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Bismuth: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)


In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about bismuth, including its meaning, benefits, properties, types, and colors. Let's get started!


Bismuth crystal is unlike any other crystal you may have seen or heard of before. In terms of appearance, it ranks very high, due to its distinct features that are visibly different from regular tumbled stones or even rough rock-like crystals.

But bismuth is more than just a pretty mineral. It comes with intriguing characteristics, too. In today’s post, we are going to learn all about this charming mineral crystal—bismuth.

  • What is Bismuth
    • Bismuth Name Origin
    • Is Bismuth a Metal
    • Is Bismuth Toxic
    • Is Bismuth Radioactive
    • Is Bismuth Man-Made
    • Is Bismuth Rare
    • What does Bismuth Look Like
    • What is Bismuth Used for
      • Bismuth Uses in Everyday Life
    • Bismuth Healing
    • Where is Bismuth Found
  • Bismuth Benefits
  • Bismuth Properties
    • Bismuth Healing Properties
    • Physical Properties of Bismuth
  • Types of Bismuth
    • Raw Bismuth
    • Natural Bismuth
  • Bismuth Color
    • Pink Bismuth
    • Rainbow Bismuth
    • Blue Bismuth
    • Black Bismuth
  • Bismuth Jewelry
    • Bismuth Ring
    • Bismuth Necklace
    • Bismuth Earrings
  • Bismuth Uses
    • Bismuth Knife
    • Bismuth Coin
    • Bismuth Dice
    • Bismuth Cube
    • Bismuth Pyramid
    • Bismuth Ammo
    • Bismuth Sword
    • Bismuth Sheet
  • How is Bismuth Made
    • How to Make Bismuth Jewelry
  • Bismuth for Sale
    • Bismuth Price
      • Bismuth Price per Kg
    • Bismuth for Sale Near Me
      • Bismuth on eBay
      • Bismuth on Etsy
      • Bismuth Jewelry on Amazon
  • Conclusion 

What is Bismuth?

A bismuth gem is essentially a metal. It is brittle and delicate in structure and is mostly found in off-white or gold shades with a hint of magical iridescence. It often has a spectrum of colors emanating from it.

The metallic luster gives this crystal a unique and precious kind of appearance. The shine can be best described as a perfect midpoint between the sparkle of a diamond and the luster of metal. 

Bismuth Name Origin

Let us now talk about bismuth history.

Have you also been wondering about the strange name ‘bismuth’ and where to find bismuth?

Then, let us shed some light on it. 

Bismuth rock was discovered way back in the early 15th century. But at that time it was often confused with a metal of the same name. This other metal was a type of lead and was later proven to be unrelated to the crystal bismuth.

The name bismuth meaning is interesting as it was derived from a Latinized version of the o German word “weissmuth”. The word means white mass or white substance. This was likely due to the element’s white appearance due to oxidation. 

Is Bismuth a Metal?

Yes, bismuth stone is a metal, but it is quite unlike other typical metals. For starters, bismuth is quite brittle. It is also coarsely crystalline and lustrous. It is often mixed with other metals to be used for different purposes.

Is Bismuth Toxic?

Bismuth mineral is safe to touch and handle. It is not considered toxic. However, one may refrain from ingesting or drinking water that has been in contact with bismuth to avoid any health complications.

Is Bismuth Radioactive?

Bismuth gemstone is considered the least radioactive metal and gives weak radioactive signals that are not a cause for concern while using it or working with it.

Is Bismuth Man-Made?

So when was bismuth discovered and who discovered bismuth?

Bismuth is a naturally occurring metal. It is found in the form of crystals in nickel, cobalt, silver, and sulfide ores. Bismuth is a by-product that is obtained while extracting these metals.

So, although the metal itself is natural, separating it from its original structures is a process that is man-made, without which, the metal would not exist individually. 

Is Bismuth Rare?

We can say bismuth minerals are relatively rare. It is not found in abundance in nature, and it is rarely even noticed by the average person in daily life. Unlike more common metals such as copper, lead, iron, nickel, and even cobalt, bismuth is not something you would typically hear of or find easily. 

What does Bismuth Look Like?

The original rough and raw form of bismuth has a silvery-white color with a reddish/pinkish tinge. It resembles a staircase as it has hopper growths in the form of pseudocubic crystals within itself.

The natural iridescence leads to many colors from yellow to blue and even green. It has a unique structure due to how it  grows, which makes it look like a little crystal staircase or one of those FengShui spiral pyramids. 

What is Bismuth Used for?

Bismuth has a variety of uses apart from just being a pretty crystal. Let us now discuss the common uses for bismuth.

Bismuth Uses in Everyday Life

Bismuth has a variety of uses. Long before it was recognized as a crystal that would aid in healing, it was used for non-spiritual purposes and to make day-to-day things such as alloys, garden sprinklers, atomic fire alarm systems, solders, rubber types of machinery, and even as part of pharmaceuticals.

Later on, as crystal healers and therapists realized its importance in healing people with spiritual, emotional, or other issues, this stone began to be used in Reiki sessions and other healing techniques.

Bismuth Healing

Bismuth is believed to be a unique healer. Its rainbow colors emanate energies of togetherness that help to bond relationships better. It is also known to be used by experts in the process of astral travel and astral projections, as it accompanies the spirit, to travel easily from the physical plane to the spiritual plane.

It is said that working with bismuth helps to make visualizations stronger, especially while working on a specific problem or issue. Even astral travel requires a lot of visualization and so bismuth is the ideal stone for the same. 

Where is Bismuth Found?

As mentioned previously, bismuth is extracted as a by-product of other metals such as cobalt, nickel, etc. The majority of its production is done in various states in the United States of America. Originally, it was mined out of mines in Bolivia, Peru, Canada, and Mexico, to name a few.

Bismuth has a lot of value in the commercial market and so many countries invest in its production. 

Bismuth Benefits


The bismuth crystal has a variety of benefits. It affects the physical as well as spiritual well-being of the wearer. Crystal healers and therapists use this stone in therapy sessions to make the most of its high vibrational energies and strong connections that it forms with one’s spirit.  

Bismuth Properties

Let us explore the different properties of bismuth here.

Bismuth Healing Properties

Bismuth crystal is known to give out very strong energy vibrations. Healers believe that this energy is used to encourage vitality. It is believed to help the wearer achieve their goals by being a good team worker. Furthermore, it is also known to heal feelings of isolation or loneliness. It may absorb negative energies coming from strong negative emotions such as isolation, anxiety, and being overwhelmed, and provide support and aid to surpass these negative emotions and approach situations positively.

Physical Properties of Bismuth

Talking about bismuth characteristics, as mentioned previously, bismuth is a delicate and brittle kind of metal that is unlike typical metals in its range. Physically, it is diamagnetic, which means that it will oppose any magnetic force. Bismuth will repel magnets. It is a poor conductor of electricity, but better when in the liquid state as compared to solid. After mercury, it is the poorest thermal conductor. You can find more information on bismuth YouTube channels and Wikipedia bismuth, too. 

Types of Bismuth

The bismuth stone is available in two forms, either raw or natural variants.

Raw Bismuth

Raw bismuth looks like a very strange rock. It is grayish, black with a tinge of silver that gives it its natural shine. Even in its raw form, it has little spikes that look like tiny stairs being formed in the rock. This is due to the growth that happens naturally while it is still attached to the main metal rocks underground. 

Natural Bismuth

Naturally occurring bismuth is whitish. It also has a slight metallic red or pink tinge. The ones that are commercially sold are often made in laboratories to look more appealing. You will find a huge difference between raw bismuth and the bismuth sold as ‘natural’ in stores. However, both are believed to show similar benefits in crystal therapies, as is said by crystal healers and therapists. 

Bismuth Color

pink bismuth

There are many fascinating shades in which bismuth is available. Let us find out more about the different shades of bismuth below. 

Pink Bismuth

Pink bismuth is often used as an oral medication to treat an upset stomach, diarrhea, heartburn, and other digestive problems.  

Rainbow Bismuth

Rainbow bismuth looks stunning and is the one commonly used in jewelry and healing therapy sessions. 

Blue Bismuth

Blue bismuth spirals look much like the rainbow ones, but the blue tinge is more prominent in them. They are often referred to as the ‘mermaid crystals’ because of their oceanic blue color.   

Black Bismuth 

Black bismuth is usually the raw and natural one that is found below the earth. It is sometimes found in grayish shades and has a rough and uneven surface, like a rock.

Bismuth Jewelry

Just like the stone itself, the jewelry made from this stone is also very interesting in appearance. The spiral shape is maintained in most jewelry items. Let us take a look at the different bismuth jewelry pieces that are available on the market.

Bismuth Ring

Bismuth rings are quite bulky-looking. If you want to go all out with your jewelry, then this ring is sure to become your statement piece as it sits proudly covering most of your finger and making its presence quite prominent. 

Bismuth Necklace

Bismuth necklaces most often comprise a large stone pendant in a chain made of silver or platinum. The rainbow-colored crystal brings out the simplicity of the chain and looks mesmerizing when paired with matching earrings. 

Bismuth Earrings

Unlike necklaces and rings, bismuth earrings are found in a variety of designs. They are hooked in the same spiral shape, encased within metal boxes, or made into water droplets. The options are limitless. Regardless of the design, they look stunning. 

Bismuth Uses

bismuth knives

Apart from being used as a healing stone or piece of jewelry, this crystal is also used to make everyday objects. You can find bismuth images for these objects easily on the internet.

Bismuth Knife

In the olden days, bismuth was alloyed with bronze and copper to make knives. It was easier to sharpen this alloy and would work perfectly in the kitchen. 

Bismuth Coin

Bismuth coin is not very common but was used in the olden days too. Today, the term bismuth coin is used as a metaphor to describe cryptocurrency.

Bismuth Dice

Fancy game collectors and artifact connoisseurs would be interested in busmuth dice. Due to its beautiful array of colors, dice made of bismuth looks instantly appealing and one would surely want to have something like that in their showcase. 

Bismuth Cube

Bismuth cubes are made for storing purposes. Mostly in labs, the cubes are kept as it makes it easier to store the metal that way. 

Bismuth Pyramid

If you have been to a crystal store, you might have come across the bismuth pyramid. It is often kept as a showpiece in one’s home and also cleanses the energy around. So it is a win-win situation - it looks pretty and serves a good purpose too. 

Bismuth Ammo

Bismuth is used along with tungsten in bullets. Bismuth ammunition is not entirely unheard of. However, it is slowly being replaced by other metals. 

Bismuth Sword

A bismuth sword looks like something straight out of a video game. The rainbow-colored shard sword might not have been used in any actual battles, but makes for a splendid artifact.

Bismuth Sheet

Bismuth sheets are stored in factories to make other items out of them. The metal is rolled into thick sheets ranging from 0.04” to 0.25” to make various items of daily use.

How is Bismuth Made?

Bismuth is found in combination with other metals. And for commercial uses, it is made by extracting it from them. It is a by-product obtained from lead and copper smelting. The metal is commonly produced while making other metal ores such as lead, copper, tin, and nickel, among others. 

How to Make Bismuth Jewelry?

Bismuth jewelry is crafted by cutting and shaping the stone to fit specific molds of earrings, pendants, and finger rings. There is a high demand for bismuth jewelry in the market all over the world. 

Bismuth for Sale

Bismuth Price

So, how much is bismuth worth? 

The price of bismuth ranges between $3 USD and $14 USD, making it reasonably priced. Since it is available in abundance and is not considered a rare metal, it is not exorbitantly priced. 

Bismuth Price per kg

You can buy bismuth at an average price of $7 USD to $8 USD per kilogram. Wholesalers and jewelry businesses buy it at this rate. The retail price may vary depending on the store.

Bismuth for Sale Near Me

Bismuth on eBay

eBay has a large variety of bismuth stones. You can find raw or natural stones on eBay at wholesale rates too. 

Bismuth on Etsy

If you are looking for bismuth jewelry, then you can look for them on Etsy. Etsy sells handmade jewelry items, so the price may be higher, but you will find a good variety there. 

Bismuth Kewelry on Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest sellers of bismuth; bismuth products are available at a competitive price on this website. 


Bismuth mineral has more uses than you can even think of, and we have tried to cover most of them in this article. If you are interested in purchasing a bismuth crystal, you can check out your local stores near you or shop online as well. But make sure to reach out to reliable sellers for genuine gemstones.

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