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Malachite: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

thirteen pieces of polished malachite pebbles on a white backrgound

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about malachite, including its meaning, properties, uses and benefits. Let's get started!


Malachite: the green dream of healing crystals, and a force to be reckoned with. We’ve got the most complete guide on the subject. Are you ready to meet with these bewitching stones?

In this article we discuss the following:

  • What is Malachite
    • Malachite Meaning
    • Malachite Spiritual Meaning
    • Is Malachite a Mineral?
    • Where is Malachite Found
      • African Malachite
      • Russian Malachite
      • Malachite from the Congo
  • Malachite Properties
    • Malachite Healing Properties
    • Malachite Benefits
      • Sleeping with Malachite
      • Malachite and Pregnancy
    • Malachite Metaphysical Properties
      • Malachite Chakra
      • Malachite Protection
  • Is Malachite Toxic?
    • Is Malachite Safe to Wear?
  • Malachite Uses
    • Malachite Box
    • Malachite Fabric
    • Malachite Powder
    • Malachite Bathroom
    • Malachite Frog
    • Malachite Wand
    • Malachite Pendulum
  • Malachite vs Emerald
  • Types of Malachite
    • Azurite Malachite
      • Azurite Malachite Meaning
    • Raw Malachite
    • Velvet Malachite
    • Tumbled Malachite
    • Natural Malachite
  • Malachite Colors
    • Malachite Green
      • Green Malachite Meaning
      • Green Malachite Healing Properties
    • Black Malachite
    • Blue Malachite
    • Red Malachite 
  • Malachite Jewelry
    • Malachite Necklace
    • Malachite Ring
      • Vintage Malachite Ring
    • Malachite Bracelet
    • Malachite Bracelet Meaning
    • Malachite Beads
    • Malachite Earrings
    • Malachite Pendant
  • Cleansing Malachite
    • How to Clean Malachite
    • Malachite in Water
  • Malachite for Sale
    • How to Get Malachite
    • Large Malachite Stone for Sale
    • Raw Malachite for Sale
    • Malachite Slabs for Sale
    • Malachite Carvings for Sale
    • Malachite Price
      • Malachite Price Per Kg
  • Real vs Fake Malachite

What is Malachite?

Malachite crystal is a healing stone that occurs in bands of vibrant green. Visually, it is one of the most interesting crystals to observe with the naked eye, featuring patterns and layers that are totally inconsistent from one stone to the next. 

What is malachite made of? Malachite is a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral. It was one of the first ores in the world to be used to produce copper metals, however it is rarely used for this purpose anymore due to the fact that copper can be found in more significant quantities elsewhere.

Malachite Meaning

The dictionary lists the malachite definition as “a bright green mineral consisting of hydrated basic copper carbonate, which typically occurs in masses and fibrous aggregates”. This doesn’t reveal much with regards to malachite’s history, though there is evidence to suggest that this stone has been used in the making of paint pigments for thousands of years. 

polished malachite stone shaped into a cube

The malachite etymology is that of late middle English. Its name was derived from “melochite”, which is Old French, as well as from the Latin word “molokhitis”. More specifically, the malachite stone meaning was most recently derived from the Greek word for “mallow”, which was an indirect reference to the leafy green color of the stones. 

Malachite Spiritual Meaning

All crystals have both a practical and a spiritual meaning. Another malachite crystal meaning is one that all green crystals seem to possess in unison. In particular, since the dawn of time, green crystals have been largely praised as being luck-bringers and prosperity providers. They are seen as symbols of great wealth, or pending great wealth, and were traditionally embraced by those who had high hopes about their futures, regardless of what was transpiring in their physical manifestation at the time. 

Is Malachite a Mineral?

Yes, malachite is a mineral that forms out of copper carbonate hydroxide. The brightness of the green, and the streaks that present themselves throughout the stone, are due to each piece of malachite’s unique formation process and certain inclusions present in the earth at the time of said formation. 

This mineral is rich in pigment, which is why it was used for so many years as a dye or paint. 

Where is Malachite Found

African Malachite

Where to find malachite? There are a number of different locations on Earth where malachite once presented itself in abundance. Most malachite deposits have been totally depleted, causing these stones to now be considered quite rare. 

One of those regions is  Africa: Zambia, Namibia and Zimbabwe, to be exact. Here, malachite rock is still found in small amounts from time to time, and there is a lot of manpower being put into digging for more. 

Russian Malachite

The Ural Mountains of Russia mark one of the most significant malachite mines to ever have existed. There was a time when 20 ton, solid blocks of malachite were once dug up and used to decorate the lavish living quarters of the Russian tsars. 

There are still royal palace rooms in Russia made entirely of malachite that one can visit to this day. 

Malachite from the Congo

Of all malachite locations, the Democratic Republic of the Congo has become the most important one in present times. Rich deposits are still being excavated in the "Shaba Crescent" in Katanga Province. 

Mining of malachite started here in 1910, and it remains a central excavation point in catering to the widespread demand for more malachite around the world.  

Malachite Properties

Malachite Healing Properties

The healing properties of malachite are centered around the protection of the body as a whole, through the absorption of negative energies and environmental pollutants that seek to affect the overall functioning of a being. 

Electromagnetic pollution can wreak havoc on the human body, leading to illness and imbalance that would otherwise never have been able to manifest. It’s vital that one seeks protection from these things if one feels that they are having a negative effect on their cells and general wellbeing. 

In this way, malachite heals. Essentially, it does the healing work before the illness can even occur, so it’s a powerful ally to have on your side as you move through your day to day. Your immune system will be naturally boosted when working long term with malachite stones. 

Malachite Benefits

Sleeping with Malachite

One of the most notable benefits of malachite stones is the way in which they navigate the sleep realm. Sleeping with malachite under your pillow, or next to your head, is how you’ll tap into this positive dream space. 

Malachite promotes the experience of vivid, enjoyable dreams. It reduces nightmares, and works in a similar way to a dream catcher. 

It’s a great bedtime companion, and we encourage all readers to try sleeping with malachite nearby just to see what comes up. It can be quite a fun way of dipping one’s toe into the realm of lucid dreaming. 

Malachite and Pregnancy

When exploring what malachite is good for, forget everything you think you know about these stones and get back to basics. Malachite was once dubbed “the midwife’s stone” by healers and doulas around the world. 

green malachite circular pattern spread dark background

It is widely believed that malachite, in a birthing situation, will stimulate concentration in ways otherwise not attainable. More than this, malachite eases birth pain, and seeks a safe, problem free birth for the entity that is coming into the physical sphere. 

Malachite Metaphysical Properties

Malachite’s magical properties are easy to define. This is a very straightforward energetic worker that seeks balance and stimulation of the entire energetic body. 

Users of these stones will be driven to take more risks, break unwanted ties and let go of patterns that have no longer been serving them. You’ll be shown exactly how to take control of your thoughts and feelings, so that they are no longer in control of how you navigate the world. 

Malachite is said to deepen the emotional experience of life. In this way, any sexual difficulties one has been dealing with are brought to light and transformed for a more authentic, exploratory experience. 

Malachite Chakra

Because of their green ray energy, malachite gems work very closely with the heart chakra. They have the potential to open an individual up to unconditional love, if used consistently and without judgement. 

What’s great about the malachite mineral is that it is not solely bound to the heart, and actually seeks work through all seven chakras at once. The goal is to attune them to the spirit in order to receive guidance that is unquestionable, sound and usable. 

Profound things happen when one’s entire energetic field is being stimulated in a wholesome, balanced way. 

Malachite Protection

Let’s get one thing straight: malachite’s energy is in no way biased or subjective; it will work for anyone, anywhere, anytime. 

That being said, the malachite birthstone does gently favor those born in the Taurus zodiac, celebrating birth between April 19th and May 20th. When it comes to being a stone of protection, those with energies originating in these times may feel particularly connected to the naturally shielding effect these stones have to offer. 

It is thought that malachite brings people of Taurus a lot of external success, physical wellbeing and intensification of energy. Of course, all of these properties can be tapped into by anyone from any zodiac, merely through the use of focused intention. 

Is Malachite Toxic?

To an extent, yes, malachite is a toxic mineral given the right circumstances for said toxins to escape. This is both uncommon and easily avoidable, but it is worth knowing about if you plan on working with these stones in large quantities. 

Is malachite toxic to touch? No, not conventionally, as all forms of raw malachite are treated and sealed before they are sold off to the public. When raw malachite gets moist, it has the potential to leech toxic fumes into the air. 

This was discovered eons ago when malachite pigment was being used for the purpose of turning fabrics green. Those working with the substances found there were side effects on the skin due to contact, and in the lungs and body if ingested. 

Is Malachite Safe to Wear?

Malachite that has been approved for commercial sale is safe to wear on the skin, as it will have been coated in a protective layer that prevents the stone from leeching any toxins. This brings us to an important question: does malachite dissolve in water?

The answer is no, but malachite is a stone that should never be used in water regardless of the fact that it won’t dissolve upon contact. Over time, using water on malachite can work to break down its protective layer, and eventually let the toxins out if enough moisture is present. 

Malachite is never considered safe for the charging of drinking water. In addition, you should not place malachite in your bathtub. 

Malachite Uses

Malachite Box

thirteen pieces of polished malachite pebbles on a white background

When these stones were still abundant to Earth, there was a massive movement in the market of crystal boxes and trinket storage. Beautifully crafted boxes made entirely out of malachite rock are still in circulation around the world, and you’ve likely seen them at flea markets or esoteric stores. 

There is a big problem of counterfeit malachite plaguing the current crystal industry, and we’ll get deeper into this later on in this article. All you need to be aware of is that malachite crystal boxes are never cheap, and if you find one that is, it’s almost definitely made out of replica crystal. 

Malachite Fabric

Malachite is no longer used for the purpose of dying fabrics, due to the high levels of toxicity that comes out when these stones are combined with moisture. You can, however, invest in carefully dyed/printed fabrics that are made to look like the intricate formations of malachite stones. 

Malachite fabric can be used for the making of clothing garments, or even as wallpaper in the home, which is something that is widely sought after due to inspiration from the interiors featured in the palaces in Russia. 

Malachite Powder

In small quantities, crushed malachite is relatively harmless and is available for purchase by anyone who seeks to use it for personal means. A lot of people like to use malachite powder as a way of exploring ancient painting techniques, as this was how the Egyptian tombs were painted. 

The malachite texture is such that it can be ground up into a very fine powder-like substance and, when mixed with a few drops of water, a rich, green hue emerges. So long as you’re careful not to breathe it in, or ingest the paint, you’re good to go.

Malachite Bathroom

Some believe that the bathroom is the most unsuitable place in the home for malachite rocks. This again is due to the fact that, once moist, malachite can release harmful fumes that pose a health risk to all who inhabit the space. 

That being said, malachite counters, bathtubs, tiles and sinks are still highly sought after pieces in bathroom decor around the world. Provided these slabs are properly sealed, there should be no risk to anyone using the space. Naturally, even a sealant can’t guarantee anything, but it appears that  there are generally measures in place to keep people safe. 

Malachite Frog

Malachite healing frogs became very popular forms of crystal art not too long ago. Frogs are carved out of the malachite and then sealed & polished in order to make them safe for personal use. 

Malachite frogs are used to represent emotional connection, wisdom from higher realms and energetic transformation. These make for a wonderful gift for anyone born during the Taurus zodiac. 

Malachite Wand

The ease at which malachite can be carved has led to the creation of crystal wands for the purpose of directing energy. 

Crystal wands can be used to detect energetic blockages when run over the human body, and they can further be used to direct the flow of said energy in a more beneficial way. 

Malachite Pendulum

Though a malachite pendant makes for a wonderful looking pendulum, we would not necessarily recommend these stones for the purpose of serious pendulum work. 

Malachite is a potent, yet easily influenced crystal and is likely to mimic the subconscious of the user, as opposed to revealing an innate truth when asked to. You’re far better off with a green stone such as moldavite for this kind of work, as there is less risk of personal influence taking over. 

Malachite vs Emerald

Malachite and emerald stones bear many similarities, the most notable being their physical appearance. 

Many debate which one to invest in, and there are a number of factors one can use to narrow down the options. Firstly, malachite is far less expensive than emerald. To some, this may be seen as a negative, however malachite remains more resistant to breakage than emerald, and holds a better clarity rating. 

Despite being slightly softer than emerald, malachite works better for the purpose of crystal jewelry making. You can also drop this jewelry from a dizzying height without much consequence, while emerald is likely to break on impact. 

Types of Malachite

Azurite Malachite

Azurite malachite is a crystal blend that occurs haphazardly in certain parts of the world. Malachite and azurite find one another during the formation process, and merge to form a psychedelic looking stone with a rich green and blue facade.

Azurite is also a copper-based mineral, so azurite malachite tends to form near copper mines or near other copper-based gemstones such as turquoise and chrysocolla deposits.  

irregular shaped green malachite smooth gem stone

Azurite malachite polished looks like a tie dye dream stone. 

Azurite Malachite Meaning

The name azurite comes from the Persian word for “blue”, while malachite, as we know, is derived from the Greek word used for the mallow plant. Some retailers make use of the phrase “azurmalachite” to refer to the crystal blend. 

Raw Malachite

Raw, unpolished malachite is, as we know, the more toxic form of these stones. It is highly unlikely that you’ll ever be able to purchase a piece of raw malachite that has not been sealed or treated in some way. 

If you do, then be sure to keep it somewhere in the home where moisture is never a factor. A bedroom or lounge space would be most ideal, while bathrooms and kitchens should be considered off limits. 

Velvet Malachite

Sometimes, certain forms of malachite exhibit themselves without the traditional pattern or banding running through the crystal body. The texture is more matted, almost velvety, with gentle patterns and no distinct color variations between the different shades of green. 

This is called velvet malachite, and it is a beautiful stone to get a hold of for serious crystal collectors. 

Tumbled Malachite

We know that malachite hardness is described as slightly softer than emerald, though stronger in the event of harsh impact. Malachite becomes a lot more durable when it is tumbled. 

Tumbling is a process in which malachite in rough form is placed into a special machine, and tossed around until all sharp edges are slowly worn down. The end result is usually a more rounded stone that appears to have been polished. 

Once malachite is tumbled, it will then be treated with a more substantial polish that can protect the user from the natural toxins. This will also make the stone water-safe for rinsing, though this is still not a recommended way of cleaning these crystals. 

Natural Malachite

All malachite that forms beneath the surface of the Earth, without human intervention, is natural malachite. Even malachite in polished form is natural, as it once started out as a raw, nature-derived entity.

Sometimes, a malachite gemstone may be described by a retailer as “natural” in a bid to make it abundantly clear that this is an authentic form of the stone, and not a synthetic one. We’ve got more information on the fake crystal problem coming up shortly — read on!

Malachite Colors

Malachite Green

Green Malachite Meaning

What color is malachite? It’s green, usually. 

Green is the most natural and most common form of malachite crystals, though there are instances where these stones crystallize in alternate ray energies and offer up other unique hues. 

For the most part, when you’re working with malachite you’ll be working with green forms of these rocks. When in green ray energy, malachite has a deep connection to the heart chakra, nature, and prosperity. 

Green Malachite Healing Properties

Green malachite heals from the outside in, as we have previously stated. It works with the immediate surroundings of the individual, and seeks to either protect or integrate them, as needed. 

For example, a person who is living near areas of high radioactive activity would need energetic protection from the malachite so that these frequencies do not result in illness or imbalance in the future. 

An individual who lives totally submerged in nature, however, may simply need help integrating into this level of the natural world, and malachite would work to connect them to every plant, every tree and every rock in the most sustainable and beneficial way. 

Black Malachite

Malachite is never actually black, but it can look this way should the stone crystallize in a dark enough hue of green. Malachite’s crystalline structure always includes concentric circles and, when in dark green ray energy, these circles can look unquestioningly black. 

It’s from here that we get our black-like malachite stones, to which some people are actually partial due to vibrant green not being everyone’s cup of tea. 

Blue Malachite

When azurite and malachite mix, the ratios between the stones are not always properly distributed. Some azurite malachite stones take on more azurite than they do malachite, which would result in them looking distinctly blue, and hardly green at all. 

This is a form of blue malachite; by using it, you’ll still receive all the healing properties you usually would from regular green malachite, in addition to the properties that azurite brings to the table. 

Red Malachite 

Red malachite is actually a form of banded jasper, and contains no malachite compounds per say. 

Red malachite was simply an endearing name given to jasper that was formed with distinct bands and patterns throughout the crystalline body, as it bore distinct similarities to that of traditional malachite. 

These stones offer inner peace and reflection, and can be used to bring about the experience of calm when in need. 

Malachite Jewelry

Malachite Necklace

The best way to reap the benefits of crystal healing is to have as frequent contact with the stones as possible. Wearing them as jewelry is a convenient and easy way to invite healing work in, even when you are not consciously focusing on it. 

A malachite necklace sits close to the heart chakra, so if heart centered healing is what draws you to these stones, then this form of jewelry will likely be best for you. 

Malachite Ring

Malachite rings are popular amongst people who want to enjoy the more subconscious effects of the malachite stone. They’re great to wear during meditation, as well as during hours of sleep for the purpose of inviting those better dream-states in. 

Vintage Malachite Ring

Malachite has been used for the purpose of jewelry making since as far back as the Ancient Egyptians. Most of these pieces are considered historic relics and are kept safe in museums around the world, but there are malachite rings that emerged in later centuries that are still in circulation in vintage jewelry markets to this day. 

Malachite Bracelet

If you are seeking physical healing or protection of the physical body from malachite, we encourage you to wear it as close to your wrist area as possible. 

The wrists are the most direct pathway into the human bloodstream, and thus a crystal may deliver its healing properties throughout the body most effectively from this zone. 

Malachite Bracelet Meaning

Using a malachite bracelet probably means that you have acknowledged that there may be electromagnetic contaminants surrounding you, and that you want to protect your body from them in an overall, preventative way. 

These are also great for the purpose of getting better sleep and the warding off night terrors. 

Malachite Beads

Because these stones are in short supply these days, malachite jewelry can be costly. One option is to invest in a pack of malachite beads and make your own jewelry at home. 

This is a typically an inexpensive endeavor, as crystal beads are usually made out of the offcuts and discarded pieces of rock that would otherwise be disposed of.

Malachite Earrings

Wearing malachite on either side of the head can be a great help for individuals suffering from what they feel to be psychic attacks, or limited mental functioning due to contaminant frequencies in their surroundings. 

hand holding pieces of polished malachite stones

Malachite Pendant

A malachite pendant is a wonderful addition to any crystal collection, as it can double as a stone used for both jewelry and pendulum functions. 

As mentioned, malachite is not the most powerful pendulum crystal on the market, but it can perform basic tasks such as indicating the direction of the flow of energy, or detecting slight blockages. 

Cleansing Malachite

When it comes to malachite care, this is indeed a stone that needs some help in staying cleansed and recharged. In this way, it can best serve you and your day to day needs. 

There are two modes of cleaning required for malachite: the first is energetic cleansing, and the second is physical cleansing. We’ll get into the latter shortly, but first we’d like to offer a number of methods to be used for the purpose of energetic cleansing. 

All of the following cleansing methods are suitable for malachite stones:

  • Bury malachite in your garden and leave it here for up to 48 hours.
  • Leave malachite under the light of the full moon and retrieve it the following morning. 
  • Burn sacred incense or herbs over malachite, using prayer or intention to ask for cleansing. 
  • Meditate over malachite stones and set the intention for cleansing. 
  • Place malachite on a bed of Himalayan salt and allow it to cleanse and recharge here when not in use. 

How to Clean Malachite

Because malachite is a copper-based mineral, it has the potential to build up a chalk-like coating every few months, due to oxidation. 

This is natural, and easy to remove. Because malachite is risky when it comes to extensive moisture, you need to take care in the physical cleansing process for these stones. 

We recommend the soap and water method. Mix a small amount of dish soap into a small amount of warm water. Dip the end of a soft cloth into the mixture, and use it to gently polish away the chalk residue that is clinging to your stone. 

Following the clean, you’ll need to give the stone a light rinse to get all soap off of the crystal itself. Failure to do so may result in the breakdown of the crystalline structure in the coming days. Leave the stone out to dry in the sunlight, or simply on a towel. 

Malachite in Water

We know that malachite and water are not a friendly duo, but, when done properly, there is no risk of harm to the individual or the stone itself. 

Take care when rinsing your malachite stones. Never rinse more than is absolutely necessary, and let them dry off properly before you handle them in excess. 

What’s more, don’t use any traditional water-based cleansing methods for the purpose of cleaning malachite energetically. We’re referring to the methods of  submerging stones in salt water, or leaving stones out in the rain. These are not suitable for malachite, and we encourage you to opt for alternate cleansing rituals wherever possible. 

Malachite for Sale

How to Get Malachite

We find the best way to get malachite, especially bulk malachite, is via the Internet. E-commerce platforms will give you direct access to some of the best crystal retailers and wholesalers around the world. 

Depending on where you live, you may also find malachite is for sale in relative abundance at your local esoteric stores or flea markets. 

Large Malachite Stone for Sale

If your goal is to find large malachite, again we’d recommend using the trusty world wide web. 

This, of course, depends on your interpretation of the word “large”, as some people would consider a palm-sized piece of malachite rather massive, whilst others are seeking slabs to use in their kitchens or bathrooms. 

Keep your options open, and when in doubt, reach out to specialized retailers who may be able to help you hunt down something substantial. 

Raw Malachite for Sale

If you ever come across raw malachite for sale, take the time to speak with the retailer and find out just how raw of a stone you’re looking at. 

Raw malachite should be sealed for safety purposes, though this is not a regulated industry and there is nothing stopping you from owning untreated malachite if your heart desires. We simply recommend knowing the specifications of your raw stone, so that if you ever do start to feel slightly off, you know that it might have been because you invested in a stone that was unsealed. 

Malachite Slabs for Sale

Slabs are some of the most exciting malachite stones for sale! The possibilities that these entities bring to a home space are unique and exciting; if you’ve not yet seen a bathroom made of malachite, we implore you to have a Google deep dive!

Malachite slabs are generally sold through specialized traders who work closely with interior design teams and architects.

Malachite Carvings for Sale

Malachite carvings, like that of the traditional frog or crystal box, and easy to find on e-commerce platforms across the Internet. Remember, there is not a lot of malachite in circulation these days, so if you’re finding these objects being sold for next to nothing, they are likely being made out of replica stones. 

Malachite Price

Many people ponder the value of malachite, and the truth is, compared to other precious gems, it’s really not all that noteworthy. 

There may not be much malachite being excavated at this point in history, but there remains a vast amount of these rocks in circulation due to the abundant nature in which they initially occurred on Earth. In other words, there is a ton of malachite above ground, and not that much below it. 

This works to regulate the cost of malachite, keeping it well out of the bracket for rare, precious stones. It remains accessible and reasonably priced, all things considered. 

Malachite Price Per Kg

When bought in bulk, a kilogram of malachite sits in the region of about $40, give or take. From here, logistical costs are added, as well as shipping or customs rates that come with getting the stones from point A to point B. 

Real vs Fake Malachite

Finally, the section we’ve all been waiting for. Fake crystals are a major problem for the modern day market. It’s relatively easy for manufacturers to replicate any stone using strategically shaped and colored glass and dye, or even hardened forms of chalk. 

For beginners, it can be impossible to tell the difference. The best thing to do is to make a point of only purchasing crystals from reputable retailers who have a long list of satisfied customers under their belt who can advocate for the store’s integrity. 

Know that no two pieces of malachite will feature the exact same bands in the exact same colors. This is a scientific impossibility, and simply not how the formation process works. Some malachite fakes are made out of carefully painted plastics; these are lightweight, and warm to the touch, while real malachite has a natural coolness at all times.


We hope you enjoyed this article! If you are interested in incorporating crystals into your life to help combat anxiety, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of a crystal that resonates with you. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of calm and serenity. Also, if you are interested in reading more about anxiety and crystals, check out our comprehensive blog post on the 15 Best Crystals for Anxiety!

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