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Smoky Quartz Crystals: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

seven pieces of smoky prism crystals on a white background

In this post, we tell you everything you need to know about smoky quartz, including its meaning, properties, uses and value. Let's get started!


Smoky quartz is the apple of many eyes; it is a crystal that is neither light nor dark, making for the perfect in-between energy conductor with a foot in both worlds. The work that is possible with smoky quartz is comparable to that of a shaman; here’s everything you need to know. 

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Smoky Quartz Properties
    • What Color is Smoky Quartz?
    • Smoky Quartz Metaphysical Properties
    • Smoky Quartz Healing Properties
    • Other Names for Smoky Quartz
      • Cairngorm Stone
      • Morion Quartz
    • Smoky Quartz Chakra
    • What is Smoky Quartz Used for?
  • Smoky Quartz Meaning
  • How to Charge Smoky Quartz
  • Smoky Quartz Value
  • Smoky Quartz Jewelry
    • Smoky Quartz Ring
    • Smoky Quartz Earrings
    • Cairngorm Brooch
    • Smoky Quartz Pendant
  • Tumbled Smoky Quartz
  • Smoky Quartz Sphere
  • Large Smoky Quartz Cluster
  • Smoky Quartz Generator
  • Smoky Quartz Pendulum
  • Conclusion

Smoky Quartz Properties

What Color is Smoky Quartz? 

It very much depends on the place of origin, and deposit in question, but typically all smoky quartz falls into an opaque hue of brownish gray, though some pieces may appear to be translucent black. 

It is natural for smokey quartz to appear flawed and imperfect. In fact, we’d be skeptical of anything being sold off as smoky quartz that has a solid, unchanging hue throughout. 

That being said, some of the darkest pieces of this form of quartz will have quite consistent formations, leaving little space for light to pass through them to reveal imperfections. Though rare, dark smokey quartz can sometimes be confused for onyx. 

raw crystals with yellowish lining close up top view

On the contrary, there are some deposits of smoky quartz so light that they may look like dirty clear quartz. 

Smoky Quartz Metaphysical Properties 

Perhaps the most notable of the smoky quartz benefits is the stone’s ability to deliver emotional calmness to individuals who previously would not even have thought this possible. Stress and anxiety seem to melt off of a person making use of this crystal, and it’s not necessarily understood why from a metaphysical perspective. 

In addition to this, smoky quartz works to totally dispel fear and negativity that have been holding you back in life. 

This stone is acutely aware of the fact that there are chaotic energies moving around the physical realm, and that they make it very hard to be an Earth-dwelling entity at the best of times. The stone is here to protect and anchor you, in whatever way that rings true. It’s a force that will pull you closer to the Earth as a form of grounding, making the energies feel a lot less dire. 

Smoky Quartz Healing Properties 

When it comes to physical healing, smoky quartz is a neutralizer and a detoxifier. If your cells have been influenced by toxic energies, the result is usually actual toxins in the blood and organs. Smoky quartz may be able to help pull these from the user, allowing for cellular regeneration to occur. 

Similarly, this stone works closely with the digestive system, helping to ward off any lingering entities in this zone that may be contributing to mood disorder. The gut and our moods are very much interconnected, and smokey quartz knows how to bring about balance. 

From an external to internal point of view, smokey quartz will help to protect you from any radiation and electromagnetic smog that puts your physical body at risk. Sometimes, it is merely these elements that are causing imbalance in the body, giving the illusion of illness and even mental disorder. 

Other Names for Smoky Quartz 

Cairngorm Stone 

During the Victorian age, a form of smokey quartz was found in the Carnigorm mountain range. It amazed the people, and was eventually adorned as an official royal gem by the queen herself. 

Cairngorm stone is sometimes also referred to as Cairngorm quartz, or simply ‘Cairngorm’. Keep an eye out for this form of smokey quartz when shopping around. It’s not common, but it’s a great piece for any crystal collection. 

The Cairngorm stone meaning is a little different relative to regular smoky quartz. This particular strain is said to be immensely effective in warding off evil spirts, which is something that regular quartz is not really concerned with. 

Morion Quartz 

When there is a uranium deposit near to a quartz one, there is a natural radiation that changes the crystals from light to dark. Morion quartz forms just like this, and holds a very dark black hue, while remaining translucent. 

It’s considered to be the sister to smoky quartz, and the stones are not radioactive despite their formation process. 

Like Cairngorm stone, Morion quartz is also an effective balancer of dark-side energy. 

Smoky Quartz Chakra 

one piece of smoky quartz on a white textured surface

So, what does smoky quartz do? Smoky quartz is one of few dark stones that works directly with the solar plexus chakra, which is the energy hub situated in the pit of the stomach, just in front of the aorta. 

Usually, we do grounding work via the root chakra, but smoky quartz prefers to work from this central point, allowing it to ground the chakras both above and below the hub. The best work is done when the stone is placed directly on the chakra itself, while the user is laying flat on their back. 

Smoky quartz will unblock, balance and replenish the flow to this chakra zone, bringing positive effects in ways that probably won’t even be verbalized by the person experiencing them. This kind of work happens subtly and quietly, but it goes on to positively affect the individual for weeks and months to come. 

What is Smoky Quartz Used for? 

Like most stones with dark hues, the smoky quartz crystal has played a very important role in energetic healing and spiritual practices throughout history. Even the royals, who had no inkling of the energetic benefits of these stones, would have received substantial effects on the body and mind just by wearing them as jewels. 

Smoked quartz seems to be most commonly used for the purpose of moving on from very painful experiences. This may involve high levels of grief and despair, or simply residual trauma that is working negatively on the body or mind of the individual. 

It is thought that this stone can guide an individual into a much higher state of being, allowing them to see their given circumstances from a more wholesome, accepting perspective, and not from victim consciousness. This is quite a profound adjustment to make to one’s point of view, but it’s necessary to note that these stones will never give you more than you can handle, or more than you are ready for. 

hand holding smoky black raw crystal on a white background

Smoky Quartz Meaning

The smoky quartz stone is the national gem of Scotland, which in itself is testament to what this crystal has meant to people for centuries. It is considered to be a sacred stone, and it is the birthstone for all Scorpios that dwell on Earth. 

Dating back even further than Scottish history, smoky quartz was around in ancient times, and was actually used quite frequently. This is because it is a soft stone, and was easy to cut in times when electronic machinery was not yet an option. 

In Ancient China, smokey quartz was the stone of choice in the making of the infamous snuff bottles. In addition, the Ancient Sumerians invented the art of writing, and would write things onto slates of smoky quartz, some of which have been preserved to this day. 

Later on, the Ancient Egyptians found their own meaning in the stone, and used it to make beads and other kinds of jewelry. It is likely that they had a clear understanding of the metaphysical properties that the stone possesses. 

How to Charge Smoky Quartz

There is a vast amount of energetic absorption that occurs within the crystalline structure of smoky quartz. For this reason, the crystals need to be properly cleansed and recharged on a regular basis. 

Ideally, more than once a month would be preferable, but at a minimum crystal cleansing should take place on a monthly basis so to keep your stones in optimal working order. 

Use any of the following methods for cleansing smoky quartz:

  • Bury your smoky quartz in the garden and leave them there for up to 48 hours. 
  • Submerge your stones in a saltwater solution for up to 24 hours. 
  • Leave smoky quartz under the light of the full moon, and retrieve the following morning. 
  • Use prayer to send the intention for cleansing from your mind’s eye into the stone. 
  • Burn incense over your crystals and set intentions for cleansing. 
  • Should you encounter a rainstorm, leave your smoky quartz outside.
  • Hold your stone under running water for a minimum of one minute, and towel dry. 

Smoky Quartz Value

seven pieces of smoky prism crystals on a white background

First things first: quartz crystals are generally the most imitated stones on the market, and there is a major problem worldwide with retailers who are selling fake versions of the stones. Most forms of quartz can be easily imitated using glass and different color dyes, so whenever you’re shopping for crystals it is essential that you do so through reputable stores. 

As mentioned, fake smoky quartz isn’t common, but it is possible. Be on the lookout for any smoky quartz gemstone that looks far too pristine to have come out of the Earth; this is simply not the nature of the hues in these stones. 

The cost of smokey quartz depends on the size and cut of the stone in question. You can buy offcuts of tumbled quartz for as little as a dollar, while larger point-cuts of the stone may set you back between $15 to $30. 

Smoky Quartz Jewelry

Smoky Quartz Ring 

One of the best ways to make daily contact with a healing crystal is to wear it as jewelry. Smokey quartz is used quite often in the making of esoteric pieces that can be worn around the body.

A ring is a wonderful jewelry option for anyone looking to use crystal energy during meditation. Having it attached to your hands at all times means that when you come to a place of meditation the crystal is at the ready.

Bear in mind that although a smoky quartz ring features just a tiny piece of the stone, there is creative labor and additional materials required to complete the piece. This will drive the price up, despite the fact that a smoky quartz stone in ring size would usually not cost more than some spare change. 

Smoky Quartz Earrings 

There is something to be said about wearing healing crystals on either side of one’s head. Though this isn’t a distinguished chakra zone, the ears mark the perfect point of access for the crown, third eye and throat chakras simultaneously. 

Having the energy of smoky quartz radiating from the ear region means that all three of these chakras will be stimulated as you go about your day. Crystal earrings tend to work very gently with the human aura, so this won’t be intense work that leaves you dizzy and disoriented. 

That being said, there have been some reports of smokey quartz earrings leaving the wearer feeling slightly drained come the end of the day. This is because smoky quartz is a grounding stone, and when it works with the upper chakras near the head it has this grounding effect on them. Essentially, it’s pulling them downward, anchoring to the Earth despite their natural tendency to stay up in the clouds. The effect is mild lethargy, and the minute you remove the earrings you’ll find your energy stabilizes in a tangible way. 

Cairngorm Brooch 

When the Cairngorm quartz was found in the mountains of Scotland, there were multiple pieces of jewelry made with it for the royals, including a series of brooches. 

There are replica brooches in circulation today, as some people quite like the look and feel of this kind of accessory. The brooches typically feature a circular piece of smokey quartz in the center, surrounded by Scottish hallmarks stamped into the metal. 

Brooches aren’t very popular amongst younger generations anymore, but a Cairngorm brooch is considered to be somewhat of an heirloom. Consequently, different varieties of these brooches have been made, some featuring gemstones such as citrine in place of the quartz. 

Smoky Quartz Pendant 

We love a generously sized smokey quartz pendant suspended from a lengthy chain or string. When hung around the neck, this piece will sit perfectly on top of the solar plexus chakra, the very energy hub that smoky quartz is affiliated with. 

Keeping your crystal so close, as you go about your day, will allow intimate work to occur between your energy field and that of the crystal. 

What’s more, smoky quartz pendants can actually be used as pendulum stones when not in use as necklaces. Quartz is not typically useful in the making of pendulums, but smoky quartz is energetically sensitive enough to do this kind of work.

For a necklace/pendulum duo, choose a smoky quartz pendant that is at least one inch in length. 

Tumbled Smoky Quartz

many pieces of smooth white and smoky stones close up top view

To put it simply, a tumbled stone means that a crystal has been polished. This entails the batch of raw crystals being placed in a powerful machine that essentially tumbles them around until all rough edges disappear entirely. 

The result are smooth and shiny crystals that look like gleaming pebbles or forms of sea-glass. Smoky quartz tumbled is a popular feature in homes that have crystals on display in vases. These tumbled stones can be purchased in large quantities quite inexpensively, with the result that filling a vase for aesthetic appeal is perfectly doable. 

When working with crystals directly on the body, tumbled stones make for more gentle tools compared to raw ones. Raw crystals may have sharp, uncomfortable edges, which isn’t always ideal for placing on the skin. A tumbled stone is also easier to roll over the limbs if this kind of healing is required. 

Smoky Quartz Sphere

Speaking of rolling crystals, some forms of large smoky quartz are actually tumbled into perfect spheres, resembling the age-old device known as a crystal ball. 

Balls of smoky quartz are usually used for display in a home or workspace, such as a reiki or yoga studio. They deliver their healing properties and electromagnetic absorption to the surroundings in general, as opposed to working with one individual energy field. 

That being said, when placed directly on the body, or held in the palm of one’s hand, the crystal ball starts to make strides in working with an individual one on one. Like tumbled stones, smoky quartz balls are great tools to use on the physical body as they are smooth and pliable. 

Contrary to fairytale books, smoky quartz spheres will not induce your psychic abilities or show you scenes from the future. 

Large Smoky Quartz Cluster

Most crystals grow in clusters. Generally, quartz forms inside of cavities, thus creating geodes. When we break open these geodes, we reveal dozens of crystal clusters that seem to be overlapping and growing out of one another. 

Breaking a geode formation into individual segments is how we get a large smoky quartz cluster. These are fantastic crystal formations to feature inside of one’s home, and they can bring electromagnetic purification to large spaces with ease. 

Smoky quartz clusters can absorb vast amounts of radiation, which means your body will absorb less of it. Like small stones, large smoky quartz clusters will also need to be cleansed and recharged from time to time. 

The easiest way to do this is to use the light of the full moon once a month, by leaving your crystals outside overnight. Alternatively you can place your cluster in the bath and allow water to run over it for about 3 minutes. 

Smoky Quartz Generator

three pieces of smoky quartz hand holding one prism

When a crystal has been shaped into a generator, it is said that it will result in amplification of all properties that the stone holds naturally. A generator crystal typically has a flat bottom, and the top is carved into a point with five or six geometric sides. 

The point-forming end of the stone is thought to transmit a lot of necessary information between the user and the rest of the universe. There is much energetic exchange that takes place when working with this style of crystal. 

Smoky quartz generators can be small enough to fit into your purse, or large enough to display on a shelf in your home. Because of the radiation-pulling abilities of this particular crystal, a smoky quartz generator may be the most effective shape to have in a home-space. 

More than this, generator crystals look good in any interior, as they hold themselves upright and look like they were placed with intention, as opposed to simply having landed there for convenience’s sake.  

Smoky Quartz Pendulum

As mentioned, smoky quartz is one of few quartz-forms that make for effective pendulum stones. 

Pendulums are used to indicate the flow, or lack thereof, of energy. For example, reiki practitioners usually hold a pendulum over areas of the body where they perceive a blockage, and the device will confirm or deny this inclination. 

Pendulums can be beneficial for personal use as well. If you’ve invested in a smoky quartz necklace, this pendant can usually double as a pendulum and you can hold it steady until it starts to show you a flow of energy. 

Pendulums can be asked very direct yes or no questions, and they will usually indicate the intuitive knowing of the user by bringing forward their subconscious belief in the answer. 

Like all healing crystals, smokey quartz used as a pendulum stone also needs to be cleansed and recharged regularly. 


If it were up to us, we’d use a smoky quartz generator as the central stone to every crystal grid we build. The grounding yet nurturing energy of the stones pave the way for fast, effective healing, and smoky quartz also has an amplifying effect on anything vibrational that surrounds it. 

Try to use smoky quartz in your day to day experience, and you’ll soon see why people have been singing its praises since as early as Ancient China. 

If you are interested in incorporating crystals into your life, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of a crystal that resonates with you. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of calm and serenity. Also, if you are interested in reading more about anxiety and crystals, check out our comprehensive blog post on the 15 Best Crystals for Anxiety!

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