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Blue Obsidian: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

pieces of light blue green smooth crystal stones

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about blue obsidian, including its properties, meaning, and value. Let's dive in!


Obsidian occurs in blue, and many different shades of it at that! This could be the crystal your collection has been missing all along, and there are some things you need to know about blue obsidian if it  is going to be part of your journey. 

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Blue Obsidian Meaning
    • Where Does Blue Obsidian Come from?
  • Blue Obsidian Properties
    • Blue Obsidian Metaphysical Properties
    • What is Blue Obsidian Good for?
  • Types of Blue Obsidian
    • Natural Blue Obsidian
    • Raw Blue Obsidian
    • Cobalt Blue Obsidian
    • Aqua Blue Obsidian
    • Electric Blue Obsidian
    • Tumbled Blue Obsidian
  • Blue Obsidian Value
  • How to Cleanse Blue Obsidian
  • Blue Obsidian Fakes
  • Blue Obsidian Sphere
  • Blue Obsidian Jewelry
    • Blue Obsidian Necklace
    • Blue Obsidian Pendant
    • Blue Obsidian Bracelet
    • Blue Obsidian Beads

Blue Obsidian Meaning

Generally, obsidian in blue form appears as a pale blue rock form that looks very much like glass. Obsidian is a silica rich volcanic rock. It occurs when viscous lava cools at a very rapid rate, provided it is rich in silica, low in water, and offers a chemical disposition that is very close to that of rhyolite.

Physically, it is slightly harder than regular glass used for various glass objects and windows. But what is blue obsidian made of? 

hand holding light blue with brown spots close up view

It’s not entirely clear why some rare forms of obsidian come out electrically blue, though the best guess seems to be that it is gas bubbles that are present within the lava at the time of cooling. 

In any event, it is apparent that blue obsidian requires  very specific conditions for formation, which reminds us that this crystal is a bit of an anomaly. It has definitely been sent to humankind to make some kind of impact. 

Where Does Blue Obsidian Come from?

A lot of blue obsidian crystals are manmade, due to the fact that the natural occurrence of this stone is unbelievably rare, which in turn drives the price through the roof. 

Natural deposits of blue obsidian stone are currently being mined in certain parts of Greece, as well as in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. 

When one of these obsidian deposits is found, it doesn’t take very long for it to become depleted, as this is not the kind of crystal that occurs in great abundance. 

Blue Obsidian Properties

Blue Obsidian Metaphysical Properties 

Using this crystal during meditation may greatly help you in attaining levels of transcendence previously unavailable to you. This is an incredibly psychic stone, and one of few which can have effects on divination and psychic development for greater good. 

This is a fantastic grounding stone, despite being of blue ray energy. This is because it still possesses many of the properties that regular black obsidian does, so the ability to offer grounding comes quite naturally to the crystal. 

Keep blue obsidian close to the head while you sleep. This will give the stone ample opportunity to penetrate your psyche and do the kind of deep work you’ll read about online. 

With regards to blue obsidian healing properties, this stone is great for the purpose of balancing the digestive system. The gut can be the cause of many physical ailments and emotional setbacks, so working toward balance of this system is relatively imperative for all human beings. 

What is Blue Obsidian Good for? 

Regular black obsidian is associated with the root chakra, which is why it has such a grounding effect on the user. When obsidian occurs in blue ray energy, the focus point jumps up to the throat area, where it stimulates this chakra throughout the day. 

The throat chakra is our communication hub; it’s how we express ourselves and create clarity and meaning. Keeping this zone in energetic balance is very important, thus working with blue obsidian could bring about quite beneficial changes. 

Blue obsidian will help you to speak and think more acutely. Not only will you be better at asking for what you need, you’ll feel empowered in doing so, as your energy body will be cheering you on as these changes unfold. 

If you have been smothered or oppressed for quite some time, either at work or in a toxic relationship, blue obsidian can help you find your voice once and for all. 

Types of Blue Obsidian

Natural Blue Obsidian 

As mentioned earlier, natural blue obsidian is rare. It’s definitely out there, but acquiring a piece to own comes with a hefty price tag, or a whole lot of luck. 

Natural forms of this crystal are often described as clear blue obsidian, as the glass tends to take on a translucent appearance once it has properly set. 

pieces of light blue green smooth crystal stones

Despite being a product of nature, natural blue obsidian rock is not considered to be a true mineral. In science, it is recognized as an accidental occurrence and a variant of glass, which typically does not get the mineral nod in contemporary society. 

Raw Blue Obsidian 

When blue obsidian rock is left raw, it can look like a chunk of thick, broken glass; or a section of the deep blue sea that may have solidified. It’s quite a remarkable sight, but there isn’t much one can do with blue obsidian in rough form. 

Being like glass, raw forms of this stone can feature sharp edges and uncomfortable contact points. They are not ideal for physical contact with the human body, and would need to be polished or tumbled before this kind of work could occur. 

Raw blue obsidian makes for a majestic house ornament or display piece. 

Cobalt Blue Obsidian 

Years ago, in Russia, scientists discovered that they could replicate blue quartz by growing crystals in laboratories and exposing them to cobalt. The same has been explored with obsidian rock, which has successfully led to the replicating of this crystal in vast quantities. 

Cobalt blue obsidian is the most popular manmade form of blue obsidian, and many labs around the world are now experimenting with methods for growing cobalt blue obsidian. The success of these stones has led to the making of other bright colored obsidians, including yellow, purple and even cherry red obsidian. 

Aqua Blue Obsidian 

Some retailers will refer to blue obsidian as ‘aqua blue obsidian’. This is usually to differentiate between blue obsidian that has been manmade with cobalt and blue obsidian which has occurred naturally beneath the Earth. 

Cobalt blue is a very distinct color, and is noticeably not the same as the more aquatic looking blue that forms naturally within the lava. Blue aqua obsidian may also be defined as ‘obsidian blue pearl’, due to the pearly hue within the glass of certain deposits, particularly those found in Greece. 

Electric Blue Obsidian 

Electric blue obsidian is used to refer to many of the manmade variants of this crystal. Dark blue obsidian has an electric feel to it, so it's an apt description, while cobalt blue obsidian and Swedish blue obsidian are both equally as electric in their own regard. 

In general, it's safe to assume that anyone describing their obsidian as ‘electric blue’ has acquired it from a manmade source. When blue obsidian occurs naturally, it is far more gentle and pale. 

Tumbled Blue Obsidian 

Because of the naturally sharp nature of this kind of crystal, it’s common for these stones to be tumbled before being sold. 

Tumbling crystals involves setting them in a large machine that essentially tumbles them back and forth until all sharp edges are gradually worn away. This smooths out even the sharpest of glass, making them into tumbling stones that could roll down a hill if necessary. 

Tumbled blue obsidian is better for physical healing work, as it is more comfortable on the body. Surprisingly, these stones also tend to retail for slightly less than raw formations, as they have been drastically reduced in size and weight. 

Blue Obsidian Value

The blue obsidian price is often shocking to new buyers who are drawn to the properties of the stone and want to make it part of their collection — pronto!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: this is a rare, rare crystal. The planet doesn’t have an abundant source of it to excavate for the masses; owning a portion really is like owning a piece of natural history. 

This comes with a price, and you can expect to fork out anywhere from $30 to $70 for a piece of natural blue obsidian that is palm-sized or smaller. 

Manmade forms of blue obsidian may offer some relief to your pocket. Cobalt blue obsidian and Siberian blue obsidian go for about $30 for a decent sized piece. Be weary of blue obsidian being sold for next to nothing; you may be being duped with a replica stone, such as dyed onyx, or even dyed glass. 

How to Cleanse Blue Obsidian

Many people start their journey with obsidian under the false impression that this is a self cleansing stone, on account of the fact that it is essentially glass. 

two pieces of blue crystal rock close up view white backgroundThis is incorrect: and blue obsidian needs your help in staying clean and recharged, just like any other healing crystal. We’re going to tell you how to do so, and would recommend you make the time to adopt one or more of these methods at least once a month. 

Please note that all forms of obsidian have the potential to break when exposed to extreme temperatures. Water that is too hot, or too cold, could be detrimental to the stone — so take care!

Use any of the following cleansing methods for blue obsidian:

  • On the night of the full moon, leave your blue obsidian outside and retrieve it the following morning. 
  • Bury blue obsidian somewhere in your garden, and leave it here for up to 48 hours. 
  • Pray or meditate over blue obsidian while setting the intention for cleansing. 
  • Place blue obsidian in saltwater, leaving it to cleanse for up to 24 hours. 
  • Place blue obsidian on a bed of Himalayan salt, and leave it here for as long as possible. 
  • Burn scared herbs over your blue obsidian, setting the intention for cleansing through your mind’s eye.  

Blue Obsidian Fakes

An important distention to make when entering this market is that there are man made blue obsidians and there are fake blue obsidians. The two are not interchangeable: one involves scientific methods to recreate the crystalline structure of the stone above the ground, and the other involves integrity-lacking manufacturers looking to make a quick buck. 

Authentic blue obsidian can be natural or manmade. Obsidian fakes are crystals made using regular glass and dye, with the sole intention of selling the stones off to people who don’t know any better. 

Obsidian fakes won’t possess any of the energetic charge that authentic versions of the crystal would. You’ll be working closely with a piece of glass that possesses no healing abilities of its own. 

Take care when navigating this market; the blue obsidian trading game is a particularly precarious one. 

Blue Obsidian Sphere

An emerging trend in the crystal healing world is that of the blue obsidian sphere. These are small crystal balls that fit snugly into the palm of the hand and which are supposedly made of blue aura blue obsidian. 

Again, authentic variants of these crystal balls are rare, and if you do find one being sold it’s going to cost you quite a significant amount. 

There are a lot of fake blue obsidian spheres doing the rounds, especially on online stores that are supplied by China. Blue crystal balls made with glass are one of the easiest objects to mass produce. 

If you’d like to own a blue obsidian sphere, delve deep and find a retailer who is shipping these items in from Greece or Morocco, which increases the likelihood that the spheres they are selling will be authentic. 

Blue Obsidian Jewelry

Blue Obsidian Necklace 

We mentioned that blue obsidian is very much concerned with the throat chakra. For this reason, it can be extremely beneficial to wear this crystal in the form of a necklace, allowing it to sit close to the energetic hub of the throat chakra.

In this way, your throat will be stimulated as you go about your day, with the chakra being balanced in ways you are likely not even aware of. Over time, you’ll enjoy all of the communicative benefits that come with this stone, and likely won’t leave home without it. 

Blue obsidian necklaces can be purchased online, or through specialized jewelers. 

Blue Obsidian Pendant 

If you want the benefits of a dangling obsidian stone, but aren’t necessarily a fan of the necklace, then consider investing in a pendant instead. 

Crystal pendants are wonderful, because they are versatile. They can be worn around the neck if need be, but they can also be hung in other locations for the purpose of frequent contact. Your car rearview mirror is one of these spots, as is your headboard or bathroom mirror. 

Blue obsidian is unfortunately not a stone that is suitable for use as a pendulum, so a pendant would be of no use in this regard. 

many pieces of blue smooth stones beside silver coin top view

Blue Obsidian Bracelet 

If you are seeking physical healing benefits from blue obsidian, then the stone is best worn as close to the wrist as possible. The wrists are the most direct path into the bloodstream, and thus the rest of the body, so wonderful things happen when crystals are held up against this physical region. 

Blue obsidian can help to regulate your digestive system, in turn aiding any other ailments present within the body. A blue obsidian bracelet should be worn religiously for at least three weeks so that the healing effects can start to set in. After this time, you should start to notice very tangible changes in your physical body. 

Blue Obsidian Beads 

Some of the most affordable forms of blue obsidian come in packets of tumbled beads. These may be off cuts, or beads made from old, discarded chunks of obsidian, and they provide a great opportunity for anyone to make healing jewelry of their own. 

If the psychic properties are what drew you to this particular stone, we’d recommend fashioning some earrings out of obsidian beads so that you can wear them as close to your head as possible. 

Earrings create a great opportunity for energetic work with the third eye and crown chakras. 


We hope you enjoyed this article! If you are interested in incorporating crystals into your life to help combat anxiety, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of a crystal that resonates with you. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of calm and serenity. Also, if you are interested in reading more about anxiety and crystals, check out our comprehensive blog post on the 13 Best Crystals for Depression!

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