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Jasper: Complete Guide (2024)

jasper stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about jasper, including its meaning, properties, types, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


Well, hello there! We’re so glad you decided to join us because, today, we’re going to be discussing a stone you all know and love – jasper. The jasper rock has developed a god-tier status within rock and gemstone communities throughout the ages.

The seemingly never-ending love and respect that communities all over the globe have for jasper is a testament to its worth. But, why is it valued so highly? Does it have to do with the stone’s fascinating history? Or is it a result of its mind-blowing physical and metaphysical properties?

Well, you’ll just have to stay tuned to find out. In this article, we’ll be chatting about all things jasper. We’re leaving no stone unturned as we provide you with fun jasper facts, jasper images, and every bit of information on what makes this stone so unique and incredible. 

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Introduction
    • Jasper Meaning
    • What is Jasper
      • What does Jasper Look Like
      • What Color is Jasper
      • How to Identify Jasper
      • Is Jasper a Quartz
      • What does Jasper Symbolize
      • What is the Spiritual Meaning of Jasper?
      • Is Jasper Stone Expensive
    • Jasper Stone Benefits
    • Where is Jasper Found
      • Egyptian Jasper
      • Oregon Jasper
      • Brazilian Jasper
      • Russian Jasper
      • Arizona Jasper
      • Michigan Jasper
  • Jasper Properties
  • Jasper Color
    • Red Jasper
      • Red Jasper Meaning
      • What is Red Jasper Good for?
      • What are the Healing Properties of Red Jasper?
    • Green Jasper
      • Types of Green Jasper
        • Evergreen Jasper
        • Oregon Green Jasper
    • Blue Jasper
      • Blue Jasper Meaning
        • What is Blue Jasper Good for?
    • Brown Jasper
      • Brown Jasper Types
    • Black Jasper
    • Clear Jasper 
    • Pink Jasper
    • Purple Jasper
    • Rainbow Jasper
    • Yellow Jasper
      • Yellow Jasper Meaning
    • Blood Jasper
    • Gold Jasper
  • Jasper vs Other Stones
    • Jasper and Carnelian
    • Brecciated Jasper vs Red Jasper
    • Mahogany Obsidian vs Brecciated Jasper
    • Red Jasper and Carnelian
    • Jasper vs Quartz
  • Types of Jasper
    • Banded Jasper
      • Banded Jasper Meaning
    • Raw Jasper
      • Raw Green Jasper
      • Raw Blue Jasper
    • Natural Jasper
    • Brecciated Jasper
      • What is Brecciated Jasper
      • What is Brecciated Jasper Used for
    • Tumbled Jasper
      • Tumbled Green Jasper
      • Tumbled Black Jasper
  • Jasper Varieties
    • Dalmatian Jasper
      • Dalmatian Jasper Meaning
      • Dalmatian Jasper Properties
        • Dalmatian Jasper Healing Properties
      • Cleansing Dalmatian Jasper
    • Ocean Jasper
      • What is Ocean Jasper Good for?
    • Mookaite Jasper
      • Where is Mookaite Jasper Found?
    • Leopard Skin Jasper
      • Leopard Jasper Meaning
      • Leopard Skin Jasper Origin
    • Elephant Skin Jasper
      • Elephant Jasper Uses
    • Picasso Jasper 
      • Picasso Jasper Meaning
        • Picasso Jasper Origin
    • Sea Jasper
    • Tree Jasper
    • Mahogany Jasper
    • Spirit Jasper
    • Marble Jasper
    • Brown Zebra Jasper
    • Wood Jasper
    • Imperial Jasper
      • Imperial Jasper Meaning
    • Blue Imperial Jasper
    • Sea Sediment Jasper
      • Sea Sediment Jasper Meaning
    • Sanskrit Jasper
    • Desert Jasper
      • Desert Jasper Meaning
    • Impression Jasper
      • Impression Jasper Meaning
    • Rainforest Jasper
      • Rainforest Jasper Meaning
    • Aqua Terra Jasper
      • Aqua Terra Jasper Meaning
    • Basanite Jasper
    • Plum Jasper
    • Autumn Jasper
    • Orbital Jasper
    • Wave Jasper
    • Chestnut Jasper
      • Chestnut Jasper Meaning
    • Snow Jasper
    • Lotus Jasper
      • Lotus Jasper Meaning
    • Sandstone Jasper
    • Moss Jasper
      • Moss Jasper Meaning
    • Royal Plume Jasper
    • Exotica Jasper 
      • Exotica Jasper Meaning
    • Kaleidoscope Jasper 
      • Kaleidoscope Jasper Meaning
    • Earth Jasper
    • Mosaic Jasper
    • Tiger Jasper 
      • Tiger Jasper Meaning
    • Brown Snowflake Jasper 
      • Brown Snowflake Jasper Meaning
    • Galaxy Jasper
      • Galaxy Jasper Meaning
    • Eagle Eye Jasper
      • Eagle Eye Jasper Meaning
    • Blue Snakeskin Jasper
      • Blue Snakeskin Jasper Meaning
    • Spiderweb Jasper
  • Jasper Jewelry
    • Jasper Ring
      • Jasper Engagement Ring
    • Jasper Bracelet
      • Jasper Bracelet Meaning
      • Picasso Jasper Bracelet
    • Jasper Necklace
      • Red Jasper Necklace
        • Red Jasper Necklace Meaning
    • Jasper Pendant
      • Jasper Pendant Meaning
  • Uses Of Jasper
    • Jasper Box
    • Jasper Beads
    • Sea Sediment Jasper Beads
      • Sea Sediment Jasper Beads Meaning
      • Dalmatian Jasper Beads
    • Jasper Heart
      • Dalmatian Jasper Heart
    • Jasper Sphere
      • Brecciated Jasper Sphere
  • Jasper Rock for Sale
    • Jasper Price
      • Red Jasper Price
      • How Much is Poppy Jasper Worth
      • Yellow Jasper Stone Price
      • Jasper Stone Price per Carat
  • Conclusion

Jasper Meaning

Jasper has a variety of spectacular meanings, so don’t go trying to box this stone in. The Jasper gemstone is commonly thought of as having spiritual properties that evoke feelings of peace, balance and stability.

Anyone who uses jasper in their spiritual practice will understand that it is a powerfully grounding stone that connects its users to Mother Gaia as well as their own energetic and physical bodies.

Jasper represents protection and security, which will come as no surprise to those who have used jasper in order to shield themselves from harmful and negative energies. This precious stone is also symbolic of the fire element - which is why it is often used to boost energy, libido, and motivation.

Jasper stone bible references contribute even more toward the stone’s symbolic value. The gemstone is mentioned in the book of Revelation, wherein it is named as a vital instrument in building the New Jerusalem. It is also mentioned as one of the twelve precious stones that decorate the city walls.

Because of its vast and cavernous spiritual meanings, jasper has been regarded as a sacred stone for centuries, and throughout history, it has brought healing through ceremonial and ritualistic use.

What is Jasper

To put it simply (or as simply as we possibly can), jasper is an opaque, microcrystalline variety of either cryptocrystalline chalcedony or quartz.

Sometimes, it is even a combination of both of these minerals that results in this unique sedimentary rock. Aside from being a transformative tool in spiritual practices, jasper is frequently used as a decorative stone in ornaments and jewelry.

To get into a bit of jasper geology, the stone has a vitreous luster, a hexagonal crystal system, and its ranking of 6.5-7 on the Mohs hardness scale indicates that it is an especially hard stone. However, jasper is not merely defined by its physical characteristics.

For example, jasper mythology dates back thousands of years. In ancient mythology, jasper was understood to have protective and healing powers. Ancient Egyptians used the stone to ward off evil energies and spirits, while in ancient Greece, jasper was even used to try to fight off physical illnesses.

From its association with the Hindu god of wisdom to its significance in ancient Chinese and Native American cultures, jasper has played a major role in the development of cultures throughout the ages. As a result, the stone is defined equally by its physical beauty and its global significance. 

elephant jasper

What does Jasper Look Like

There’s no denying that jasper has a strong, unwavering beauty. It is typically associated with a matte, brick red color, but although jasper is more commonly red in color, it can also deviate into various shades of orange, yellow, and brown.

Prized for its remarkable patterns, jasper’s detailing can vary from stone to stone. Sometimes, jasper’s patterns can even mimic animals, landscapes, and plants – and these designs occur entirely naturally. The unique colors and physical qualities of jasper make it a favorite amongst stone collectors and jewelry designers. 

What Color is Jasper

We all know and love the bright, matte red color most commonly associated with jasper. And why wouldn’t we? We certainly can’t name any other stone that has the same deep and moody, yet colorful and vibrant quality of red jasper. However, jasper can range dramatically in color to include shades of orange, purple, black, yellow, green, blue, and brown. In addition, these shades vary from muted to bright, adding even more dimension to jasper’s color palette. 

How to Identify Jasper

Let the treasure hunt begin! When identifying jasper, remember that the stone is defined by its opacity and so a jasper will never appear to be transparent. A jasper is just as hard as it is opaque, so it certainly will not crumble under pressure – both figuratively and literally.

If you know your stuff and you are willing to give the acid test a try, you can scratch your stone with hydrochloric acid to indicate whether or not you’re looking at a jasper. An authentic jasper stone will not have a reaction (such as bubbling) to hydrochloric acid. When identifying jasper, look at the big picture.

Do its qualities all come together to ensure that the stone is authentically jasper? If so, congratulations! You’re about to receive a whole lot of blessings and protection. 

Is Jasper a Quartz

Jasper can form in one of three ways – as jasper quartz, chalcedony jasper, or as a combination of both quartz and chalcedony. So, jasper is often a quartz, but it is not always a quartz. However, as chalcedony is comprised of both moganite and quartz, a jasper will always have quartz as one of its major components. 

What does Jasper Symbolize

We’ve already touched on jasper’s many spiritual meanings, but let’s delve in a bit deeper. For centuries, jasper has been cherished by cultures across the globe as a stabilizing, protecting, and grounding stone.

In this way, jasper symbolizes balance, safety, and inner serenity. It’s no surprise then that jasper is commonly used by those who need to feel more grounded, secure, and confident. Because jasper also symbolizes fire and fire energy, it also creates motivation and energy wherever it goes. So, it’s safe to say there is a lot more than physical beauty behind jasper’s fiery hues. 

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Jasper?

Jasper is both inextricably linked to both earth and fire elements. Its powerful connection to the earth beneath our feet as well as our physical bodies creates an unshakeable bond between human souls and Mother Gaia.

With this in mind, it makes sense that jasper symbolizes grounding and natural, positive energy. Our relationship with the Earth should be one of respect and appreciation, and jasper helps remind us to be conscious of the energy we receive from Mother Gaia.

As a result, we feel more grounded, centred, and secure. If your zodiac sun sign is one of the three earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo), you will likely find that you have a special connection and pull to the jasper stone.

Taurus placements are most deeply associated with the spiritual side of jasper, and jasper tends to amplify the positive qualities of Taurus including a strong sensuality, stability, and a constant state of balance. 

man on rope

Is Jasper Stone Expensive

As with most precious stones, jasper’s price ranges depending on an individual stone’s color, quality, patterns, and rarity. Jasper is usually thought of as a relatively inexpensive gemstone – especially when compared to the likes of rubies and coral.

Red jasper is especially easy to find, and that is reflected in its price. Still, rarer types of jasper can have pretty hefty price tags. These more expensive jasper stones tend to include ocean jasper and mookaite jasper (two of the rarest jasper stones). 

Jasper Stone Benefits

When we picture jasper, we see a spiritual Swiss army knife. Jasper serves so many spiritual purposes that it is near impossible to encapsulate all of its qualities.

Apart from keeping its users balanced, grounded, and calm, jasper wards off evil energies and protects inner peace. This stone connects you to the earth as well as yourself, and it helps to ease anxieties and fight through chaos. The benefits of using jasper don’t end there, though.

This stone helps keep you focused and motivated, so it wouldn’t hurt to bring jasper to the office with you (did someone say bring your jasper to work day?). Jasper also boosts confidence, energy, and libido, so if you’re in need of a bit of a lifestyle change and you want to enjoy all aspects of your life with intention and courage, jasper might be your new best friend. 

Where is Jasper Found

Because jasper is an abundant stone that forms all over the world, it isn’t too hard to find. Jasper usually forms in sedimentary rocks including sandstone and limestone, but it can also form in volcanic and metamorphic rocks.

The countries most famous for their jasper supply include the United States, Brazil, Russia, and Australia. Europe and Africa are also loaded with jasper, with countries such as South Africa, Namibia, Madagascar, France, Germany, and Spain all boasting copious, high quality jasper stones.

Egyptian Jasper

Jasper’s history with Egypt goes way back. In ancient Egypt, it was thought of as a sacred stone and it was commonly used to make amulets and other religious items.

Egyptians have long believed in the power of jasper to protect its users from harm and to bring good fortune into their lives. Jasper even made its way into mummification because it was thought to have purifying properties.

Although much of the information we have today on ancient Egyptian jasper comes from archaeology, we can be certain (with science as our friend) that jasper was highly valued and frequently used by ancient Egyptians – and to this day, the stone remains to be of great significance to Egyptian culture.

Oregon Jasper

When it comes to variety, Oregon wears a jasper-adorned crown. This US state is home to over five distinct types of jasper – many of which are prized for their rarity and one-of-a-kind beauty.

Some of the most notable jasper stones found in Oregon include thunder egg jasper, Owyhee jasper, Deschutes jasper, Biggs jasper, and Bruneau jasper.

Brazilian Jasper

If you’re looking for a full spectrum of jasper colors, look no further than Brazil. The nation is home to everything from bright, yellow and purple jasper to a more conventional deep, red jasper. In fact, mookaite jasper, which is often found in Brazil, is a very special rainbow-colored jasper that showcases a spectacular display of jasper’s natural colors.

In general, Brazilian jasper is highly valued by collectors and stone enthusiasts for its quality and variety of colors. 

rainbow jasper on hand

Russian Jasper

Jasper’s long, rich history in Russia might make the nation one of the most fascinating when it comes to this powerful stone. Used in ancient times in the Kola Peninsula, Russians used jasper for centuries when building weapons and tools.

And it doesn’t stop there! Jasper was even used as currency in Russia, and this is no doubt a result of the long-held Russian belief in the sacredness of jasper. The stone was, of course, used in spiritual practices throughout the ages, and its popularity in this regard skyrocketed following a mining boom in the nineteenth century.

Arizona Jasper

Arizona’s use of jasper in spiritual practices dates back to its ancient indigenous tribes who used the magical stone to bring safety and courage to their communities. Jasper was also used by these tribes to build tools and weapons, and it was cherished for its unique patterns and colors.

Jasper in Arizona developed a commercial reputation in the late nineteenth century when formal mining of the stone began. Since then, it has been used and adored by many Arizonans – as well as tourists who understand the deep, symbolic value of an Arizonan jasper. 

Michigan Jasper

While Michigan isn’t well known as a source of jasper, the small amounts of jasper produced by the state are considered to be of tip-top quality. Most Michigan jasper is reddish-brown in color, and it is usually found in the Lake Superior region.

More often than not, Michigan jasper is made into fine and detailed jewelry and décor. We don’t know about you, but we might have to consider a little trip to Michigan!

Jasper Properties

Anyone involved in a spiritual pursuit will understand the necessity of jasper in spiritual practices. Jasper is one of the most commonly used stones in ceremonies and rituals that centre around spiritual development.

Unlike many other precious stones, jasper doesn’t bring any discomfort or unfamiliar energy into sacred spaces. It only serves to ground, protect, and balance the body.

So, if you’re planning a spiritual retreat or if you have a regular meditation practice, jasper will ensure that you don’t fly away into dreamland during your sacred experience. It keeps you present and in your body no matter the circumstances you find yourself in.

To explain further, jasper possesses the unique power to connect its users to the earth as well as their physical bodies. It protects both your soul and your energy, allowing for a positive chi flow. Jasper can also induce healing from deep-rooted emotional trauma, and it is highly regarded for its ability to soothe the mind and release worry and stress. Without a doubt, jasper is the perfect meditation buddy. 

Jasper Color

Typically, jasper forms in a matte, brick-red color. If that doesn’t sound particularly eye-catching, we suggest that you browse through a few pictures of jasper. There is something special about red jasper that instantly pleases both the eyes and soul.

Although many stone lovers might only be familiar with red jasper, the stone often forms in a number of other colors. These include yellow jasper, green jasper, brown jasper, blue jasper, and purple jasper. Less commonly, jasper can even form in shades of grey, black, and bright orange. Each jasper color comes with its own special benefits, but don’t worry, we’ll explain them all in this section. 

Red Jasper

While red jasper is certainly the most abundant form of the stone, it is also the most sought-after. Its understated, brick-red exterior is both enigmatic and soothing. Red jasper is deeply connected to the root chakra, and as a result, it is most commonly used as a grounding, balancing force in one’s spiritual or emotional journey.

Red Jasper Meaning

Red jasper symbolizes grounding and protection. However, it is equally symbolic of passion and restored energy. While these different meanings might seem contradictory, they actually all link together to create an overall energy balance.

Because red jasper is so grounding and protective, it restricts negative energies from entering your field. As a result, positive energies within you are allowed the space to grow and develop into passionate, inspiring forces that bring out a livelier version of you. 

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What is Red Jasper Good for?

If you’re looking for some extra security, red jasper is just what you need. This stone protects your soul from danger, and it creates an energetic shield around you – helping you block out all those unwanted energy vampires.

Red jasper can also help you release negative emotions such as anxiety, guilt, and self-hatred. In this way, it can help you achieve emotional balance, allowing you to fully embrace every day on this planet. 

What are the Healing Properties of Red Jasper?

Balancing the mind, body, and soul isn’t easy. Luckily, red jasper can help us get to where we need to be. This powerful stone heals its users from emotional torment, stress, and sorrow. In this way, red jasper makes way for happier, more exhilarating moments in life – grounding and protecting you all the while. 

Green Jasper

Green jasper symbolizes growth and renewal. Unlike red jasper, green jasper is connected to the heart chakra and it mainly focuses on change and transformation.

If you are entering a new phase in your life, and you need a little nudge in the right direction, green jasper can help eliminate the blockages stopping you from reaching your full potential.

Types of Green Jasper

While all green jaspers encourage growth and change, there are a couple distinct types of green jasper that are worth noting for their physical and spiritual excellence. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Evergreen Jasper

A symbol of prosperity and abundance, evergreen jasper is known for its deep, dark hues that resemble a winter forest. Often, evergreen jasper incorporates brown and grey hues, and it can also showcase interesting patterns depending on the stone. If you’re in the market for success and wealth, evergreen jasper can help attract that which you desire. 

Oregon Green Jasper

As the name implies, Oregon green jasper is only found in the state of Oregon. Usually, Oregon green jasper is covered in exciting patterns. This type of jasper has a slightly lighter, more vibrant shade of green than evergreen jasper.

It can’t go unsaid that Oregon green jasper brings us closer to the earth and connects our spirits to Mother Gaia. 

Blue Jasper

Our minds are still blown by the fact that blue jasper even exists! One thing about jasper is that it continuously demonstrates the miracle of nature. However, while the appearance of blue jasper is something to marvel at, its spiritual meanings are even more significant. Let’s discuss!

Blue Jasper Meaning

Like many blue stones such as aquamarine and sapphire, blue jasper is a symbol of tranquility and inner peace. Out of every type of jasper out there, blue jasper is by far the most soothing, calming version of the stone.

So, it goes without saying that if you’re struggling with persistent anxieties and stress, blue jasper is begging to be a part of your journey. 

What is Blue Jasper Good for?

Blue jasper energy is good for a multitude of purposes. Of course, its number one aim is to bring calm and restoration to its users. It goes a bit deeper than that, though. Blue jasper promotes confident communication and expression by relaxing and reinvigorating the throat chakra. B

lue jasper can also aid in increasing spiritual awareness and psychic ability. Using this wondrous stone in meditation results in both emotional release and spiritual development.  

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Brown Jasper

One of the most common forms of jasper, brown jasper is found all over the world. It is a grounding, stabilizing stone that promotes emotional restoration. Like red jasper, brown jasper is connected to the root chakra, and as a result, it stabilizes and secures one’s energy.

What sets brown jasper apart from other varieties of the stone is its focus on stability. While most jasper stones offer stability, it is thought that brown jasper is the most stabilizing of all jasper stones. 

Brown Jasper Types

Brown jasper can form in a range of shades, from dark brown to light beige. Some notable types of jasper that include shades of brown are mookaite jasper, dendritic jasper, Picasso jasper, and lava jasper. When choosing your ideal jasper stone, remember that intuition is more important than color. Pick with your gut, not your eyes!

Black Jasper

Black jasper power is not to be underestimated. This rare stone is the result of silica-rich fluids infiltrating the gaps and crack in volcanic or sedimentary rocks. What makes black jasper so special is its ability to absorb negative energy.

In this way, it is a purifying stone that clears space for good things to come. Ironically, black jasper will actually lighten up your world despite its gothic appearance. 

Clear Jasper 

Clear, colorless jasper is arguably the rarest form of jasper on the planet. True to its physical appearance, clear jasper provides its users with clarity and activates the crown chakra. If you’re in need of truth or a clearer, more enlightened mind, don’t overlook the powers of clear jasper. 

Pink Jasper

For all you lovers out there, this one’s for you! Pink jasper symbolizes compassion and romance. It ignites our ability to love and be loved through its connection to the heart chakra. It goes so far as to help heal the emotional wounds that stand in the way of us selflessly expressing our love to those we hold near and dear. 

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Purple Jasper

A stone of both mesmerizing color and wisdom, purple jasper connects us to the angelic realms and provides us with higher knowledge, as well as a deeper understanding of the self and that which surrounds us.

Through its connection to the crown chakra, purple jasper activates spiritual awareness. If you desire an elevated consciousness and more spiritually-aligned understanding of the world around you, consider working with purple jasper to boost the efficacy of your spiritual process. 

Rainbow Jasper

Also referred to as “rainbow ornamental jasper”, rainbow jasper is a force to be reckoned with – from its miraculous, natural display of colors to its equally vibrant spiritual benefits. As its colorful patterns suggest, rainbow jasper symbolizes happiness and optimism.

When using this smile-inducing stone in your personal journey, the world looks a little brighter. Rainbow jasper activates the sacral chakra, and as a result, its users can expect a boost in libido, creativity, and emotional awareness. Most importantly, rainbow jasper reminds us to have fun and to remember the joys of living. 

Yellow Jasper

Characterized by its bright, yellow hues, yellow jasper is one of the more abundant forms of the jasper stone. It is frequently used to make ornaments and jewelry, and in ancient times, yellow jasper was used all around the world in spiritual practices and to create tools.

Yellow Jasper Meaning

Yellow jasper is all about emotional wellbeing. Through its connection to the solar plexus chakra, yellow jasper has the ability to improve one’s willpower, confidence, and inner strength.

So, if you are in need of a boost in emotional stability and you wouldn’t mind feeling more confident and in tune with yourself, why not give yellow jasper a try?

Blood Jasper

There is nothing quite as fiery and captivating as stone known for its blood-red drops. Layered in mystery, blood jasper is identifiable by its speckles of “blood” that resemble the appearance of a bloodstone or dragonstone.

As rare as it is beautiful, blood jasper activates the warrior spirit in its users and helps us overcome fatigue and uncertainty. Plus, it helps to improve our personal power, courage, and vitality.

Gold Jasper

May we introduce you to gold jasper – the dazzling jasper variety that will leave you speechless and awe-struck? Gold jasper is defined by its striking gold hues that add a little extra sparkle to the jasper stone.

This stone can also add a little extra sparkle to your life by attracting abundance and affluence into your orbit. It can even help your manifestations come into fruition and help you unlock your desires. So, why not take the plunge and allow gold jasper into your world? 

Jasper vs Other Stones

As one of the more abundant and affordable minerals on the market, jasper ranks extremely high in popularity. But, how does it compare to other, similar stones?

In this section, we’ll get to know jasper a little better by holding it up next to some other noteworthy gems. 

Jasper and Carnelian

With an invigorating orange color to match its invigorating metaphysical properties, carnelian is commonly linked to stamina as well as the lower chakras. Jasper and carnelian are both varieties of chalcedony, but that doesn’t necessarily make them two peas in a pod.

While jasper is known for its grounding and stabilizing properties, carnelian is known for its ability to generate energy and motivation. While jasper shares these properties with carnelian, it is ultimately a more balancing, protective stone. 

round gem on hands

Brecciated Jasper vs Red Jasper

Brecciated jasper and red jasper are both bursting with their own unique and captivating qualities. Brecciated jasper is made up of small fragments of different jasper varieties. These small jasper pieces are cemented together to create the ultimate jasper conglomerate.

While brecciated jasper is associated with wholeness and calm, red jasper is linked to balance, endurance, and emotional stability. Of course, red jasper is not a hybrid of different kinds of jasper. Instead, it is wholly red, wholly grounding, and wholly magical. 

Mahogany Obsidian vs Brecciated Jasper

At their cores, mahogany obsidian and brecciated jasper are completely different stones. Mahogany obsidian, for example, is a mostly black, red, and brown kind of volcanic glass – sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Usually, mahogany obsidian is used to release negative energy and emotions and to create healthy emotional balance.

As we previously discussed, brecciated jasper is comprised of small fragments of different kinds of jasper. Both mahogany obsidian and brecciated jasper are known for their grounding, protecting, and balancing properties, so it can’t hurt to use these two magical gems in unison. 

Red Jasper and Carnelian

Red jasper and carnelian are some of the most coveted chalcedony varieties. Both carnelian and red jasper have a red hue, and they are both often used in jewelry and décor. However, carnelian’s red color is much brighter than red jasper’s signature deep, matte outer shell.

Carnelian is also much more transparent than jasper, which we know to be incredibly opaque. The main difference between red jasper and carnelian comes down to spirituality. Carnelian’s main metaphysical power is its ability to inspire creativity, while red jasper is more of a grounding, protecting stone. 

Jasper vs Quartz

In essence, jasper is a kind of quartz. Jasper is either a form of chalcedony or quartz, and because chalcedony is at least partially made up of quartz, quartz is always included in jasper’s chemical makeup.

However, clear quartz is a very different stone to jasper. Jasper is known for its opacity and variety of rich, deep colors. Meanwhile, clear quartz is a visual symbol of purity, lightness, and transparency. 

Types of Jasper

In this section, we’re going to get up close and personal with jasper as we discover its many different types. From banded jasper to brecciated jasper, the many types of jasper on the market can send your head spinning. However, we’re going to simplify things as we move through the list. 

Banded Jasper

Always classy and sophisticated, banded jasper is dressed to the nines in unique, inimitable stripes and patterns. It is formed through the deposition of mineral matter in layers, and its resulting stripy appearance is to die for. Banded jasper can form in a number of colors and color combinations including yellow, green, and brown. 

Banded Jasper Meaning

By now, we know that jasper is a symbol of balance and stability. But, did you know that the stripes in banded jasper are associated with these properties in their own right? With that in mind, banded jasper has double the symbolic value when it comes to balance and security. Two for one special? We think so!

Raw Jasper

Rugged and adventurous, raw jasper is naturally beautiful. It is typically used in healing ceremonies and during manifestation and meditation practices. If you’re the type of person that appreciates a one-of-a-kind stone, then raw jasper is right up your alley. Crafted by nature, every piece of raw jasper is entirely unique and natural.

Raw Green Jasper

Want to align your chakras and decorate your home and body in an authentic, organic fashion? Well, then raw green jasper should be your go-to. This rough, beautiful stone is ideal for anyone healing from emotional trauma and pain.

It can help restore energetic and emotional harmony, and it can assist in moving through emotions as opposed to blocking them or feeling overwhelmed by them. Raw green jasper is a heart chakra stone, so wearing it as a necklace is encouraged.

Raw Blue Jasper

Symbolic of aquatic serenity, raw blue jasper is connected to peace, health, and emotional ease. Has anyone ever suggested that you “go to your happy place”? Well, raw blue jasper can take you there using its powers of tranquillity, hope, and energetic flow. 

person sitting in front of a lake

Natural Jasper

So, you want to get all the earthly goodness that jasper has to offer? Then, make sure that you find yourself a natural jasper stone. While jasper is an incredibly abundant stone and it’s easy to find, there are also knock-off stones on the market. So, keep things natural when you embark on your shopping journey!

Brecciated Jasper

We already touched on brecciated jasper in the previous section, but let’s discuss it a little more in-depth. The word “brecciated” actually came from the geological term “breccia”, which essentially means “broken fragments that are cemented together”. To find out exactly what brecciated jasper is, keep reading!

What is Brecciated Jasper

Brecciated jasper is a fine-grained jasper stone made up of broken stone fragments. Stones with sharp edges (including hematite) sometimes naturally merge with each other during their formation to create this unique stone.

Usually, brecciated jasper forms as a result of volcanic activity and earthquakes. The heat and movement compresses and cracks the stones – combining them into one. The result? An otherworldly, colorful mix of patterns and textures.

What is Brecciated Jasper Used for

Symbolic of mental clarity, brecciated jasper is often used to promote focus and intelligence. In general, brecciated jasper uplifts and de-stresses its users, allowing them to clear their heads and optimize their experience on Earth.

Tumbled Jasper

If slick, classy jewelry is number one on your wish list, look no further than tumbled jasper. This smooth, polished version of the stone is a treat for the eyes. It can also be used to create gorgeous, spiritually enriching ornaments and decorations.

If you want to keep things simple, a tumbled jasper cabochon never goes out of fashion. You can use a jasper cabochon as home décor and you can even set it into your favorite jewelry item. If that’s not your thing, just keep your tumbled jasper in your purse or handbag to keep you safe and balanced throughout the day. 

Tumbled Green Jasper

Tumbled green jasper should be used often and in abundance in order to ensure that your chakras remain balanced and your heart remains pure. This stone is ideally worn as a pendant or in a necklace because it is deeply connected to the heart chakra. Tumbled green jasper creates and restores emotional balance, and it allows for vulnerability and emotional ease. 

Tumbled Black Jasper

If you enjoy a smooth appearance and you prefer stones that raise your vibrations, then tumbled black jasper is your new best friend. Tumbled black jasper can help increase observational skills, minimize spaciness, and connect us to higher realms and vibrations. Plus, its stunning appearance will ensure that you’re constantly surrounded by physical (and metaphysical) beauty.

Jasper Varieties

Life (and jasper) is all about variety. And the best way to find variety is by knowing what your options are. That’s why, in this section, we plan to touch on each and every jasper variety so that you’re one hundred and twenty percent informed. We’ll also leave a few hints to help you find out which jasper is best for you. 

Dalmatian Jasper

Characterized by its Dalmatian-like speckles, dalmatian jasper is a type of jasper stone frequently used in jewelry and marvelled at for its peculiarly pretty splotches and spots. Usually, dalmatian jasper’s spots are brown or black, while the rest of its surface is either white or off-white. 

Dalmatian Jasper Meaning

As a jasper variety, dalmatian jasper is, of course, symbolic of protection and balance. However, it is equally connected to happiness and good luck. When you get your hands on this doggy themed jasper, you can’t help but bark with joy!

Dalmatian Jasper Properties

Are you interested in experiencing more playfulness and joy on a daily basis? Dalmatian jasper can help you unwind and embrace a sense of lightness and positivity that will bring out your inner child and balance your yin and yang energies.

This special type of jasper can also be used to enhance teamwork, trust, and friendship. If you’re missing a sense of community in your world, dalmatian jasper will help you find your tribe. 

people holding shoulders

Dalmatian Jasper Healing Properties

Breaking bad habits can be tough. Luckily, dalmatian jasper can also bring a little more ease and joy into the process of letting go of things that are holding you back. This stone can help you heal from the cyclical thinking that brings you back to your bad habit each time you find yourself caving. In general, it simply improves your outlook on the world, giving you the hope to strive for better and stop settling for less than what you desire. 

Cleansing Dalmatian Jasper

If you do decide to get your very own dalmatian jasper, you’ve got to make sure to cleanse it regularly. The simplest way to cleanse your dalmatian jasper of any negative energies it might have absorbed is to leave it in the sunlight for a few hours. Alternatively, you can wait for a full moon and allow your dalmatian jasper to soak in the moonlight overnight.  

Ocean Jasper

Ocean jasper is a rare and beautiful type of jasper found on the coast of Madagascar. With its mesmerizing circular patterns and vibrant colors, ocean jasper is truly a breath-taking gem. Usually, ocean jasper includes colors ranging from delicate pinks and sunny yellows to lush greens and clean, watery whites. 

What is Ocean Jasper Good for?

Ocean jasper is more than just a pretty face. In fact, ocean jasper protection is incredibly powerful, and it can soothe and heal the mind and soul. This stone is thought of as a bringer of peace, happiness, and tranquillity.

It is also used to promote optimism and balance. So, whether you’re in the midst of a healing journey or you just want to boost your meditation practice, ocean jasper will bring calm and positivity to your earthly experience.

Mookaite Jasper

Known for its vibrant red, yellow, and brown hues, mookaite jasper is a stone made up of swirling bands and stabilizing energy. Mookaite jasper has been used for centuries to find inner peace and promote courage and determination.

Where is Mookaite Jasper Found?

Mookaite jasper is found in Western Australia. More specifically, it is located in the Kennedy Ranges and the Mooka Creek area of Western Australia. While this state is the only place from which mookaite jasper is sourced, it can be purchased from all over the world.

Leopard Skin Jasper

Usually spotted in shades of tan, brown, beige, and black, a leopard skin jasper is true to its name. It distinctly resembles the fur of a leopard, and with leopard print being all the rage right now, it has become a huge trend in jewelry and home décor. 

Leopard Jasper Meaning

Leopard skin jasper is frequently used in the practice of crystal healing in order to bring about feelings of comfort and stability. However, it can also bring out some of your more animalistic attributes such as courage, assertiveness, and power. If you want to de-stress and replace your negative emotions with aspirational ones, leopard jasper is the way to go.

leopard skin design

Leopard Skin Jasper Origin

So, how did such a captivating stone come into being? It should come as no surprise that the development of leopard skin jasper is just as exciting as the final product.

This stone forms mainly in volcanic environments, so its formation process is hot, fiery, and mysterious. Usually, this stone is the result of multiple stones combining to create a spotted complexion. It is also worth noting that leopard skin jasper is found in the United States, Madagascar, and Mexico.

Elephant Skin Jasper

Much like leopard skin jasper, elephant skin jasper is just what it sounds like. It is a jasper stone with the gray-brown hues of an elephant’s outer layer. Elephant skin jasper is found all over the world in countries such as Mexico, South Africa, and the United States. 

Elephant Jasper Uses

It has long been thought that elephant jasper is a grounding, stabilizing stone. Despite its common use as a decorative item, elephant jasper is mainly used during meditation to quieten inner noise and achieve inner peace.

Picasso Jasper 

The famous painter himself couldn’t have produced something quite as divine as Picasso jasper. This multi-colored, multi-purpose jasper stone is a work of art that only mother nature could produce.

Fantastical swirls of blue, white, black, gray, and brown produce a stone that looks eerily similar to the abstract shapes associated with Picasso’s beautiful work. 

two people looking at a painting

Picasso Jasper Meaning

Picasso jasper is mainly associated with creativity, inspiration, mother Earth, and communication. It makes us wonder if Picasso had a few perched on his color palette. 

painting materials

Picasso Jasper Origin

You might be asking, where is Picasso jasper found? Well, this rare jasper originates not from one place, but from all over the globe! To name a few, Picasso jasper is found in China, the United States, and Madagascar.

Sea Jasper

With colors that spark images of ocean waves and cool waters, sea jasper blends colors such as greens, whites, blues, and browns to produce a true seaside delight. Unsurprisingly, sea jasper is associated with peace and serenity.

However, more interestingly, sea jasper is representative of self-discovery and emotional healing. This stone can help you dig deep and discover new parts of yourself as you set sail on your next spiritual voyage.

Tree Jasper

Dendritic jasper, more popularly known as tree jasper, is known for its special tree-like patterns and rich, green hues. This stone’s exterior is almost surreal as its patterns are so detailed and truly representative of the natural world.

Yet, there’s a good reason for tree jasper’s unique look. Inclusions of iron and manganese oxides are responsible for the forest-like images created by this magical stone. 

Mahogany Jasper

With its striking, deep red-brown color and its connection to emotional stability, mahogany jasper is a must-have for anyone visually or spiritually inclined. Mahogany jasper is associated with the Earth element, making it ideal for grounding ceremonies and rituals.

Spirit Jasper

Spirit jasper is a powerful tool when communicating with the inner self and the angelic realms. This stone can provide its users with guidance and spiritual wisdom, encouraging them to trust their intuition and operate from a place of greater understanding.

It can lead you to your higher self as well as your spirit guides and guardian angels. Plus, its gorgeous swirling patterns and bright colors are definitely the cherry on top of this spiritual superstar. 

Marble Jasper

Marvelled at for its beauty and veiny, marble-like textures, marble jasper usually ranges in color from green to white or beige. Often, marble jasper patterns can even resemble waves or clouds.

So, if you want to swap out your ordinary glass marbles for something a little more grounding, give marble jasper a try. You won’t be disappointed. 

marbles on red carpet

Brown Zebra Jasper

Rustic and wild, brown zebra jasper is immediately recognizable for its brown base and black and white stripes. While it is undoubtedly eye-catching, brown zebra jasper is also a treat for the soul.

This glorious stone provides its users with a sense of ease, a go with the flow attitude, and an organic feeling of being grounded.

Wood Jasper

Like many of the jasper varieties we have discussed in this section, wood jasper gets its name from its appearance. Its earthy brown hues and green inclusions give it a real Mother Gaia look and feel.

On that note, wood jasper can help us connect to the Earth and remove ourselves from the busy, gratification-based zeitgeist of today’s world.

Imperial Jasper

Imperial jasper is not your run of the mill gemstone. This jasper variety is reserved for the most visually attuned among us. Its zesty colors and contrasting patterns give it the appearance of an imperial mosaic. 

Imperial Jasper Meaning

Symbolic of inner peace and abundance, imperial jasper is often used in meditation and manifestation rituals. It can boost decision-making ability and assist its users in finding their unique path in life.

It can also relax its users and provide them with a feeling of safety, so it really is the best of both worlds. 

Blue Imperial Jasper

Blue imperial jasper takes the term “good-looking” to a whole new level. If blue is your favorite color, then this stone will certainly find its place on your bookshelf or jewelry box. It’ll add some vibrance and aesthetic value to your life.

Sea Sediment Jasper

Ever wondered what the bottom of the sea feels like? Well, sea sediment jasper encapsulates that feeling and shares it with whoever comes its way. This stone resembles the sediment and natural delights found on the ocean floor.

Expect colors like brown, blue, and green, as well as patterns such as spots, swirls, and stripes. So, just dive in and grab yourself a sea sediment jasper. You know you want to!

Sea Sediment Jasper Meaning

With its connection to water and earth, sea sediment jasper is both grounding and peaceful. It marries the delightful feelings of floating in water and being rooted to the Earth. If you have both water and earth signs in your astrological chart, sea sediment jasper will keep you feeling balanced, whole, and oh-so-relaxed. 

Sanskrit Jasper

Named after the Sanskrit writing that appears on its surface, Sanskrit jasper is a spiritual symbol of ancient India and Indian culture. It is the perfect souvenir for any traveller who wants to leave India with something spiritually and culturally significant.

To share a little secret with you, Sanskrit jasper has often been thought of as having special powers that connect its users to ancient Indian wisdom. So, if you’re not ready for a spiritual awakening and a newfound access to higher knowledge, proceed with caution.

Desert Jasper

There’s no denying that desert jasper is a hot topic. Its warm, earthy hues can make just about anyone feel more radiant and balanced. Desert jasper is essentially a tiny piece of the desert landscape.

It often includes details resembling sand dunes and desert life. So, if you could stare at a desert for hours, but you’re not interested in the scorching heat, a desert jasper might be right up your street. 

Desert Jasper Meaning

Desert jasper is all about stability, grounding, and balance. This stone is associated with the earth, and naturally, it connects to the zodiac signs of Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo. If you have any earth placements in your zodiac chart, you will find desert jasper especially soothing and grounding. 

Impression Jasper

If you’ve never heard about impression jasper before, you’re in for a delightful surprise. Impression jasper is similar to brecciated jasper in that it is an amalgamation of different stones cemented together. However, impression jasper is actually man made rather than being the result of a natural process.

This human intervention might ward a few nature-lovers off, but if you ever see an impression jasper in real life, you’ll understand that the means justify the end. Its serene beauty is a result of its natural elements and watery blue hues as well as its polished yet jagged appearance.

Impression Jasper Meaning

If you’re wanting to rinse all the negative energies out of your body, don’t wait any longer before incorporating impression jasper into your spiritual journey or jewelry kit. Impression jasper connects to the throat, solar plexus, base, and sacral chakras, and it is known for its unique ability to absorb any bad vibrations and stagnant, harmful energies. It’ll show the door to all those energetic blocks and fill your soul with an immense amount of hope, optimism, and courage. That way, when you use or wear an impression jasper, you’ll be certain to make an impression on anyone you meet. 

Rainforest Jasper

Rainforest jasper is a fascinating combination of rhyolitic lava and the jasper stone. Caused by volcanic activity, rainforest jasper is produced by bubbles that create holes in the lava. These holes are eventually filled with jasper, and the result is an exciting, bubbly, jasper-filled piece of lava.

Rainforest Jasper Meaning

Happiness is the result of fulfillment in all parts of your life. It is not enough to be satisfied with your career when your romantic life is leaving you feeling empty – just like it isn’t enough to be satisfied with your love life when your personal time is being neglected.

Rainforest jasper represents stability in happiness. This stone will help you balance every aspect of your life in order to achieve a holistic and satisfying day-to-day existence. 

Aqua Terra Jasper

If calm and compassion are personality traits you aspire towards, then aqua terra jasper is your new best friend. This jasper variety is one of the most calming stones of the lot! It’s also deeply associated with love and inner peace, and it is connected mainly to the heart chakra. Lay back, relax, and let this stone heal emotional stress, self-sabotaging thoughts, and cyclical anxieties. 

Basanite Jasper

Basanite jasper is characterized by its dark green and black hues, and like rainforest jasper, it is a combination of jasper and solidified lava. This unique jasper variety is frequently used as a decorative stone in both jewelry and ornaments. 

Plum Jasper

Named after its deep purple, plum color, plum jasper is more often than not to create gorgeous jewelry and home décor. However, it can also be used in meditation to promote calm and soothe the soul. It can even help align your chakras and stabilize your emotions.

Autumn Jasper

With its earthly autumnal colors, autumn jasper gives you that cosy, hopeful feeling you get when the leaves start falling and the air starts to get nice and crispy. For years, autumn jasper has been prized as a deeply grounding stone that offers its users a way in to finding their inner peace.

dried leaves

Orbital Jasper

Orbital jasper is a special jasper stone known for its circular, orbital patterns. These markings are the result of different mineral inclusions in a jasper stone that create a spectacular display of color and detail.

Due to its exceptional, natural beauty, orbital jasper is frequently used as a decorative item. Even better, its stabilizing properties add to its aesthetic value – making sure your home feels both beautiful and safe. 

Wave Jasper

You might have guessed that wave jasper is named after its undulating wave-like details. But, did you know that these details are one hundred percent natural?

Mother nature herself creates these gorgeous stones, which are known for their relaxing and balancing metaphysical properties. While one might expect wave jasper to include colors like blue, green, and white, this stone also boasts lively bursts of pink, red, and yellow. 

Chestnut Jasper

With its warm, chestnut tones, chestnut jasper provides its users with a sense of bliss and calm. The metaphysical properties of this jasper variety are vast and holistic. Chestnut jasper helps to balance relationships and ensure a sense of stability and optimism in one’s romantic life. 

Chestnut Jasper Meaning

Chestnut jasper is linked to the earth element, and as a result, it symbolizes Mother Gaia and the natural world. If you’re looking to ground yourself and develop a deeper connection with nature, chestnut jasper is the stone you’ve been searching for. 


Snow Jasper

Take a deep breath as you invite snow jasper into your life. This mostly white, speckled stone is a bringer of peace and longevity. If you have trouble finding balance and relaxation on a daily basis, snow jasper can give you the push you need to unwind and allow yourself some necessary rest. 

Lotus Jasper

Flower lovers – this one’s for you! Lotus jasper, which often includes shades such as yellow, green, and pink, is one of the most rare and unusual jaspers in the world.

As a result of inclusions of other minerals in a jasper’s surface, lotus jasper boasts gorgeous patterns that look identical to the petals of a lotus flower. So, if you want to combine your love for flowers with your love for stones and crystals, we can assure you that this special jasper will never wilt. 

Lotus Jasper Meaning

Lotus jasper is symbolic of enlightenment. By developing our wisdom and spirituality, we are likewise able to improve upon our ability to locate inner peace and balance. Lotus jasper will aid you in your journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth, and as a result, you’ll feel as peaceful as a floating flower.

Sandstone Jasper

With a sandy color, an array of intricate detailing on its surface, and a connection to the Earth, sandstone jasper will offer you pleasure and emotional stability when you need it most.

Do you struggle to regulate your emotions? Do you find your mood oscillating frequently between joy and dissatisfaction? Sandstone jasper can give you a helping hand in finding emotional balance and a sense of control.

Moss Jasper

Moss jasper has a green and white, almost mouldy appearance. It got its name from the moss-like details that cover its surface. This jasper stone has an authentic, earthly charm, and it is cherished by its users for the sweet vibrations it exudes. 

Moss Jasper Meaning

Beyond its disarming appearance, moss jasper has a lot going on under the surface. This stone is representative of the Green Man, and in this way, it is a symbol of fertility and growth.

Moss jasper promotes healthy relationships as it encourages kindness, love, and compassion. Stagnancy is easily disrupted by this sweet yet formidable stone, and so it allows for organic development to take place. 

Royal Plume Jasper

The word “regal” takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to royal plume jasper. This jasper is an exemplary showcase of the brightest, purest colors that jasper has to offer.

Rich purples, blues, and golds are organized into feather-like patterns, and consequently, a royal, lush color display is born. Royal plume jasper is also a talisman of creativity and self-expression. It uplifts your soul and allows for inspiration, joy, and passion to take over.

Exotica Jasper 

If you like stones with patterns, you won’t want to miss out on exotica jasper. Every single exotica jasper has its own one-of-a-kind mix of patterns, shapes, and colors.

Unlike many other patterned stones, exotica jasper combines many different, mismatched patterns that will constantly keep you guessing. This stone can also help regulate your energy levels and maintain a healthy chi.

Exotica Jasper Meaning

Exotica jasper represents peace and life. If you want to improve your lifeforce and develop a healthy flow of energy in all aspects of your life, exotica jasper can show you the way. 

Kaleidoscope Jasper 

If you’ve ever played with a kaleidoscope, you’ll know that its full spectrum of colors and shifting patterns immediately spark joy and bring out your inner child. Kaleidoscope jasper is no different.

This mesmerising, colorful jasper stone is the spitting image of a real kaleidoscope, and as a result, it invites its users to play, have fun, and explore their creativity. 

Kaleidoscope Jasper Meaning

Beneath its bright and intricate patterns, kaleidoscope jasper has much deeper offerings. Simply put, kaleidoscope jasper represents joy. It is an uplifting, fiery stone that bubbles and bursts with happy, sparkling energy. Kaleidoscope jasper ignites passions, improves moods, and allows for greater bouts of creativity.

Earth Jasper

With its earthy colors such as brown, green, and gray, earth jasper is often used to make subtle, down-to-earth jewelry. This stone is incredibly grounding, and its natural beauty adds to its spiritual stature. 

Mosaic Jasper

Ever catch yourself staring at a mosaic for hours? Ever gotten so obsessed that you made your very own mosaic? There are few man made creations that are as visually captivating as a mosaic.

And that’s why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that mosaic jasper is one of the most luminously beautiful jaspers in the world. It is believed that mosaic jasper is a bringer of happiness, inspiration, and optimism. Its captivating patterns bring joy and light into our worlds and remind us to embrace our passions and express ourselves boldly and confidently. 

Tiger Jasper 

Tiger, tiger burning bright… This gorgeous, enchanting jasper is known for its striking orange and black tiger stripes. Its patterns can range from subtle to bold, but its orange color is usually vivid and eye-catching. 

Tiger Jasper Meaning

Tiger jasper is a symbol of durability and stability. It combats recklessness, chaos, and confusion. If you want to become a more direct, ambitious, and assertive person, we recommend using tiger jasper in your spiritual practice to connect you to your power and bring out the best, strongest version of yourself.

Brown Snowflake Jasper 

Brown snowflake jasper mixes a brown surface with a pretty display of white snowflake patterns. This jasper variety has a unique and delicate beauty that highlights the sweetness in the world. 

Brown Snowflake Jasper Meaning

Like many jasper stones, brown snowflake jasper is all about balance. It serves to ground and stabilize its users, bringing them down to earth and connecting them to Mother Gaia. Brown snowflake jasper can also help you release negativity and develop deeper, more meaningful connections with others. 

Galaxy Jasper

Take a trip into space with us as we talk about the spectacular, otherworldly galaxy jasper. This exciting jasper stone is a visual delight filled with star-like speckles that take you into another dimension. If you’re a space nerd or you just love the look of clustering stars and nebulae, a galaxy jasper will satisfy your celestial cravings.

Galaxy Jasper Meaning

Branch out and tap into other dimensions using galaxy jasper. This stone will remove blockages and cut ties that no longer serve you, allowing you to lift off into a new, more fulfilling life.

Galaxy jasper symbolizes new opportunities, and by using it in your spiritual practice, you will experience an immense amount of newfound support, encouragement, and openness to new ideas.

Eagle Eye Jasper

Eagle eye jasper is known far and wide for its distinctive golden-yellow shades coupled with black spots. There is no denying that this jasper stone resembles an authentic eagle eye. Beyond its physical beauty, it can also be incredibly soothing, and it can boost morale and self-confidence.

Eagle Eye Jasper Meaning

While eagle eye jasper has a plethora of positive effects, it is highly regarded for its ability to open the third eye and improve one’s ability to see truth. Eagle eye jasper has a supernatural ability to raise your psychic instincts and ensure that you avoid deception at all costs.

Blue Snakeskin Jasper

Protective and soothing, blue snakeskin jasper is famous for its snakeskin streaks and patterns. It is truly uncanny how snakeskin jasper mirrors authentic snakeskin so accurately, and its blue color adds an extra allure to its physical beauty. 

Blue Snakeskin Jasper Meaning

The ultimate protector, blue snakeskin jasper keeps evil and negativity away while preventing psychic attacks from taking place. Likewise, it can help relax the mind and body and create a feeling of cleanliness in any space.

Blue snakeskin can also improve your ability to remember your dreams and it can give you wisdom and guidance during complicated, uncertain times.

Spiderweb Jasper

Strung out? Wound up? Release your fear and constant need for speed and validation with spiderweb jasper. This jasper variety, which weaves a captivating spiderweb pattern across its surface, is undoubtedly one of the best stones to use for de-stressing, slowing down, and embracing your dark, sensual energy. 

spider web

Jasper Jewelry

The easiest way to stay protected and grounded by jasper at all times is to wear it on your body. Jasper jewelry comes in many shapes and sizes, too, so it won’t be difficult to find a jasper charm that makes you feel and look amazing. 

Jasper Ring

Jasper rings are handy in more ways than one. These circles of stability can lift your mood, boost emotional stamina, and protect your energy at all hours of the day. Jasper rings come in any color, a variety of shapes, and each and every one of them will add balance and calm to your life.

Jasper Engagement Ring

A jasper ring is certainly not the most traditional engagement ring on the market. However, that doesn’t mean it should be overlooked by potential fiancées.

Proposing with jasper brings an enormous amount of protection and optimism to lovers who are planning to tie the knot. It will keep your connection safe and cherish your romance throughout the planning process.

Jasper Bracelet

Protect your soul and guard your precious energy using a gorgeous jasper bracelet. Jasper bracelets make lovely, down-to-earth yet classy accessories. No matter what your favorite color is, or whether you prefer a laid-back or high-end look, you will easily be able to find a jasper bracelet that suits your style.

Jasper Bracelet Meaning

Jasper understands that your energy is fantastic, genuine, and rare, and it will guard that wonderful energy at all costs. The mineral jasper is incredibly soothing and it leaves you with a feeling of being authentically balanced and in tune with yourself. So, when you wear a jasper bracelet consistently, you’ll be able to maintain your inner peace no matter what circumstances come your way.

Picasso Jasper Bracelet

Picasso jasper bracelets are for the liveliest artists among us. They have a distinct, artsy look, and their funky colors and shapes will naturally enhance your creativity and confidence.

The Picasso jasper bracelet is definitely a statement piece, so pair one of these colorful accessories with a simple outfit for maximum style and minimum effort.

Jasper Necklace

There is a huge variety of jasper necklaces on the market – and each one has its own spectacular physical and metaphysical attributes. With a wide range of patterns and colors, jasper necklaces are both diverse and suited to just about anyone’s personal style. 

Red Jasper Necklace

Want a necklace that you can wear to any occasion – no matter how casual or formal it is? Red jasper necklaces are here to save the day. These stunning accessories are both earthy and bold, so they’ll make you look approachable yet drop-dead gorgeous!

Red Jasper Necklace Meaning

In addition to its aesthetic allure, red jasper necklaces are also deeply meaningful and symbolic of balance. Red jasper necklaces also encourage emotional balance and give their users a sense of stability and life satisfaction. 

Jasper Pendant

Jasper pendants are one of the most diverse and spiritually fulfilling jasper jewels around. They can range from rough to polished, and they come in almost any shape and color. Usually, a jasper pendant will be styled and shaped in a way that highlights its unique patterns and color. 


Jasper Pendant Meaning

The peace jasper brings into your life is truly profound. So, by wearing a pendant that features jasper as its centerpiece, you can access those peaceful jasper vibrations at any time – anywhere.

These pendants symbolize the connection between and equal importance of the emotional, physical, and spiritual, and they serve to bring these aspects of your experience into alignment

Jasper Box

An entire box made of jasper can’t possibly be real, or can it? We’re here to tell you that jasper boxes do, in fact, exist. While there are “jasper boxes” made from other materials like wood and various metals, these boxes are simply named after jasper rather than being made from the stone – so be careful when shopping! An authentic jasper box will keep your jewels safe while sending positive, joyful vibrations into your home.

Uses of Jasper

While we’ve discussed many of the ways that jasper can be of use both spiritually and practically, this stone still has a few tricks up its proverbial sleeve! 

Jasper Beads

Commonly used in jewelry making and arts and crafts, jasper beads offer a range of colors as well as a range of spiritual properties. Jasper beads can also be kept in a special or easily accessible place in order to bring protection and good fortune to the owner.

The best thing about jasper beads is that they give us an opportunity to mix and match different jasper patterns and colors in order to create our own unique designs and combinations of properties.

Sea Sediment Jasper Beads

Bring the ocean floor to you by wearing or keeping sea sediment jasper beads. Sea sediment jasper beads are popularly used in jewelry designs, but by purchasing the beads themselves, you can make your own delightful accessory!

Sea Sediment Jasper Beads Meaning

Sea sediment jasper represents earth and water. By wearing sea sediment jasper beads, you will likely feel a sense of being grounded while simultaneously feeling light and fresh. These gorgeous jasper beads invite you to relax and feel peaceful – and they also make you look absolutely stunning! 

Dalmatian Jasper Beads

Spotted and striking, dalmatian jasper beads are the funkiest of the lot! They also bring out a playful side in their users, sparking joy and creativity – and even encouraging the development of new friendships. If you’re looking to add some fun to your jewelry kit, don’t miss out on dalmatian jasper beads.

Jasper Heart

Jasper is occasionally referred to as “the nurturing stone”, and in the case of the jasper heart, that is very true. Jasper hearts nurture compassion, love, and emotional development.

They also protect the user’s heart and emotional wellbeing. If you’re in need of some emotional support or healing, a jasper heart can offer some gentle guidance and protection.

Dalmatian Jasper Heart

While dalmatian jasper hearts do protect the emotional and spiritual wellbeing of the souls that use them, they also encourage the formation of deeper connections. Dalmatian jasper can help you find passionate and fulfilling love, while inspiring a sense of play and fun in the romance department.

Jasper Sphere

The ultimate symbol of balance, the jasper sphere is ideally used in meditation and spiritual ceremonies. This jasper ornament aligns the body, mind, and energetic flow in order to bring about a feeling of wholeness and harmony. It can also encourage the acceptance of change and ageing – allowing you to fully embrace the circle of life.

Brecciated Jasper Sphere

The brecciated jasper sphere represents the idea of coming together. Although things might have become fraught or misaligned in the past, the pieces can realign and find themselves making something even more beautiful than before. Keeping a brecciated jasper sphere is a constant reminder that everything will get better – even if everything is entirely different from what it was before. 

Jasper Rock for Sale

Well, now you’re probably wondering where you can buy jasper. We’ve spoken enough about what makes this stone so amazing. Let’s cut to the chase – how much does it cost?

Jasper Price

Jasper value is determined by a number of factors including its type, rarity, size, color, and quality. Usually, however, jasper is thought of as one of the more affordable gemstones on the market.

This is the kind of stone that fits most shoppers’ budgets, and it often costs little more than a dollar a piece. However, there are some more high-end jaspers (such as ocean jasper) that can cost hundreds of dollars per stone.

Red Jasper Price

While red jasper is one of the more popular jasper types, it is certainly not the most expensive. While the price of a red jasper depends on the quality of the specific piece, it is relatively easy to find a high quality red jasper for under ten dollars.

How Much is Poppy Jasper Worth

Like red jasper, poppy jasper is very affordable. So, if a low-cost, high-efficacy stone is what you’re after, check out some of the poppy jasper options online and in-store.

Yellow Jasper Stone Price

Yellow jasper’s price can range dramatically depending on its appearance, seller, and origin. When buying a yellow jasper online, it is important to compare and contrast different prices from different sellers to ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck. 

Jasper Stone Price per Carat

The price of a jasper stone per carat can fluctuate greatly depending on its quality, color, and whether or not there is a high demand for jasper at any point in time.

While understanding the price per carat for a stone can be incredibly useful in other circumstances, it doesn’t necessarily come in handy when taking a general look at the jasper stone. 


And that’s the scoop on jasper! The brightly colored, uplifting world of this stone is one that we can all benefit from. We hope you enjoyed our DIY wiki jasper page, and we are sending you all of the positive vibes we can muster as you set off to find the jasper stone (or stones) that sets your heart alight.

Stay grounded, stay balanced, and stay on our site to read about some other wonderful gemstones.

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