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Heliodor: Complete Guide (2024)

heliodor crystal

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about heliodor, including its meaning, properties, types, and colors. Let's get started!


Heliodor is a relatively uncommon, vibrant-looking crystal that is known for its immense healing and spiritual properties. This article is a guide to discussing a few of its unique traits. 

  • Heliodor Meaning
    • What is Heliodor
      • Is Heliodor Rare
      • Is Heliodor Expensive
    • Heliodor Location
  • Heliodor Properties
    • Heliodor Healing Properties
    • Heliodor Metaphysical Properties
  • Heliodor and Emerald
  • Heliodor Types
    • Raw Heliodor
    • Heliodor Polished
  • Heliodor Color
    • Green Heliodor
  • Heliodor Jewelry
    • Heliodor Ring
      • Heliodor Engagement Ring
    • Heliodor Necklace
    • Heliodor Bracelet
    • Heliodor Earrings
    • Heliodor Pendant
    • Heliodor Beads
  • Heliodor for Sale
    • Heliodor Price per Carat
    • Heliodor Price per Gram
  • Conclusion

Heliodor Meaning

Heliodor, the name, comes from Greek that translates to ‘the gift of the sun’. It is the yellow/orange member of the beryl family and comes in crystalline and massive stone forms. It is readily available in colors ranging from yellow to deep golden.

Its bright yellow colors are believed to help channel the warmth and brightness of the sunshine. The stone is thought to invoke knowledge and learning and stimulate the ability of the brain to work more efficiently.

What is Heliodor?

Heliodor is a very rare yellow beryl that is crystalline and can occur as an accessory mineral to granite and is usually found in granite cavities. The stone, also known as ‘golden beryl’ or ‘precious beryl’, can occur from small to very large sizes up to 30 feet.

The name and color of this crystal come from the high and varied amounts and density of iron (Fe3+)  deposits. The content of these iron deposits is also responsible for the greenish tint in some crystals. 

Is Heliodor Rare?

It is the most rarely available beryllium silicate on planet earth and therefore ‌highly regarded. 

Is Heliodor Expensive? 

It is a moderate to very expensive stone depending on various factors, for example, the number of carats, weight, etc. 

Heliodor Location 

The most noteworthy locations heliodor has been mined from are Madagascar and Ukraine. Some other deposits have also been found in Brazil and Nigeria. 

Heliodor Properties

Heliodor Healing Properties

Heliodor has been known to strengthen the immune system. It has been useful in the treatment of disorders of the liver, spleen, pancreas, and kidneys. It may aid problems with the digestive system, like chronic constipation, nausea, and diarrhea. The crystal is also said to be immensely helpful with seasonal affective disorders and exhaustion as it channels the energy from the sun. 

It may help people suffering from colder extremities or poor circulation and overall benefits from heart or circulatory disorders. Some people also believe that it may help improve vision. Many believe it can help with injuries to the skull and aid in a speedy recovery and also prevent any bilious attacks from occurring. 

Heliodor Metaphysical Properties

Heliodor promotes balance, strength, and intuitiveness. It focuses on the solar plexus chakra, which helps channel spiritual energies into realities. This chakra is known to be the center for energy distribution and relationships. The stone is considered the gift of the sun to the earth and distributes warmth and brightness both internally and externally. It can help you trust your natural abilities and be a more warm, confident person that radiates the same energy in all aspects of your life. 

It may help strengthen your intuition by strengthening your gut and, therefore, allow you to make better and affirmative decisions in everyday life. One can feel more in touch with themselves while using a heliodor. The stone may help focus on the positive energy and look forward rather than dwell in the past and carry forward negative emotions and energies. 

The stone may help bring joy and determination to one’s life in abundance, which creates the kind of life that you envision. Inner peace and growth seem to be widely known benefits of this stone. 

Heliodor and Emerald 

Emerald is a green and bluish variety of beryl. The same beryl family that heliodor is also a part of. Heliodor is also sometimes known as yellow emerald. These stones are similar in some forms, like shapes, hues, and most importantly, the family they come from. 

There is another type of beryl known as green beryl, which is also different from emerald in its color and other properties. 

Heliodor Types 

Raw Heliodor 

This form of heliodor is usually available as stones. They can come in different weights and sizes depending on where they are mined from and how they are mined. 

Heliodor Polished

Polished heliodor is used to make different types of jewelry and objects that are precious and highly regarded because of its unique bright yellow hues that are attractive for various reasons. Once polished, it can be incorporated into many things including home decor and jewelry, to name a few.

Heliodor Color

The stone is available in a range of yellow hues- from pale yellow to greenish-yellow, orange-yellow, and sometimes a deep golden or orange. 

Green Heliodor 

Sometimes the yellow beryl or heliodor is also found in greenish hues from pale green to rich, vibrant green. These might look similar to emeralds but are not in terms of their composition, contents, and where they are found. 

Heliodor Jewelry

Heliodor Ring 

A heliodor ring is a great statement piece to have as no one piece is the same. It can be customized to the shape and size of the stone you want to be incorporated into a material of your choice. This adds value and a wow factor to any look. 

Heliodor Engagement Ring 

heliodor ring

This stone is a very popular choice for engagement rings because of its symbolization of relationships. Many believe that this is a great way to enhance the connection between partners. The bright colors of the stone also make for a unique statement piece that each one can shape according to their wishes. 

Heliodor Necklace 

The yellow-olive shades of this stone come in many shapes and sizes and can make for unique pieces of jewelry that can be used as statement pieces or along with other stones to complement a look. 

Heliodor Bracelet

This accessory made with vibrant heliodor stones can add grace and charm to any look. They are available as stretch and non-stretch bracelets as well, to suit everyone's personal style. 

Heliodor Earrings 

This stone is available in many staples of earrings like drop earrings and stone earrings in combination with sterling silver or regular metal. These natural golden beryl stones can elevate any look and add value to your personal style. The best part about this stone is that it suits almost everyone and can complement most looks. 

Heliodor Beads 

These unique beads made from many variations of heliodor can be found in custom styles ranging from different sizes, shapes, and combinations. They can also be found loose or custom-made into an accessory of choice. 

Heliodor for Sale

The stone is available on many websites like Etsy and eBay and some other trusted local websites. They can also be sourced internationally from countries it is procured from, like Ukraine and Africa. 

Heliodor Price per Carat 

The price can vary depending on the quality and where it is found, but usually ranges from $55 USD to $100 USD per carat. 

Heliodor Price per Gram 

The stone is priced anywhere between $20 USD to $80 USD per gram, depending on the quality and other factors. 


This is a unique stone of true graciousness and balance and can bring about peace and strength in anyone who uses it. Considered a gift from the sun to the earth, this crystal can bring about knowledge and serenity and invoke a higher sense of self in both men and women.

This crystal is a must-have for anyone looking to channel negative energies and spirits into positive realities and can help improve their relationships overall, leading to a better quality of life. 

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