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Astrophyllite: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)


In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about astrophyllite, including its meaning, benefits, properties, types, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


One of the most amazing crystals you will find is astrophyllite. This intriguing stone has a stunning physical form. The crystals have spear-like golden protrusions on all sides. It is believed that these rare crystals offer many benefits, too. 

In this article, you will learn about:

  • Astrophyllite Meaning
    • Astrophyllite Pronunciation
    • Is Astrophyllite Rare
    • Astrophyllite Chakra
    • Astrophyllite Spiritual Meaning
    • Astrophyllite Metaphysical Meaning
    • Astrophyllite Metaphysical Uses
    • Where Can You Find Astrophyllite 
      • Russian Astrophyllite
  • Astrophyllite Benefits
    • Astrophyllite Health Benefits
    • Astrophyllite Healing
  • Astrophyllite Properties
    • Astrophyllite Metaphysical Properties
    • Astrophyllite Emotional Healing Properties
    • Astrophyllite Physical Healing Properties 
    • Astrophyllite for Spirituality 
  • Astrophyllite vs Arfvedsonite
    • Difference Between Astrophyllite and Arfvedsonite
  • Astrophyllite Types
    • Astrophyllite Raw
  • Astrophyllite Color
  • Combinations to Use with Astrophyllite
    • Astrophyllite and Blue Calcite
    • Astrophyllite and Obsidian
    • Astrophyllite and Smoky Quartz
  • Astrophyllite Jewelry
    • Astrophyllite Cabochon
    • Astrophyllite Pendant
    • Astrophyllite Ring
    • Astrophyllite Necklace
    • Astrophyllite Bracelet
  • Astrophyllite Uses
    • Astrophyllite Sphere
    • Astrophyllite Beads
    • Astrophyllite Tower
    • Astrophyllite Crystal Pipe
    • Astrophyllite Slab
  • Astrophyllite for Sale
    • Astrophyllite Price
  • Conclusion

Astrophyllite Meaning

The word astrophyllite comes from a Greek word, which means “star leaf”. This unique name was given to this crystal because astrophyllite looks exactly like a star or a leaf!

Astrophyllite Pronunciation

When you say astrophyllite, it should sound like as-tro-fy-light. 

Is Astrophyllite Rare

Astrophyllite crystal is not self-sufficient. This means that mostly, it exists inside other minerals. Due to its spiny structure, astrophyllite is very difficult to retrieve. This makes it very rare. 

Astrophyllite Chakra

Astrophyllite is associated primarily with the crown chakra. It has the power to connect you to the metaphysical realm. That being said, the crystal works on all the chakras by activating, charging, and aligning them. This can ensure the unhindered flow of energy in your body and can improve physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  

Astrophyllite Spiritual Meaning

Astrophyllite is believed to have immense energy, which can help you develop your spiritual strength. It is believed to ward off negative energies and surround you with hope and light. People say that astrophyllite even enhances psychic and telepathic abilities. 

Astrophyllite Metaphysical Meaning

Astrophyllite has strong metaphysical connotations. It is believed to help connect the person who uses it to higher realms. This spiritual expansion can make up for physical restrictions. It is associated with divine connections and the uninhibited flow of pure energy in the body. 

Astrophyllite Metaphysical Uses

Astrophyllite, just like its name, is believed to have a connection with heavenly bodies. It is often used by those who wish to practice astral travel. Astrophyllite is also used by reiki healers because it is believed to make the wearer much more sensitive towards the needs of others. 

Where Can You Find Astrophyllite 

Astrophyllite is mostly found in Russia. There are also some deposits in Norway and the USA. 

Russian Astrophyllite

In Russia, astrophyllite is found in the Kola peninsula. The stone is usually found in the cavities and fissures in igneous rocks. It can be found with mica, titanite, and feldspar. The crystals are extraordinary, with their sharp gold or copper-colored protrusions. 

Astrophyllite Benefits

Astrophyllite Health Benefits

Astrophyllite can have a strong effect on hormones. It is believed to help control hormonal levels and improve the functioning of the reproductive system. It can also help with issues related to PMS and menopause.

It is believed that astrophyllite can also protect your body against the harmful effects of pollution and radiation. 

Astrophyllite Healing

Astrophyllite is believed to have strong healing effects on the body, mind, and spirit. You should be able to see the difference soon after you start using the crystal. 

Astrophyllite Properties


Astrophyllite Metaphysical Properties

Since the crystal is primarily associated with the crown chakra, it can help you feel connected with a higher power. You may be able to understand the cycles of life better. But this doesn’t mean that you will lose your earthly connections. Astrophyllite is also a strong grounding stone. You will feel connections to this physical world improve as well. 

Astrophyllite Emotional Healing Properties

Astrophyllite is believed to have the power to help you cope with difficult situations. It can help you accept and move past bad decisions you may be regretting. If you are moving into a new phase in your life, astrophyllite stone can give you the courage to move forward. The stone is associated with growth and can help you move past stagnation. 

Astrophyllite Physical Healing Properties

Astrophyllite is believed to help clear the body of toxins and pollutants. It is also said to have an impact on the reproductive system and help with issues like PMS and menopause. It can also help other major organs such as the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidneys, and spleen to function more efficiently. 

Astrophyllite may also be used to treat depression, and it is also believed to help improve focus and increase concentration. 

Astrophyllite for Spirituality

If you want to establish a strong connection with the spiritual world, you can use astrophyllite stone with celestite, angelite, or scolecite. For the best results, you may have to test and decide what combination of crystals works best for you. 

Astrophyllite vs Arfvedsonite


Astrophyllite and arfvedsonite are commonly mixed up. This happens so often that many sellers sell arfvedsonite, labeling it as astrophyllite.

Difference Between Astrophyllite and Arfvedsonite

Astrophyllite is a titanium silicate. It can grow with other stones, some of which are aegirine and eudialyte. This crystal usually has a reddish-brown or golden color.  

Arfvedsonite is a magnesium silicate. It is deep blue to black in color and displays pleochroism or a change in color under polarized light. Under this light, arfvedsonite changes to blue-green, yellow-brown, or gray-violet. 

Astrophyllite Types

Astrophyllite Raw

Raw astrophyllite is a treat for the eyes. The star-like golden blades are unique to this crystal. However, it is a very rare crystal and you will probably have trouble finding it, raw or otherwise. 

Astrophyllite Color

Naturally, astrophyllite is only reddish-brown to golden in color. Since it is not a self-reliant crystal, it is often found growing with other crystals like aegirine or eudialyte.

Combinations to Use with Astrophyllite

Astrophyllite can be used with other crystals to enhance its effect. To make sure you gain the most out of the crystal pairing, you should know what benefits you can reap from them. 

Astrophyllite and Blue Calcite

Calcite is believed to be a powerful stone for telepathy. So, if you want to develop your telepathic and psychic skills, you can use the combination of astrophyllite and blue calcite. This powerful combination might just help you communicate without words or gestures. 

Astrophyllite and Obsidian

Astrophyllite and obsidian together can help you reach a level of self-acceptance. This can help you get over poor decisions you may have made in your past and get over addictions. 

Amethyst can also be used in place of obsidian, especially in the treatment of addictions. Interestingly, amethyst is believed by the Greeks to be a sacred stone of Dionysus, the god of wine. The stone is still believed to prevent drunkenness and keep you sober.

Astrophyllite and Smoky Quartz

Using astrophyllite crystal with smoky quartz can help you feel more grounded. This combination of stones is believed to promote a stronger connection to the physical world. You can also use black tourmaline in place of smoky quartz. 

Astrophyllite Jewelry

astrophyllite necklace

A great way to use astrophyllite in your daily life is to use it in a piece of jewelry. Astrophyllite is usually available in its raw form. You will not find pre-made jewelry which has this crystal. So, you can get something made according to your preference. 

Astrophyllite Cabochon

An astrophyllite cabochon can bring out the beauty of the shining golden spears of astrophyllite. If you have a large-sized cabochon, you can use it as a showpiece or a paperweight on your desk. A smaller cabochon can be used in jewelry.

Astrophyllite Pendant

An astrophile pendant can be worn every day because it goes with all outfits. When you carry this stone so close to you every day, you will feel the positive energy that an astrophyllite stone collects around it. 

Astrophyllite Ring

A very simple and chic ornament, an astrophyllite ring that wraps around your finger, can offer you great benefits. The circular shape represents the uninhibited flow of energy, and this is enhanced by the presence of the astrophyllite ring 

Astrophyllite Necklace

If you prefer a necklace, you can even get an astrophyllite necklace. The lovely brownish-gold color goes with all outfits. Since the stone will lie close to your heart, you will feel the positivity and sense of calm this crystal brings. 

Astrophyllite Bracelet

An astrophyllite bracelet can either have astrophyllite beads or you can choose to go for a fun charm bracelet with an astrophyllite charm. This ornament is quirky and perfect for everyday wear. 

Astrophyllite Uses

Since it's difficult to find pre-made jewelry with astrophyllite, you can introduce this rare crystal into your home or office in other forms. You can place it on a windowsill or use it as a table centerpiece and appreciate its beautiful shape and form.

Astrophyllite Sphere

A sphere isn’t just a shape. It carries the deeper implications of unity and oneness. An astrophyllite sphere can bring positive energy to your surroundings and help you connect with yourself and the physical world better. Combined with this, the jutting golden spears of astrophyllite make it a unique decor piece. 

Astrophyllite Beads

Astrophyllite beads are stunning. You can enjoy the golden color of astrophyllite along with the color of the mineral which surrounds it. These beads can be used to make a bracelet, a necklace, or a rosary. 

Astrophyllite Tower

An astrophyllite tower can be used to amplify good intentions and bring a lot of positive energy into your life. The astrophyllite tower can focus energies in a particular area and can help you feel calm and relieve anxiety. 

Astrophyllite Crystal Pipe

An astrophyllite crystal pipe is an incredibly unique item to own. You will probably be the only person in your circle to own one of these magnificent objects. Even in this unique form, the astrophyllite stone will offer its powerful benefits. 

Astrophyllite Slab

If you wish to keep astrophyllite in its natural form, you can opt to invest in an astrophyllite slab. This slab will look great on your table or the mantel. And since the crystal will be nearby, you will benefit from the positive energy it can attract. 

Astrophyllite for Sale

It is quite difficult to find astrophyllite for sale. It is an elusive stone, and collectors believe that it should not be pursued. Rather, the crystal, if it chooses, will come to you at the right time. 

However, if you are lucky enough to come across this crystal, do ask for a certificate of authenticity so you ensure you are getting the best possible product. 

Astrophyllite Price

Astrophyllite is a very rare crystal, so it is also quite expensive. The exact price depends on the size and quality of the crystal. 


If you are ever lucky enough to own this elusive stone, do not take it for granted. Many collectors search for it for their whole lives but are unable to find it. The seemingly magical powers of astrophyllite bless the wearer. You can benefit from the positive energy that this stone gives off. 

The best part is, this stone is unique, even in its color and structure. The beautiful golden protrusions of this crystal make it look like a blazing star. 

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