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Herderite: Complete Guide (2024)

herderite crystal

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about herderite, including its meaning, properties, and colors. Let's get started!


A crystal that harnesses your brain’s power and enhances your innate gifts is rare and incomparable. Herderite is known as one of the most potent crystals with meditative powers. Let us dive in to learn more about this beneficial crystal. 

  • Herderite Meaning
    • Herderite Locations
      • African Herderite
  • Herderite Properties
    • Herderite Metaphysical Properties
    • Herderite Healing Properties
  • Herderite Color
    • Herderite Purple
  • Herderite Jewelry
    • Herderite Pendant
  • Herderite for Sale
    • Herderite Price
    • Golden Herderite for Sale
  • Conclusion

Herderite Meaning

Herderite stone stimulates the energies of the chakras and acts as a balancing stone for your emotional and spiritual health. It is a yellow-gray crystal that has a prismatic quality to it. Herderite was named in 1828 by Wilhelm Haidinger in honor of Siegmund August Wolfgang von Herder. Even though herderite possesses a powerful energy, it instills a sense of calm within. 

Herderite is said to be a birthstone for the zodiac sign of Aries. It stands between 5 and 5.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

Herderite Locations

Herderite originates from Brazil and is found in a few places across the globe. A rarer kind of herderite is found in Afghanistan, which is of pale or bright green. The gem-quality herderite is mined from Brazil and Pakistan and produces a colorless and pinkish variety of herderite crystals.

African Herderite

The African gray herderite works well when paired with golden herderite, as it enhances each of their powers. It aids in developing our psyche gently and softly. It is one of the 12 synergy stones that bring awareness and perception. 

Herderite Properties

Herderite Metaphysical Properties

Herderite is an important crystal to charge the chakras of the body and link one’s consciousness with their spiritual and etheric body. It opens the third eye and crown chakras and expands one’s visions of higher dimensions. 

Herderite possesses the energy that can bring life into your inert life. The power that focuses on your mind is in the crystal. It is a crystal that is most known for its ability to stimulate the brain. It regulates creative thinking and psychic abilities. 

Herderite is a formidable stone with a lot of natural energy. It can be used to accumulate the energy of the stone to attain clairvoyance. It helps raise your inner energy and increase the vibrations in your body. 

The vibrations from the herderite crystal boost the growth and stimulate your memory. It brings a change of perspective that allows only positive changes to enter your life. It opens up the pathways that can expand your consciousness and makes you welcome new experiences. 

Using herderite enhances your inner spirit and aids you in developing them better. It helps you better understand the changes in your life and aid in constructively dealing with them.

Crystal healers claim that using herderite helps them by enhancing their clairvoyance, increasing their spiritual vision capacities, and kindling their vision. 

The vibrations of herderite inculcate a sense of purpose and self-confidence. This brings out the best in you and makes you a reliable and sensitive person to everyone around you. It aids you in gaining respect from your friends and family. 

Holding a piece of herderite stone in your palm while meditating helps you to absorb its vibrations and energies. The golden herderite infuses you with a sense of spirituality, and the green variety of herderite brings you closer to achieving your purpose in life. Herderite makes you own up to your responsibilities.

Herderite Healing Properties

Herderite is known as a potent healing crystal. The energy of herderite taps into your vibrations, awakens your spirituality, and opens you up to receive the divine messages sent to you. It makes you acknowledge and listen to your spiritual guides. 

Using herderite may also enhance your clairvoyant and intuitive abilities. It reaffirms your beliefs in the divine and helps you see all the good coming to you in the future. It makes you more observant of the unseen forces by developing psychic hearing. 

Herderite also aids in astral travels by keeping the negative forces at bay and providing you with a bubble of protection.

Herderite crystal works on your confidence and self-esteem and makes you approachable and lovable by others. It shows you that the past does not affect your future and that it holds great promises. It helps you make peace with the past that helps you move forward in relationships and life.

Keeping it under the moonlight to bathe at night increases its healing abilities. 

Herderite Color

Herderite is found in different colors at different locations and with varying levels of rarity. Herderite crystal is usually golden brown. In Afghanistan, a green variety of herderite is mined. There are also some variations in blue, purple, and gray colors that are scarce. The variation in colors happens because of the composition of different minerals.

Herderite Purple

purple herderite

The purple variation of herderite is a powerful stone to enhance psychic abilities. It channels your energy into the things that you care about. It helps awaken the kundalini spirit. This stone also helps you feel motivated and find your true potential. 

Purple herderite helps you become assertive and accepting of people and exudes kindness and love towards others. 

Herderite Jewelry

Herderite Pendant

herderite pendant

Herderite pendants are available with a sterling silver setting to protect them from damage. They give the wearer a delicate look, and wearing a herderite closer to the heart helps with the heart chakra and its smooth flow of energy.

Herderite for Sale

Herderite crystals are usually sold with other crystals that enhance their healing abilities. The cost of the crystals depends on their size, quality, and rarity. 

Herderite Price

The price of a herderite crystal ranges from $20 to $83 USD. 

Golden Herderite for Sale

Golden herderite assists with expanded awareness. It brings advanced energies to the higher octave. This golden herderite helps people with meditations and brings them to a higher ascend known as the ‘golden void’. The price of this rare crystal can go up to $305 USD.


Herderite is known as the most potent meditation crystal that helps expand your psychic abilities and your spirituality. It awakens the chakras that bring tranquility, bliss, and peace. It is an excellent healing crystal.

Caring for a herderite stone includes storing it away from harder crystals and using mild detergents and warm water to rinse it.

Herderite crystal is a must-have if you need to expand your spirituality and consciousness as it opens various pathways. 

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