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Siderite: Complete Guide (2024)

siderite stone

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about siderite, including its properties and uses. Let's get started!


Siderite is a crystal of positivity and calmness. It inspires creativity and helps you through difficult times in your life. It is an inspirational and companion crystal; to learn more about it, let us dive in right away!

  • What is Siderite?
    • What is Siderite Used for?
    • Where is Siderite Found?
  • Siderite Properties
    • Siderite Metaphysical Properties
    • Siderite Healing Properties
    • Siderite Physical Properties
  • Black Siderite
  • Siderite Uses
    • Siderite Sword
  • Conclusion

What is Siderite?

Siderite is a common mineral found worldwide, but crystalline siderite rarely occurs. It is an iron carbonate mainly found in sedimentary rocks and clays. Siderite gets its name from the Greek word ‘sideros,’ meaning iron, which is an important component of the mineral.

Siderite crystals are formed in hydrothermal veins, iron beds, and sedimentary rock deposits. The crystals are rare to come by, and thus, the tumbled stones and faceted crystals are rare. The least expensive faceted stone can cost $15 USD per carat. 

Siderite is associated with all seven chakras and the Zodiac signs of Taurus and Capricorn.

What is Siderite Used for?

Siderite mineral has iron content and is often used to extract it. Its use for iron ore started in the early 1800s. It is also used to create brown paint pigments and also for creating steel. 

Scientists have also developed synthetic siderite to remove arsenic and fluoride from water, creating lithium batteries and for the study of agriculture management. 

Where is Siderite Found?

The siderite mineral is found all over the world, but the crystal form is rare. They are found in Brazil, Canada, Greenland, South Africa, France, Italy, and Greece.

Siderite Properties

Siderite Metaphysical Properties

Siderite aligns its energies with all chakras and provides you with a positive outlook on your life. Siderite possesses grounding energy and balances the chakras for a smooth flow of energy throughout your body.

It mainly balances the root and the solar plexus chakra. The blocked root chakra makes you feel detached from everyone and insecure. The blocked solar plexus chakra causes you to feel self-doubt. The opening and unblocking of these chakras bring stability, self-esteem, and confidence.

It may also provide a sense of stability and security in your employment and promote your career growth. It boosts your willpower and self-esteem and aids you to remain calm and collected during times of stress. 

Siderite brings clarity to your thoughts and repels the energies of stress and frustration. It keeps your mindset strong when you need to make difficult decisions, stimulates creativity, and retains your interest in work.

You can use siderite to meditate or keep it on your bedside while sleeping, which will help you attain peaceful and tranquil sleep.

Siderite Healing Properties

Crystal healers often use siderite to treat anemia, bone deterioration, and other disorders. It is said to relieve the pain of fractures and broken bones. Using siderite also helps the body to absorb the minerals easily and, in turn, it may heal the body.

Siderite is also used by people who have been advised bed rest as it makes a great companion crystal. It helps the person who needs rest and the person helping them. 

Siderite Physical Properties

The color of siderite varies from yellow, brown, red, green, and gray. It belongs to the calcite group and is a form of carbonate. On the Mohs scale of hardness, siderite is at 3.5 to 4.5. Its chemical composition is FeCO3

Siderite has silky to pearly and opaque to transparent luster. The crystal possesses the cleavage in three directions. Siderite has a unique property that makes it magnetic when heated. 

Black Siderite

black siderite stone

The black siderite is a result of the inclusion of galena minerals in excess. The galena inclusion in siderite found in Germany is black and shiny. Whereas a specimen from Baia Sprie, Romania, has a black petal-like structure. 

Siderite Uses

Siderite has many industrial uses, as mentioned above, and also some metaphysical and healing properties. The tumbled stones and jewelry are rare to come by as the crystal form of this mineral is a rare occurrence. 

Siderite Sword

When the mineral first appeared in Japan, it was brought to the Viscount, who cut the iron and made a few swords from them. According to the geological survey in 1895, siderite was found to be a meteorite.

Thus, the swords were called the Meteor Swords. These swords or meteorites are on display at the National Science Museum in Japan. 


Siderite crystals bring enthusiasm and enhance your creativity. They fill your surroundings with positivity and keep your mind clear and calm. 

Even though they are rare and mainly used for industrial purposes, siderite crystals make a great addition to your collection. They have an earthly look and make you feel grounded and balanced. 

Taking care of a siderite crystal is important as they are soft crystals.  You can use a soft brush, gentle soap, and lukewarm water to clean it. 

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