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Labradorite: Complete Guide (2024)

labradorite stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about labradorite, including its meaning, benefits, properties, types, and colors. Let's get started!


Labradorite is a beautiful, highly sought after crystal. It’s also a very mystical stone. Legend has it that it was born from the northern lights being stuck in a stone and then released with the spear of an Inuit warrior. Continue reading our complete guide to find out all you need to know about labradorite!

  • Labradorite Meaning
    • What is Labradorite
      • Labradorite Pronunciation
      • Labradorite Spiritual Meaning
      • Labradorite Metaphysical Meaning
      • What is Labradorite Used for
      • What does Labradorite Look Like
      • Is Labradorite a Crystal
    • Labradorite Chakra
      • Labradorite Heart Chakra
    • Labradorite Benefits
      • Sleeping with Labradorite
    • Labradorite Healing
    • Where is Labradorite Found
      • Where is Labradorite Found in the USA
      • Labradorite in Wyoming
      • Labradorite in Madagascar
      • Norwegian Labradorite
      • Canadian Labradorite
  • Labradorite Properties
    • Labradorite Healing Properties
    • Labradorite Metaphysical Properties
    • Labradorite Spiritual Properties
    • Labradorite Energy Properties
  • Labradorite and Moonstone
  • Moonstone vs Labradorite
  • Types of Labradorite
    • Raw Labradorite
      • Raw Labradorite Meaning
    • Polished Labradorite
    • Tumbled Labradorite
    • Natural Labradorite
  • Labradorite Color
    • Purple Labradorite
      • Purple Labradorite Meaning
      • Purple Labradorite Properties
    • Black Labradorite
      • Black Labradorite Meaning
      • Black Labradorite Healing Properties
        • Metaphysical Properties of Black Labradorite
    • Blue Labradorite
      • Blue Labradorite Meaning
      • Blue Labradorite Properties
    • Golden Labradorite
    • Yellow Labradorite
      • Yellow Labradorite Meaning
    • White Labradorite
    • Grey Labradorite
    • Rainbow Labradorite
      • Rainbow Labradorite Meaning
    • Green Labradorite
      • Green Labradorite Meaning
      • Green Labradorite Properties
        • Green Labradorite Healing Properties
    • Pink Labradorite
    • Clear Labradorite
    • Orange Labradorite
    • Fire Labradorite
      • Fire Labradorite Meaning
    • Red Labradorite
      • Red Labradorite Meaning
  • Labradorite Jewellery
    • Labradorite Ring
      • Labradorite Ring Meaning
      • Labradorite Men's Ring
      • Red Labradorite Ring
      • Raw Labradorite Ring
      • Large Labradorite Ring
      • Black Labradorite Ring
    • Labradorite Necklace
      • Labradorite Necklace Meaning
      • Labradorite Necklace Benefits
    • Labradorite Bracelet
      • Labradorite Bracelet Meaning
      • Labradorite Bracelet Benefits
    • Labradorite Pendant
      • Labradorite Pendant Meaning
      • Purple Labradorite Pendant
    • Labradorite Earrings
      • Labradorite Stud Earrings
      • Labradorite Teardrop Earrings
      • Labradorite Gold Earrings
      • Labradorite Silver Earrings
      • Sterling Labradorite Earrings
    • Labradorite Cabochon
      • Labradorite Cabochon Meaning
      • Purple Labradorite Cabochon
  • Labradorite Uses
    • Labradorite Countertop
      • Labradorite Kitchen Countertops
    • Labradorite Beads
      • Labradorite Beads Meaning
    • Labradorite Prayer Beads
      • Green Labradorite Beads
      • Madagascar Labradorite Beads
    • Labradorite Sphere
    • Labradorite Tile
    • Labradorite Pipe
    • Labradorite Plugs
    • Labradorite Slab
    • Labradorite Pendulum
    • Labradorite Sink
    • Labradorite Cross
    • Labradorite Wand
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    • Labradorite Heart
      • Labradorite Heart Meaning
    • Labradorite Ball
    • Labradorite Tie Clip
  • How to Use Labradorite
    • How to Cleanse Labradorite
    • How do you Cleanse and Charge a Labradorite?
    • How to Cut Labradorite
  • Labradorite Stone Combinations
    • Labradorite and Moonstone Together
    • Labradorite and Amethyst Together
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Labradorite Meaning

The labradorite stone has multiple meanings. We’re going to hone in on one of them in this section. This crystal is coined the “labradorite worry stone”. Contrary to what you may think, it’s not called that because it makes you worry. It’s called that because it alleviates worry.

It washes away old, stifling energy and infuses you with wisdom so that you may reach new heights in your life. It’s also known as “dragons heart” and the meaning of dragons heart labradorite is exactly the same as what we’ve just mentioned above.

What is Labradorite

The labradorite crystal is actually a mineral. A feldspar mineral to be exact. Their beautiful colors can be compared to the beauty of the northern lights. Greens, blues, greys, yellows and browns all combine to make a fluorescent combination of color. These colors also constantly change as the light hits the stone at different angles.

Labradorite Pronunciation

The pronunciation of labradorite is phonetic. It is pronounced the same way it sounds. La-bra-dor-ite. Now, you try!

Labradorite Spiritual Meaning

The labradorite rock is known to be connected to the third eye chakra. This chakra is known to be the gateway to deeper intuition and inner wisdom. It’s also known to help activate psychic abilities as well as inspire intense transformation.

Labradorite Metaphysical Meaning

The mystical labradorite has metaphysical meaning and mystical properties. It’s known as the “stone of magic” because it’s believed to awaken your inner magical powers. Along with its psychic abilities it’s also believed to connect the holder with alternative and unseen dimensions. Ultimately, it’s the stone of transformation.

What is Labradorite Used for

The labradorite gemstone has many uses. It is used in spiritual work by energy healers and lightworkers, in jewellery, as decorative objects, in kitchens, bathrooms and construction. It’s a very versatile material which we’ll delve deeper into later on in this guide.

What does Labradorite Look Like

Labradorite quartz is one of the most beautiful stones there is! Its color combinations are unusual and dreamy. As mentioned above, blues, greens, greys and yellows are all combined to create a shimmery, fluorescent finish.

As the stone is moved around, the light catches the surface area at different angles and the color of the stone changes!

Is Labradorite a Crystal?

You might be asking yourself: What is labradorite made of? It’s a crystal that is also a calcium rich feldspar mineral. It rates between a six and a six point five on the Mohs hardness scale which makes it a relatively hard crystal.

Labradorite Chakra

This crystal is known to benefit the throat, heart as well as the third eye chakra. The throat chakra symbolises communication and the third eye chakra symbolises the spiritual realm. The stone is thought to create balance between these two worlds. 

Labradorite Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is the chakra of self-love. It’s also the source of compassion, empathy and forgiveness. Unconditional love and joy also stem from this chakra. Labradorite is a good stone to assist the unblocking and the continual openness of this space.

Labradorite Benefits

You may be asking yourself: what is labradorite good for? Labradorite protection is very prominent. It serves the purpose of protecting the aura from unwanted, negative energy.

It also repairs broken parts of the fields of an aura. It’s also a very inspiring stone which is good for creative people. It inspires creative energy to flow and manifest in creations.

Sleeping with Labradorite

As this is a stone of transformation, sleeping does not stop its effects! It’s believed to conjure up a person’s stagnant energy and transfer it into a dream.

The result is that the person is shown what is holding them back in  their life within their dream. The stone also helps one remember one’s dreams better as well.

a woman sleepingBy Health Harvard

Labradorite Healing

Labradorite healing powers are intense. Physically, the stone is known to calm anxiety, help with healthy digestion and aid the respiratory system. Mentally and emotionally, it’s known to stabilize mood, calm intrusive thoughts and fire up the imagination!

If you’re hoping to receive some healing, then you need to set your labradorite intentions and meditate with the stone.

Where is Labradorite Found

There are multiple labradorite locations around the world. These include Canada, Russia and Finland. Labradorite origin and labradorite history is very interesting. You may be asking yourself: where does labradorite come from?

Legend has it that an Inuit warrior in Canada came across northern lights trapped inside a stone. He then broke the stone with his spear to release them. Moravian missionaries took the stone back to Europe with them in the eighteenth century. It’s presence was also felt in the former Tsar kingdoms of Russia and the kingdoms of Finland.

Where is Labradorite Found in the USA

There are sites where one can dig for labradorite in Utah, Oregon, Wyoming and Ohio in the United States. There is an actual labradorite gemstone deposit near Clear Lake in Utah.

Labradorite in Wyoming

Wyoming has many rockhounding sites and tons of stones like nephrite, jasper and agate are found there. Added to that list is the lovely labradorite! It can be found in Laramie Range in Sybille Canyon.

Labradorite in Madagascar

Labradorite is excavated from one specific quarry in Madagascar. It is located in Bokonaky, Maniry, province of Tulear. Madagascar is a big exporter of precious stones in general. The Madagascan version of labradorite is apparently known to be more beautiful and colorful than even the original from the Labrador Peninsula in Canada. 

Norwegian Labradorite

Norwegian labradorite is found in Norwegian rocks in the southeast area of Langesund. This area is one hundred and fifty kilometres south of the capital, Oslo. Large amounts of this stone are mined and exported overseas. Labradorite is also found in the Nordic country Finland.

Canadian Labradorite

Canadian labradorite is the original labradorite! It was first officially discovered by a priest who then named the stone after, he discovered large boulders of the gemstones off the coast of the Labrador Peninsula.

Labradorite Properties

In this section we’ll be covering the properties of labradorite. We’ll delve into its healing properties, metaphysical properties, spiritual properties and energy properties. All of these subsections have one thing in common: they are all esoteric and intangible properties. So, if you believe in this kind of thing then read on!

Labradorite Healing Properties

It is believed that labradorite has physical healing properties as well as metaphysical ones. It is believed to treat brain and eye disorders as well as sharpen a person’s mental focus. It is also thought to help a person deal with chronic stress and anxiety.

Labradorite Metaphysical Properties

Labradorite is known to be linked to the zodiac signs of February and March. These labradorite zodiac signs are Pisces and Libra. These are months when the northern lights are present in winter skies.

Scorpios are also known to be linked to labradorite. Labradorite scorpio information is widely available. It says that Scorpios can benefit from this stone as it helps them through times of transformation by imparting strength and endurance to them.

Labradorite Spiritual Properties

Many people have exclaimed: “Labradorite changed my life!” And this is all because of labradorites magical healing properties. Additionally to being a stone of transformation, labradorite is also a stone of protection.

It protects auras by preventing good energy from leaking out of it and by preventing other entities from tapping into it and draining energy from you.

Labradorite Energy Properties

Labradorite energy is very powerful. It is used by energy healers, shamans and lightworkers to tap into different realms and dimensions where they obtain information for the greater good of all beings.

Its protective qualities also come into play here when they shield these guides from negative energies while they travel to these places and obtain the information they need.

Labradorite and Moonstone

Labradorites benefits can be amplified when paired with other stones. Moonstone/ labradorite is an example of one of these pairings. The combination of these two stones is thought to encourage the holder to explore their hobbies and interests so that they may find a new direction in life.

set of stonesBy Rock Seeker

Moonstone vs Labradorite

The main difference between these two stones is definitely their colors. When labradorite hits the light it shows an assortment of colors which includes green, blue, purple, yellow and red whereas moonstone is always predominantly one color. And these colors include white, green, peach, pink or blue.

Types of Labradorite

In this section we’ll be covering the different types of labradorite. These include raw labradorite, polished, tumbled and natural. Read on to find out exactly what we have to say about these types!

Raw Labradorite

Raw Labradorite is otherwise known as rough labradorite. This raw form of the stone has no shortage of beauty! Its radiant, fluorescent array of colors is still very much present! 

Raw Labradorite Meaning

The meaning of raw labradorite is identical to the explanation of the meaning of this stone earlier on in this guide. But the less processed and polished and faceted a crystal is, the more raw and powerful its metaphysical properties are.

Polished Labradorite

The act of polishing any stone (not just labradorite) involves smoothing ragged edges to make a somewhat smooth shape. Polished labradorite comes in the form of ovals, circles, hearts, towers and irregular polished shapes. Some people prefer the neater, smoother look of a polished crystal.

Tumbled Labradorite

If you’re curious about how exactly tumbled labradorite is made, then type into Google: “how to carve labradorite?” Tumbled stones are always carved and faceted to be as smooth and as round as possible. That is the desired look when referring to “tumbled”. 

Natural Labradorite

As we mentioned earlier, the labradorite mineral is a feldspar mineral. That is what it is in its most natural form. It also possesses something called “labradorescence” and this refers to its rainbow-like iridescence. Iridescence refers to the phenomenon of surfaces that change color as the light hits them differently. 

Labradorite Color

Labradorite is mostly known to be multi-colored. However, you also get labradorite that is predominantly one color. These colors include purple, black, blue, golden, yellow, white, grey, green, pink, clear, orange, fire and red. Read on to find out more about the plethora of colors that is this stone!

Purple Labradorite

Purple labradorite is the most rare variation so you would be very lucky to stumble upon one! The main difference between a standard labradorite stone and a purple labradorite stone would be its base color. The base color for standard labradorite is a dark blue or green. The base color for purple labradorite is purple. 

Purple Labradorite Meaning

Purple labradorite has been known to open our eyes and help us see things in their most raw, truthful form so that we may make hard life decisions about what is best for us moving forward. It’s also very strong as a protection stone and is believed to offer protection against psychic attacks.

Purple Labradorite Properties

Purple labradorite is a very grounding stone. It balances our yin and yang energies which can bring about deep peace and spiritual connection. It’s also known to move through our chakras clearing blockages so that energy may flow freely through our bodies. Purple labradorite can make us feel free from the constraints we find ourselves in.

Black Labradorite

Black labradorite is definitely considered to be dark labradorite. Even though its base color is very dark, it can often be slightly lighter than jet black making it more of a charcoal. Despite its dark base color, it still displays labradorescence which is typical of traditional labradorite.

labradorite necklaceBy Lady in Rose Quartz

Black Labradorite Meaning

Even though it is not the rarest, black labradorite is still a rare variation of the stone. This variation is known to be particularly good at helping its holder overcome difficulties. Its darkness is symbolic and acts as a metaphor. It helps its holder grab hope from deep darkness.

Black Labradorite Healing Properties

Black labradorite is a big stress reliever. The absence of stress is in itself, extremely healing. It also gives the holder hope to not give up on their dreams. As it’s a transformation stone, this effect is necessary because it is tempting to give up on your dreams when you are not seeing quick results. 

Metaphysical Properties of Black Labradorite

Meditating with black labradorite is a very powerful exercise. It’s a very good stone to use if you’re looking for the answer to a tough question or life decision. This skill is known as insight. So, it’s a good stone for the nurturing and increasing of a person’s insight.

Blue Labradorite

Traditional labradorite has a base color of blue/green. However, blue labradorite has a base color of more of a cobalt blue rather than a turquoise. It still has that beautiful labradorescence effect, there’s no doubt about that! But that royal blue color is just more prominent in this variation.

Blue Labradorite Meaning

It’s important to note that there are two forms of blue labradorite: Light blue and dark blue. Light blue supports psychic abilities and intuition and dark blue opens and clears the throat and third eye chakras. Both shades support you connecting with your higher self and as a result, spiritually expanding. 

Blue Labradorite Properties

This variation of labradorite is specifically known to act as a guide. The guide leads you away from distraction and towards your true calling in life. As a result, you end up living your full potential. It’s also known to bring its holder increased confidence, energy and motivation!

Golden Labradorite

Golden labradorite presents as golden-yellow somewhat transparent crystals. They are also found in tabular shapes. It’s believed to boost creativity levels, especially if you are in a creative line of work! It’s also a stone that promotes peace and stress relief. It’s known to ward off volatile and reactive emotions.

Yellow Labradorite

Yellow labradorite is otherwise known as “bytownite.” It’s considered to be the cousin of traditional labradorite. It’s also known to work on the sacral chakra as well as the solar plexus chakra. This variation is found in Ethiopia, Mexico and Oregon. When it is found in Oregon and Ethiopia it’s called “sunstone”.

Yellow Labradorite Meaning

This variation works on the solar plexus chakra which helps the holder access and manage their personal power. All golden/yellow crystals are great for manifestation, so keep that in mind! It also harnesses the balance between yin and yang energies within you, meaning it balances your masculine and feminine energies.

White Labradorite

White labradorite is a classic, beautiful stone but  don’t get it confused with moonstone! The two are very similar in appearance. In fact, many people refer to rainbow moonstone as white labradorite.

Also note that their make-up is different with white labradorite consisting of calcium sodium and moonstone consisting of potassium sodium.

Grey Labradorite

Grey labradorite has all the same metaphysical properties as traditional labradorite. The only difference would be its pale grey coloring. This variation is great if you’re looking for neutral looking pieces of jewellery.

Rainbow Labradorite

Rainbow labradorite is dreamy and beautiful! Its iridescence is that of a literal rainbow! Its make-up and metaphysical properties are identical to that of traditional labradorite but it’s just especially labradorescent in a rainbow kind of way! 

labradorite crystalBy Reddit

Rainbow Labradorite Meaning

This version of labradorite is not a grounding stone like many other crystals. It links us to the spirit world where anything is possible. Therefore, it encourages us to reach for our dreams and to keep our heads in the clouds!

Green Labradorite

Green labradorite has a stunning sea green hue with its base color being green. This variation can be found in Brazil, Madagascar and South Africa. 

Green Labradorite Meaning

Green labradorite, blue labradorite and purple labradorite are the most rare variations of this stone! The sea green hue of this stone promotes calm and serenity in its holder. Just surrounding yourself with calming colors has a calming effect!

Green Labradorite Properties

Green labradorite is said to encourage self-expression, spontaneity and joy. Being able to experience and harness unbridled joy on a daily basis is so incredibly important if you want to live an abundant life. Wearing green labradorite as jewellery would enhance all of these properties tenfold!

Green Labradorite Healing Properties

This variation of labradorite is very healing. It’s known to bring calm and balance to the mind and emotions. Intellectual clarity is also something this stone works on. Green labradorite may help you think about intellectual subjects with focus, coherence and clarity.

Pink Labradorite

Pink labradorite is considered to be the stone of love by many cultures! Its unique hue is due to its chemical composition as well as how the light hits it. It can be a sheer hue of pink with blue, silver and orange tones. And it can also look a lot like cotton candy!

Clear Labradorite

Don’t mistake clear labradorite with moonstone or another clear quartz. They all look similar. Look out for the stone’s labradorescence to tell it apart.

Orange Labradorite

Orange labradorite is a powerful self-esteem building stone. Its base color is orange combined with other colors like grey, blue, black and green to create labradorescence. It is a deeper orange color compared to golden or yellow labradorite, but it is stunning nonetheless!

Fire Labradorite

Traditional labradorite was known as the “fire stone” by the Inuit people a very long time ago. They used powdered forms of the stone to cure illnesses. Fire labradorite is just another term for traditional labradorite.

It’s the stones alternative name or nickname, if you will. However, it can also refer to a color combination that includes more yellows and oranges.

Fire Labradorite Meaning

This stone is the stone of transformation. It’s used in astral travel, rituals and sacred ceremonies by energy healers, shamans and light workers. They have vibrant orange flashes and this variation mostly comes from Madagascar. This color combination is rare!

Red Labradorite

Red Labradorite is part of the feldspar family and related to Sunstone. Its base color of brilliant red is due to the presence of copper in the stone. It’s a very rare variation of labradorite and as a result is very expensive, priced at $1000 per carat. It is found in very small quantities in Inner Mongolia, Bolivia, India and Tibet. 

labradorite crystalBy Reddit

Red Labradorite Meaning

Red labradorite is easily confused with andesine and sunstone. What these gems all have in common is that they are all feldspar minerals. But red labradorite is not found in Labrador like the original stones. Its chemical composition is similar to the originals and that’s why it retains this name.

Labradorite Jewellery

The viability and durability of labradorite jewellery depends on labradorite hardness. This stone is rated a six to six point five on the Mohs hardness scale. Every gemstone has a rating on this scale to determine how suitable it is for jewellery making and carving. The harder the stone, the better suited it is for jewellery making.

Labradorite Ring

Labradorite is a very popular stone to make rings with. In fact, it’s a very popular stone to make jewellery with–period! Its dreamy labradorescence has captivated so many people which has resulted in tons of jewellery being made as a result!

Labradorite Ring Meaning

Wearing labradorite in a ring is believed to increase your sensitivity to magic. This includes being brought closer to spiritual understanding, creativity and intuition. The constant visual element of seeing it on your finger every day also enhances these effects.

Labradorite Men's Ring

Men’s rings in general lend themselves to more of a chunky style. Labradorite men’s rings for sale on platforms like Amazon and Etsy are just that! They include another type of metal like gold, silver or copper and include a large labradorite stone.

Red Labradorite Ring

Red labradorite rings are striking. and there is an abundance of them available online. The stones are mostly faceted and the designs are dainty. Some of them actually resemble ruby rings! The rings are upmarket and expensive, often with gold included in the designs.

Raw Labradorite Ring

A raw labradorite ring refers to a ring that has been made with a chunk of raw labradorite instead of a chunk of faceted and polished labradorite. This style of ring is a very rustic, bohemian look while the faceted kind is much more classic and clean cut.

raw labradorite ringBy Ruby Sparrow Design

Large Labradorite Ring

Many labradorite rings are large and have large stones. This seems to be a trend when it comes to labradorite rings. Because the stone is so striking and its iridescence is so captivating, it’s no wonder people want to wear and look at as much of the stone as possible!

Black Labradorite Ring

Black labradorite rings come in a variety of different styles! You get the raw, rustic styles as well as the dainty, faceted styles. A lot of the time the vibe of a particular stone dictates the jewellery styles that it’s incorporated into. And in this case, black labradorite is very versatile.

Labradorite Necklace

Labradorite necklaces come in a ton of different designs. These include: pendants, beaded necklaces, chunky necklaces with different metals, chunky necklaces with twine and dainty necklaces with different metals.

Labradorite Necklace Meaning

The meaning of a labradorite necklace is the same as the meaning of a traditional labradorite stone. In a nutshell, it represents protection and transformation.

Labradorite Necklace Benefits

Wearing a labradorite necklace is a very good move if you’re looking to soak up all the stone’s benefits (which are all mentioned in previous paragraphs of our complete guide). Wearing the stone around your neck accelerates the effects the stone will have on you. It will also work deeply on your throat chakra.

Labradorite Bracelet

Labradorite is so widely used in pieces of jewellery which results in so many designs out there for every single style of jewellery you can possibly think of. And the bracelet is no exception. Round beaded bracelets, dainty bracelets with different metals, chunky bangles and cheaper designs with rough stones and twine are all available.

Labradorite Bracelet Meaning

The bracelet is yet another way to keep labradorite as close to you as possible! To really feel the metaphysical effects of the stone, wearing it as jewellery is a very good idea.

Labradorite Bracelet Benefits

Creativity, passion, courage, confidence and protection from unwanted energies are just some of the benefits you are believed to reap when you wear labradorite on your person and, in this case, as a bracelet.

Labradorite Pendant

The difference between a necklace and a pendant is the following: a necklace can have many different stones hanging from its chain while a pendant classically has one single stone hanging from its chain. Labradorite pendants are very popular because of the stones depth and intensity. One stone is normally enough.

Labradorite Pendant Meaning

Wearing a labradorite pendant is especially good for your throat chakra. Because that one single stone is hanging so close to it, it is believed to work on it and unblock it. The throat chakra is the portal to you expressing your authentic voice.

Purple Labradorite Pendant

As we mentioned earlier, purple labradorite is the most rare variety of labradorite. So if you can get your hands on a purple labradorite pendant,  good for you! They are relatively expensive because of their rarity. For example a 68mm by 37mm sterling silver pendant costs $288.

Labradorite Earrings

In this section we’re going to be covering everything to do with labradorite earrings. These include: labradorite stud earrings, teardrop earrings, gold earrings, silver earrings and sterling earrings.

Labradorite Stud Earrings

Labradorite stud earrings are stunning and dainty. If you’re looking for a design that is dainty but also striking then these are the perfect earrings for you!

Labradorite Teardrop Earrings

Labradorite teardrop earrings are a very popular design when it comes to labradorite jewellery. The teardrop shape combined with either gold, silver, gold plate, silver plate or copper suits the coloring of the stone.

Labradorite Gold Earrings

Most of the gold labradorite earrings on the market are gold plated. This is great because gold plate is stunning! It’s also a more budget friendly option than real gold. Traditional labradorite isn’t a very exclusive stone so it makes sense that gold plate is more prevalent. 

labradorite gold earringsBy Simone Watson Jewellery

Labradorite Silver Earrings

Silver is a very popular metal when it comes to labradorite jewellery. Labradorite is considered to be quite a bohemian-looking stone and so intricate, dainty designs that include silver is something you will see a lot of!

Sterling Labradorite Earrings

If you’re looking at purchasing a pair (or multiple pairs!) of silver labradorite earrings, then it’s always better to go with sterling silver rather than silver plate. The quality is much better and it will last you a lifetime! You may have to polish them every now and again as sterling silver tarnishes over time.

Labradorite Cabochon

There is a lot of labradorite cabochon for sale if that is what you’re looking for. They’re available as circles, ovals, rounded diamonds, teardrops and irregular rounded, smooth shapes.

Labradorite Cabochon Meaning

Labradorite cabochon refers to labradorite that has been polished but not faceted. This means that the stone is not carved to have many sides. It is completely smooth. 

Purple Labradorite Cabochon

As we’ve mentioned above, purple labradorite is the most rare variety of labradorite! Therefore, purple labradorite cabochon is going to be comparably expensive. As beautiful as it is, it costs $44 for a 1.77” x 0.86” x 0.22” purple labradorite cabochon.

Labradorite Uses

So here are some labradorite facts! Labradorite has many uses besides spiritual work and jewellery. In this section we’ll be covering its additional uses. These include countertops, kitchen countertops, beads, prayer beads, spheres, tiles, pipes, plugs, slabs, pendulums, sinks, crosses, wands, hearts, balls and tie clips.

Labradorite Countertop

Like granite and stone, labradorite is used to cover countertops in the home or in an office space. It’s a very striking and distinct look. Definitely not subtle!

Labradorite Kitchen Countertops

It’s mostly used in kitchens for kitchen countertops. It also sometimes extends up the back wall for a more encompassing, intense look.

Labradorite Beads

Labradorite beads are very common. Labradorite beaded necklaces are very common and therefore the beads are very common. Lovely bracelets and necklaces are crafted out of labradorite beads.

Labradorite Beads Meaning

Besides being used for jewellery, labradorite beads are also used for prayer. We’ll get into that in the next paragraph!

Labradorite Prayer Beads

Labradorite symbolism is strong when it comes to prayer beads. Prayer beads are made into long necklace-like pieces that are then used in meditation practices. They are called “malas”.

Green Labradorite Beads

Green labradorite beads are stunning. They are the most striking, deep shade of green that there is! Wearing these green beads is believed to provide energetic protection to your aura.

Madagascar Labradorite Beads

Labradorite beads from Madagascar mostly have a base color of grey. They possess labradorescence when their different sides hit the light at different angles. They are quite neutral and can be worn with any color.

Labradorite Sphere

These are essentially crystal balls made out of labradorite. They are stunning decorative pieces for the home and very powerful conduits of energy especially during meditation and other spiritual practices.

Labradorite Tile

Additionally to being used as kitchen countertops, tiles are also a popular form of labradorite. Tiles for the floor and walls. You’ll see a lot of labradorite tile in bathrooms on the floors and walls! 

Labradorite Pipe

Labradorite also comes in the form of a spiritual pipe. The pipe is actually filled with substances like blue lotus flower and then smoked. It is meditated with, smoked daily and used in crystal therapy.

Labradorite Plugs

When we talk about plugs we’re referring to a certain kind of earring for a specific, niche piercing. The piercing is a very stretched out hole in the earlobe. The whole is then filled in or “plugged” by the round chunk of labradorite which in this case is called a labradorite plug.

labradorite plugBy Reddit

Labradorite Slab

A labradorite slab refers to large slabs of labradorite that are produced for future consumer use. We’ve already touched on what those uses normally entail. And these include labradorite countertops, kitchen countertops and tiles.

Labradorite Pendulum

Labradorite pendulums are used as decorative objects or as spiritual conduits for spiritual practice. Energy/Reiki healers use them to unblock chakras while they’re doing their energy work. Swinging the pendulum over chakras in a continuous motion is what the practice looks like.

Labradorite Sink

Similar to this crystal’s use as a material for countertops, it can also used as the main material when crafting a sink. We mostly see these pieces in bathrooms rather than kitchens.

Labradorite Cross

Beautiful religious crosses that symbolize Christianity are also made out of labradorite. It’s a beautiful stone, so why not include it in this religious symbol?

Labradorite Wand

Labradorite wands are shaped like towers. They are powerful conduits for the metaphysical and healing properties of this stone. They feature as conduits and decorative objects in spiritual shrines. We’ll get into their uses in the next paragraph.

Labradorite Wand Uses

Because of the specific shape of wands, they’re good for spiritual healing rituals. They are also good for channeling focused energy towards a specific source or intention. Its pointed tip allows for bursts of focused energy.

Labradorite Heart

Labradorite hearts are great palm stones as well as decorative pieces. Their beautiful coloring makes them the perfect stones to carve into hearts because you can’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you look at them!

Labradorite Heart Meaning

Crystal hearts of any stone radiate pure energy that fill your heart with love and happiness. The shape alone is a very powerful symbol!

Labradorite Ball

Labradorite balls can refer to labradorite spheres. Spheres are traditionally quite large feature pieces that look like big crystal balls. Balls, on the other hand, can be smaller versions of the big sphere. They can be used as decorative objects. For example, many of them can be placed in a bowl and displayed.

Labradorite Tie Clip

A tie clip is an accessory that men use to clip their tie to their undershirt so that it doesn’t swing out of place. It ensures that the tie hangs straight which results in a neat look. This is yet another accessory that can include labradorite!

How to Use Labradorite

Labradorite has many uses and a labradorite palm stone is one of them. A palm stone is useful to hold in the palm of your hand while meditating with labradorite. The full effects and healing properties can then be fully transferred.

How to Cleanse Labradorite

Holding labradorite under running water for two to three minutes is a way to clean the dirt off the stone as well as cleanse the stone of any negative energy it may have picked up. 

How do you Cleanse and Charge a Labradorite?

Labradorite care is simple. Utilizing moonlight is a great cleansing and charging method. Here is how: place the stone on a natural surface like wood, stone or soil and position it where it will receive direct moonlight throughout the night. Then, leave the crystal there overnight.

How to Cut Labradorite

The most important thing to consider when cutting labradorite is its orientation. Get your rough wet and then turn it until you get a good flash of color. Use this as the top. Then, saw the rock in layers so the color is flat along each slab.

Labradorite Stone Combinations

Well known labradorite stone combinations include labradorite and moonstone as well as labradorite and amethyst. Read on to find out all you need to know!

Labradorite and Moonstone Together

This is a powerful combination as these are two very powerful healing stones! Their healing properties definitely complement each other. The stone of transformation combined with the stone of goodness and light. Together they are a manifestation powerhouse!

Labradorite and Amethyst Together

Both these stones together are a great combination! Individually and together, they both promote psychic abilities. Labradorite opens the third eye chakra and amethyst connects you to your crown chakra which promotes spiritual awareness.

Labradorite for Sale

It’s so easy to buy labradorite. There is an abundance of the stone available for sale. If you want to see it in person before purchasing it, then it’s always a good idea to visit your local crystal shop. But if you’re open to buying some online, then it’s always a good start to type “labradorite wiki” into Google!

Labradorite Price

You can expect to pay about $40 per carat for high quality labradorite.

Labradorite Countertops Cost

Labradorite countertops are notably more expensive than plain granite countertops. Read on to find out exactly what you can expect to pay per slab.

Labradorite Slab Price

Depending on the slab and availability of material, you can expect to pay between $50 to $200 per square foot of labradorite for countertops.

Labradorite Price per Gram

Labradorite is priced between $0.26 and $1.58 per gram depending on the quality of the stone.

Labradorite Price per Pound

Based on the information that one kilogram of labradorite costs $207, it can then be concluded that the price of labradorite per pound is around $455.

Labradorite Rough for Sale

There is a ton of rough labradorite out there for sale. The thing about labradorite is that it often doesn’t need to be polished or faceted in order for it to be beautiful.

Red Labradorite for Sale

This variation of labradorite is relatively rare. On Etsy a 2.42 carat or 48 gram faceted piece of red labradorite is priced at $154.

Raw Labradorite for Sale

Raw and rough labradorite are in essence the same thing. And so, as mentioned above, there is an abundance of it for sale because the stone is beautiful raw or processed.

Labradorite Slabs for Sale

You can find labradorite slabs for sale on multiple platforms online. And some of these include eBay, Amazon and Etsy.

Labradorite Jewellery for Sale

Labradorite jewellery is available online and in multiple crystal stores all over the world. It’s a very popular crystal and traditional labradorite is easy to find and is included in many jewellery designs out there.

labradorite necklaceBy Rannanjay Exports

Labradorite Wholesale

Buying bulk labradorite is always cheaper than buying individual stones if you need a lot of it. Therefore, it would be better and more economical for you to seek out labradorite wholesalers and get a good price for a bulk buy.

Labradorite Cabochon Wholesale

You can purchase labradorite cabochon wholesale on Etsy. They come in many different polished shapes and sizes and are often discounted!

Labradorite for Sale Near Me

Typing into Google search “labradorite for sale near me” is always a good place to start when looking for some labradorite. That is, if you want to go and physically see the stone before buying it.

Labradorite on Amazon

A good place to buy labradorite would definitely be Amazon. It has an array of options when it comes to labradorite–you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Labradorite Earrings on Etsy

There are many different styles of labradorite earrings on Etsy. Studs, hoops, dangle earrings and teardrops. The most common form of labradorite is traditional labradorite and that is what you mostly see when it comes to labradorite earrings on Etsy.

Fake Labradorite

Fake labradorite could be one of two things: lab created labradorite or a different stone completely, which is posing as labradorite. 

How to Spot Fake Labradorite

An easy way to spot fake labradorite would be to determine whether or not it has the labradorescence effect or not. If it doesn’t, then it is most definitely fake.

How to Tell if Labradorite is Real

Real labradorite is rated a 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. You will be able to easily scratch fake labradorite with a knife. Another sign that the stone is real is the fact that the labradorite is cold to the touch. 


In summary, labradorite is a widely loved and utilized stone. It is powerful, beautiful and mystical and has captured the hearts of the masses. We hope that this guide has brought you one step closer to bringing some labradorite into your life because you will without a doubt reap the benefits!

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