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Rainbow Obsidian and Fire Obsidian: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

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In this post, we tell you everything you need to know about rainbow obsidian and fire obsidian, including its meaning, properties, uses and value. Let's get started!


A rarity amongst Earth-made stones, rainbow obsidian is quite the force to be reckoned with. You won’t find much concise information about it online, so we’ve taken the liberty of creating the ultimate guide to this crystal. Here’s everything you need to know.

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Rainbow Obsidian Healing Properties
    • Which Chakra Does Rainbow Obsidian Work with?
  • Rainbow Obsidian vs. Black Obsidian
  • Rainbow/Fire Obsidian Meaning
  • Where to Find Rainbow/Fire Obsidian
  • How to Cleanse Rainbow Obsidian
  • Rainbow/Fire Obsidian Price
    • How Much Does Rainbow/Fire Obsidian Cost
  • Rainbow/Fire Obsidian Rough vs Polished

Rainbow Obsidian Healing Properties

First thing’s first: Rainbow obsidian also goes by the name ‘fire obsidian’. It’s unclear as to why or how this occurred, considering rainbows and fire are totally different phenomena, but the names have stuck, and are used interchangeably across the Internet.

Obsidian in general is an extremely powerful entity. When it occurs in rainbow form, it still holds its jet black appearance. The rainbow streaks can be seen when the stone is held to the light, and it works its way through the crystalline structure. 

The way in which rainbow obsidian lets light in to reveal its colors is similar to the healing properties it delivers to the individual who works with it. It is said that rainbow obsidian works by grounding the individual so significantly that light is eventually let in, drowning out any present negativity.

An individual who has experienced immense amounts of shock and fear can work with rainbow obsidian to soften and ease the residual pain. Similarly, anyone who is extremely sensitive by nature is advised to keep a piece of rainbow obsidian nearby, so that the stone can protect them from any onset of depression in life.

On a lighter note, the colorful streaks in rainbow obsidian are said to bring love, joy and light into your life. This is a wonderful stone to gift to someone who seems like they could use some cheering up. Rainbow obsidian is not linked to any birth month per say, however many consider it to be a stone well suited to the Libra horoscope.

Which Chakra Does Rainbow Obsidian Work with? 

Like regular obsidian, rainbow obsidian works closely with the root chakra. It’s a grounding stone, so it pulls the user's energy down through the root and connects them with the Earth. 

If you’ve been feeling up in the clouds, as though you can’t seem to find solid ground, then rainbow obsidian can help. You’ll start to feel more rooted to the planet, as opposed to floating around in space, metaphorically speaking. 

There are many different life experiences that can cause an individual to feel detached from the Earth. Grief, heartbreak and sexual trauma are some of them, so working with this stone can significantly help one come to terms with what has happened, and begin putting it behind them in order to go on with life in a healthy, happy way. 

Rainbow Obsidian vs. Black Obsidian

Rainbow obsidian is technically just a morphed version of regular black obsidian. The stones bear many similarities, albeit many differences.

hands holding three pieces of smooth black stones

Black obsidian is a strongly protective stone, while rainbow obsidian is not. It will physically protect you from energetic and psychic attacks if needed, as well as absorb electromagnetic contaminants from the environment. 

Black obsidian works to draw out mental stress and tension from the user. Rainbow obsidian does a similar job, however it achieves it not by pulling anything out, but by filtering light in. 

When working with black obsidian, you may feel compelled to explore new horizons and venture into the unknown. Rainbow obsidian is far more gentle in this approach, rather encouraging the user to work through past traumas in a way that propels them forward. 

If you’re choosing between the two stones, choose one of each! Both will play an important role in your crystal collection depending on life’s ebb and flow. 

Rainbow/Fire Obsidian Meaning

Obsidian occurs when felsic lava cools very rapidly, after having erupted from a volcano. It’s a form of volcanic glass, and is usually solid black. Fire obsidian occurs when natural intrusions of magnetite nanoparticles enter into the stone’s formations. 

The fact that the Earth’s elements band together every so often to form obsidian is a wonder in itself. It represents forces at play that we have no control over, and supports the notion that there are things that will continue to exist whether one witnesses their formation or not. 

Archaeologists have reason to believe that human beings found meaning in obsidian stone long before modern day life. There are objects made out of obsidian stone dating back to 700,000 BC in what today is known as Kenya. 

Obsidian has had different meanings to many different civilizations. In ancient Croatia, obsidian was used in the circumcision of newborns, as well as the cutting of umbilical chords. During the stone age, obsidian was used as flint and arrowheads. There was much use of obsidian in 12,500 BC Iraq, too. 

Where to Find Rainbow/Fire Obsidian

So, where is fire obsidian found? It depends. 

hand holding slab of smooth black stones greenery background

Rainbow obsidian requires centuries old volcanic landforms in order to have been formed and preserved. Most deposits of rainbow obsidian in circulation today are being sourced from a volcanic highland in Oregon, USA. Regular obsidian is found all across the United States, but the rainbow version is less common.

There have been significant deposits of rainbow obsidian found in the Modoc National Forest, particularly in the Middle Fork Davis Creek. The same forest is also home to a number of pink obsidian deposits; a stone even more rare than the one we are looking at now. 

Outside of the USA, rainbow obsidian can also be found in Mexico, Scotland and Italy. 

How to Cleanse Rainbow Obsidian

Like regular obsidian, your rainbow obsidian needs to be cleansed and recharged from time to time. Crystals that are highly absorbent tend to hold onto negative energies that can work to compromise the effects of the stone over time. It’s imperative that you keep all of your crystals cleansed and charged, so that when it comes time to work with them they’re ready to work with you and only you. 

We recommend cleansing your crystals at least once a month, or more if your schedule allows for it. Obsidian is considered to be a water safe stone, so any of the following cleansing methods are suitable:

  • Mix a saltwater solution and submerge your stone in it for up to 24 hours. Sea water works as well!
  • Burn incense over your stones and set the intention for cleansing using your mind. 
  • Bury your obsidian in the garden and leave it for up to 48 hours. 
  • Leave rainbow obsidian under the light of the full moon and retrieve it the following day. 
  • Hold obsidian under running water for a solid minute. Towel dry. 
  • Place rainbow obsidian on top of any self-cleansing stone and let it sit for 24 hours. 
  • House your stone on a bed of Himalayan salt when not in use.

Rainbow/Fire Obsidian Price

How Much Does Rainbow/Fire Obsidian Cost?

Despite being considerably rare, rainbow obsidian isn’t unreasonably expensive within the crystal market. A small piece of this stone goes a long way, so you don’t necessarily have to be investing in the biggest chunk you can find, so that you can reap the healing properties.

With regards to fire obsidian worth, you can expect to pay roughly $15 for two or three small pieces of the stone. If you find fire obsidian for sale for less than this, take the time to look into the integrity of the retailer. Certain stones are easy to replicate and imitation crystals may be sold for much lower prices. 

A generously sized piece of this stone may retail upward of $40, though large pieces of rainbow obsidian are very hard to come by. Expect to find pendant sized fire obsidian far more easily than display-sized pieces. 

Rainbow/Fire Obsidian Rough vs Polished

Finding unpolished rainbow obsidian isn’t all that common these days. If you do happen upon a piece, it’s likely going to be very expensive or located in a destination that doesn’t easily ship to where you are. 

The reason that polished forms of these stones have become so preferable is simply because smoothing out fire obsidian makes it easier to see the rainbows embedded within. It’s easier for light to pass through stones that have been tumbled, so this makes rainbow obsidian more aesthetically appealing. 

Polishing a crystal has no effect on the properties of the stone, and will not diminish the vibration at all. When a stone is polished, it is usually merely tumbled. Tumbling crystals means that they have been placed in a tumbling machine and tossed around until the rough edges naturally deteriorate. 

If you would like a piece of unpolished fire obsidian, use the keyword “raw” when searching for the stone of your dreams. 

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Sep 29, 2022 • Posted by Jerome marti

I have a bunch of raw rainbow obsidian I personally found on the west side of Albuquerque by our volcanoes not on national park land but on city property so it’s not illegal to take I’m trying to sell it raw or polished once I get the proper equipment to do that.

Apr 04, 2022 • Posted by D.Hubble

I’m up in Oregon digging glass Butte for the first time I did not even know about rainbow or fire obsidian until three days ago and now I have several wheelbarrows full of it!

Jan 05, 2022 • Posted by Janine Nuku

While on holiday on the West Coast of NZ, I purchased a rainbow obsidian ring this New Years Eve just gone. I was actually looking for a turquoise ring to replace a lost ring of my mothers, but I was drawn to a large obsidian ring. It’s very beautiful. My mother died last year and I have been struggling with the grief. How interesting that I was drawn to this healing stone.

Nov 16, 2021 • Posted by Healing Crystals Co.

Hi Iris, thanks for your question! Yes, you can absolutely use it for that purpose! We wish your mother’s spirit peace and love. :)

Nov 16, 2021 • Posted by Iris Perry

Can rainbow obsidian be used to go around the neck of a glass urn for my beloved mother?

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