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Yellow Obsidian: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

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In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about yellow obsidian, including its meaning, properties, uses and values. Let's get started!


Obsidian is known for its jet black appearance, so hearing that it occurs in yellow ray energy as well is often news to people. Here’s everything you need to know about this very unique, and very understated stone…

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Yellow Obsidian Meaning
  • Yellow Obsidian Properties
    • Is Yellow Obsidian Manmade?
    • Yellow Obsidian Metaphysical Properties
  • Yellow Obsidian Uses
  • Yellow Obsidian Value
  • How to Cleanse Yellow Obsidian
  • Types of Yellow Obsidian 
    • Rough Yellow Obsidian
  • Yellow Obsidian Fakes
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Yellow Obsidian Meaning

Obsidian rock has a longstanding history on Planet Earth. It was once considered to be an incredibly valuable stone, suitable for trading between Mayan merchants as early on as 100 BC. 

Obsidian is a stone that is formed due to the rapid cooling of volcanic lava that hardens and crystallizes shortly after eruption. Technically, obsidian is a form of glass, and is twice as durable as the glass found in windows or windshields. 

Obsidian is generally black in color, which is why these yellow stones create such confusion amongst crystal enthusiasts worldwide. Is yellow obsidian a naturally occurring stone? We’ll get into this very shortly.

For now, know that yellow obsidian’s spiritual meaning is rooted in the notion that anything can be a healing entity if it is so thusly charged. A crystal doesn’t need to have formed under the Earth, or during volcanic activity, in order to possess very real and beneficial properties that may help humankind. 

Yellow Obsidian Properties

On that note, some of the more poignant properties of yellow obsidian rock is that it is quite the powerful physical healer.

If you tend to hold a lot of tension in the body, obsidian may help to unblock these tense points and deliver relief. Removing blockages is not limited to physical blockages: one can help release emotional blockages, as well.

Yellow obsidian healing is also concerned with the gut and digestion. Expect toxins to be pulled from the depths of your cells when working with these stones. 

Similarly, if you struggle with joint pains, including arthritis, obsidian can help to remedy them over time. Cramps are also no match for the frequency of these stones, even the chronic kind. 

Is Yellow Obsidian Manmade? 

Technically, yes, yellow obsidian is an entirely manmade stone, and volcanic lava does not cool or solidify in yellow ray energy. 

Yellow obsidian crystal is made thanks to the ingenuity of crystal manufacturers, who have found ways of recreating the crystalline structure of these stones in various different colors.

Black is the most common natural shade of obsidian, however these stones can also manifest in tan, brown or green. There have been cases where red, orange or yellow forms of obsidian have been found, due to certain mineral inclusions during their formation process. 

These stones do not look like the commercialized, translucent, glass-like crystals we know and love as yellow obsidian, but rather like hardened clay with a slight yellow hue, that could easily be confused for mud or mustard-shade paint. 

Yellow Obsidian Metaphysical Properties 

Yellow obsidian possesses an incredibly beautiful, calming energy: one that works to pacify even the most resistant of bystanders. Your self-esteem and self-awareness will reach all-time highs when working with this stone — it cannot be otherwise. 

Obsidian is known for being a stone of love, while simultaneously being a stone of protection. This is the nature of crystals formed from lava; they are both soft and hard at the same time. 

If you are seeking abundance or prosperity, obsidian can help. It is also quite closely connected to pets and children, and it can be beneficial to place a piece of yellow obsidian in the school bag or blazer of a child who is being bullied at school. 

Yellow obsidian is the stone of totem animal magic; if you’re looking to connect more deeply with an animal who is alive, or one that may have passed, then use this stone during mediation. 

Yellow Obsidian Uses

Other than healing of both the spiritual and the physical, yellow obsidian is a powerful protector. We mentioned how a small piece of this stone can aid a child who is in turmoil, as well as any pets who need their own energetic intervention. 

Throughout history, obsidian has been present in the form of arrowheads and knives. A properly carved obsidian blade is one of the sharpest natural tools in the world, and is more durable than regular household glass. 

pieces of smooth yellow gem stones brown cloth background

We recommend using yellow obsidian during meditation, as this is one of the best times to allow this stone to do its work. Alternatively, one can wear yellow obsidian as jewelry, though this remains one of the most uncommon stones and may be difficult to find in this form. 

Yellow Obsidian Value

Because yellow obsidian is made by some very clever individuals who have got the manufacturing process down to a science, there is no reason to have to empty out your wallet to become the proud owner of one of these stones. 

Yellow obsidian should retail for no more than rose quartz or clear quartz: namely, around $5 for a relatively generous piece that fits in the palm of the hand. 

Because they are glass-based, most yellow obsidian stones are tumbled and smoothed out. They are usually pebble-like in size, and may come in a batch of 5 or 6 stones, as opposed to just one big one. 

Beware of any retailer who is attempting to sell off glass-like yellow obsidian for a hefty price. They often call their stones “natural obsidian” or something along these lines. These are accessible and affordable stones, but they make it easy for retailers to take a chance at making a quick buck on those who don’t know any better. 

How to Cleanse Yellow Obsidian

Yellow obsidian is not a self cleansing crystal, so you’ll have to take some time every month to clean and recharge your stones. By doing so, they can better serve you and keep contaminating energies at bay. 

Obsidian crystals are water-safe, however they do have the potential to break if they come into contact with extreme temperatures. Too hot or too cold water is not ideal for yellow obsidian; always stick to room temperature. 

Use any of the following methods to cleanse and recharge yellow obsidian crystal:

  • Bury yellow obsidian in the garden and allow it to stay there for up to 48 hours. 
  • Leave yellow obsidian under the light of the full moon every month. 
  • Hold yellow obsidian under running water for a full minute. 
  • Burn incense or sacred herbs over yellow obsidian. 
  • Submerge your stones in a saltwater solution and let them sit in it for up to 24 hours. 
  • Put yellow obsidian on a bed of Himalayan salt, allowing it to recharge here when not in use. 

Types of Yellow Obsidian

Natural Yellow Obsidian 

There may be instances where you happen upon a yellow-looking glass stone that really did solidify under the Earth, when volcanic lava was cooling. 

hand cupping three cut white crystal rocks close up view

This is not natural yellow obsidian, but rather a mix between brown and orange obsidian that has, as a result, taken on a yellowish hue. There is a major debate amongst crystal collectors as to whether or not these stones can be called naturally yellow, despite technically just being dark or light versions of the brown and orange stones. 

Natural yellow obsidian is, as a result, incredibly rare and may not occur in every obsidian deposit around the world. If you do happen to ever be in the presence of one, a higher price tag than regular yellow obsidian is to be expected. 

Rough Yellow Obsidian 

Rough yellow obsidian would be possible were these stones to form naturally on their own, beneath the surface of the Earth.

Due to the manmade nature of yellow obsidian, you are not likely to happen upon a piece of this crystal that is distinctly “rough”. As we mentioned earlier, these stones are almost always tumbled and smoothed out, some to the point of becoming a perfect sphere. 

Yellow Obsidian Fakes

A lot of people are surprised to learn that their existing yellow obsidian stones were almost surely made by a human being with the necessary equipment and skills. They’d like to believe that these yellow gems occurred on their own when no one was watching, but unfortunately this is almost never the case. 

Does that make these stones fake? Absolutely not. Even manmade stones have the potential to possess infinite healing powers and effective frequencies. It’s not so much about the formation process, as it is the intention and structure of the objects. 

There is, of course, the chance that you were sold a manmade piece of yellow obsidian under the guise of it being 100% natural. This was nothing more than a marketing ploy on the part of the retailer, and likely just caused you to pay more than the stone was really worth. 

The crystal market is a precarious one; navigate it with caution, and always look into the natural versus manmade nature of specific stones before making any assumptions, or paying any money!


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Hello, I read the article about yellow obsidian. It’s stated yellow obsidian is twice as durable as window glass, is there anywhere I can get more detailed information on its hardness? Also, my sample of yellow obsidian fluoresces blue under black light, I’d be interested to know if this is a universal property.

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