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Clear Quartz Crystals: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

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In this article, we reveal the properties of clear quartz as well as its meaning, healing properties, uses and where to find it. Let's get started!


Clear quartz could save the world — and we don’t make this kind of declaration lightly. It’s one of, if not the most, versatile stones to have occurred on Earth, and it has a myriad of properties and benefits that seem to solely serve humankind for the better. 

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Clear Quartz Properties
    • Clear Quartz Metaphysical Properties
    • Clear Quartz Healing Properties
    • Clear Quartz Heart Chakra
    • What is Clear Quartz Used for?
    • Clear Quartz Intentions
  • Clear Quartz Meaning
  • Where is Clear Quartz Found?
  • Price of Clear Quartz
  • How to Use a Clear Quartz Crystal
  • How to Clear Clear Quartz
  • Clear Quartz Jewelry
    • Clear Quartz Crystal Ring
    • Clear Quartz Necklace
    • Clear Quartz Bracelet
  • Clear Quartz Lamp
  • Clear Quartz Crystal Ball
  • Conclusion

Clear Quartz Properties

Clear Quartz Metaphysical Properties 

The properties of quartz crystal can very easily be divided into the metaphysica, and the physical. The latter are referred to as healing properties, as they bring tangible benefit to the body; but we’ll get into that more later. 

Clear quartz is a superior stone in that it has quite remarkable transmutation abilities. What this means is that crystal quartz absorbs, stores and regulates energies until they are ready to be released in an amplified state. This occurs with the intention of betterment for the planet and population at large; it is widely believed that these stones were sent to us to aid in ways we may not yet even understand. 

hand holding polished clear prism crystal close up view

Clear quartz wants the user to enjoy an enhanced connection between themselves and the spiritual world. It brings clarity to almost all situations, and has the ability to prompt better communication through work with the throat chakra. 

Some say clear quartz can enhance the natural clairvoyance of its user. When one considers how this stone works as an amplifier, it’s not unlikely that this would be an inevitable result. It’s a stone of very high vibration, often mirroring the angelic realms, so there is intense adjustment made to one’s personal frequency when working with this particular stone. 

Clear Quartz Healing Properties 

Clear quartz stone is known amongst the esoteric community as the “master healer”. The healing properties of clear quartz span from immune system correction to pacification of actual pain. 

When this stone is used to bring the immune system back into balance, there is relief delivered to each of one’s cells, along with a chance for regeneration. It is not unusual for concentration and memory to be improved in the process, as there is less physical strain within the body and thus a lightness of being. 

When the body is in physical pain, clear quartz can be used directly over the affected area to neutralize the charge. This can be anything from menstrual cramps, to a twisted ankle, to actual wounds or ailments that deliver debilitating pain to the individual. 

different types of raw and polished clear crystals with a tiny buddha statue in the middle

Place the stone itself over the pain-ridden zone, and allow the natural frequency of the crystal to absorb the charge of the ailment, and regulate it into a more manageable field. Wearing clear quartz as jewelry is a great way for those who live with chronic pain to experience the benefit of the stone throughout their day. 

Clear Quartz Heart Chakra

The heart charka is one of our most important energy hubs, and it exists within what is known as ‘green ray energy’. Typically, the green chakra requires the use of green ray crystals to achieve cleansing and recharging, but for some reason the heart chakra has a particular affinity for our friend, the quartz crystal. 

Wearing clear quartz on or near the heart chakra helps to keep this energy center in balance at all times. The effect trickles through to the rest of the chakras, as the heart is so central it can affect both the upper and lower hubs. 

Because clear quartz technically falls under white ray energy, it is actually closely related to the crown chakra. This is where our energetic bodies meet the ether; where the white light from the higher realms is able to enter into our fields. 

Clear quartz can profoundly stimulate this zone, which is why clairvoyance and better connection to spirituality tend to occur when working with this crystal. 

When the crown and heart chakra are working in unison, there is a sense of awakening, belonging and hopefulness that comes into play quite naturally. Stimulating these chakras simultaneously should be a necessity for all who seek healing from crystals. 

What is Clear Quartz Used for?

The clear quartz crystal is used in such an array of ways, and has been since early civilizations. Today, we use clear quartz for healing via a number of different avenues. Some keep clear quartz on display in the home, while others prefer to keep it close, perhaps in the form of jewelry or even in the bottom of their water glass. 

Drinking water charged by clear quartz is one way of delivering the stone’s frequency throughout the rest of your body as you go about your day. There is great benefit in drinking crystal charged water, which is why this industry has seen such a boom in recent years. 

Transparent quartz is one of few crystals to be considered ‘water safe’, meaning that they can be submerged in liquids without dissolving. Since crystals are simply small packages of molecules, some of them are simply not dense enough to withstand H2O, and totally disintegrate upon contact. 

Clear quartz is commonly used in the construction of crystal grids, and, if this is something you are interested in, you’ll need a few pieces of this stone to complete your collection. Alternatively, invest in one palm-sized piece of quartz and use it as your central grid stone, placing all other crystals around it. 

Clear Quartz Intentions

One of the major benefits of clear quartz is that it is a highly programmable stone, which makes it very easy to work with, even as a beginner. 

The crystalline structure of quartz is very sensitive to the intuitive wants and needs of the user, so even if you are not dedicating time to sending your intentions into the stone it will pick up on them via your subconscious at all times. 

Using clear quartz intentionally is the best way to get exactly what you want out of the stone, as quickly as possible. 

Because of the easily programmable nature of quartz, it becomes imperative that you don’t allow strangers, friends, lovers or children to handle your crystals when not in use by you. Their personal frequencies and intentions will be sent from their energy bodies into the stone, causing your connection to it to become contaminated and likely diminished. 

Always keep your crystals to yourself, and if they do come to be handled by a foreign energy make the time to properly cleanse and recharge the stone, so that it can continue doing work with you and you alone. 

Clear Quartz Meaning

hand grasping a large piece of prism shaped clear crystal

The quartz crystal meaning has drastically shifted throughout the ages. Sometimes when we talk of crystals and their meaning to ancient civilizations we refer back to the Egyptians or Romans, as though they are as ancient as it gets. 

There is much evidence to suggest that quartz dates back a lot further than most of our Earthly minds can probably comprehend. Long before the Egyptians or Romans, there is believed to have been a stand-alone continent known as Lemuria. Quartz crystal was abundant to this land, and played an integral part in the day to day logistics through the use of crystal energy. 

Lemuria was located in the Pacific Ocean, while Atlantis was over in the Atlantic. The people of Atlantis relied heavily on the use of quartz crystal for their logistics as well. It is believed that, back then, the crystals played major roles in transportation and construction. 

What clear quartz means to us today is vastly different to the people of these times. Both Atlantis and Lemuria are believed to have sunk to the bottom of the ocean when they began to get ahead of themselves, using crystal energy for destructive reasons and no longer for the greater good. 

Today, our understanding of crystal energy is far more limited, which is perhaps the Earth’s way of protecting us from ourselves. 

Where is Clear Quartz Found?

Technically speaking, quartz is the most abundant mineral to exist within the Earth’s surface. It is deemed plentiful in many different destinations around the world, leaving an endless supply of rock formations to be mined and distributed. 

What’s interesting about raw clear quartz crystal is that it can form in just about any temperature range. This is quite astonishing, as most other crystals require very specific levels of heat or cold in order to come into existence. 

What’s more, quartz can form within metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary rocks; another uncommon ability with regards to crystal formation. Usually, individual crystals can only form within other individual rocks. 

The most notable locations of quartz crystal are currently Japan, Madagascar, Brazil, as well as various parts of the United States. Most of these deposits offer quartz in an array of colors, raining from clear quartz, to rose quartz, to amethyst stone (which is a form of crystal quartz). Citrine is also a derivative of quartz and can be found in Kazakhstan and Russia. 

Price of Clear Quartz

First things first: is your clear quartz real or fake? 

We say this not to alarm you, but to inform you of the very real and very frequent crystal imitation fraud that goes on with a number of quartz-based stones. You see, quartz is one of the easiest substances to mimic, considering that it usually always looks like some form of cloudy glass. 

Polished quartz is even worse, as it looks identical to cut glass. There is virtually no way of knowing whether a polished stone is real or fake, which is why it’s so important to purchase crystals from reputable retailers. 

Similarly, if you have the option to buy raw quartz — do so! Extremely raw quartz tends to be vastly flawed and even discolored in places, which makes generating imitation versions of it almost impossible.

All above considered, quartz remains the most abundant crystal on the planet, so the cost per piece has remained sustainably low throughout history. Realistically, you should never pay more than around $10 for decent-sized pieces of quartz. 

Quartz jewelry has the added expense of creative labor, so the retail price of these may be slightly higher. Use your discretion as to what is a fair trade; quartz is not here to mimic diamonds. 

How to Use a Clear Quartz Crystal

Using clear quartz is very much dependent on what exactly it is you are seeking to gain through working with the stone. For some, it may simply be that pain relief we looked at, but, for others, it could be the long-term attainment of spiritual enlightenment; it really is a spectrum of possibility when it comes to quartz!

Though regular chunks of quartz work just fine for healing purposes, clear quartz points are extremely powerful conductors of energy, and may prove to be more effective in use on the physical body. 

Similarly, if the work you are seeking is conducive to the inside of the body, then placing your quartz in the bottom of your drinking glass is a wonderful way of inviting this work in. Quartz crystal water bottles have become quite popular and allow you to carry the benefits around no matter where the day takes you. 

Use clear quartz to invite benefit into the life of your friends and family, too. Gifting this stone to someone who you believe to be ‘in need’ of some help is one way of indicating to them that you care, and that there is energetic work to be done, even if they are not fully conscious of it. 

How to Clear Clear Quartz

As mentioned, these highly programmable entities are very susceptible to energetic contamination, or subtle confusion within their crystalline structure. Even if other people are not handling your stones, it is necessary to cleanse and recharge crystals at least once a month, so that they may stay in optimal working order. 

hand holding one tiny piece of polished clear crystal

Cleansing can happen as often as you like, though a lot of people find committing to once a month more realistic. Use any of the following methods to keep your clear quartz clean and happy:

  • Because this stone is water-safe, submerge it in a saltwater solution and leave it for up to 24 hours. 
  • Hold your clear quartz under running water for a solid minute, and then towel dry. 
  • Bury your crystal somewhere in the garden, allowing it to recharge under the Earth for up to 48 hours. 
  • Hold your stone in your hands as you pray, setting the intention for cleansing to take place. 
  • Place quartz crystal under the light of the full moon, and retrieve it only the following morning. 
  • Burn incense or herbs over your stones, using intention to set the stage for cleansing. 

Clear Quartz Jewelry

Clear Quartz Crystal Ring

As discussed, one of the best ways in which to work closely with a quartz stone is to wear it as jewelry day in and day out. Wearing quartz on your person gives your aura and energy body a consistent interaction with the frequency of the stone, allowing for the benefits to be absorbed over longer periods of time. 

A clear quartz ring is quite a wonderful thing, because it looks a lot like diamond, only without the cost and risk of theft. That being said, we’re actually more partial to rings made with raw pieces of clear quartz, as they have that bohemian, unrefined look that can compliment any aesthetic. 

Wearing a clear quartz ring whilst meditating is great for enhancing this already transcending experience.

tattooed hand holding white clear crystal black background

Clear Quartz Necklace 

We mentioned that clear quartz has a close relationship to the heart chakra, and work can be done directly with this energy center when the stone is worn as a necklace. 

Whenever a crystal is worn near the neck, it tends to work both above and below itself, so, in this case, clear quartz would also be making quite regular contact with the crown chakra. As you may know, having the crown and heart chakra stimulated simultaneously is one of the most profound things you can do for your vibratory field. 

Again, a quartz crystal necklace may be so refined and polished that it starts to look like diamond. Raw quartz is being embraced more and more in the necklace making process, and you can get some really nice, understated pieces to adorn around your neck. 

Clear Quartz Bracelet 

When we use crystals for the healing of the physical body, it’s best to keep them as close to your body as possible. The wrists are the most direct way into the bloodstream without breaking skin, and thus have the potential to deliver mineral benefits through your system. 

Think about how people wear copper bracelets so that their wrists may absorb the healing properties of the metal. In the same way, wearing crystals around your wrists gives the body an opportunity to absorb the properties of the stones. 

Clear quartz has been known to target the immune system, as well as reduce pain. People suffering from joint-related illness in their arms, wrists or fingers do receive great benefit in having the quartz up against their skin at all times. 

More than this, a clear quartz bracelet is, again, a fantastic device to have near your hands during prayer and meditation. Like the rings, they can cause the practice to go a lot deeper than usually possible. 

Clear Quartz Lamp

It became a hot trend to have crystal lamps in the home, as we saw a few years ago with the surge in popularity of Himalayan salt lamps. Clear quartz lamps are now the latest to the party, and make for fabulous additions to any home space. 

What do they look like? Imagine a soccer ball sized piece of raw quartz crystal, with the interior hollowed out from the bottom, so that a small lightbulb might fit perfectly inside. The lamp glows from the inside out, and pleases any who are privileged enough to bask in its light. 

The quartz lamps are said to draw out any negative energies from a space, making for a more purified living environment for the individual in question. It is also believed to have the ability to neutralize background radiation.

hand holding clear sphere crystal in a forest background

Clear Quartz Crystal Ball

You may have seen these displayed in yoga or reiki studios, or as the all-knowing oracle in children’s story books. Shaping these crystals into a clear quartz sphere is something that was being done even by the ancients, and today we refer to them as quartz crystal balls. 

These ball-shaped crystals have to sit on a holder in order to stay in place, and when it’s time to work with them one usually holds the ball in both hands and moves the energy where it needs to go. 

Quartz crystal balls make for great decorative pieces in the home, and in many ways they are simply an alternative to buying a clear quartz lamp. You’ll still receive the purifying properties of the stone, as well as the neutralizing effect over that background radiation. 

Contrary to popular belief, quartz crystal balls won’t be able to turn you into an overnight psychic. Gazing pensively into the crystalline structure is probably not going to deliver the secrets of the universe, but no doubt it will do something for the purification of your upper chakras. 


Everyone needs a piece of clear quartz in their life; there are no two ways about it. We say this about a lot of stones, but if there ever were just one that we’d recommend working with above all others, it’s this crystal. 

You can’t go wrong with a master healer; it was literally sent to Earth to aid and amplify all other entities. Clarity lies in clear quartz; no pun intended!

If you are interested in incorporating crystals into your life, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of a crystal that resonates with you. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of calm and serenity. Also, if you are interested in reading more about anxiety and crystals, check out our comprehensive blog post on the 15 Best Crystals for Anxiety!

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