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Emerald: Complete Guide (2024)

emerald crystal

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about emerald, including its meaning, properties, types, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


One of the four precious gemstones, emerald is a queen amongst gemstones and is the softest gem in the world. The emerald gemstone is one of the most interesting, rare, and spiritually enriching gems out there.

It has a long and exciting history attached to it, and it is associated with royals and movie stars alike. We are so passionate about the emerald gem that we’ve essentially created our own emerald wiki page – with a little more heart.

This article is packed with emerald images, mind-blowing facts, and the spiritual benefits of the stone. If you have Taurus zodiac placements or are thinking of gifting or proposing to a romantic partner, don’t miss a word of this. Things are about to get very scientific, very romantic, and very, very emerald green.

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Introduction
    • Emerald Meaning
      • What is an Emerald
      • Emerald Etymology
      • Emerald Pronunciation
      • Other Names for Emerald
      • Is Emerald a Mineral?
      • Is Emerald a Quartz?
      • Are Emeralds Diamonds?
      • Are Emeralds Rare?
      • What is the Spiritual Meaning of Emerald?
      • What does an Emerald Look Like
        • What do Raw Emeralds Look Like
      • What Color are Emeralds
        • Why are Emeralds Green
      • What are Emeralds Used for
      • What are Emeralds Made of
    • Where do Emeralds Come from
    • Emerald Meditation
    • Where are Emeralds Found
      • Indian Emerald
      • Russian Emerald
        • What is a Russian Emerald?
      • Peruvian Emeralds
      • Emerald in the UK
      • Egyptian Emerald
      • Emerald Mining in Zambia
      • South African Emeralds
      • Emeralds in Minnesota
      • Colombian Emerald Gemstone
      • Brazilian Emerald
        • Brazilian Emerald Meaning
  • Properties of Emerald
    • Emerald Physical Properties
    • Emerald Metaphysical Properties
  • Emerald vs Other Stones
    • Jade vs Emerald
    • Peridot vs Emerald
    • Emerald vs Sapphire
    • Green Sapphire vs Emerald
    • Ruby vs Sapphire vs Emerald Gems
    • Emerald vs Diamond
    • Ruby vs Emerald
    • Emerald Quartz vs Emerald
    • Clear Emerald vs Emerald
  • Types of Emeralds
    • Raw Emerald
    • Natural Emerald
      • What is a Natural Emerald
    • Loose Emerald
    • Tumbled Emerald 
      • Tumbled Emerald Meaning
  • Emerald Color
    • Green Emerald
    • Blue Emerald
      • What is a Blue Emerald
    • Dark Emerald
    • Blue Green Emerald
    • White Emerald
    • Black Emerald 
    • Yellow Emerald 
      • Yellow Emerald Meaning
  • Emerald Jewellery
    • Emerald Ring
      • Emerald Cut Engagement Rings
      • Unique Emerald Rings
      • Solitaire Emerald Ring
      • Emerald Stacking Ring
      • Blue Emerald Ring
      • Square Emerald Engagement Rings
      • Emerald Pave Ring
      • Antique Emerald Cluster Ring
      • Emerald Platinum Engagement Rings
      • Emerald Heart Ring Gold
      • Ethiopian Emerald Ring
      • Emerald Pinky Ring for Women
    • Green Emerald Baguette Ring
    • Princess Cut Emerald Earrings
    • Emerald Necklace
    • Mens Emerald Cross Necklace
    • Emerald Charm Bracelet
  • Emerald Uses
    • Emerald Cabochon
      • Emerald Cabochon Meaning
  • Rare Emeralds
  • Emerald Quality Guide
  • Emerald Price
    • What is the Price of Emerald per Carat?
      • Rough Emerald Prices per Carat
      • Synthetic Emerald Price per Carat
    • Natural Untreated Emeralds for Sale
    • Australian Emeralds for Sale
    • Loose Emerald Stones for Sale
    • Large Emeralds for Sale
    • Raw Emerald Value
    • Emerald vs Diamond Price
    • Green Emerald Price
    • Cabochon Emerald Value
    • White Emerald Price
    • Real Emeralds Wholesale
    • Where to Buy Emeralds
      • Buy Emerald Online
      • Loose Emeralds Online
    • How to Buy an Emerald
  • Conclusion

Emerald Meaning

The emerald stone has major historical and symbolic value behind it. This gemstone has not only been coveted for centuries – its metaphysical properties are just as timeless.

Emerald is connected to the goddess Venus, and the stone represents rebirth, fertility, and romance. This luscious gemstone is also known to breed wisdom and maturity, making it the perfect stone to accompany you through all seasons of life.

What is an Emerald

An emerald crystal is the cream of the crop in the gemstone world, so it’s no wonder that it is so highly coveted by jewellers and consumers alike. Emerald is a type of beryl mineral. It is often highly included and is classified as a cyclosilicate.

The emerald stone is one of the brightest of the gemstone family. It is renowned for its vivid green color, and it is the birthstone for the Zodiac sign Taurus. It’s impossible to define this stone without looking at the history of emeralds. The exciting stone was first mined in Egypt in about 330 BC, and it was one of Cleopatra’s favorite gems.

Emerald has strong ties to many religions. In Christianity, the meaning of emerald in the bible reflects its power and value. It is said that emerald was one of four gemstones that King Solomon presented to God, bestowing him with authority over creation.

Emerald Etymology

The emerald definition can swing one of two ways. While one definition of “emerald” refers to the chromium-rich stone itself, the term has also become synonymous with “bright green” and is often used to describe shades of clothing or dense forests.

So, how did the word “emerald” develop into what it is today? What is the emerald origin? The word stems from Latin (but, of course). Emerald in Latin was initially “smaragdus” - eventually giving way for “esmaraldus” meaning “green gem”.  Old French “esmeraude” definitely played a role in the development of the emerald name.

Emerald Pronunciation

Emerald is correctly pronounced “eh-muh-ruhld”, but often, the first two syllables of the name are merged in colloquial speech to form the pronunciation “em-ruhld”. 

Because the Chinese export of this stone is so popular, you might also hear emerald in Chinese as a deviation from its pronunciation. In this case, it would be referred to as “cuì”, pronounced “sway”. No matter what language you’re speaking in, talking about this majestic gem feels great on the tip of the tongue.

Other Names for Emerald

While you can refer to emerald as “beryl” based on its fundamental component, most people might not know what you’re talking about. If you’re looking for a synonym, it’s best to go with “green gem” or “most captivating, radiant stone I’ve ever seen”. 

Is Emerald a Mineral?

Yes! The emerald mineral is a beryl variety. Beryl is a mineral made up of beryllium aluminium silicate, which can actually form a few gemstones including aquamarine, morganite, and – of course – emerald.

Is Emerald a Quartz?

The emerald rock can, in certain cases, form in a quartz-megmatite matrix. Often, emerald is confused with “emerald quartz”, and although emerald contains silica, emerald quartz is a completely different stone. The lines are a bit blurry, but at the end of the day, emerald is not the same as quartz.

white crystal tower

Are Emeralds Diamonds?

While emeralds and diamonds are both incredibly rare and sparkly, they are two completely different gemstones with different chemical compositions, hardness, and color. While emerald is a beryl mineral and is a 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, diamond is a solid form of carbon and is a 10 on the Mohs scale.

Emeralds and diamonds can both differ in color to an extent, but typically, sought-after emeralds are green and diamonds are clear and colorless. There is a common misconception that diamonds are the rarest of gemstones, but emeralds are actually rarer than diamonds 20-fold and that is often reflected in their price.

emerald ring

Are Emeralds Rare?

Yes, emeralds are extremely rare! In fact, emeralds are the rarest of the popular gemstones like sapphire, diamond, and ruby. The rarest emeralds tend to be darker and have an intense forest-green color. Fun fact – an emerald discovered in Brazil named the Bahia emerald is the biggest gemstone ever found throughout history. So, it’s safe to say this stone is pretty special.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Emerald?

Emerald symbolism is as vibrant and multi-faceted as its exterior. Ultimately, it is a life-affirming crystal. That means that it serves to validate your path in life and enrich your life in all its many aspects. Emeralds represent wisdom, romance, beauty, fertility, and harmony. They motivate us to be the most patient, truthful, and grounded versions of ourselves.

What does an Emerald Look Like

Emeralds can differ in color slightly, but their predominant hue is always green. Shades of yellow and blue can also be included. Emeralds are often cut into a rectangular shape for jewelry and cabochons, and the shape has come to be associated with this gemstone, even being referred to as the “emerald cut”.

The appearance of emeralds has provided inspiration, calmness, and confidence throughout history. Its rich color and regal quality has made it a favorite among historical figures, royalty, and gemstone lovers.

What do Raw Emeralds Look Like

Raw emeralds are, of course, rougher and uncut, and they form in metamorphic rocks. Again, raw emeralds can differ slightly in color to include yellow and blue hues. They can also be transparent or translucent, which is valued for jewelry and murals. 

What Color are Emeralds

This precious gemstone is green in color. Yes, emeralds can vary slightly to include shades of yellow and blue, but ultimately, these stones are green through and through. And we’re oh so grateful for that!

Why are Emeralds Green

At the end of the day, we have nature to thank for this one. The rich foresty color so deeply associated with emerald is the result of high chromium and vanadium content.

What are Emeralds Used for

First thing’s first, jewelry is emerald’s top priority. This stone makes for one of the most popular jewels around. In spirituality, emeralds can assist a person in seeing their future. By placing emerald underneath one’s tongue, fortune telling and truth detecting ability becomes enhanced.

What are Emeralds Made of

Emeralds are a type of beryl mineral, a silicate composed of beryllium and aluminum. They also have strong traces of chromium and vanadium and form in metamorphic rocks.

Where do Emeralds Come from

Emeralds were originally mined in ancient Egypt, but Colombian mines managed to take over the trade due to larger quantities and better quality. Colombia remains the main exporter of emeralds and is responsible for over half of global production. Other exporters include Zambia, Ethiopia, Brazil, and Zimbabwe.

Emerald Meditation

Meditation using emerald is an absolute must for anyone desiring increased creative ability, a positive mindset, and truth. Emerald meditation opens the heart chakra and attracts love and success into one’s life.

It rids us of negative thoughts, making way for more exciting, positive results in life. So breathe in, breathe out, and go get yourself some emerald.

 a woman sitting in front of a lake

Where are Emeralds Found

It’s important to know where your emerald is coming from because its location of origin influences its value, color, and quality. Colombia, Zambia, and Brazil are the three top emerald locations both in terms of quality and quantity.

However, emerald mines exist in India, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, South Africa, Afghanistan, Russia, and even the United States. Hang tight, because we’re about to dive deep into the emeralds these different nations have to offer.

Indian Emerald

In India, the emerald is often referred to by its Hindi name, the Panna stone. Medium in clarity and dark green in color, these dazzlers are sourced from mines in Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu, and Orissa. Emeralds are revered in India, and are believed to increase rationality and mathematical ability.

Russian Emerald

In the heart of the Ural Mountains in Russia, a relatively small source of emerald can be found. What they lack in quantity, Russian emeralds make up for in beautiful engravings.

A typical Russian emerald will be carved into detailed flowers, patterns, or leaves. While these emeralds are not bad quality, they do have more inclusions than Colombian emeralds.

What is a Russian Emerald?

A Russian emerald can often be referred to as an Uralian emerald based on the mountains from which it is sourced. However, the term “Uralian emerald” is usually reserved for demantoid garnets, a Russian garnet known for its high quality and bright green color.

Russian emeralds are rare, but they are made even more difficult to source due to their excessive amount of inclusions.

Peruvian Emeralds

In Peru, the Incas worshipped emeralds due to its representation of the moon and the moon goddess Umina. Despite the significance of emeralds in Peru, it is not the ideal place to purchase emerald today. It is possible to find high quality emerald from Peru, but it is very scarce and unlikely.

Emerald in the UK

While the UK isn’t known for their emerald exports, its inhabitants are huge fans of the gemstone – the British in particular. In fact, the royal family adores emeralds. From Queen Victoria’s famous emerald and diamond tiara to Princess Diana’s emerald necklace wedding day present from Queen Elizabeth, emerald has earned its place at the top of the British monarchy. 

Egyptian Emerald

Much of the historical background of emerald is in its ties to Egypt. Egyptians began exporting the gem over two thousand years ago before larger Colombian deposits were discovered. However, attention turned back to Egypt in 1817 when Frederic Caillaud tried to milk the country’s mines for all their worth.

Sadly, Egyptian emerald has never gained the amount of traction it had so many years ago. The country does still export emerald mined from the Red Sea Hills, so this historically-rich gem is still up for grabs!

the pyramids of Egypt

Emerald Mining in Zambia

The Kafubu area is home to Zambia’s largest and most profitable emerald mines. Aside from Colombia, Zambia has made its name as the biggest emerald exporter in the world. One thing that separates Zambian emeralds from the rest is that they tend to have a slight blue tint and are darker in pigment.

They also often have less inclusions than other emeralds, making them especially desirable. Not only has Zambian emerald mining gifted the world with remarkable jewels, it has boosted the nation’s economy tremendously. Sounds like a win-win!

South African Emeralds

In the Limpopo Province, the Cobra pit is an emerald mine that has garnered worldwide success in the emerald market. Mining in the area began in 1927 and has increased in productivity since then.

South African emeralds are a delightfully rich green color and are thought to have a unique grounding effect when looked at or held in the palm of your hand.

Emeralds in Minnesota

While there are no well-known natural emerald sightings in Minnesota to date, many Minnesotans are emerald lovers and bring the stone to the state. The Geological Society of Minnesota even organized a trip to Colombia to experience the mind-blowing emerald mines in person.

Colombian Emerald Gemstone

The discovery of huge emerald deposits in Colombia took the world by storm when Spanish Conquistadors began exporting the gemstone in the 16th century. Even before Colombian emeralds were brought into the global market, Colombians had been mining them with great success since roughly 500 AD.

The South American country is responsible for up to 90% of all emerald trade in global markets. Colombia is known to be the world’s top dog when it comes to emeralds. Theirs are the only emeralds in the world that form in sedimentary host rock. As a result of the natural saline solution in sedimentary rocks, they are also the purest emeralds known to man.

Brazilian Emerald

Interest in Brazilian emerald mines started up in the 1500s as a result of the booming mines in Colombia (one of its neighbouring countries). Today, Brazilian emerald mines are found in the country’s states Bahia, Goiás, Ceará, and Minas Gerais. Brazil’s emeralds are revered for their vibrant glow and intense, leaf-green color.

emerald pendant

Brazilian Emerald Meaning

Brazilian emerald captures the heart of nature in its earthy, gentle look and feel. The stone symbolizes earthly wisdom, granting its owners the power to connect to Spirit and the eternal, instinctive knowledge of the natural world.

Properties of Emerald

By now, you’re well versed on the history of emeralds. You’re practically a scholar when it comes to emerald chemical composition. So, let’s get into the exciting stuff. How can emerald fit into your spiritual journey, and what metaphysical benefits can it offer?

According to emerald stone astrology, this gift from nature symbolizes lifeforce and healthy development, and it is called the “Stone of Prosperity”. In this section, we’ll discuss the physical and metaphysical properties of emerald so you can consider which of its attributes suit you best.

Emerald Physical Properties

Emeralds are naturally hexagonal, and high traces of chromium and vanadium give it a rich, green color. Simply based on its color, emerald has an immense positive impact on those who come into contact with it. For example, the color green is known to improve thought patterns and physical health. A pleasing hexagonal shape can bring peace of mind and harmony to its users, but the stone tends to have this effect no matter what shape it’s in.

Emerald Metaphysical Properties

Feel that? That’s the opening of your heart chakra brought to you by emerald. This stone is a love and romance attracter, but more than that, it eases the heart and provides long-term relief from emotional pain. While emerald is mainly associated with the zodiac Taurus and is an earth element, it is also closely tied to Aries, Gemini, and Libra.

Emerald is life-affirming and deepens psychic abilities – lifting consciousness and truth detection. This stone is for you if wisdom, longevity, intelligence, and grounded-ness are your top priorities. If you are manifesting romance or wanting to strengthen your bond with a romantic partner, emerald is also known to improve loyalty and promote joyful relationships.

Emerald vs Other Stones

While there’s no question about emerald’s physical attractiveness coupled with spiritual positivity, let’s get to know the stone a bit better by comparing it to other stones in its orbit. Emerald is frequently compared to other stones because of its desirable color and expensiveness.

Often, a jeweller or buyer will opt for a similar green stone rather than emerald to acquire a cheaper version. By the end of this section, you’ll come to know that emerald is too one of a kind to be replaced by any different stone.

crystals in different colours

Jade vs Emerald

From the get-go, emerald and jade are fundamentally different stones. While Jade is an ornamental mineral, emerald is a gemstone. Emerald is much rarer and more valuable, but that also means it is far more expensive than jade.

These two stones look very different, too, aside from their rich green color. While emerald is transparent to translucent, jade is opaque. Lastly, jade and emerald both encourage longevity, wisdom, and harmony. While emerald has many love-related properties, jade has peace-making properties.

Peridot vs Emerald

We’re always a fan of a good, earthy green. Peridot and emerald share this wonderful quality. However, these stones form in completely different shades of green. While emeralds are known for their deep, forest hue, peridot is green olive in color and much lighter than emerald.

These two stones would be put to great use working side by side to guarantee healthy, happy relationships. While emerald enhances compassion and honesty, peridot promotes peaceful communication and ensures that rationality and emotionality are constantly in balance.

Emerald vs Sapphire

Emerald and sapphire are two of the most valued and coveted stones in the world. However, they are adored for different reasons. While sapphire is harder than emerald, and consequently more durable, emerald is revered for its symbolic value.

Both emerald and sapphire are thought to have some of the most beautiful colors in the gemstone world. However, while dark green is most desirable for emeralds, the most prized sapphires are a striking, bright blue.

jewelry with blue crystals

Green Sapphire vs Emerald

Green sapphires are much lighter in color than emerald. At their darkest, green sapphires can appear an olive green in hue. Green sapphires represent tranquillity, making it a wonderful stone for easing the nerves.

Both emerald and green sapphire promote trust and honesty, but it is important to note that stones with darker colors (like emerald) are richer in their metaphysical properties and will ultimately have stronger clearer effects.

Ruby vs Sapphire vs Emerald Gems

Along with diamond, these three stones are the most famed and lusted after across the globe. Most simply, emeralds are green, while red rubies and blue sapphires are these stones’ predominant colors.

Sapphires actually differ the most in color, but blue sapphires are thought to be more beautiful and of higher quality than other variations. Ruby and sapphire are both harder than emerald on the Mohs scale. In addition, while emerald is a variety of the beryl mineral, ruby and sapphire are corundum varieties.

Emerald presents some metaphysical qualities of both ruby and sapphire. While ruby encourages loving relationships, sapphire enhances creativity.

Emerald vs Diamond

Emerald and diamond are often compared to one another by gemstone enthusiasts. While it might be tempting to want to decide which stone is better, the truth is that both of these stones have unique and exciting properties and traits.

First off, diamonds are generally colorless or slightly golden. Meanwhile, emeralds are green and can include blue or yellow hues. Diamond is a pure carbon mineral, while emerald is a beryl. Emeralds are far rarer and harder to find, and their dark color and unique texture make them all the more valuable. As a result, emeralds are more expensive than diamonds. Lastly, diamonds are a brain booster.

They stimulate cognitive ability and avoid miscommunication. While emeralds can improve intellect, they are more associated with love, wisdom, and longevity.

Ruby vs Emerald

As we have discussed, ruby is a corundum and is harder than the beryl emerald. Ruby is also typically a bright red in color, while emerald is a dark green. Using ruby in your spiritual journey can have transformative benefits from increased energy and focus to stronger compassion and loyalty. Ruby is also associated with family and the heart chakra.

Emerald and ruby are somewhat similar in this way – let’s consider them siblings. Emerald also hones in on the heart and enhances relationships, but rather than increasing energy, emerald grounds us and brings us towards a wiser version of ourselves.

Emerald Quartz vs Emerald

Let’s get one thing straight. Emerald quartz and emerald are two very different stones. Emerald quartz is quartz containing mariposite. Mariposite is high in chromium, which gives emeralds their green color. Naturally, this kind of quartz turns bright green and resembles emerald to an extent, while being far less expensive.

Clear Emerald vs Emerald

We often get questions about clear emerald, so it’s time to get clear on what it is. While emerald is extremely transparent (or clear), that doesn’t mean it is colorless.

No matter how transparent the emerald, it should remain green in hue. The clearer the emerald, the more its color can shine through and blow us all away! 

Types of Emeralds

While emeralds are one of the most consistent stones around, the way they’re handled by humans greatly impacts their appearance. Emerald in its raw, natural state is very different to a tumbled and polished emerald, and in this section, we plan to explain exactly why. Let’s jump in!

Raw Emerald

So, we know a lot of raw food is incredibly good for us, but does that include food for the soul? Let’s unpack whether or not raw emerald will fill us up with the right vibes.

As it turns out, raw emeralds are valued much lower than polished ones. In fact, an emerald’s cut is so important that if its cut is uneven, the price diminishes drastically. However, raw emerald is just as valuable in symbolic richness as cut emerald.

So, while raw emerald won’t make for good jewelry unless handled by a trained professional, it can still provide you with the joys and benefits of the stone.

Natural Emerald

Natural emerald connects us to the earth and all its wisdom. It is life-affirming, purpose-clarifying, and grounding. It will also bring healthy, compassionate love into your life and encourage truthfulness and kindness. Natural emerald is the kind of stone you can never let out of your sight. It will keep you focused, creative, and in tune with your big picture throughout your life. 

What is a Natural Emerald

Natural emerald is any emerald that is authentic and handled with care. There are a lot of knock-off emeralds on the market, and loads of other stones that are presented as emeralds, but natural emerald always rises above the rest.

While one might assume natural emerald must be raw, a cut and polished emerald is just as natural. In fact, polishing an emerald allows for its preservation and takes care of the stone.

Loose Emerald

A loose emerald is unattached to any necklaces, bracelets, or decorations. It is a stand-alone emerald that you can keep in your pocket or meditate with. Usually, loose emeralds come in the form of cabochons. Loose emeralds are multi-purpose, easy to keep with you at any given time, and they make for wonderful gifts to romantic partners.

Tumbled Emerald 

Tumbling is the process of polishing a group of stones to turn them into gemstones and jewels. Tumbled emerald will shine brighter than raw emerald and make for a truly royal delight. If you have any emerald jewelry, chances are you’re in possession of a tumbled emerald.

Tumbled Emerald Meaning

Tumbled emerald is connected to Venus goddess of love and is the ultimate love stone. If you’re struggling to pick a Valentine’s day present for your partner, look no further than tumbled emerald.

And it goes much deeper than that! The stone will promote unconditional love and care in your relationship. Tumbled emeralds solidify loyalty, harmony, and trust - and once you accept this third party into your relationship, you’ll never look back!

Emerald Color

Green and emerald go hand in hand. In fact, an emerald’s vivid green color is a huge part of what makes it the stone that it is. That being said, hues of blue and yellow can also influence the overall appearance. Join us as we explore the nitty gritty of emerald color in this section.

Green Emerald

When you’ve got one of these gems by your side, everyone around will be green with envy. Green emerald is not only the most desirable emerald color, but it is likewise one of the most desirable gemstone colors in the world.

It is well understood that emerald green has a richness, depth, and je ne sais quoi that no other green can quite emulate.

Blue Emerald

blue emerald

Blue emerald, despite its name, is not actually blue. That also goes for any emerald that isn’t labelled as “green” including yellow emerald and black emerald.

This slightly bluer emerald is a gorgeous jewel to add to your collection. However, it won’t be as powerful in terms of metaphysical properties due to its lack of depth in color.

What is a Blue Emerald

A blue emerald is essentially a green emerald with some blue inclusions that give the stone a slight blue hue. Emeralds, no matter the circumstance, are green in complexion and can only include vague blue and yellow hues.

If you are interested in owning another beryl mineral that is actually blue, you can try out aquamarine, morganite or heliodor.

Dark Emerald

You know what they say. The darker the chocolate, the richer the taste - and emerald is no exception. Dark emerald is richer in minerals and spiritual intensity. If you’re looking for an emerald with intense metaphysical positivity, dark emerald should be your stone of choice.

Remember, just because an emerald is darker, it doesn’t mean it is necessarily more expensive. There are many more factors at play with emeralds and, while color is a major factor, it is not the only one.

Blue-Green Emerald

Blue-green emerald is essentially the same as “blue emerald”. While emeralds are always green, they can include hues of blue or yellow. The result of blue traces in emerald is a mystical sea blue color that creates instant relaxation.

White Emerald

While white emerald doesn’t technically exist, emerald is a variety of the mineral beryl which can develop into a clear, “white” stone often confused with diamond. Transparent beryl is incredibly hard to find, and due to its mineral composition and scarcity, it is often called “white emerald”.

Black Emerald 

Like white emerald, black emerald is non-existent and is rather a black form of beryl. This beryl variety is even rarer than white emerald but is not quite as coveted. If you’re interested in the idea of a “black emerald”, we’d recommend purchasing a very dark green emerald that will give an almost black effect while remaining authentic.

Yellow Emerald 

Like blue emerald, yellow emerald is a self-contradictory term. Why? Because the stone, by definition, must be green in order to qualify as an emerald. Still, there are beryl varieties like heliodor that can form in a yellow-to-gold hue and can work as cheaper substitutes for yellow sapphire.

Yellow Emerald Meaning

Yellow beryl symbolizes sun, warmth, and happiness. By purchasing a variety of yellow beryl, you invite a little piece of sunshine and joy into your life and lift your vibrations – making manifestations and a positive mindset easier and more achievable.

Emerald Jewellery

Now that we’re all on the same page when it comes to the benefits and aesthetic delights of this luscious green stone, it’s time to think about jewelry. There are so many options when it comes to emerald jewelry, it’s Mission Impossible trying to decide on what to buy (especially because they’re all so pretty). But don’t worry, we’re here to help you discover which emerald piece best suits your jewelry box. 

ring with green crystal

Emerald Ring

Small, understated, yet made of pure royalty and elegance, the emerald ring symbolizes hope and harmony. It might just wrap around your finger, but it will also bind your mind and body together in harmony.

With an emerald ring, you’ll get your fair share of beauty and balance. Whenever you feel like you need some extra wisdom or confidence in the future, give your emerald ring a glance. It’ll show you the way. 

Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Start your engagement with an emerald cut ring and you’ll be inviting longevity and luck into your wedding process, and ultimately, your marriage. Emerald cut engagement rings represent compassion, true love, and growth, so giving one of these to your partner is the easiest way to promise your heart to them and remind them of your honest and loyal feelings for them.

emerald engagement ring

Unique Emerald Rings

While every emerald ring is unique, there are some especially exciting and abnormal shapes and patterns that jewelers have been experimenting with for decades.

You can find emerald rings in teardrop or snake shapes, or you can find emerald rings that combine the gemstone with other jewels like aquamarine and ruby. The best way to find unique emerald rings that fit your taste is to check out different options online.

Solitaire Emerald Ring

A solitaire emerald ring includes only one emerald jewel and features no other jewels that might draw attention away from the emerald. A solitaire emerald ring is ideal for a true emerald lover who wants to keep all the focus on their pure emerald gemstone.

The great thing about solitaire rings is that they’re very understated, but because emerald is such an attention-grabbing jewel, it will reel in the compliments without appearing too flashy.

Emerald Stacking Ring

The more, the merrier! A stacking ring is a collection of multiple different rings on one finger to produce a stacking effect. Who wouldn’t want a few extra emerald rings to let everyone know how serious you are about this gorgeous stone? But, you don’t necessarily have to use emerald rings exclusively.

Our tip? Wear a few simple gold or silver rings and place your emerald ring between them, creating a stacking effect while letting your emerald pop. A lot of married couples stack their rings beginning with their engagement rings and wedding bands, and then continue stacking every anniversary.

This kind of stacking deeply aligns with the lifelong love symbolized and supported by emerald. Our hearts just skipped a beat! 

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Blue Emerald Ring

If you’ve found a blue emerald ring that you absolutely can’t wait to purchase, we hate to break it to you – it’s either a knock-off or an entirely different stone. Emeralds are green, and the closest you’ll get to a blue emerald is a green emerald with a bluish hue.

Don’t worry, though! If you prefer blue gemstones, you can always try out aquamarine (another beryl variety) or sapphire (which, like emerald, is an extremely valuable and regal stone).

Square Emerald Engagement Rings

We could talk about square emerald engagement rings all day. These heartwarming gifts of love could not be more perfect for an engagement. The harmony of a perfect square combined with the romantic harmoniousness represented by emerald makes for a proposal of not only marriage, but of truth, balance, and mutual understanding. We’re not crying, you’re crying!

Emerald Pave Ring

If you’re not a fan of one big jewel, emerald pave rings are your best bet. Pave rings are decorated with many small emeralds around the ring band rather than a singular gemstone. There’s something extremely elegant about an emerald pave ring, and it will fill your heart chakra with the utmost joy and compassion.

Antique Emerald Cluster Ring

If you have a warm or yellow skin complexion, antique emerald cluster rings tend to look great on you. They also tend to feel great if you enjoy historic symbolic value. For example, most of the Egyptian emerald rings you find today will be antiques that have managed to be passed down or sold.

In this way, antique emeralds hold the wisdom and depth of time in their small bands. Usually, emerald cluster rings use diamond jewels as part of the emerald cluster, creating a magnificent, tiny diamond-emerald mural.

emerald engagement ring

Emerald Platinum Engagement Rings

Platinum emerald engagement rings are classy, vibrant, and sophisticated – that’s for sure. But, the combination of emerald and platinum is a match made in heaven in terms of spiritual alignment, making it ideal for engagements.

Platinum represents durability while emerald promotes longevity and love. So, platinum and emerald side by side ensure that you and your partner will remain side by side for a lifetime.

Emerald Heart Ring Gold

If you want to physically showcase the love represented by emerald on your gold ring, make sure your emerald jewel is shaped in a heart. While a heart shaped emerald gold ring might be a little on the nose for an engagement ring, it would make a cherished gift for a romantic partner.

They’ll feel loved and cared for every time they wear it, and their heart chakra will be bursting with positive energy. 

Ethiopian Emerald Ring

Ethiopian emerald is incredibly new on the market, and it is already a favorite among jewelry enthusiasts. Ethiopian emerald rings have a rich green color, brilliant luster, and are even larger than most emerald jewels.

By buying an Ethiopian emerald ring, you’re ensuring your possession of a very high quality piece of jewelry that will last you throughout your time on Earth. 

Emerald Pinky Ring for Women

Don’t take your pinkies for granted – treat them to some emerald. There are loads of different emerald pinky ring options, but we’d recommend a small jewel for the pinky. Some teardrop shaped emerald rings, for example, look stunning on the pinkies –  we pinky swear!

Green Emerald Baguette Ring

One of the most popular kinds of emerald rings is the green emerald baguette ring, in which the jewel has a long, thin rectangular cut. These rings are wonderful for wedding engagements and have a slightly more interesting, unusual appearance that’ll make you or your partner feel all the more special.

Princess Cut Emerald Earrings

Princess cut earrings are cute and feminine, and when emeralds are the jewels they’re sporting, you really will feel like a princess while wearing them. If long, dangling earrings aren’t your taste and you prefer something neat and small, princess cut emerald earrings are just for you. 

Emerald Necklace

Let’s open that heart chakra, shall we? Emerald necklaces range from subtle to elaborate, from gold-chained to silver choker, and they all have one thing in common – they bring harmony and positive energy into the chest area.

This allows for a truly open and happy heart chakra. Plus, emerald necklaces add a level of grace and poise to the decolletage that you simply can’t find elsewhere. Did someone say “instant glow”? 

Men's Emerald Cross Necklace

This one’s for the guys. Emerald cross necklaces have a charming masculine touch and lift your spirits as soon as you hang them around your neck.

While you don’t need to be of the Christian faith to wear one of these accessories, it does have special meaning for Christians as it represents Christ’s sacrifice and the belief in an eternal afterlife.

Emerald Charm Bracelet

You’ll definitely charm those around you with one of these bad boys on your wrist. Emerald charm bracelets have the perfect ratio of fun and sophistication.

You can find almost any emerald charm you could think of – hearts, turtles, flowers, you name it! The childlike nature of the charm bracelet mixed with the emerald’s class and elegance is an instant heart warmer and will get your creativity flowing.

Emerald Uses

Emeralds are of tremendous value due to their rarity, beauty, and metaphysical properties. But, one important use for emerald we have hardly addressed until this point is that they make excellent cabochons that have a multitude of purposes. So, let’s chat a bit about emerald cabochons and what makes them so great.

Emerald Cabochon

An emerald cabochon is a piece of emerald that is tumbled, polished and cut with a domed top to create an oval shape. It’s basically a small ball of gorgeous green emerald! Now, part of what makes cabochons so great is the fact that they have so many different uses.

Cabochons can be used for meditation, they can be planted into pendants or rings as jewelry, and they can even work as beautiful ornaments for your bedside table or bookshelf. 

Emerald Cabochon Meaning

Harmony is embodied by the emerald cabochon. It represents wisdom, youth, balance and renewal. If a level head and a sense of being grounded is what you seek, this cabochon will give you what you ask for.

The emerald cabochon is also ideal for manifesting love, so be sure to include it in manifestation meditations and exercises.

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Rare Emeralds

While all emeralds are rare, emeralds of the highest quality are even rarer. These are hidden away in the Muzo mine in the Colombian Andes. What makes these emeralds so rare is their lack of inclusions, making them purer and clearer than other emeralds and allowing their color to shine.

Of course, you also get stand-out emerald jewels that display rare and extraordinary characteristics. For example, the Chalk Emerald is a whopping 38 carats and has unmatched clarity.

The rarity of individual emeralds really comes down to their quality, so the best way to understand what makes these emeralds special is to unpack what makes a high quality gemstone.

Emerald Quality Guide

The emerald quality is based on size, purity, carat, cut, color and brilliance. The most important aspect of an emerald in determining its quality is color. Hue, saturation, and color tone are assessed.

Darker emeralds are generally more valuable, but this is where it gets tricky. If the stone’s clarity is so good that the green color shines through more easily, a lighter stone might be more valuable than a usually prized darker stone because its brilliance and purity will be of higher quality.

With emeralds, you get four main cuts. These are the step cut (rectangular “emerald cut”), the brilliant cut (triangular), the mixed cut (combination of the step and brilliant cuts), and the cabochon cut (rounded and domed into an oval).

The most valuable of these cuts is probably the mixed cut because it allows for the most shine without wasting the stone’s exterior. While the step cut is probably the most sought after, its products tend to be less shiny. As a result, very bright, sparking step cut emeralds are rare and valuable.

To wrap things up, the ideal quality emerald stone will have a dark green color, it will have few inclusions to ensure strong clarity and brilliance, it will be larger and be higher in carat weight, and it will be cut professionally to ensure both a beautiful shape and shine.

Emerald Price

Finally, the big question. How expensive are emeralds? The luscious deep green emeralds that come to mind when you think of the stone can, thankfully, sell for under $100.

It is always possible to find a stone you love in your price range, but it’s important to note that price does often reflect quality, and if you want the best product, you’ll have to pay the price.

What is the Price of Emerald per Carat?

Well, as with any stone, it ranges. In fact, depending on the emerald’s quality, they can go for between $0.2 to $100,000 per carat. It can be very tricky to pick the right stone when prices differ so much from emerald to emerald, but refer to our quality guide to ensure you get the best deal possible.

Rough Emerald Prices per Carat

What makes an emerald rough? A rough emerald is essentially an untreated, uncut emerald that might not immediately make for a good jewel. However, the carat weight of a rough emerald is usually higher than a cut and polished emerald.

So, surely it costs less per carat? Again, the prices differ greatly depending on other aspects of its quality, but finding rough emerald on a low budget is definitely not difficult.

Synthetic Emerald Price per Carat

Lab created emeralds are actually made to have the same chemical structure as natural emeralds, meaning natural emerald and synthetic emerald powers are shared to an extent. However, that’s not included in the price per carat. Synthetic emerald is a great option for those struggling to afford emeralds.

While top quality natural emeralds can cost $100,000 per carat, you can get top quality synthetic emeralds for under $100. Of course, nothing beats the real thing, but budget comes first!

Natural Untreated Emeralds for Sale

So you’d prefer a raw, unpolished emerald? That’s totally feasible. There are a few online options when purchasing natural untreated emeralds, but you can just as easily search for your local jeweler or crystal store. Make sure to ask for certification of the stone’s authenticity when buying. 

Australian Emeralds for Sale

Australia has very high quality emeralds on its markets. Of course, it’s much easier to gain access to these emeralds by purchasing them in person. So, if you live in Australia, there are a number of gemstone companies to purchase from. Usually, these stones are mined from Poona, Menzies, and Emmaville.

Loose Emerald Stones for Sale

You want it? You got it. Loose emeralds are sold all over the internet. You can also get them at jewelry stores and high end crystal and stone stores. Don’t forget to meditate with one of these to either attract love into your life or strengthen your compassion and ability to maintain harmonious, gentle love.

Large Emeralds for Sale

Oh, so you’re going all out? We love to see it. Large emeralds are very rare and expensive, and even the larger emeralds are still measured in the millimeters.  So, becoming the proud owner of a large, high quality emerald is like winning the jackpot.

Speak to your local jeweler or crystal store owner to see source from their largest emeralds, but be warned, you’ll be paying at least a few hundred dollars for one of these natural miracles.

Raw Emerald Value

Because of the labor that goes into sourcing and cutting a treated emerald, raw emeralds are less expensive. Funnily enough, you will likely be paying less for a higher carat weight because lapidaries shave off so many carats shaping emeralds to customer satisfaction.

Ultimately, the color and clarity of a raw emerald will still determine its value. It will also be more expensive if it was sourced from a desirable location such as Colombia.

Emerald vs Diamond Price

Emerald is twenty times more valuable than diamond, contrary to popular belief. The price and rarity of emeralds is reflected by this ratio, too.

Diamonds sell for around $18,000 per carat at maximum price, while expensive emeralds cost over five times that amount. Whoever said diamonds were a girl’s best friend clearly didn’t know much about emeralds!

Green Emerald Price

Just so we’re as clear as a high quality emerald, your emerald needs to be green if you’re spending a good amount of money on it. Any “emerald” that isn’t green is a knock-off or an entirely different stone, so steer clear of those. That said, prices vary drastically.

Emeralds can range from under a dollar per carat to about $100,000 per carat. Refer to our quality guide to find the emerald that fits your standards and your budget.

Cabochon Emerald Value

Most cabochons are between 100 and 300 carats. So, for a very high quality cabochon, you’ll be paying in the hundreds of dollars. However, there are options for under $100 – they’re just harder to find.

Scour your nearest jewelry store for the best possible deals, and always remember that the internet is your friend (as long as you stick to verified, legitimate sites).

White Emerald Price

Because “white emerald” is not, in fact, an emerald at all, this stone is much cheaper than a real emerald. “White emerald” is actually another variety of beryl and is very rare, but far less coveted than emerald.

Extremely high quality white beryl will sell for between $150 and $270 dollars per carat. Top tip - this stone is a great aesthetic substitute for diamond if you’re on a tight budget.

Real Emeralds Wholesale

Emerald is incredibly rare, so when buying wholesale emeralds, don’t expect a lot of them for a small price. The chances that you’re getting synthetic or knock-off emerald are high, so be careful. With this in mind, you can buy wholesale emeralds in the tens of dollars.

Where to Buy Emeralds

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So, you’ve decided you can’t restrain yourself any longer and you need emeralds pronto! Well, we’re here to help. There are many shopping options when it comes to this glamorous stone.

However, you would be in an ideal position if you can buy your emeralds in store or from a trusted gemstone provider. This is because you’ll be able to view your emerald through the lens of our quality guide above before making any big financial decisions. We don’t want you getting ripped off!

Buy Emerald Online

Buying emerald online is a breeze if you have loads of money to spend. Any jeweler with an online presence will sell authentic, high quality emeralds. If you’re on a tight budget, make sure you’re purchasing from a legitimate site and you’ll be just fine.

Seeing photos of your gemstone prior purchase is an absolute must, so don’t hesitate to request images when necessary.

Loose Emeralds Online

Loose emeralds are probably the easiest form of this gemstone to find online. Lots of online stores sell loose emeralds, and you’ll probably find some great deals. Don’t neglect your local jewelry and crystal stores, though. They go through a lot of effort to source the best products for customers just like you.

How to Buy an Emerald

First things first, read our emerald quality guide above a few times to make sure you’re really savvy with your emeralds. Then, decide whether you’d prefer to shop online or in store.

Lastly, always make sure the emerald is legitimate unless you’re looking for a synthetic make. Ask for pictures and proof of authenticity before putting those emeralds in the shopping bag.


If you got one thing out of this article, we hope it’s that you have gained a new appreciation for this historically rich, aesthetically pleasing gemstone. If green is your new favorite color, we wouldn’t be surprised.

We’ve covered fun facts about emeralds, as well as its different hues. We’ve compared emerald to other stones, uncovered its main geographical sources across the globe, and established how to assess its quality.

We’re absolutely obsessed with this grounding, love-attracting stone, and we know you are, too. So, open your heart, invite wisdom into your life, grab your favorite shopping bag, and get ready for the real life wonders of emerald!

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