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Red Jasper: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

red jasper stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about red jasper, including its meaning, benefits, properties, and uses. Let's get started!


Today’s post is going to be about a stone that is the epitome of vitality and strength. The powerful red jasper stone is a one-stop gemstone for many woes, as claimed by several healers.

Let us dive into the depths of understanding this wholesome stone.

  • Red Jasper Meaning
    • What is Red Jasper
      • What does Red Jasper Look Like
      • What is Red Jasper Used for?
      • What is Red Jasper Made of?
      • Is Red Jasper a Chalcedony
    • Where is Red Jasper Found
      • African Red Jasper
      • Mexican Red Jasper
    • Red Jasper Chakra
      • Red Jasper Root Chakra
      • Red Jasper Sacral Chakra
    • Red Jasper Benefits
      • Red Jasper Healing
  • Red Jasper Properties
    • Red Jasper Healing Properties
    • Red Jasper Metaphysical Properties
    • Red Jasper Spiritual Properties
  • Brecciated Jasper vs Red Jasper
  • Red Jasper vs Garnet
  • Types of Red Jasper
    • Raw Red Jasper
    • Tumbled Red Jasper
    • Polished Red Jasper
    • Natural Red Jasper
  • Red Jasper Jewelry
    • Red Jasper Ring
      • Red Jasper Ring Meaning
    • Red Jasper Bracelet
      • Red Jasper Bracelet Meaning
      • Red Jasper Bracelet Benefits
    • Red Jasper Pendant
    • Red Jasper Earrings
      • Red Jasper Stud Earrings
    • Red Jasper Necklace
      • Red Jasper Necklace Meaning
      • Red Jasper Heart Necklace
  • Red Jasper Uses
    • Red Jasper Beads
      • Red Jasper Beads Meaning
      • Red Jasper Mala Beads
      • Red Jasper Beads 8mm
      • Bicone Red Jasper Beads
    • Red Jasper Sphere
      • Red Jasper Sphere Meaning
    • Red Jasper Skull
      • Red Jasper Skull Meaning
    • Red Jasper Egg
      • Red Jasper Yoni Egg Healing Properties
    • Red Jasper Pendulum
    • Red Jasper Pyramid
      • Red Jasper Pyramid Meaning
    • Red Jasper Slab
  • Red Jasper Combinations
    • Black and Red Jasper
    • Green and Red Jasper Stone
    • Red Jasper and Rose Quartz
    • Red Jasper and Bloodstone
    • Red Jasper and Carnelian
  • How to Use Red Jasper
    • How to Reprogram a Red Jasper
    • How to Clean Red Jasper Crystal
  • Stones That Look Like Red Jasper
  • Red Jasper Stone for Sale
    • Red Jasper Price
      • How Much is Red Jasper Worth
      • Red Jasper Raw Price
    • Red Jasper in Bulk
  • Conclusion 

Red Jasper Meaning

What is Red Jasper?

Red jasper is a type of quartz that is essentially microcrystalline in nature. Unlike fibrous layers present in chalcedony or agate, red jasper contains large grainy crystals.

What does Red Jasper Look Like?

The red jasper crystal, as the name suggests, is the dreamiest and loveliest shade of red. It has opaque transparency. Apart from the deep red jasper color, it is also available in brown, magenta, pinkish-orange, and even yellow.

What is Red Jasper Used for?

The red jasper rock is believed to have many benefits. It is used for protection from negative energies and vibrations and as a lucky charm to bring good luck. Apart from these healing properties, the stone is used for making beautiful jewelry and decorative pieces too, as we will see in the latter part of this post.

Is Red Jasper a Chalcedony?

Yes. The dark red jasper is part of the chalcedony minerals. It is similar to quartz but opaque, and also has layers within.

Where is Red Jasper Found?

red jasper stone

Red Jasper is an easy stone to find, which means that it is not rare and is not limited to certain regions in the world. You can find the rough red jasper in different countries such as Brazil, France, Germany, India, Russia, and even the United States of America.

African Red Jasper

The African jasper is also known as the red brecciated jasper. It has beautiful shades of earthy red and brown with patterns of layers within. Opal jasper also hails from the mines of Africa and looks like a long-lost cousin of the red jasper gemstone.

Mexican Red Jasper

Red jasper is found in Mexico as well. It is mined all over the world with the same quality. 

Red Jasper Chakra

Red jasper agate stone is connected to our base chakra. This quality is believed to give us inner power and strength. It also has a grounding effect.

Red Jasper Root Chakra

The red jasper is beautifully aligned with our root chakra. The grounding qualities help to keep us rooted even when we are in the best of moods and enjoying the highest achievements in life. It is known to give inner strength to warriors. Red jasper for children is also a great choice due to its believed healing properties.

Red Jasper Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra dominates our sexuality, creative expressions, and emotions. The red jasper aligns well with the sacral chakra and helps us enhance all these qualities within us. It is believed to support us in creative expression and regulation of emotions.

Red Jasper Benefits

Healers and astrologers all over the world from many communities have faith in the benefits of the red jasper. Let us check out the red jasper magical properties and also the healing, metaphysical and spiritual properties of the stone.

Red Jasper Healing

Red jasper is believed to have healing properties that take one's mind away from all the negativity in our surroundings. It is believed to absorb the unharmonious vibrations and render courage, growth, and wisdom. It may also heal any sort of trauma caused by negative effects in the past.

Red Jasper Properties

red jasper figurine

Red jasper comes with various interesting features and mystical properties.

Red Jasper Healing Properties

As mentioned before, the red jasper birthstone has healing properties. Since it is connected to the earth element, it nurtures the wearer. It is also known as the nurturing stone that is believed to bring about a balance in the emotional and physical well-being of the wearer of this stone.

Red Jasper Metaphysical Properties

The unpolished red jasper is believed to have several metaphysical properties and for this reason, it is popular among crystal healers and astrologers all over the world.

It is often called the endurance stone, as it is believed to help you maintain your focus and concentration on the task at hand. If you feel emotionally drained or are nearing burnout, this gem is believed to bring back your high spirits so you can resume your task again with full vigor.

According to red jasper astrology, as it is connected to our base chakras, it is believed to have very strong grounding and protective properties. It is believed to protect us from negative vibrations and keep us grounded when we most need it.

Furthermore, it is also believed to be a great source of vitality and courage that helps us face the challenges we encounter at different times of life. It can keep our minds calm and stable. Red jasper is also believed to help us to make informed decisions, so we end up finding our path through challenges.

Red Jasper Spiritual Properties

According to the red jasper zodiac, when the chakras are aligned, spiritually we are at a better place. The red jasper quartz helps with this task. It is believed to provide sanity and peace to a chaotic and troubled mind, which is why people often use it for meditation practices. It is also known to increase endurance for any kind of mental or physical challenge that one might have to face.

Brecciated Jasper vs Red Jasper

The difference between brecciated jasper and red jasper is that brecciated jasper contains traces of hematite which are not present in the regular red jasper.

Red Jasper vs Garnet

Garnet is slightly different in appearance as it has more luster and shine to it. The healing properties are quite the same as they are both considered to be grounding stones. 

Types of Red Jasper

Raw Red Jasper

Raw red jasper is found underground and kept the same way. It has no polishing and flaunts a rugged, rock-like look. It also has white powdery particles on it, which can only be removed through polishing. Although raw jaspers cost less than tumbled ones, their spiritual and healing value remains the same in the eyes of healers and crystal therapists.

Tumbled Red Jasper

tumbled red jasper

Tumbled red jasper stones are the round or oval smooth and glossy stones that we often see as decorative items in stores.

Polished Red Jasper

Raw stones need to be polished to give it a finish. The glossy and dewy look that we see is obtained after these stones are polished with a few chemicals and sandpaper.

Natural Red Jasper

Natural jasper is just another name for raw red jasper as it is the original form in which the stone is found under the Earth. 

Red Jasper Jewelry

Red Jasper Ring

Have you seen how mesmerizing a red jasper ring looks? It is mostly available in oval or square shapes. Since the stone is inherently big in size, these rings are large too and cover a major part of the finger, making it a statement piece of jewelry.

Red Jasper Ring Meaning

A ring is the easiest way to keep the stone touching your skin. Many ring designs are hollow from the inside so that the stone can be in contact with your skin and give you its believed benefits of strength and courage.

Red Jasper Bracelet

Red jasper bracelets look pretty too. They can be paired with a variety of other stones and will be the center of attention at any party. The most common designs are large oval stones in between looped, twisted chains. Sometimes they also have a small dangling pendant of the same stone and metal or another stone attached to them.

Red Jasper Bracelet Meaning

According to red jasper facts, the bigger the stone, or the more the stones, the higher is their effect—this is believed by many therapists and crystal healers all over the world. So to that effect, a bracelet will be much more powerful than a ring to instill qualities like strength and vitality.

Red Jasper Pendant

Red jasper pendants are available in a variety of patterns and designs. The most common ones include the round or oval shapes and the elongated pyramid pendant held together by beautiful metal tong-like structures that suspend from the chain.

Red Jasper Earrings

Red jasper earrings look really classy and can be worn for any event that requires dressing up elegantly such as cocktail parties, award functions, and big events.

Red Jasper Stud Earrings

Similar to danglers, red jasper stud earrings look super cool too. The small red dots sit snug on your ear and no matter the size, they are still absolutely noticeable because of their lovely color and pattern.

Red Jasper Necklace

You must have seen red jasper necklaces as they are quite popular. These large red stones look trendy on a loopy chain. They are commonly worn for parties and dress-up events. 

Red Jasper Uses

Apart from aesthetic purposes in the form of jewelry, the red jasper stone also has other uses. A major use is that of decoration. Let us see a few different forms in which this stone is sculpted for use.

Red Jasper Beads

Red jasper is available as beads. These beads are used for making bracelets, rosaries, or decorative chains.

Red Jasper Beads Meaning

The rosaries made of beads are often given spiritual importance and are used during meditation or religious chants. It is believed to help the mind achieve its highest level of peace and calm as one tries to steer through the challenges in life.

Red Jasper Mala Beads

Mala beads are smaller beads used for making malas, i.e., long chains. They can be worn in any casual dress and often look similar to rosaries.

Red Jasper Beads 8mm

The beads available are of various sizes and 8mm is one of the tiniest sizes you can find. Often used for customized jewelry, these beads look like delicate little red pearls with a smooth and glossy finish.

Bicone Red Jasper Beads

Bicone beads are faceted and unusual. They aren’t very common and have to be made to order for specific jewelry of any other purpose.

Red Jasper Sphere

red jasper sphere

You may have seen red jasper spheres. They are commonly used as decorative items or as part of Feng Shui.

Red Jasper Sphere Meaning

Just like a red jasper ring or bracelet is meant to protect the wearer, similarly, the sphere, which is usually 50mm in size, is supposed to protect the place where it is kept. It is believed to keep your home free from any negative energies and evil eyes.

Red Jasper Skull

A red jasper skull looks fascinating and quite scary, especially if you look at it at night. This item is used purely for decoration purposes, as a showpiece, and crystal healers do not use it for any therapy because of its structure.

Red Jasper Skull Meaning

Although healers today do not use it for therapies, in the olden times, warriors and soldiers were given these skulls to help protect them from any danger on the battlefield.

Red Jasper Egg

Similar to the sphere, the egg is also used for the same reasons. It is simply a different shape.

Red Jasper Yoni Egg Healing Properties

The yoni egg is believed to enhance sexuality and boost fertility. It is often recommended to couples who are trying for a baby. It is believed to help them conceive.

Red Jasper Pendulum

The red jasper pendulum is also used for Feng Shui. It is hung in the room or near a doorway to attract positive energies inside the home.

Red Jasper Pyramid

Tiny red jasper pyramids are used by crystal healers during their therapy sessions.

Red Jasper Pyramid Meaning

The pyramids are used for enhancing the grounding effect that the red jasper stone supposedly displays. The sessions are for people who have trouble trying to stay focused and who are easily distracted by the noise (both actual and metaphorical) around them.

Red Jasper Slab

Red jasper slabs are used in interior design. Kitchen countertops, dressing tables, and dining tables made of red jasper are quite popular in some parts of the US and UK. Since they are not expensive and durable, people choose them for these reasons. 

Red Jasper Combinations

Black and Red Jasper

Black and red jasper is the best combination because apart from the color, they are the same stone, so their properties are believed to match well with each other.

Green and Red Jasper Stone

Green jasper is connected to the earth and red jasper is a grounding stone. Together they are believed to help the wearer make full use of the nurturing and protecting properties of the Earth element and keeping them connected to their roots.

Red Jasper and Rose Quartz

All types of quartz pair well with red jasper. Their energies are in sync and amplified. In fact, since red jasper is also a type of chalcedony quartz, they can be used together for therapy.

Red Jasper and Bloodstone

Bloodstone is powerful and, together with red jasper, it creates a vibration that can, at times, be a little too much to handle. It needs a stronger stone to go with, so only the most experienced healers use this combination for therapies.

Red Jasper and Carnelian

Red jasper and carnelian are often confused. They look almost the same. Both have grounding energies and can be used for therapies together. 

How to Use Red Jasper?

How to Reprogram Red Jasper?

You could use sage by burning it a little and then leaving the stone under its smoke for some time. This will help to reprogram the red jasper energy stone for further use. Alternative red jasper affirmations positive can help too.

How to Clean Red Jasper Crystal?

There are a few known ways of cleaning the red jasper element.

Water is a very popular cleansing tool. It is used to absorb all the negative energy and enhance its red jasper qualities as one uses it for healing benefits. You can do a quick water wash for 5 minutes to cleanse it faster, or you could keep it submerged underwater for a few hours if you think the negative energies are powerful.

The full moon cleansing ritual involves leaving the stone under the full moon for the entire night. It helps to take away all the unwanted vibrations attached to the stone and refresh it with positive lunar energy. This is best done on a full moon night.

Another way is to submerge it in a little soil. Soil connects the stone to the element of earth and cleanses it well. 

Stones that Look Like Red Jasper

The red jasper wiki page says that the carnelian is a stone that looks quite similar to the red jasper. So much so that people often mistake one for the other. It has a similar orange-red color and patterns. Tumbled red jasper and carnelian are tough to distinguish between.

Red Jasper Stone for Sale

Red Jasper Price

Considering the red jasper value, it can be called a semi-precious stone, as it is not exorbitantly priced. It is available as a single piece or at a wholesale rate depending on where you purchase it from. It costs anywhere from $2 USD to $5 USD per carat.

How Much is Red Jasper Worth?

The price of red jasper palm stone varies from store to store and seller to seller. Mostly, the pieces start from $5 USD to $10 USD on average.

Red Jasper Raw Price

Raw genuine red jasper stones are sold at a lower price as they do not have the cost of tumbling and polishing involved.

Red Jasper in Bulk

Red jasper is sold in bulk to crystal shops or jewelry stores. They start at $30 USD. You can search for red jasper on the internet for more information.


The red jasper is a very popular stone loved by all those interested in gemstones. Considering its multiple uses and beautiful appearance, it is indeed an intriguing gem to own. But make sure to buy from reliable sellers to enjoy its real beauty and magic.

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