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Lava: Complete Guide (2024)

molten lava rock

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about lava, including its meaning, properties, types, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


Lava is a powerful stone that contains strong paradoxical energies. Its name is very fitting because it is literally formed from molten lava that erupts from a volcano!

This stone is birthed from fire and conceived from the womb of mother earth–it’s magical! Read on to discover more about lava in our complete guide.

  • Lava Rock Meaning
    • What is Lava Stone
      • What is Lava Made of
      • Lava Stone Spiritual Meaning
      • What is Lava Stone Good for
    • Lava Rock Healing
    • Lava Chakra
    • Lava Rock Benefits
    • Where does Lava Rock Come from
  • Lava Properties
    • Lava Healing Properties
    • Lava Metaphysical Properties
  • Lava Stone Types
    • Natural Lava Stone
    • Polished Lava Stone
  • Lava Stone Color
    • Black Lava Stone
      • Black Lava Meaning
        • Black Lava Spiritual Meaning
    • White Lava Stone
      • White Lava Stone Meaning
  • Lava Jewelry
    • Lava Bracelet
      • Lava Bracelet Meaning
      • Lava Stone Bracelet Benefits
      • Lava Stone Bracelet for Essential Oils
      • How to Use a Lava Bracelet
      • Men's Lava Rock Bracelet
      • Real Lava Stone Bracelet
      • Lava Bead Bracelet for Anxiety
    • Lava Necklace
    • Lava Rock Ring
  • Lava Uses
    • Lava Beads
      • Lava Beads Meaning
      • How to Tell if Lava Beads are Real
      • Lava Beads Benefits
      • How to Clean Lava Beads
      • How do Lava Beads Work with Essential Oils
      • Black Lava Beads
      • White Lava Beads
      • Natural Lava Beads
    • Lava Stone Countertop
    • Lava Rocks for Charcoal Grill
    • Lava Stone Cookware
    • Lava Rock for Drainage
    • Lava Stone Tiles
    • Lava Stone Slab
  • How to Clean Lava Stone
    • How to Clean Lava Bead Bracelet
    • How to Clean Lava Rock Bracelet
    • How to Clean Lava Stone Grill
  • How to Shape Lava Rock
    • Lava Stone for Jewelry Making
  • Lava Rock for Sale
    • Lava Stone Price
    • Red Lava Rock for Sale
    • Lava Rock for Sale Near Me
      • Lava Beads at Walmart
      • Lava Rock Bracelet on Etsy

Lava Rock Meaning

Lava rock contains two paradoxical meanings. On the one hand, it contains fire energy which evokes passion as well as raw and assertive energy. And on the other hand, it contains practical restraint and balance. This combination is great for helping humans thrive in our fast-paced modern society.

What is Lava Stone

Lava stone is literally lava rock that has been left behind after a volcanic eruption. As molten lava erupts out of a volcano and flows over the earth’s surface, the liquid lava cools and then turns into a solid.

What is Lava Made of

As mentioned above, lava is literally made of molten lava! It is a fine-grained volcanic rock. It contains mostly pyroxene and plagioclase minerals. The rock itself is very porous due to it being formed from fiery, bubbling, swirling streams of lava.

Lava Stone Spiritual Meaning

The two spiritual paradoxical energies within lava stone are fire and earth. Fire being unpredictable and destructive and earth being calm and steady. These of course are fire and earth at their extremes.

In ancient times, early human settlements that were situated close to volcanoes used lava stone for practical and magical purposes.

What is Lava Stone Good for

Lava stone is very good for creating balance and harmony. Its opposite energies help balance emotions and create harmony in the mind. It’s also a very good stone for grounding. The stone strengthens our connection with the earth and keeps us within the present moment.

Lava Rock Healing

When our root chakra or our “muladhara” is in alignment then we reap the beneficial and healing results. We feel secure and safe and we make practical decisions.

We have the confidence to try new things and explore new avenues in life. These feelings are extremely healing.

Lava Chakra

As mentioned above, lava stone resonates most with the root chakra. This chakra is found at the base of the spine. When it is in alignment we are able to move through the earth feeling grounded, which ensures our earthly survival.

This is lava rock protection. Feeling grounded is a big part of being in the present moment, which is arguably the most important spiritual practice. 

lava rock

Lava Rock Benefits

Lava gemstone has an array of long term benefits. If you truly tap into this stone’s spiritual energy then any of the below benefits are possible for you.

Lava stone is known to help you overcome failures, promote rational thinking, calm your emotions, help you accept loss or death as well as overcome fear.

Where does Lava Rock Come from

Lava rock literally comes from molten lava! It is formed when molten lava flows over the earth, cools and then turns into solid rock.

Its formation normally takes place outside of the volcano, however, the rock has also been known to form inside the volcano.

Lava Properties

In this section we’re going to cover the healing properties of lava as well as its metaphysical properties!

Lava Healing Properties

If you really tap into this stone’s healing properties you may very well experience: new beginnings, enhanced creativity, strength and protection, purification and cleansing, improved libido, fertility support and the ability to slow a racing mind.

All of this won’t just magically happen though! You have to put in the work by meditating with the stone every day.

Lava Metaphysical Properties

Many ancient people in ancient civilisations prepared food on hot lava stones which is apparently ideal for cooking. This stone was also used in many sacred, spiritual rituals within these communities.

Beads, masks, animal carvings and vessels have all been uncovered across the world which date back as far as eight thousand years.

Lava Stone Types

Like most precious stones, there are different types of lava stone out there. We are going to cover all the different types of lava stone in the paragraphs below. The different lava stone types include: natural lava stone and polished lava stone.

Natural Lava Stone

Natural lava stone is porous, rough to the touch and either jet black or different shades of charcoal and grey. The stone can be in its natural, porous form in the shape of tumbled beads.

And these beads can then be made into bracelets. It can also be in the form of raw chunks that have been freshly dug up from the earth.

Polished Lava Stone

Funnily enough, polished lava stone is also porous. But instead of being rough to the touch it has a sheen to it. The polishing also shapes the stone into spheres or tumbled pieces.

You won’t find polished lava stone in ragged, natural chunks. Natural lava stone and polished lava stone can both be included in jewellery pieces. The beads do not have to be polished to be included in jewellery.

Lava Stone Color

Again, like most gemstones, lava stone is available in different colors. In our opinion, the more the merrier when it comes to color. Read on to find out all you need to know about black lava stone and white lava stone.

Black Lava Stone

Black lava stone is the signature color when it comes to this gemstone. However, one black does not fit all! There are different shades of this black that range from jet black to charcoal to lighter shades of grey. If you’re wanting to purchase some lava stone then which shade you go for is purely up to your personal taste.

Black Lava Meaning

Some lava stones are blacker than others, and this is why… There are parts of the lava flow (from the volcano) that cool quicker than other parts. And this results in certain rocks cooling and forming in blacker shades than others. The outer surface of the lava flow creates blacker rocks.

Black Lava Spiritual Meaning

Black lava stone emits a lot of calming energy and is a great tool to have for the calming of your emotions. These stones come from raw energy and because of this they are thought to encapsulate rebirth and to help you shed layers of unwanted emotional attachment to things or ideas.

White Lava Stone

white lava bracelet

White lava stone is beautiful and literally the antithesis of black lava stone when it comes to color. White lava stone is the Yin to black lava stones Yang. Your preference and personal taste will determine which version of lava stone you go for.

White Lava Stone Meaning

Also known as “pumice”, white lava stone is known as the stone of strength. It’s believed to help with the alleviation of anxiety. It also helps with cleansing negative thoughts. It is also thought to promote budding waves of creativity in the mind. 

Lava Jewellery

In this section we’ll be covering all the different types of lava jewellery. These include: lava bracelets, lava bracelets and essential oils, lava necklaces and lava rings. We’ll also be delving a little deeper into the meanings and benefits of wearing these different types of jewellery. So, read on! 

Lava Bracelet

Lava bracelets come in a variety of different styles and colors but are almost always beaded all the way around. They may consist solely of lava beads or they may be interspersed with other gemstones or other metals like silver.

There are also certain designs that possess clasps and those are the more expensive options.

Lava Bracelet Meaning

Lava stone bracelets have also been associated with masculine energy. According to Native American history, warriors would go into battle wearing bracelets of lava stone because they believed it would give them strength and courage. 

Lava Stone Bracelet Benefits

Benefits that are more relevant to modern-day life include wearing a lava stone bracelet for the purpose of emotional support, stress relief and grounding.

We live in such a fast-paced world with technology in our faces pretty much every minute of every day. So, grounding yourself and feeling calm is such an important part of life as we know it!

Lava Stone Bracelet for Essential Oils

Something incredibly cool about lava beads on a bracelet is the fact that because of the porous nature of the beads, it is possible to add essential oils to them.

This results in the absorption of the oil and the scent into the pores of the beads. An amazing smelling bracelet is the outcome!

How to Use a Lava Bracelet

Activating your lava bracelet beads with essential oils is a unique and delicious way of using your lava bracelet. Paired with the healing and metaphysical properties of the actual lava rock, the divine smell of essential oils boosts mood and positive energy. It’s an added bonus!

Men's Lava Rock Bracelet

The men’s lava rock bracelets that are available online are mostly made up of black lava beads. Sometimes there are other colored beads included in the design.

Metals like gold and silver are sometimes included as well. For a more affordable piece adjustable bracelets that are held together by twine are also available.

Real Lava Stone Bracelet

Technically, there isn’t really such a thing as a red lava stone bracelet. There are lava stone bracelets that are dyed red to create a seven chakra colors bracelet. A seven chakra colors bracelet has seven chakra stones dyed seven different colors (in representation of the seven chakras).

There is a red, pink, yellow, green, turquoise, blue and lavender color bead on the bracelet interspersed among the rest of the black beads.

Lava Bead Bracelet for Anxiety

Lava rock is a powerfully grounding stone to begin with. Coupled with the calming and soothing effects of smelling essential oils, it can be concluded that this is an effective stone when it comes to reducing anxiety.

Surrounding yourself with beautiful things has an effect on your mood. So, surrounding yourself with beautiful aromas will definitely do the same thing.

Lava Necklace

There are tons of design options when it comes to a lava necklace. There are dainty necklace designs as well as dainty pendant designs that are available to buy online.

The dainty pendant designs include a metal like silver, gold or gold plate with tiny lava beads as the pendant or jagged raw-looking lava rock as the pendant. Wearing lava stone close to your throat chakra is also beneficial.

Lava Rock Ring

lava rock ring

If you thought there were a ton of lava necklace designs options out there then you’ll be blown away by the plethora of lava rock ring options there are! From raw stones to polished stones to silver rings with a rock on the end to lava rock all around the circumference of the ring…there is something for everybody!

Lava Uses

The purpose of lava rocks is extensive. In this next section we’re going to be covering all these uses. The uses of lava stone include: beads, countertops, rocks for charcoal grill, cookware, drainage and tiles. Clearly it’s a very versatile stone!

Lava Beads

Utilizing lava stone for the purpose of making beads for jewellery is a common practice. The defining feature that makes lava beads so different from any other bead of a precious stone is the fact that they are porous.

This porous texture is super unique and adds to another use which we’ll cover in the next few paragraphs.

Lava Beads Meaning

The meaning behind wearing any gemstone in the form of beaded jewellery is that of intensifying the stones metaphysical and healing properties.  Wearing any powerful precious stone on your body as jewellery points to the wearer wanting to channel the benefits of that stone to the next level.

How to Tell if Lava Beads are Real

Lava beads are porous and have a spongy texture with tiny holes all around them. A tell-tale sign that lava beads may be fake is if all the holes are uniform and of the same size. That indicates that the holes were not formed naturally by bubbling molten lava.

Lava Beads Benefits

Lava stone beads are known to help people who are experiencing anger and negativity to transform those feelings into feelings of courage and strength. It is believed that wearing lava stone beads is an extremely grounding and transformative experience for the wearer.

How to Clean Lava Beads

Soap and water is the best way to clean lava beads. Place lukewarm water in a bowl with any kind of soap. Then mix the water so that soap bubbles form. Then, submerge your bracelet in the mixture for a few seconds. Remove the bracelet and gently dry it with a towel.

How do Lava Beads Work with Essential Oils

The porous holes on the outside of each lava bead are great for essential oil diffusing. The pores on the beads trap the essential oil molecules which results in the aroma effectively clinging on to the beads. And as a result you have a divine smelling bracelet.

Black Lava Beads

Black is the color that comes to mind when one talks about lava beads in general, right? They are the OG of lava beads! The shades of black vary from light grey to charcoal to jet black. The color of the bead all depends on where the rock was formed in the lava flow as we discussed above.

White Lava Beads

White lava beads (also known as pumice) are such a contrast to black lava beads. An awesome feature of this variation is the fact that they can be easily dyed different colors. There are strings and strings of rainbow colored lava beads available to purchase online!

Natural Lava Beads

If the authenticity of your lava beads is important to you then you should definitely make sure that they are natural lava beads not manufactured ones.

Natural lava beads have porous indentations on the surface area of every bead. And these holes will be irregular and unique in shape. Look out for that when making sure that your lava beads are, in fact, natural.

Lava Stone Countertop

house interior

Lava stone is a popular material that is used for making kitchen countertops. The colors of these countertops vary as a dyed enamel glaze is baked over the stone so that it can be whatever color you wish it to be. It is a relatively new material to be used for this purpose and is a direct competitor of granite and marble.

Lava Rocks for Charcoal Grill

Lava rocks are popular tools for charcoal grills. They are great at retaining heat which is why they are used. Because of the porous nature of the rocks, they retain a lot of heat. Heat is stored within the pores. The pores also ensure steady and uniform heat on the grill. 

Lava Stone Cookware

There is a ton of cookware made out of lava stone. Pots, pans and skillets from different brands are all available for purchase. The reason that lava stone cookware is so popular is due to the fact that the nature of the stone makes it naturally good at providing steady heat on its entire surface area. Therefore, whatever you are cooking will cook evenly throughout.

Lava Rock for Drainage

Lava rocks are used for drainage purposes as well. Placing lava stones at the bottom of a pot plant before adding the soil to it will provide your plant with the necessary drainage it needs to thrive. Adequate drainage prevents root rot in your plant as the water will not be sitting in the soil, it will drain away.

Lava Stone Tiles

Lava stone tiles are used to tile floors of homes as well as bathrooms. Popular tile colors include grey, charcoal and tan. The look of lava stone on tiles is very similar to the look of most stone tiles that consist of a different type of stone.

Lava Stone Slab

lava rock slab

Lava stone can be sold in the form of slabs. You can, therefore, buy a lava stone slab. The reason they’re sold in slabs is due to all the building that gets done with lava stone as the material.

For example, in order to create lava stone countertops builders first need to get hold of the material. And in this case, lava stone material comes in the form of lava stone slabs.

How to Clean Lava Stone

The products used to clean lava stone should be gentle cleansers. In other words, they shouldn’t contain acid or any other stronger substances. Soap and shampoo are suitable cleansers. Adding these to warm water and then gently cleansing lava stone from there is the best method.

How to Clean Lava Bead Bracelet

As mentioned above, water and mild soapy water is the way to go! Submerging your bracelet in the water for a few seconds and then gently drying it afterwards is known to be the most effective method.

How to Clean Lava Stone Grill

First and foremost, it is suggested to let a lava stone grill soak before attempting to clean it for the purpose of easier cleaning. After this step, use warm water, vinegar and lemon combined with a scrubbing brush or a sponge. Physically clean the stone grill with the brush or sponge until entirely clean.

How to Shape Lava Rock

One way to shape lava rock is through the use of hand chiseling as well as modern carving techniques. Many artisans across the world, especially in Italy, are well trained in the art of stone carving.

This is done by starting with a hand axe for the basic shape, then moving on to a large chisel and hammer to further shape, and lastly moving on to a smaller chisel to carve the finer details.

Lava Stone for Jewellery Making

There is a lot of lava stone that gets used across the board for the purpose of jewellery making. It is one of lava stones main uses in the modern world. Diffuser bracelets would probably be the most popular piece of lava stone jewellery.

Lava Rock for Sale

If you’re looking for lava stone, you won’t struggle to find a place to buy it! It’s a common rock amongst precious stones. Depending on your preference you can either buy lava rock online or go in-person to a store and buy some!

Lava Stone Price

Lava stone is not expensive. It costs around 22 cents for 100g of lava rock. If you’re wanting to buy jewellery then the price will go up marginally. How much it goes up  depends on how many additional materials are used in the design. Additional materials include silver, gold, copper and bronze as examples.

Red Lava Rock for Sale

Contrary to popular belief, red lava rock is not dyed. It is naturally red in color. The red coloration is formed during the eruption of the volcano. While the volcano is erupting, iron is oxidised which causes this color change in the stone. If you Google “red lava rock for sale” you should be able to source where this variation of lava rock can be purchased near you!

Lava Rock for Sale Near Me

If you type in the phrase “lava rock for sale near me” on Google or whichever online search engine you prefer, be assured that your nearest supplier of lava rock will pop up on your screen! Because of its popularity and versatility, lava rock is widely available and distributed. 

Lava Beads at Walmart

Just to give you an idea on the price of lava beads, A 10mm string of lava beads from Walmart costs five dollars and ninety nine cents. Walmart is a huge department store that stocks a wide variety of different products. Another big store (online this time) is Etsy. We’re going to expand on that below!

Lava Rock Bracelet on Etsy

If you’re looking for a ballpark figure on the price of a lava rock bracelet then

Etsy is the place to look! A typical lava rock bracelet costs around about fourteen dollars on Etsy. This bracelet design is very basic with no added materials except for the twine which holds it together.


Lava stone may not be the most beautiful precious stone out there, but it does have the most character! This ancient rock contains much mysticism. Its alleged healing powers make it compelling and interesting. And its versatility has placed it in high demand around the world!

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