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Top 10 Places to Buy Crystals: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

raw unpolished purple rocks placed on a wooden surface beside lavender flowers

In this post, we reveal the best places to buy crystals, including online and in crystal stores, so that you can start building your collection. Let's get started!


So, you want to build your circle of crystal friends, but aren’t sure where to start? There are some things you need to know before diving headfirst into the crystal retail world. There are also some retailers that we’d like to recommend. 

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Crystals
    • Use Your Intuition When it Comes to Authenticity
  • Where to Buy Crystals
    • Esoteric Shops
    • Markets
    • Healing Sanctuaries
    • Online Retailers 
  • Crystal Shop Near You
  • Where to Buy Crystals Online
    • Sage Goddess
    • Energy Muse
    • Bliss Crystals
    • Raven and Crone
    • Enhanced Crystal
    • Moonrise Crystals
    • Peace Love Crystals
    • Rare Earth Crystals
    • Soulful Crystals
    • Etsy
  • Conclusion
pieces of crystal rocks arranged on a white surface with flowers and leaves

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Crystals

First things first: buying crystals is a lot like choosing a new housemate for a shared space. You will, quite literally, be in very intimate proximity with these entities for the foreseeable future, so a vetting process is really not all that uncommon. 

What’s great about buying crystals is that it is such a subjective process, and it’s unlikely you’ll ever face regular retail woes such as specific stones becoming out of stock, or crystals being auctioned due to high demand (though this can happen with rare, large-scale rocks, particularly those that came from meteor strikes). 

Most stones are abundant enough that buying them on a whim is as easy as a few clicks, or a last minute visit to your local crystal shop. The following two points, however, are important ones that we encourage you to keep in mind at all times when embarking on your crystal buying journey. Read on!

Use Your Intuition When it Comes to Authenticity 

Here’s the trouble — not all those who sell crystals are doing so with integrity. There is a worldwide problem plaguing the industry whereby certain manufacturers are producing imitation stones instead of mining authentic ones. 

The mining process can be quite a costly one, especially for crystals found online in remote parts of the world. Buyers have realized that producing mock stones out of glass and dye will save them a lot of money, increasing profits in the process. 

There are many crystals that, when polished, look exactly like glass, with the result that telling the real from the fakes can be an almost impossible task, especially for the untrained eye. 

So, the question remains: where to buy authentic crystals? What you want to do is buy crystals from shops that have a bit of a reputation behind them. This may be in the form of support from the esoteric community, sponsorship of crystal healing programs, or even just a lengthy track record of satisfied customers (always read their store reviews). 

For the most part, determining whether the stones you are about to buy are real or fake will be left largely to your intuition. If something feels off about the sale, it probably is! Similarly, you want to keep an eye on what different stones cost in general. If the price of the stone you’ve been looking at seems too good to be true — it probably is!

We like to suggest that all buyers opt for raw, unpolished crystals wherever possible. These are much more difficult to fake, and you’re likely to always receive the real thing. Read on and we’ll tell you exactly where to buy raw crystals. 

Use Your Intuition Again When Buying Online

Whenever there are crystals for sale in a metaphysical store, buyers are encouraged to be intuitive about which stones are calling to them, and which ones they can ‘feel’ the energy radiating off of. In this way, one can come to know exactly which crystal they should be working with. 

This gets tricky when buying crystals online, because that physical contact is removed from the equation and buyers are left to rely on photographs and well-worded descriptions to make their decision. 

We’re here to tell you that even without coming into physical contact with a stone, your personal vibration holds everything you need in order to find your perfect companion. You’ll do this intuitively, setting the intention for the right stone to find you as you read through different websites and descriptions. 

Take your time when reading about the individual properties of different crystals. Don’t focus so much on the words and abilities themselves, but rather how you feel whilst reading them. Generally, there is a subtle communication going on between the stone and your higher-self, and if you pay attention to your feelings you’ll know if they’re leaning toward working together, or continuing the search. It’s very subtle information, but it is freely available to all of us who navigate this Earth plane amongst the crystal beings. 

different pieces of rocks and crystals with different colors placed on a white marble surface

Where to Buy Crystals

Where to buy crystals is not always all that obvious, especially for beginners in the industry. Usually the stones will find you: if there has been even an inkling of desire on the part of the crystals to get involved in this kind of healing therapy, the crystals would have felt it and sought to deliver themselves into your direct experience. 

When this hasn’t been the case, you can use any of the following options to find crystal rocks for sale: 

Esoteric Shops 

Esoteric shops, also known as metaphysical shops or crystal stores, are those establishments that are known for their “airy fairy” content. The kind of store that you visit on purpose, with intent to purchase goods such as incense, tarot cards, candles, books etc. 

These stores will generally have quite an array of crystals to choose from, ranging from small to large sized segments and even jewelry made with gemstones. The layout of the store will usually offer a brief summary of the properties of each stone, accompanied by the price per piece. 

If you want that physical handling experience, this is where to get it. Don’t be surprised if these kinds of stores swallow you up for a few hours, as you read through every possible stone option over, and over, and over… 


Some of the best places that you’ll find natural crystals for sale are flea markets and trading posts. There will often be a stall somewhere in the mix that offers trays filled with stones from around the world, and affordable prices to match each one. 

It’s uncommon for market stalls to dictate the properties of each stone as part of their display, but they will always have the names written down clearly. This way, you can simply use your phone to search for the name and properties in question, and read along until you find the crystal that you were destined to find. 

When a particular crystal is not offered at the table, the stall owner may even be open to sharing their sourcing information with you so that you can find any stone you’ve had in mind. Alternatively, they may offer to source it for you and ask that you come to collect it the following day or week (depending on the market schedule). 

Healing Centers 

There are a lot of natural healing centers that offer crystal healing as part of their practice. You may find that you’re able to purchase certain crystals directly from their establishment, as part of a retail display for extra revenue. 

Similarly, you may even find crystals being sold at yoga or meditation studios near you. The variety is unlikely to be as vast as those of physical stores and online platforms, but you may be pleasantly surprised. 

Online Retailers

Buying crystals online is the new way of doing it, and admittedly the most convenient. Technology has advanced in such a way that a crystals on one side of the world can very well be on your doorstep the following afternoon. 

As you scour the internet for the best online crystal shop, keep all of the aforementioned points in mind regarding authenticity and intuitive calling. Your collection can grow very quickly if you opt for the online route. 

Crystal Shop Near You

Looking for a crystal shop near to home is always the best way to purchase these particular entities. We aren’t only referring to physical locations, but also online stores that may simply be based out of where you yourself happen to live.

raw unpolished purple rocks placed on a wooden surface beside lavender flowers

The perks of this is that you are supporting a local business, usually a small one. More than this, you’re guaranteed speedy delivery and the opportunity to get to work with your stones sooner rather than later. 

Generally, unless you are situated in China, it’s better to avoid purchasing from Chinese crystal shops as they take their sweet, sweet time in getting their crystals out to the rest of the world. There is also a massive inauthentic crystal problem coming out of the manufacturers in this part of the world, and sellers who use Ebay or Amazon as their commerce platform can easily dupe buyers into purchasing imitation stones. 

When buying online, also keep in mind that all retailers are trying to sell products, and will take certain steps to make their goods look more appealing. Photographs are carefully edited to accentuate the color of the stones, and may lead to disappointment when they actually arrive. 

Buying crystals from a store near to you makes the returns process a lot more accessible, as you won’t have to worry about forking out tens of dollars when a crystal that is not to your satisfaction shows up at your door. 

Finally, whether you buy online or from a crystal shop near you, keep this one thing in mind: all of these stones have been handled by strangers at various points during their production and packaging processes. 

Whenever a stone is handled by a vibrational being, such as a human, it starts to attune to the energy of the individual, under the assumption that the handler is seeking energetic benefit from the stone. What’s more, the hander will leave behind residual energy even after they are no longer in contact with the stone, and some energies can linger until they have been cleaned off of the crystal. 

Any stone you purchase needs to be properly cleansed and recharged upon arrival, before you start working with it one on one. There are various ways to cleanse crystals; simply opt for the method that is most convenient to your lifestyle and schedule. 

Where to Buy Crystals Online

Sage Goddess

Dr. Athena Perrakis founded Sage Goddess back in 2011, and it has since taken off as one of the best places to buy crystals both online and in store. That’s right, Sage Goddess also has a showroom space that buyers can visit in Torrence, CA. 

In addition to just about every gemstone you can imagine, this platform also offers an extensive array of crystal jewelry, ritual sets, perfumes and candles. The site will also link you to Sage Goddess’ range of classes, including tarot reading, numerology, and wellness courses. 

California is the hub for spiritual education in the west, and Sage Goddess is always ahead of the game. They even have a wholesale department that can help you set up your own crystal shop if so desired.  

Energy Muse 

If we can recommend a shop for the best crystals to protect your home, it would be Energy Muse. 

raw purple crystal with a silver chain and beads across

They specialize in the retail of larger scale stones that are intended for home display, as opposed to personal, hand-held use. Shipping these bigger entities isn’t easy or cheap, so there are very few online stores who actually include them in their stock. 

In addition to these bigger crystals, Energy Muse also offers all of the smaller scale stones and jewelry that you can think of. Their HQ is also in Torrence, California, and they ship worldwide. 

Energy Muse has a thoughtful returns policy and does what it can to ensure that their buyers are 100% happy with their purchase. 

Bliss Crystals

Bliss Crystals is run by a mother-daughter duo who make for quite the dream team when it comes to this kind of work. They have both been involved with crystals for most of their lives and have traveled through different parts of the USA spreading the healing energy before settling in California where they now work out of. 

Bliss Crystals is your go-to for the basics. Their website has yet to become cluttered by innovative new crystal products. Instead, they simply sell natural stones in their purest forms. 

We love that they have all of their crystals on offer in different shapes. For example, one can get a heart shaped piece of rose quartz for meditation, or a wand-shaped version of the same stone for more conductive energetic healing. 

Raven and Crone

When in doubt about where to buy crystals online, look to the witches. Raven and Crone are an online platform for all things pagan and mystical. 

They take their role within the crystal retailer world very seriously, and their products are of the utmost quality. With their headquarters in South Carolina, the brand will happily ship anywhere necessary to reach their troop of loyal customers. 

In addition to crystals, you’ll also find pendulums, healing herbs, essential oils and ritual supplies: everything you need to facilitate witchcraft. The team are passionate about Wiccan education, and there is a myriad of information available on their site for all who are intrigued but are perhaps lacking in exposure. 

Enchanted Crystal

Enchanted Crystal is a gem of a website (excuse the pun), founded by a sweet man named Adam back in 2014. Adam has a passion for scouring natural terrains and finding crystal formations within the Earth, and he is now sharing this passion with the world. 

If it’s unique, unlikely and flawed — you’ll find it on Enchanted Crystal. This is the best marketplace on which to find raw, unpolished stones that look like they have just been extracted from beneath the surface of Gaia herself.

Some of the harder-to-find crystals are readily available on this site, including blue tara quartz and galena. 

Moonrise Crystals

Moonrise Crystals is run by a woman named Julie, and buyers in the USA enjoy free shipping on all orders. 

What makes Julie quite special is that she cares about the ethics surrounding crystals and the mining/sourcing process. All of the stones available through this website are ethically sourced and would have had as little negative impact on the environment as possible. The original individuals who collect these stones from the ground would also have had fair wages offered to them. 

many pieces of white crystals placed on a square ceramic tray

What’s great about Moonrise is that there is a one on one contact option whereby you can communicate directly with Julie if you are unsure exactly which crystal is best for you. 

Peace Love Crystals

This Australian based company has been dedicated to making the world a kinder place for quite some time now. They have great respect for the work that crystals do for the planet, and they are focused on sharing this information with all who seek their services. 

You’ll find them in Queensland, but Peace Love Crystals will happily ship to wherever you are in the world if you aren’t able to visit their physical store. We love that they have fossils for sale alongside their stones, as well as quite the selection of authentic agate. 

If you’re interested in crystal pyramids, Peace Love Crystals have a wide selection at competitive prices. Their stock is constantly in rotation depending on what is currently available worldwide; it takes quite a large chunk of crystal to carve out a three dimensional object!

Rare Earth Crystals

What’s wonderful about Rare Earth Crystals is that they are based in South Africa. This puts them in very close proximity to some of the best crystal mines on the African continent, and allows them to source new stock quite quickly. 

Rare Earth Crystals have structured their website quite well, dividing the different sections so that you can easily find what it is you are looking for. It also does well to guide beginners into finding their perfect tools, including charka cleansing devices and zodiac objects. 

We love their unique jewelry collection; many raw stones suspended from aesthetically pleasing black strings. 

Soulful Crystals

The team at Soulful Crystals are working from within the UK. They deliver worldwide and have a beautiful collection of stock ranging from individual stones and jewelry. 

The best part about the site is that they have an A to Z filter so that you can quickly sift through all of their availability and find your perfect match.

hand holding white raw crystal close up selected focus view

Take some time to look at their geode clusters; they can make great additions to any household. Each different stone has a variety of cluster options, so you don’t necessarily have to settle on just one size due to a lack of availability. 


Etsy is probably the only large scale e-commerce platform that we would recommend for the process of buying crystals online. It’s a far more refined and artisanal space when compared to competitor sites such as Ebay or Amazon, so you’ll find genuine crystals are freely available. 

All you need to do on Etsy is a basic search for the crystal of your choosing, or for ‘crystals’ in general. You’ll be presented with thousands of small businesses who are selling stones worldwide, with many of them making unique jewelry and household pieces as well. 

What’s great about Etsy is that customer reviews are always visible, and the businesses have no way of hiding ones that they don’t like. So, it’s very easy for a buyer to discern who is selling authentic products, and who is better avoided. 


As we said at the beginning of this journey, choosing a crystal is like choosing a new housemate. You need to be totally comfortable with your decision, and comfortable with the stone itself. 

Use whatever retail platforms are available to you from wherever you are in the world, and don't be deterred from shopping online due to the misconception that crystals need to be “energetically felt by your hands”. 

Know that the stone that you seek is seeking you. 

If you are interested in incorporating crystals into your life, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of a crystal that resonates with you. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of calm and serenity. Also, if you are interested in reading more about anxiety and crystals, check out our comprehensive blog post on the 15 Best Crystals for Anxiety!

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