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Red Amethyst: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

jagged slab of red crystal rock close up view details

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about red amethyst, including its meaning, properties and value. Let's get started!


Can amethyst be red? It can, indeed. We wouldn’t call red amethyst a popular stone, but the more we dive into its abilities, the more we feel it should be more prevalent in modern crystal healing culture. Here’s why… 

In this article we discuss the following:

  • What is Red Amethyst?
    • Is Red Amethyst Natural?
    • Is Red Amethyst Rare?
    • Red Amethyst Geode
    • Canadian Red Amethyst
  • Red Capped Amethyst
  • Red Amethyst Spiritual Meaning
  • Red Amethyst Metaphysical Properties
  • How to Cleanse Red Amethyst
  • Red Amethyst Value
  • Red Amethyst Jewelry
    • Red Amethyst Necklace
    • Red Amethyst Ring
    • Red Amethyst Bracelet
    • Red Amethyst Beads
    • Red Amethyst Pendant

What is Red Amethyst?

Red amethyst is a gemstone that occurs when regular amethyst accidentally mixes with hematite. Amethyst with red hematite offers us a unique stone with a deep red hue. To some, this stone will look almost maroon, or even brown. 

Red amethyst stone is found in a number of different destinations on Earth. Most amethyst deposits form in Brazil, Siberia, Sri Lanka and the Far East.

The real question is, how can amethyst in red form positively affect the human experience? We’ll dive deeper into this in a bit, once we get all of your logistical questions answered. 

Is Red Amethyst Natural? 

jagged slab of red crystal rock close up view details

There are a lot of forms of colored amethyst that require human intervention in order to exist. Exposing regular amethyst to high heat gives us our green, orange and yellow amethysts. This usually happens after the stones have been extracted from their deposits and are above ground. 

Unlike these kinds of amethysts, red amethyst actually occurs naturally beneath the surface of the Earth. During formation, generous amounts of hematite and iron creep their way into the crystalline structure, causing the body of the stone to take on the reddish hue.

Often, red amethyst only takes on this red appearance on the outside of itself and, when faceted, it displays shades more in line with regular violet amethyst. That being said, more and more deposits are being found to contain amethyst that has managed to hold the red hue all the way through. 

Is Red Amethyst Rare? 

Yes, it is safe to assume that red amethyst is extremely uncommon, and undoubtedly rare. 

There aren’t a lot of amethyst deposits in the world that have the ability to produce red amethyst in abundance. Hematite and iron are usually not found in large enough quantities that they are able to affect the entire contents of a single crystal cavity; rather, they cling to small sections of existing stones. 

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll find red amethyst being sold at your local flea market, or even your neighborhood esoteric store. Red amethyst is best sourced via global sellers who have the means to ship the stone wherever it needs to get to. 

Red Amethyst Geode 

Yes, red amethyst can be found in a geode formation, however it is highly unlikely for this to happen with solid red throughout the crystalline structure. 

Every now and then, purple amethyst geodes are cracked open, only to reveal that the tips of each crystal point have taken on the red ray energy. The result is a somewhat ombre looking entity, with violet at the base, and reddish-brown toward the tips. One could describe it as amethyst with red flashes. 

A red amethyst geode is definitely a rare and unlikely find. If you do happen to ever be in the presence of one, we’d recommend doing what you need to in order to make it your own. 

Canadian Red Amethyst 

The biggest amethyst deposit in Canada is situated in Ontario. This is one of the biggest supplies for this stone on the planet, and within it there are significant amounts of authentic red amethyst. 

This is due to the mudstone area in Thunder Bay, where hematite and iron are rich within the Earth and have made their way into the deposits nearby. It’s quite an incredible phenomenon, and red amethyst from this region retails at quite a high price as a result. 

Red Capped Amethyst

‘Red capped amethyst’ is a term you’ll find being thrown around when certain retailers are describing their stones. This is another way of talking about the red violet amethyst we mentioned earlier: the kind that forms within the geodes and where only the crystal points have taken on the reddish hue. 

As mentioned, red cap amethyst is more common than amethyst that has managed to take on the red coloring all the way through the crystalline structure. 

Red Amethyst Spiritual Meaning

In crystal healing, red stones are deeply associated with grounding and the root chakra. It is thought that red amethyst will work to pull the user down toward the Earth, offering a stabilized energetic experience while navigating the physical plane.

slab of red raw crystal geode close up view

If we think about how red amethyst is formed, it becomes clear that this stone is a symbol of what is possible, and how it’s sometimes okay to expect the unexpected. 

Spiritually, this is a stone derived from deep psychic power, and higher intuition. 

Red Amethyst Metaphysical Properties

Red amethyst is believed to increase the natural protection order over any individual who makes use of it. In the process, your mental power will be enhanced, and you’ll start to take on the frequency of the stone. 

No matter what color amethyst is expressing itself in, one always gets the properties of violet amethyst as a basic standard. Because these particular stones contain hematite, one gets the added properties of courage and inner strength. 

Red amethyst is thought to be a passionate and even romantic stone. Use it to amplify these areas of your life, and perhaps even attract newfound romance when you least thought it possible. The power of the red ray energy! 

How to Cleanse Red Amethyst

Red amethyst needs to be cleansed and recharged at least once a month in order to stay in prime working condition. It’s a water-safe crystal, so you can feel free to use any of the following methods to perform your cleansing:

  • Submerge red amethyst in a saturated saltwater solution, and leave it here for up to 24 hours. 
  • Let red amethyst sit under the light of the full moon overnight, retrieving it only the following morning. 
  • Bury red amethyst in your garden and leave it here for 48 hours. 
  • Hold your stones under running water for a solid minute, and then towel dry. 
  • Use prayer or meditation to cleanse your red amethyst of any lingering energies. 
  • Place red amethyst on a bed of Himalayan salt, allowing it to charge here for as long as possible. 

Red Amethyst Value

The most common form of amethyst is the kind that occurs in violet ray energy. It can retail anywhere from incredibly affordable to totally exorbitant. It all comes down to the quality and location of the stones in question. 
While the price of red amethyst also depends on the quality and location of the stones in question, the majority of that which is available on the market is currently on the exorbitant side. 

Since this form of the crystal is so hard to come by, even small pieces of the stone can retail for upward of $50. Amethyst geodes with red tips are likely to trade for a few hundred dollars a piece, and are considered collectable home-display objects. 

Red Amethyst Jewelry

Red Amethyst Necklace 

Wearing red amethyst as jewelry is not only one of the best ways of absorbing the properties and benefits that the stone has to offer, but it may also be the most affordable way of attaining a piece of this entity. 

Red amethyst in necklace form means that the crystal will sit very near to your heart chakra. If romance and passion was a property you desired from the crystal, then wearing it here may fuel the arrival of these experiences in your world. 

Red Amethyst Ring 

Red amethyst rings are very uncommon, as most jewelers opt for violet amethyst due to its global popularity. You’d likely have to have a ring custom made, and perhaps even source the red stone yourself. 

Wearing a red amethyst ring is a great way to gently remind yourself of the stone, and its properties, as you go about your day. Catching a glimpse of a crystal ring has been proven to improve calmness in many individuals, as well as to open them up to the prospect of crystal healing in subconscious ways that are entirely necessary. 

hand holding different sized purple crystal rocks

Red Amethyst Bracelet 

If you are seeking physical healing from any kind of crystal, the best place to wear it is always on the wrist. The human wrist offers the most direct pathway into the bloodstream, and thus the rest of the body, without breaking skin. Think about copper bracelets and how they are able to influence the inside of the body, from the outside. 

A red amethyst bracelet will work very closely with your cells and life-force energy, offering physical healing for certain ailments. Red stones tend to be very closely connected to our blood, and may work to purify it for the greater good of our body. 

Red Amethyst Beads 

If you can get your hands on a pack of red amethyst beads, you can easily make any form of crystal jewelry you have in mind. 

Crystal beads tend to come about when there is a surplus of discarded crystals that can be tumbled and made into more visually appealing forms. Tumbled stones appear to be more polished, and thus more appealing to people who wish to wear crystals as jewelry. 

Red Amethyst Pendant 

A red amethyst pendant can be used in a number of different ways, and it is sometimes the better investment when it comes to choosing crystal jewelry. 

Not only can you wear a pendant as a necklace, you can also remove it and make use of it in various other forms. The most notable of these would be to use a red amethyst pendant as a pendulum; amethyst rock loves this kind of work and is a suitable conductor for this kind of energy. 

What’s more, a crystal pendant can be hung in different places for the purpose of reminding the user of the work at hand. A common place to find these pendants is hanging from the rearview mirrors of cars, or even above the cribs of newborn babies. 


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Thanks for this article. I was searching for a regular amethyst during a short road trip and there wasn’t much choice. I did find a huge red amethyst from Thunder Bay, Ontario. It has huge points which are a deep maroon colour. It weighs 18 pounds! The base has the purple and clear colours. I bought it because the other amethyst pieces they had were small and they were from Brazil. Right now it’s in sunshine outside my front door. I live near salt water so I’m going to get a bucket to cleanse it in as you suggested. So glad the full moon (last super moon of 2021) is coming up in a few days. I will leave it out all night.

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