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17 Best Crystals for Grief (Updated 2024)

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In this post, we reveal the top crystals for grief. We also explain how crystals help with grief and how to use them. Let's get started!


The arrival of grief is generally not something we get the benefit of predicting or preparing for. When it hits, we need all the support we can get, and some are finding solace not only in people, but in rocks harvested from deep within the Earth’s core. Here’s everything you need to know about grief and crystal healing.

In this article we discuss the following:

  • How Can Crystals Help with Grief?
    • Beware of Fakes
  • How to Use Crystals for Grief
    • Cleansing Crystals for Grief
  • 17 Best Crystals for Grief
    • Black Onyx
    • Amethyst
    • Pink Opal
    • Sugilite
    • Mangano Calcite
    • Tumbled Jet
    • Rose Quartz
    • Amazonite
    • Lepidolite
    • Ruby in Moonstone
    • Ruby in Zoisite
    • Sunstone
    • Smokey Quartz
    • Apache Tear
    • Indicolite Quartz
    • Fire Opal
    • Ruby in Kyanite

How Can Crystals Help with Grief?

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We tend to think of crystals as objects that provide protection, bring good luck, or amplify love and other high flying vibrations. They are concerned with the more common experiences within the human condition, and very often we overlook the less regular realities such as grief and loss. 

In the myriad of crystals available to us within the Earth, there are a few very notable stones with the ability to provide support to a person suffering from an intense experience of grief. Perhaps a loved one has been lost, or a long-term partnership has ended in betrayal, and the individual in question is simply at a loss for how to begin cleaning up their energy in order to move forward. 

Crystals work through vibration; they have the ability to attune to, affect and amplify the energies of people and objects that they are brought into contact with. Naturally, crystals vibrate much higher than human beings. This is because they spend centuries beneath the Earth’s crust forming into their hardened states, and charging with the energy of the minerals & elements that surround them. 

Grief, as an emotion, has a very specific vibration of its own. It sits in the lower levels, amongst other slow vibrating emotions such as sadness, shame, and worthlessness. In order to rise above grief and enter a space of hope, the energy of the individual needs to be cleaned up. 

A crystal can’t bring back a lost loved one, but it can help rewire your energetic field so that the perception of the loss isn’t as severe as you may have  initially made it out to be. Where you previously saw no end may now look more like a dark tunnel with a dim light glowing far in the distance. That light will get closer and more attainable, with time. 

Beware of Fakes

As the crystal market continues to grow, there are manufacturers around the world who are choosing to cut corners in terms of authenticity. Some crystals are very easy to fake; it takes little more than some carefully cut glass and a drop of dye. 

Glass crystals are often sold off as the real thing, as it saves the manufacturer the trouble of having to mine the real crystals out of the Earth, thus increasing their margin for profit. 

Always buy your crystals from a reputable source. Crystals have value, and if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is!

How to Use Crystals for Grief

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How you use your crystals for grief and loss will depend entirely on the unique situation in question, as well as the lifestyle of the user. 

First, you’ll need to select the stone whose properties resonate most with your individual experience. Some will sound far fetched — if so, these are simply not the stones for you. Some will sound logical, as though they are referring to your exact situation — keep an eye on these when it comes time to buy. 

To bring a crystal into your space with the intention of healing, there are a number of different methods you can adopt so that your chosen stone may properly attune to your personal vibration. With crystals for grieving, it’s usually beneficial to keep the stone as close to your physical body as possible, so jewelry makes for a great adornment option. 

If an individual’s grieving is only triggered in certain situations, such as, for example, when they try to go to sleep, then stones can be kept next to the bed and as close to the person’s head as possible. 

If an entire family is grieving a loss of someone who once shared their home-space, such as a parent or child, it can be beneficial to purchase a larger sized crystal and have it on display in the living area of the house. This way it is filtering the entire energetic field of the home, and not just the energy of one individual user. 

Holding healing crystals for grief and loss in the palm of your hand during a morning and evening meditation can be a very effective method of pulling the qualities from the stone into your own vibratory field. There is also the option of submerging your stone in water, thus allowing it to charge the liquid that will then be carried out through to the rest of your body. 

Take note: not all crystals are safe to submerge in water. There are some that will dissolve on contact, so it is best to do some research before adopting this method. 

Cleansing Crystals for Grief

assorted arrangement of dried sticks herbs raw crystal rocks placed on a wooden plate

Grief crystals usually act as both support and protection stones. When they work, hey are drawing much good energy toward you, and pulling much negative energy from you. These stones need to be properly cleansed and recharged every so often so that they may retain their optimal function. 

It is also recommended that you don’t allow friends, family, children or strangers to handle your grief crystals with their hands, as their own energies will be left behind and could confuse the stones. 

Here are some ways of cleansing and recharging your crystal collection:

  • Keep them in a jar of saltwater (sea water or homemade) for a minimum of 24 hours. Note that some crystals dissolve in water — always double check!
  • Leave your stones under the light of the full moon once a month. 
  • Bury your crystals in the garden and leave them for a full 24 hours. 
  • Place your stones on a bed of salt and let them sit for about two days. 
  • Burn sage or other sacred herbs over the stones in the act known as “smudging”. 
  • Pray over your crystals and charge them with your unique desires.  

17 Best Crystals for Grief

Black Onyx

In spirituality, ‘dusk’ is seen as the moment in time where darkness finally gives in to the light. It is a very sacred point of each passing day; one that is a sure recurrence every 24 hours. 

Black onyx carries the energy of dusk deep within the core of the stone. Metaphorically, you can see this stone as a bringer of light after times have been exceptionally dark and difficult. 

Black onyx will facilitate the inner strength you need in order for transformation to occur. It doesn’t dwell on the past, and is very concerned with the future. In times of loss, our inner strength needs to be amplified before we can make it out on the other side. 


three tiny pieces of raw amethyst white background

Amethyst is a master healer stone that we come back to time and time again. It’s one of the most versatile crystals in existence, as well as one of the most abundant stones to the Earth. Amethyst is thus an affordable stone for crystal newbies. 

Grief comes with numerous sensations including anxiety, stress and a general feeling of disarray. These can often exaggerate the perceived level of grief, making it feel more unbearable than it actually is. 

Amethyst works to counteract these negative emotions so that an overall sense of calm is perceived in spite of the grieving state. This can really help one to wrap their heads around their new reality, without the overwhelm of panic and angst. 

When amethyst is formed, it takes an immense amount of pressure and heat. This means it can thrive under the same conditions in human life. 

Pink Opal

There are different stages of grieving, and there are also different ways of grieving. 

If you find you’re spending more time in the denial stage than you might like, pink opal can be an ally in helping you move past it. Denial can come as a result of insecurity of the unknown. Pink opal paves way for this next stage to be met from the most calm, stress-free energy possible. 

This is also a stone that is deeply concerned with emotional wounds. Pink opal attracts love and warmth back into your personal aura, as well as your home/work space. This is a great crystal to use during daily meditation. 


When in a state of grief, it can be difficult to express love to those around you, let alone any love for yourself. 

Sugilite works to facilitate this ability to love, even in times where it feels deeply lacking. It is a natural lightbringer, and thus a stone to enable forgiveness with the intention of moving forward. 

This can be particularly useful if your experience of grief is rooted in the actions or choices of another. Forgiveness is a necessary step for healing to take place. 

As a preventative method, Sugilite is actually a powerful protection stone and can absorb shock and trauma on your behalf. Sometimes grief is actually just a case of glorified disappointment, and Sugilite can help you to realize this before things spiral out of control unnecessarily. 

Mangano Calcite

In times of despair, it is important to reconnect with the angelic realms that seek to support you even when you feel most abandoned. 

Mangano calcite will do just that, and in the process help to eradicate the remnants of trauma living in your vibration as a result of the initial shock experience. In instances where a romantic breakup has occurred, and one is finding it difficult to comprehend what has happened, the stone will guide the mind to a more logical and understanding place. 

If your emotions have taken a knock for the worst, unconditional love needs to be reintroduced so that a sense of hope can be established. This is the only way forward, and mangano calcite is one way of moving in this direction. 

Tumbled Jet Stone

Jet stone is formed when tree wood becomes fossilized over millions of years. It’s a slow, arduous and pressure-filled process that eventually produces a solid black stone. 

During the Victorian era tumbled Jet worked as jewelry during times of mourning. It has a historic connection to the grieving process, and the fact that it takes so long to form is testament to just how much pressure a small piece of this stone can withstand. 

Jet is all about cycles. And this stone reminds us that grief is a natural cycle of life that is also inevitable. We must take the time we need to heal, and then we must take the opportunity to move forward. This is the jet stone way. 

Rose Quartz

A broken heart is the most common form of grief within the human experience. It’s one we are more likely to go through earlier on in life compared to grief through deaths which occur much later. 

Rose quartz is the stone to help cope with these experiences. In these instances of grief, a lack of love is perceived. Inherently, Rose quartz knows there is no lack of love in the world despite how us humans may view it, and it works to amplify all forms of love for the individual, particularly self love. 

Because rose quartz is so abundant to the Earth, you can purchase relatively large pieces of this stone for next to nothing. Place a piece in all four corners of your bedroom and lounge area, so that you are protected in a loving grid so long as you are in your house. 


Grief takes a major toll on the heart chakra, often causing it to become closed or significantly weakened. 

Crystals that work closely with the heart are great stones for grief as they try to bring in a sense of normality and regulated function. Amazonite can be placed directly onto your heart, or forehead, while you meditate lying down. 

When you sit up from this session, you may feel the overwhelming urge to sob, or purge out your emotions one way or another. Crying, panic attacks or difficulty breathing are to be expected, and the user is encouraged to allow this energy to be released in whatever way it seeks to. From here, healing is underway. 

Keep this stone next to your bed while you sleep. It will work with your subconscious mind during your slumber and help heal aspects of your mental and physical being that  you didn’t even know were impacted by your recent trauma. 


If there’s one stone that knows stress and angst, it’s lepidolite. Lepidolite is comprised of lithium, and is used in the making of potent anti-anxiety medications that can only be prescribed by a doctor. 

Lepidolite will work one on one with anxiety that may have come up as a result of the grieving process. It also seeks to show the positives in every negative situation; for example, death of a loved one may result in a family reunion that would otherwise never have happened. 

Your mood will play a big role in how you are able to navigate your grief in the day to day. Lepidolite is a mood stabilizer, so keeping a small piece on your person at all times is highly recommended. Look out for a pocket-sized lepidolite that you can carry in your wallet or pants. 

Ruby in Moonstone

Romantic love is not the only form of grief that can break a heart. The loss of a loved one is another form of heartbreak, one that ruby in moonstone is particularly familiar with. 

This is a combination stone, meaning that natural formations of ruby have fuzed with moonstone over thousands, maybe millions, of years. 

Anger is one of the five stages of grief, as well as one of the numerous stages of heartbreak. Ruby in moonstone works the anger out in a healthy and positive way, for the betterment of the individual in question. Expressing your feelings in a concise manner, as opposed to hurdling them at anyone who looks your way, is a form of this, and can make grief much easier to deal with long-term. 

Most importantly, ruby in moonstone is here to help you forgive someone for leaving you, whether their leaving was their choice or not. 

Ruby in Zoisite

green with black spots prism shaped crystal dainty flowers surrounding it

Ruby in zoisite has always been one of our favorite crystals. For one, it’s fascinating to look at, and no two pieces are ever the same. Ruby in zoisite is another combination stone where ruby crystals have fuzed their way into natural forms of zoisite. 

This is a crystal with a deep sense of transmutation. It wants you to work through each stage of grief clearly, and in an orderly manner, so that nothing is left behind and all negative energy has the opportunity to come to the surface and be transformed into light. 

It is a stone of deep compassion. If you are sharing in a grieving state with other people, it can help you to remain a rock and source of companionship, even when you don’t feel like you have it in you to be so. 

Ruby in zoisite wants to remind you that your soul had plans when it came into this incarnation. There were lessons, good and bad, that it asked to experience so that it could evolve to its highest potential. Grief is simply a facilitator in this process. 


three peached colored crystal pendants silver connector

We perceive grief as a sort of darkness, so any energy affiliated with the sun is the direct opposite and thus a bringer of change. 

Sunstone is a positive, energetic stone that doesn’t tolerate complacency or ruminating. This is vital in times of grief, because if we allow ourselves to ruminate on what is happening we will begin to spiral even lower. 

When you just want to feel stronger, sunstone can give you that boost and sense of invincibility. Of course, when met with grief, this sense can be partially pacified and will feel more like a sense of hopefulness, which is also a great step up from where you were before!

Smokey Quartz

Trauma that brings grief can make us feel like we are floating outside of our bodies, with little to cling to in terms of reality. 

A piece of smokey quartz will facilitate your re-grounding process, helping bring your energy back to Earth where it can begin to face the realities at hand. This can be difficult for those who are deep within the denial stage of grief, and might prefer to stay in the clouds where it feels dreamlike and safe. 

Smokey quartz absorbs fear, so coming back down to the ground doesn’t seem like such a daunting or undesirable experience. 

Note: this is one of the most common crystals to retail in fake replica form. Glass and black dye are easy to come by, and it is relatively impossible to tell real smokey quartz from a fake. Always get your smokey quartz from a reputable source. 

Apache Tear

Black obsidian is a powerful protection stone, but it is sometimes felt to be a little too harsh for people who are going through a process of grieving. 

Apache tear is a more gentle form of black obsidian; it brings the support and protection, without the aggressive vibration. 

This stone will absorb whatever negativity is lingering around you on your behalf, and transmute it into the most positive vibrations to be sent back out into the world. It creates a safe and amplified space in which you can get your grieving done. 

Grief can also make one feel particularly hollow on the inside. This is a vulnerable place to be in, as this hollow space can be easily filled by less than positive energies. Apache Tear will protect the hollow space so that, when the time is right, positive energies of love can flow in without obstruction. It’s an amazing little rock, if we do say so ourselves. 

Indicolite Quartz

When we grieve, it is natural to regress deep within one’s own mind and to fail to talk through certain things that may offer relief to our subconscious. 

Indicolite quartz is a unique stone as it works directly with this possibility during grieving, helping you speak about things that have occurred so that you may find your way forward. 

This stone teaches us that even in mourning we are never alone. It brings in all of the spirit guides and helpers that we need to forage a better path in this lifetime, as well as retain the spiritual connection with the person who has maybe departed this realm. 

The stone will also clear away any bad karma that has been accumulated in the process of trauma. This is something we are often too busy to consider because we are drowning in pain of a more tangible nature. 

Fire Opal

bluish colored crystal placed on black surface blurry background

Those who use fire opal in daily life will tell you this is a stone that is constantly future focused. It does so by holding the energy of fervent love, meaning that you can move forward to a better state, because of love you have known in the past. 

Instead of clinging to the pain associated with grief, you are met with a crossroads and have the option of healing and moving forward, opening an avenue for fresh passion to enter your life.

Moving forward from grief requires a positive outlook, no matter how long it takes to get to that point. Fire opal will bring this positivity in at a rate this is not overwhelming, so that it doesn’t feel like a false sense of stability has arrived. 

Ruby in Kyanite

Making it to the other side of grief doesn’t always mean we’ve been able to let go of the past. There are elements that can linger with us, even when we are in a more stable and positive state. 

Ruby in kyanite is a combination stone with powerful hurt-healing properties. The hurt that is caused because of the actions of others, or even our own actions, can live deep within our psyche and fester as the years go by, coming back up the next time something triggers us and affects our state of balance. 

It encourages the user to meet life with passion, and possibility. There may be residue of anxiety or stress that has been holding these areas of life back, and this crystal will cut through them in quite a powerful manner. 

This is also one of the most interesting crystals to look at; no two stones are the same, and it is incredible to consider how the raw kyanite was able to fuze together with the ruby stones. Keep a piece close by for best results. 


We hope you enjoyed this article! If you are interested in incorporating crystals into your life, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of a crystal that resonates with you. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of calm and serenity. Also, if you are interested in reading more about anxiety and crystals, check out our comprehensive blog post on the 15 Best Crystals for Anxiety!

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my husband and best friend of 44years recently passed. I am looking for approx. 5-6 small sized crystals for healing of grief and loss. There are so many companies and after reading your helpful article i have come to understand that some are fakes which i fear. Do you sell crystals and if not, who or which company do you suggest that you would trust if you were on a journey of healing from loss of a loved one?

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