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Bird’s Eye Jasper: Complete Guide (2024)

bird's eye jasper

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about bird’s eye jasper, including its meaning and properties. Let's get started!


Different types of jasper stones have different properties associated with them. But no matter which jasper you choose, you’ll find a few amazing qualities in all of them. Bird’s eye jasper is a stone named after its circular patterns representing a bird's eye. It possesses powers or qualities that are unique to its appearance. Let us find out more about this unique stone and its properties.

  • Bird's Eye Jasper Meaning
    • Bird's Eye Jasper Chakra
    • Mexican Bird's Eye Jasper
      • Mexican Bird's Eye Jasper Healing
  • Bird's Eye Jasper Properties
    • Bird's Eye Jasper Healing Properties
  • Conclusion

Bird’s Eye Jasper Meaning

Bird’s eye jasper is a sedimentary rock that gets its color from the mineral content in the ash. The excess iron gives it a reddish-brown hue. It consists of silicon dioxide mixed with other impurities. Bird’s eye rhyolite jasper allows one to have a broad understanding of a situation.

It has circular patterns that bear resemblance to the bird’s eye, which is how the stone gets its name.

Ancient Egyptians associated the stone with the goddess Isis and her menstrual blood that assisted pregnant women with childbirth and breastfeeding.

Bird’s eye jasper containing the red hue is an energizer which awakens energy, passion, creativity, and motivation. 

Bird’s eye jasper is a stone of resolution and brings completion to unresolved issues. It creates awareness and helps you move forward. Bird’s eye jasper opens you to enjoy your true potential by strengthening your mind and body. 

It helps generate passion, inspiration, and excitement. It provides new perspectives on things that may otherwise seem mundane. 

Bird’s Eye Jasper Chakra

Bird’s eye jasper is said to balance the minerals in our body. It absorbs negative energy and cleanses both the chakras and the aura. It works with the solar plexus chakra and the throat chakra.

The throat chakra helps you find your voice. It encourages the will to speak out against wrongdoings, not only against oneself but others as well. It gives a boost in confidence to protect the vulnerable.

When working with the throat chakra, the bird’s eye jasper helps in seeking and speaking our truth. It is believed to bring clarity and help improve communications.

As the solar plexus chakra is also known as the center of personal power, the bird’s eye jasper works at our core. It helps improve our personality and govern our ego and identity.

A blocked solar plexus chakra causes low self-esteem. There may be difficulty in managing anger and overall behavior. Bird’s eye jasper may help unblock this chakra and emotions and encourage confidence. 

Mexican Bird’s Eye Jasper

Mexican bird’s eye jasper

Mexican bird’s eye jasper is mined in Mexico. It is a form of rhyolite that is found in the deposits in colors of red, cream, and pinkish hues. Its appearance depends on the different ways it has erupted from the lava.

Mexican Bird’s Eye Jasper Healing

Mexican bird’s eye jasper is a stone of healing and helps the user understand and see the bigger picture. This helps you in setting goals and planning for the long term. As it is considered a stone of balance, it deals with low self-esteem and emotional strength. It brings insights and offers solutions.

Other healing properties of the bird’s eye jasper are mentioned below in the article.

Bird’s Eye Jasper Properties

Bird’s eye jasper sparks our creativity, urging us to keep moving forward. It fills us with the desire to realize our goals and achieve them by following through to fruition.

Meditating with bird’s eye jasper aligns you with your higher self. It emphasizes exhibiting the higher truths with no judgments or prejudice. A white sage leaf can be used to cleanse the aura and energy of the bird’s eye jasper crystal before using it.

To meditate, charge the bird’s eye crystal in the sun for a certain time, set your intentions, and place the crystal on the part of your body you want to heal or hold it in your palm.  

Bird’s eye jasper may also promote persistence, help overcome obstacles, and help face the truth with utmost honesty.

Bird’s eye jasper has many healing qualities, a few of which are mentioned below.

Bird’s Eye Jasper Healing Properties

Bird’s eye jasper is believed to align the mind, body, and soul, which is important and useful in shamanic travels. It brings us back to oneness with the divine. It protects the physical body and keeps you grounded. It may also create emotional stability and security.

It eliminates the negative thoughts, self-doubts, and negative vibrations within you.

Brid’s eye jasper may also help in the healing and support of circulatory, digestive, and sexual organs.

Bird’s eye jasper stone is also said to support the function of the circulatory system and help with fertility.

It may be beneficial for general pains and aches throughout the body. The stone may also help in treating the disorders arising from the kidneys, spleen, and liver by maintaining the mineral level in the body. Bird’s eye jasper may also re-energize the body after illness. Crystal healers and practitioners also claim that the bird’s eye jasper helps in long recovery in the hospital. 

Bird’s eye jasper is an exceptional stone for self-actualization and self-realization and helps us to unlock our potential. It also aids in motivating oneself to achieve accomplishments.

This precious stone balances the energies of the yin and yang and the feminine and masculine energies. It is also considered a nurturing crystal.

Bird’s eye jasper increases creativity and aids in quick thinking.

Bird’s eye jasper supports us by providing soothing vibrations during times of stress. It may reduce fear and insecurity by giving a feeling of calmness.

As it is a nurturing stone, it connects oneself to nature and earth and harmonizes the energy. It encourages you to execute your ideas. It helps you leave the past behind, move ahead, and embrace change.

Bird’s eye jasper is a protective stone and helps absorb any negative energy. You can place the stone at home, in the office, or your meditation room, and it will cleanse the vibrations and uplift it into positive energy. It helps with astral and shamanic travels. It aids us in realizing our dreams of a past life that can be useful in the current life.

Bird’s eye jasper is said to be a sacred stone. In many cultures, it is admired as a protection crystal. It also helps in dream recalls. Dreams sometimes act as an aid of messages from the spirit guides, having deeper meanings. Remembering these dreams is crucial and may be beneficial. These dreams are also called prophetic dreams. Bird’s eye jasper helps recall these dreams by bringing clarity to the mind.

Bird’s eye jasper brings harmony within the self of the wearer. It also balances the chakra and aura energies together. It calms the mind and soul and soothes the body of the crystal user.


bird's eye jasper earrings

Bird’s eye jasper is a great stone to have while struggling through stress and anxiety. It may help reduce insecurity and promote confidence and self-growth. It soothes the nerves and emphasizes the truth with no prejudice.

Bird’s eye jasper works with the auras and chakras together, reminding people to help each other. Bird’s eye jasper is a fascinating stone that casts its magic and brings harmony to the user. 

Bird’s eye jasper crystals are available for purchase in many forms, such as jewelry, and tumbled stones. The cabochons range from $0.75 USD to $5.61 USD per piece, depending on their size and quality. 

If you need to expand your vision and change your perspectives or need some nurturing, the bird’s eye jasper is the stone for you.

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