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Garnierite: Complete Guide (2024)


In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about garnierite, including its meaning, properties, types, and uses. Let's get started!


Garnierite is a newfound stone that attracts abundance and prosperity. It brings you luck and helps you achieve your desires. This beautiful pistachio-colored stone has many soothing qualities. Let us dive in to learn more about this earthly crystal.

  • Garnierite Meaning
    • What is Garnierite Used for?
    • Garnierite Healing
    • Garnierite Spiritual Meaning
    • Garnierite Metaphysical Meaning
    • Garnierite in Madagascar
  • Garnierite Properties
    • Garnierite Metaphysical Properties
    • Garnierite Healing Properties
  • Garnierite Types
    • Garnierite Raw
  • Garnierite Uses
    • Garnierite Sphere
  • Garnierite for Sale
    • Garnierite Value
  • Conclusion

Garnierite Meaning

Garnierite is a variation of serpentine with a high nickel content that gives it its green color. It is sometimes referred to as a “green moonstone”.

Garnierite was first discovered by Jacque Jules Garnier in 1867 and the stone was added to the official mineral records after seven years. The chemical composition of garnierite is not definitively known. Some geologists believe it to be quartz, while others believe it to be a variety of serpentine. 

The appearance of garnierite depends on the deposit it is found in. The deposits in South Africa, Dominican Republic, and Oregon are widely known. 

Garnierite crystals are of green pistachio color, with streaks and spots. It is associated with the heart, throat, and third-eye chakra and the zodiac signs of Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius. 

What is Garnierite Used for?

Garnierite is used as a prosperity stone. It brings luck and spiritual growth. It is also a large producer of nickel ore. Some garnierite stones are composites of magnesium silicates and also of iron. 

Garnierite Healing

Although a garnierite has soft and innocent energy, it has many healing properties. They are mentioned further in the article.

Garnierite Spiritual Meaning


Garnierite is used as a spiritual amulet to provide protection. Putting your trust in this stone will maximize its benefits. It channels the spiritual energy and harmonizes your being. Using a garnierite helps in healing old wounds and opens up space for love and affection. 

Garnierite helps remove the blockages of the heart and mind. It helps us gain balance in an upside-down world. It motivates us to listen to our guides and let them lead us on our spiritual journey. 

Garnierite Metaphysical Meaning

Garnierite has innocent energy associated with it. It brings joy and relaxes its user with a blissful trance. It fills your soul with love and compassion. Garnierite is an earth stone and has grounding properties. 

Garnierite in Madagascar

Recently, a new batch of garnierite has been found in the Valorozo lateritic nickel deposit, in the Haute Matsiatra region of Madagascar. The quality found in Madagascar is said to be of AA quality. 

Garnierite Properties

Garnierite Metaphysical Properties

Garnierite is a green stone that attracts prosperity and luck. Garnierite is made mainly of nickel, which gives it a green hue. Nickel is a symbol of strength. It helps you build strong resilience. It gives you the emotional and mental strength to achieve your goals. 

Using garnierite helps in releasing pent-up anger and guilt. This crystal sends calming energy to bring back our peace. It replaces our fears and moves us toward emotional healing and urges us to be honest and realistic. It teaches us that soft and innocent energy and wisdom are more effective.

Garnierite reminds us that endurance builds the strength that we need to overcome the challenges in our lives. It reminds us that to grow stronger; we need resistance to force us back. Garnierite is the symbol of reformation and prompts us about forbearance to make us strong-willed. 

It motivates us to make healthy choices. Garnierite fills us with curiosity and makes us creative, and helps us reimagine how things will work out. It makes us accept other people’s ideas. 

Using garnierite helps us not only acknowledge our problems but make us think about solving them and moving ahead. 

Using garnierite connects you to the energy of the universe. It creates a balance of energies to grow and evolve and offers tranquility and a sense of safety. It kindles the spark of creativity and wonder. 

Crystal healers claim that using garnierite helps you create fortunes. It brings forward positive changes in your life. It pushes you to accomplish your goals. 

Garnierite is associated with the heart chakra, and it provides relief from stress and makes you grow spiritually. It helps encourage love and your desires. It opens your throat chakra and assists you in expressing yourself better.  

Garnierite Healing Properties

It is believed by crystal healers that using garnierite helps bring positive changes to the physical body. 

Garnierite crystal is most associated with fertility and premenstrual syndrome. It is recommended for anyone wanting to stay healthy. It may help us examine our intake of food to keep us healthy and nourished. 

Garnierite is known to absorb the ‌vitamins and minerals that our body needs and keep us hydrated. Garnierite also helps ease any injury and pain by sending relaxing vibrations throughout the body. 

Garnierite Types

Garnierite Raw

Raw garnierite is a mineral ore of nickel that ranges from dark green to yellow. The nickel gives the stone its green color, and its hardness varies from soft to hard and brittle. 

Garnierite Uses

garnierite necklace

Garnierite crystals can be used in many ways. It can be worn in a necklace form near your heart to activate the heart chakra energies. Carrying a garnierite may help you feel calm if you experience anxiety or stress on a greater level. It can work great especially if you have interviews, meetings, or business presentations. 

Using garnierite while meditating helps you to manifest your desires. Writing your intentions down on a paper and placing garnierite on it or verbally speaking your intentions while holding a garnierite crystal will help you benefit from it.

Cleansing your crystal is important after extensive use, and you can cleanse your garnierite with sage or sandalwood herbs. 

Garnierite Sphere

Garnierite spheres are used as decorative furniture pieces and also as a mediation tool. When used while meditating, the garnierite sphere can double as a massage ball to relax some tense muscles. Garnierite spheres remind you that you are part of a greater world. It connects you to the positive energies and aura around you. 

Garnierite for Sale

Many retailers sell good-quality garnierite crystals on the internet, but you must buy the crystal from a certified seller for authentic products.

Garnierite Value

Garnierite crystals are relatively inexpensive compared to other stones. A 2-inch crystal of garnierite is sold at between $15 to $65 USD depending on its quality. 


Garnierite is a stone of prosperity and innocence. Soft energy with an earthy element keeps you grounded and provides you with insights into the spiritual nature of the world. It connects you to your guardian spirits and helps elevate your mind. 

It is a must-have crystal for achieving financial abundance and imbues you with creativity and passion to live your life to the fullest. 

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