moonstone: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

white moonstone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about white moonstone, including its meaning, properties, types, and uses. Let's get started!


It's fascinating how mere stones can have almost magical energies around them. One such crystal that can have a profound impact on your life is the white moonstone. 

In this article, you will learn: 

  • White Moonstone Meaning
    • What is White Moonstone?
    • History of White Moonstone
    • Where does White Moonstone Come from?
    • White Moonstone Spiritual Meaning
    • White Moonstone Benefits
    • White Moonstone Chakra
  • White Moonstone Properties
    • White Moonstone Metaphysical Properties
    • White Moonstone Healing Properties
  • White Moonstone Types
    • White Moonstone Tumbled
  • White Moonstone Uses
    • White Moonstone Beads
  • White Moonstone Jewelry
    • White Moonstone Ring
    • White Moonstone Pendant
    • White Moonstone Cabochon
    • White Moonstone Necklace 
    • White Moonstone Earrings
      • White Moonstone Stud Earrings
    • White Moonstone Bracelet
  • How to Cleanse and Care for White Moonstone
  • White Moonstone Price
  • Conclusion

White Moonstone Meaning

White moonstone gets its name from the moon. The moon is an integral part of all life on earth. We are all connected to the moon, regardless of where we are. The moon is often used to signify femininity. 

Femininity doesn’t just refer to females and reproduction, but to the feminine elements like art, beauty, and creativity. It is also associated with the ebb and flow of tides, which signifies the gentle rhythms and patterns in life. 

What is a White Moonstone?

White moonstone, also sometimes called by other names including ‘traveler’s stone’, ‘wolf's eye’, ‘stone of destiny’, and ‘fish eye’, is a type of feldspar. Moonstone is essentially a sodium-potassium aluminum silicate. Moonstone has parallel structures within the crystal matrix. These structures balance light in a way that makes these stones seem to glow. This phenomenon is called labradorescence. 

Moonstone that glows white is called white moonstone. Similarly, a moonstone that emits a blue glow is called blue moonstone. 

History of White Moonstone

White moonstone has been around for a long time. It is relatively common, so there are still accounts of history from many civilizations that came across and used this stone. Even historically, white moonstone was believed to be linked with the feminine. 

The Romans associated white moonstone with Diana, their goddess of the hunt. Romans believed that Diana hunted under the moonlight and was a symbol of the strong, undomesticated female. 

In Hindu culture, the stone is associated with love and is considered being a symbol of love and femininity. White moonstone has also been seen to hold a place in gold and silver jewelry in ancient times in India and in Europe, where the Celts lived.

Fun fact: You can even see white moonstone in the Harry Potter movies, in the tiara Fleur Delacour wears during her wedding with Bill. 

White moonstone was also made the State Gemstone in Florida in 1970. Though moonstone is not found naturally in Florida, this was done to commemorate the rockets being launched at Kennedy Space Center. 

Where does White Moonstone Come from?

Moonstone is a common stone found in many countries. The most highly-valued moonstones are blue moonstones because they are very rare. These are found in Sri Lanka. India is known for producing another type of rare moonstone called the rainbow moonstone.

White moonstone occurs in Armenia, Australia, India, Sri Lanka, Norway, Poland, Germany, Tanzania, and many other countries across the globe. 

White Moonstone Spiritual Meaning

Spiritually, the white moonstone is linked to divine femininity. You may find that using moonstone fills you with creativity and brings a stronger intuition. Since it is linked with feminine energy, it represents yin energy and is used in Feng Shui to bring inspiration and creativity. 

White Moonstone Benefits

With a glow like a moonstone and rays and color like a mother's milk, moonstone is best known for its healing properties for the female reproductive system. It can help in early conception and ease PMS symptoms. It is also believed to boost creativity and intuition in the wearer. 

White Moonstone Chakra

White moonstone is associated with the crown chakra. Like most other stones and crystals that are linked with the crown chakra, white moonstone, too, aids the wearer to connect with higher realms. 

White Moonstone Properties

white moonstone on a wooden surface

White Moonstone Metaphysical Properties

White moonstone is deeply connected to its namesake, the moon. As humans, we have strong connections with the moon. No matter where we go, the moon is always there. That’s why this stone is considered quite lucky for travelers. It exerts a protective influence on those who travel frequently. 

If you use white moonstone, you may experience lucid dreams. This realization of your dreams can help you understand yourself and your desires on a much deeper level. You may find yourself feeling more accepting of new experiences. When you are more open to everything, you will probably see your stress and anxiety fading away. You will be less hesitant to dive into unknown waters. 

Interestingly, the powers of white moonstone have not been discovered recently. Crystal healers and doctors practicing Ayurveda sometimes use the moonstone of a specific form, called godanti, to cure anxiety and improve willpower.  

White Moonstone Healing Properties

Since the white moonstone is associated with the moon and feminine energies, it is known to have a powerful impact on the female reproductive system. The stone may help in many situations like in conception and a complication-free pregnancy. It is said to help with painful periods and reduce discomfort during PMS. It is also believed to be a protective stone for women and children. 

White moonstone also has an impact on emotions and emotional healing. If you are trying to move past trauma or tough experiences, white moonstone may help you accept your situation and find the strength to move past them. 

White Moonstone Types

White Moonstone Tumbled

Tumbled white moonstone looks very much like the moon when you rotate it. These stones seem like they are giving out light, and the Romans were very much justified in their belief that white moonstone stones are solidified moon rays. 

White Moonstone Uses

White Moonstone Beads

White moonstone beads are stunning. They have the gentle glow of moonstone and you can use them in so many cool ways. If you like necklaces, you can make a bead necklace. Glowy white moonstone bead bracelets are also a quirky option. 

You can also choose to add other colors of moonstone beads to these jewelry pieces. 

White Moonstone Jewelry

Jewelry is no doubt the best way to harness the power of white moonstone, all while looking fabulous. Just remember that white moonstone can get damaged if you subject it to a lot of wear and tear. So choose a piece of jewelry that suits your job and daily life. 

White Moonstone Ring

White moonstone rings are a great choice if you are looking to bring out your feminine side or to help with menstrual issues. You can have your white moonstone set in gold or silver. The stone will look great with both metals. 

White Moonstone Pendant

A white moonstone pendant that lies at the base of your throat is a great celebration of femininity and beauty. The subtle glow of the stone will reflect on your face and bring out even more beauty.

White Moonstone Cabochon

If you don't want a cut stone for your jewelry or want to make your own jewelry pieces, you can opt to buy white moonstone cabochons. These cabochons come in different sizes like 5mm and 8mm and you will find it easy to set these in your necklaces and rings. 

White Moonstone Necklace

white moonstone necklace

A necklace is a must-have accessory. You don't have to choose a heavy necklace. A simple necklace with a small white moonstone pendant can take your outfit from good to great. What's more? You can wear it every day and reap the many benefits the crystal offers. 

White Moonstone Earrings

White moonstone can be seen in earrings, too. They don't have to be simple, plain earrings. You can get beautiful silver or gold detailing done along with white moonstone. Another option you'll find is dangling earrings with moonstone. These are great for special occasions. 

White Moonstone Stud Earrings

If you want to wear them every day or give them to someone, white moonstone stud earrings are a good option. These are simple, but not boring. The glow of these stones will reflect on your face every day and help you find luck and happiness. 

White Moonstone Bracelet

If you like bracelets and are looking for something fresh and unique, try a white moonstone bracelet. The glowing beads will bring an aura like no other. The bracelets, with their circular shape, can also have the added benefit of bringing a smooth flow of energy into your life. 

How to Cleanse and Care for White Moonstone

Moonstone is not a very hard stone, so it's not a good idea to expose it to a lot of wear and tear. Don’t wear moonstone if you think it might knock into something or fall. Make sure you wear it where it won’t get damaged.

To cleanse white moonstone, you should simply wash it with lukewarm water and use a mild soap to clean it. You can even use soft bristles to scrub gently. Make sure you dry the stone with a soft cloth. 

To charge your white moonstone, you can place it outside under a full moon. If you want to cleanse the stone of any negative energies, you can burn sage or incense and keep your stone under the influence of the smoke.  

White Moonstone Price

White moonstone can cost anywhere between $10 USD and $40 USD per carat depending on the quality. A small stone should cost between $300 USD and $400 USD.


White moonstone is a type of feldspar moonstone that has a white glow. The stone, with its shape and color, resembles the moon and has been closely linked to it since ancient times. The Romans believed that white moonstone crystals were solidified moon rays. 

The stone is linked with feminine energy and is used by those who want to get in touch with their feminine side. It boosts the right side of the brain, which is associated with creativity and art. The stone also helps with female reproductive disorders and stress and anxiety.  

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