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Meteorite: Complete Guide (2024)

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In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about meteorite, including its meaning, properties, colors, types, and uses. Let's get started!


An extraterrestrial visitor or a holistic healer? Meteorite has the almost unbelievable ability to be many things at once. If you take an interest in our universe and outer space, chances are you’ve heard of meteorites before.

But, before you decide that you know all there is to know about these travelling space rocks, take a browse through this article. We guarantee that you’ll come to discover at least one hidden aspect of this miraculous rock while looking at beautiful images of meteorites, and you’ll walk away feeling informed, enthralled, and delighted.

We’ll talk about meteorite origins and impacts, meteorite gemstone sales, meteorite metaphysical properties, and we’ll even throw in some exciting meteorite facts. So, don’t go anywhere - we’re about to launch a rocket on an intergalactic tour of meteorites and you don’t want to miss out!

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Introduction
  • Meteorite Meaning
    • What is a Meteorite
      • Meteorite Pronunciation
      • What are Meteorites Made of
      • How Much is a Meteorite Worth
      • What does a Meteorite Look Like
      • Are Meteorites Magnetic
      • Are Meteorites Radioactive
      • Meteorite Hunting Locations
    • How to Find a Meteorite
      • Meteorite in Russia
      • Meteorite in Arizona
      • Meteorite in Canada
      • Meteorite in China
      • New Mexico Meteorites
      • Australian Meteorites
      • Meteorite in London
      • Meteorite in Ireland
      • Finding Meteorites in Nevada
      • Meteorite Rocks Found in Utah
  • Properties of Meteorites
  • Meteorite vs Meteor
    • Difference Between Meteor and Meteorite
  • Hematite vs Meteorite
  • Meteorite vs Lava Rock
    • Is Meteorite Harder than Lava Rock
  • Types of Meteorites
    • Polished Meteorite
  • Meteorite Color
    • Black Meteorite
    • Red Meteorite
    • Gold Meteorite
  • Meteorite Jewelry
    • Meteorite Ring
    • How are Meteorite Rings Made
    • Meteorite Earrings
    • Meteorite Pendant
    • Meteorite Pendant Meaning
  • Meteorite Uses
    • Meteorite Knife
    • Meteorite Sword
    • Meteorite Glass
    • Meteorite Slice
    • Meteorite Balls
  • Rocks that Look Like Meteorites
  • Meteorite Care
    • How to Clean Rust Off Meteorite
  • Meteorite for Sale
    • Meteorite Price
    • Large Meteorites for Sale
    • Meteorite Jewelry for Sale
      • Meteorite Rings for Sale
    • Iron Meteorites for Sale
    • Lunar Meteorites for Sale
    • Meteorite Metal for Sale
    • Meteorite Slice for Sale
    • Martian Meteorite for Sale
    • Meteorite for Sale on eBay
      • Meteorite Knife on eBay
      • Lunar Meteorite on eBay
    • Meteorite for Sale on Amazon
      • Meteorite Ring on Amazon
    • Meteorites for Sale in Australia
    • Meteorite for Sale in the UK
    • Australian Meteorites for Sale
    • Fake Meteorites on eBay
  • Conclusion

Meteorite Meaning

A meteorite isn’t just a piece of space rock – it’s a fiery ball of awesomeness ready to hurtle through your energy field and make you feel empowered, alive, and ready to take on the whole solar system! But, before we get into all the exciting details, let’s start simple with a meteorite definition.

If a meteoroid lands on our planet and survives our atmosphere, it gets a new name – “meteorite”. After this falling rock from outer space crash-lands on Earth with a thunderous boom, it then becomes a part of our world, and it can be found and distributed for various purposes.

While meteorites are small, they pack a powerful punch – leaving craters and chaos wherever they land. But, there’s more to these extra-terrestrial rocks than the fear and misconceptions that surround them.

Meteorites are symbols of universal wisdom and intergalactic exploration, and they have helped astronomers and astrologers alike in their research and discoveries. So, if you’re interested in learning about a rock that has both scientific and spiritual value, read on. Meteorites can teach you a lot about the universe – and yourself.

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What is a Meteorite

Alright, stargazers, let’s talk a little more about the specifics! We already know that a meteorite is a rock that travelled to our planet through the cosmos – avoiding asteroids and comets along the way. However, it might surprise you to know that meteorites are incredibly diverse and can range from the size of a grain of sand to the size of a small car.

The largest meteorite in the world, named “Hoba”, can be found in Namibia. It is, most likely, the largest meteorite found by humankind throughout history, and it weighs a whopping sixty-six tons. Usually, meteoroids burn up in our atmosphere before landing on Earth, so they never get the chance to become meteorites.

Instead, they appear as shooting stars that we humans can marvel at. You might still be wondering, when were meteorites first discovered? Well, the oldest meteorite was discovered in China over four thousand years ago. So, it is safe to say that these spectacular rocks have been around for a while. 

Meteorite Pronunciation

While your pronunciation of the word “meteorite” might differ depending on your nationality and the dialect you speak, the rock is generally pronounced “mee-tee-uh-rite” with an emphasis on the “mee”. To simplify things, “mee” and “tee” rhyme with the word “bee”, and “rite” rhymes with “right” – as you probably expected. 

What are Meteorites Made of

Meteorites are made up of various rocks and metals, and the specific composition of a meteorite stone can range greatly depending on where it came from. Usually, meteorite rocks are comprised of a combination of silicate minerals and metals.

The silicate minerals often included in meteorites are olivine and pyroxene, while the metals included in these rocks are usually iron and nickel. Some meteorites also contain trace amounts of organic matter. The composition of a specific meteorite is incredibly significant as it can provide us with clues about its origins as well as the conditions in which it formed.

For example, iron meteorites are thought to have formed in the core of a planetesimal, while it is theorized that stony meteorites come from either Mars or our moon. So, when it comes to meteorites, the details of the matter always matter!

How Much is a Meteorite Worth

So, you want a piece of outer space to call your own? Well, it might be a good idea to check the price tag first! Luckily, the price of meteorite varies widely depending on its rarity, size, and composition.

While certain meteorites can cost a few dollars per gram, stones of higher quality can sell for thousands and even millions of dollars! While it might seem strange to put a price on something as priceless as a meteorite, it is worth paying a little more for this exciting stone from outer space. 

What does a Meteorite Look Like

Whoever said looks don’t matter clearly never saw a meteorite! These eye-catching stones can look very different depending on where they came from, their composition, their journey through space, and their impact with our planet.

While iron meteorites have a distinct metallic look with a shiny, smooth surface, stony meteorites can appear in a number of colors including brown, black, and grey. They might also have a more textured surface. Iron meteorites also often include indentations that resemble thumbprints. These “thumbprints” are known as “Widmanstätten patterns”.

Certain stony meteorites, also known as chondrites, include tiny spherical structures called chondrules. Carbonaceous chondrites can appear quite dark and dull, and these meteorite rocks often include organic matter that makes for a unique appearance despite a dull color. In summary, meteorites are diverse, but every single one is totally unique and beautiful in its own way. 

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Are Meteorites Magnetic

As a matter of fact, meteorites can be magnetic as a result of the presence of iron-nickel metal in their makeup. Iron meteorites are almost always magnetic due to their large quantities of iron and nickel, which are naturally magnetic elements. Still, stony meteorites can also be magnetic if they include small traces of iron and nickel.

As meteorites are so diverse in nature, there are both magnetic and non-magnetic meteorites on Earth. For example, carbonaceous chondrites are never magnetic. It is also worth noting that levels of magnetism differ greatly from meteorite to meteorite – and these levels can even differ in various parts of the same meteorite! 

Are Meteorites Radioactive

Remember how we said that meteorites are diverse? Well, that’s true when it comes to radioactivity, too! While certain meteorites are radioactive, not all of them are. Radioactivity in meteorites is influenced by the inclusion of elements like uranium and thorium. However, even with the presence of these elements, meteorites are always relatively low in radioactivity, and their physical composition is not dangerous to human health whatsoever. 

Meteorite Hunting Locations

Looking to embark on an otherworldly adventure in search of cosmic treasure? Well, join us as we explore the many places on our planet that offer meteorite hunting experiences. Nullarbor Plain in Western Australia is undoubtedly the most well-known meteorite hunting destination.

Its arid climate and minimal vegetation allow for hunters to spot meteorites easily. Argentina’s Campo del Cielo region is another famous location for meteorite hunting. Over the years, thousands of iron meteorites have been found by hunters in this region.

For the thrill-seekers among us, the more adventurous meteorite hunting options are the Sahara Desert in Africa and Antarctica’s frozen landscape. While it might take you quite some time to find what you’re looking for, the Sahara offers many scattered meteorites across its sandy terrain.

Meanwhile, Antarctica’s meteorites are kept in tip-top condition by being preserved in the continent’s icy expanses. While these areas are the world’s most notable hunting spots, there are many others – and don’t be surprised if you can find a great hunting spot right around the corner from you!

How to Find a Meteorite

Finding a meteorite can be pretty challenging! They’re often very small and hard to spot in a natural environment. However, we like to remain optimistic, so here are a few tips and tricks to help you out in your search. Firstly, look for your meteorite in an area where meteorites are more likely to be found.

Great areas for meteorite searching include dry lake beds and deserts, but any remote area with little vegetation is ideal for meteorite hunting if meteorites have been found there in the past.

Metal detectors are also useful when searching for iron meteorites, but not all meteorites contain metal. So, don’t rely solely on a metal detector to help you find these space gems. Lastly, meteorites often include a fusion crust, or a dark, smooth outer layer that results from the heat created when these rocks enter Earth’s atmosphere.

So, look out for these fusion crusts while you’re searching for stones. Remember that meteorite hunts are very difficult and they take a lot of time and patience, so don’t expect to find the rock of your dreams in your first attempt! 

Meteorite in Russia

Over the years, a few meteorites have flown down from space and landed in Russia. Meteorites that have been found in Russia include the Sikhote-Alin meteorite, a large iron meteorite that impacted the Sikhote-Alin Mountains in eastern Russia in 1947, and the Chelyabinsk meteorite, a small asteroid which exploded over the Ural Mountains in 2013.

Russia also has a long history of meteorite research and has an extensive collection of meteorites stored in museums and universities. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Russian meteorite hunters have been the most active in the world! So, it’s safe to say that meteorite stones have a special place in the nation’s heart.

Meteorite in Arizona

Meteorite hunting in Arizona is an exciting and popular hobby for many locals! Hundreds of meteorites have been found in the state, including several types of iron meteorites, stony-iron meteorites, and even a few lunar meteorites.

The best places to look for meteorites in Arizona are the state's arid desert regions, where they have a better chance of being preserved. Meteorites can also be found in the mountains and other areas, so be sure to keep an eye out when you're out exploring!

Meteorite in Canada

Meteorites in Canada can be found all over the country, from the remote Canadian Arctic to the bustling cities of the south. Many of these space rocks are made of iron and nickel, and some are even thousands of years old! Discovering a meteorite in Canada can be a life-changing experience - if you're lucky enough to find one, you'll be holding a piece of history in your hands!

Plus, many Canadian meteorite stones are incredibly valuable, so you might even get a nice reward for your rock hunting discovery. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start looking for some meteorites!

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Meteorite in China

China is a particularly fascinating location with regards to meteorite. The nation has a long, rich history with these extra-terrestrial rocks. Ancient Chinese philosophers thought of them as divine objects that symbolized the balance of the heavens and the earth.

More recently, Chinese scientists have discovered a number of unique meteorite types, and they continue to uncover new information about meteorite composition and structure. The Chinese Academy of Sciences has established a meteorite laboratory to study meteorites, and new discoveries are made regularly.

China's meteorite community is vibrant and active, with a massive amount of enthusiasm and dedication. For example, the Chinese Meteorite Network has been created to share information and resources, and to promote collaboration between scientists in the country. 

New Mexico Meteorites

If you’re looking for a U.S. state that is packed to the brim with remarkable meteorites, look no further than New Mexico! Meteorite in New Mexico has been around for centuries, with records of meteorite falls in the area dating back to the sixteen hundreds. The state is known for its high concentration of meteorite falls and has been the site of numerous scientific studies.

From small, individual meteorites to large, spectacularly-preserved specimens, New Mexico has a wide variety of meteorites to explore. So, whether you're a science nerd or a believer in the metaphysical powers of this rock, take a trip to New Mexico and experience the wonder of meteorites first-hand!

Australian Meteorites

Are you ready for Australian meteorites to rock your world? The nation slash continent is highly prominent on the meteorite scene, and it has provided the world with a surplus of information on these rocks.

There have been several meteorites found in Australia, including the famous Murchison meteorite, which fell in Victoria in 1969. It is the most studied meteorite in the world and scientists have been able to learn a lot about the composition of the solar system from it.

Other meteorites have been found in Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria, so it's definitely a hot spot for meteorite hunters. If you're looking for an outdoor adventure, meteorite hunting in Australia is worth looking into!

Meteorite in London

If we've learned anything from the movies, it's that London is full of secrets and a bit of mystery. I mean, there are these amazing meteorite stones and rocks which have been around for centuries, and yet, many people are still unaware of them.

They come from all over the world and have a fascinating history. While these specimens arrived in London from other cities, and there have been no meteorite hits in London itself, that doesn’t stop the city’s inhabitants from enjoying the natural beauty of these rocks.

Not only are they stunning and look like something out of a sci-fi movie, but they also contain some of the oldest known matter in the universe, which makes them even more mysterious and amazing. 

Meteorite in Ireland

In Ireland, meteorites have been found all over the country, from the north coast to the south, and even in the Irish Sea. Although meteorites are not often bought and sold in Ireland, they can be found in collections and institutions, including museums and universities. These meteorites are usually of scientific and historical interest, and they can be appreciated by locals and tourists alike. 

Finding Meteorites in Nevada

It's no wonder why meteorite stones in Nevada have captured the attention of so many adventurous souls. While meteorites are found all over the world, Nevada is home to some of the most extraordinary pieces of space rock. The state is known for its high-quality meteorites, with specimens that can be seen in many museums.

Not to mention, Nevada has a unique connection to space exploration, as it is home to the famous Area 51. So, it's no surprise that meteorites here are so special and sought-after. All in all, they're a beautiful part of the Nevada landscape, and a reminder of the wonders of the universe beyond.

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Meteorite Rocks Found in Utah

We cannot help but be drawn in by the rare meteorites that have made their way to the grounds of Utah – the first being in 1854 in Cedar City. It's incredible to think that these ancient pieces of meteorite rock, which are almost five billion years old, have made their way to Utah and have been preserved for us to see – mostly in the National History Museum of Utah.

You have no choice but to marvel at the thought of the incredible journey they must have undertaken, or the forces that must have acted upon them as they made their way to earth. We can only imagine what stories these meteorites could tell us, if only they could talk!

Properties of Meteorites

Meteorite rocks have an array of physical, spiritual, and metaphysical properties! Physically, meteorite stones are composed of iron and nickel, which gives them a metallic, shiny appearance. They often have a rusty hue to them and can be surprisingly lightweight.

Spiritually, meteorite stones are stones of strength and courage. They are believed to help to bring about assertiveness, confidence, and a sense of inner power. They are also protectors against negative energy, helping to shield you from any harm.

Metaphysically, meteorite stones are incredibly powerful stones of transformation, helping to bring about positive change in your life or get you through a tumultuous transitionary period. They help open up your third eye and allow you to gain insight into the unknown. They are also known for their ability to balance your energies and bring about emotional healing.

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Meteorite vs Meteor

Meteorites and meteors have more similarities than differences. Meteorites and meteors are both extra-terrestrial objects that enter Earth’s atmosphere. Both are pieces of rock or metal that originated somewhere in outer space. Both are fragments of asteroids or comets that were pulled in by Earth's gravity and burned up in the atmosphere.

However, there are a few key differences between these two natural wonders. A meteorite is a piece of rock that survives the journey through Earth's atmosphere and makes it to the ground, while a meteor is the streak of light you can see in the sky when the object is burning up.

Meteors can be seen with the naked eye, while meteorites must be found on the ground. In this way, meteorites are essentially meteors that we can hold in our hands – isn’t that the coolest thing you ever heard?

Difference Between Meteor and Meteorite

The main difference between meteors and meteorites is that meteorites are pieces of rocks or metal that have survived their fall to the Earth's surface and are found on the ground, while meteors are streaks of light in the night sky that result from the entry of dust and small pieces of rock into the Earth’s atmosphere. In other words, a meteorite is what you get when a meteor lands on Earth, while a meteor is what you see when it's still in the sky!

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Hematite vs Meteorite

Meteorite stone and hematite stone have some similarities, but they’re probably more different than they are similar. Meteorite stone is usually a dark black or grey color and has the unique quality of being from outer space. It's often found with a glossy texture and can have a rusty, metallic appearance.

Hematite stone, on the other hand, has a more earthy feel to it and is often a deep red or grey color. Its texture is usually more matte than that of meteorite stone, but both stones include iron that can contribute to a metallic shine.

Both stones are also popularly used in jewelry. Although, meteorite stone is often prized for its unique look, while hematite is more highly regarded for its metaphysical properties. 

Meteorite vs Lava Rock

Meteorites and lava rocks are two very different rocks, but they do have a few similarities! First, both lava rocks and meteorites are made from molten materials. While the molten material for lava rocks comes from the Earth's mantle, meteorites come from much farther away – as you know by now.

Lava rocks and meteorites are also similar in that they are both solidified pieces of material that have been exposed to extreme temperatures. Lava rocks form by the cooling of molten lava spewed from volcanoes, while meteorites form when they enter the Earth's atmosphere and cool quickly due to the friction that results from this process.

These two stones actually look quite similar, too, but they are ultimately very different. To put it simply, lava rocks are terrestrial - as in, they are formed on Earth. Meanwhile, meteorites can only form as a result of an object entering Earth’s atmosphere from outer space.

So in summary, meteorites are cosmic travelers, while lava rocks are homebodies. Both are wonderful stones, but in completely different ways!

Is Meteorite Harder than Lava Rock

You might assume that a rock that travelled through space and crashed through our atmosphere is extremely hard. As it turns out, however, meteorite can be a relatively soft stone depending on its contents. It ranges from a 4 to a 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, while lava rock ranges between 5 and 7. While these two stones aren’t miles apart in hardness, lava rock is generally harder than meteorite.

Types of Meteorites

We’ve chatted quite a bit about stony and iron meteorites in this article. But, did you know that there are about 4,500 different types of meteorites? That’s enough to make anyone’s jaw drop.

In this section, however, we’ll be chatting about two special types of meteorite – gold meteorite and polished meteorite. These types of meteorite require a human touch to look their best, and their beauty is so next-level that we couldn’t help but dedicate a whole section to them.

Polished Meteorite

A treasure to jewelry makers and scientists alike, polished meteorite is the picture perfect version of the stone. Meteorite undergoes a tumbling and polishing process to create this gorgeous display, and we can’t help but be grateful for it.

So, if you’re looking for a captivating addition to your jewelry collection that also offers you some of the universe’s wisdom, polished meteorite might be just the thing for you!

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Meteorite Color

Meteorites can form in a variety of colors, ranging from black to gray, and they even include rusty browns, reds, and yellows. The color of a meteorite can impact its spiritual properties, and each color can have different meanings.

For example, a black meteorite is thought to provide protection and a grounding energy, while a yellow meteorite can be associated with optimism and joy. At the end of the day, the spiritual properties of a meteorite depend on the individual and their connection with the stone. So, when choosing a meteorite color, honor yourself and trust your intuition!

Black Meteorite

Black meteorites are truly incredible specimens of our universe! They are formed from the heating and cooling of interstellar dust, and their black color is a result of the fusion of iron and nickel. This dark hue gives black meteorites a unique symbolism, as they represent the mysterious and unknown depths of the universe.

They also offer protection from harmful and negative energies, and they can help ground and balance their users. For many cultures, black meteorite stones are a reminder of the importance of exploration and discovery, as well as the vastness that lies beyond our known world. 

Red Meteorite

A rare and beautiful symbol of hope, strength and courage, a red meteorite stone is truly one of a kind. Its fiery hue is a reminder of the power of transformation and of the fierce intensity of the human spirit.

It is a reminder that we can overcome any obstacle and that nothing is impossible when we put our minds to it. Red meteorite represents the courage to take risks, to push ourselves past our comfort zones and to reach for the stars. It is a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is still a spark of hope and a chance for greatness.

Gold Meteorite

Gold meteorite is a rare type of meteorite that contains a high amount of precious gold! Some say that it’s a gift from the heavens, and it can often bring spiritual enlightenment, luck, and prosperity to those who wear it.

Gold meteorite is usually used in jewelry as it is an eye-catching, regal stone that is sure to make any accessory stand out. Not to mention, it can also bring healing and balance to the wearer.

Meteorite Jewelry

Meteorite jewelry is ideal for the trendy and daring fashionistas among us. Not only is it absolutely radiant, with its one of a kind designs, but it also has a remarkable story to tell.

Each piece is unique, just like the stars in the night sky. It's a popular choice for those seeking to stand out from the crowd, as it's a conversation starter – and sure to turn heads. From necklaces to rings, meteorite jewelry is a must have for anyone looking to make a statement. So, stick with us as we explore some of our favorite meteorite accessories. 

Meteorite Ring

Meteorite rings are simply out of this world! Crafted from meteorite fragments, these rings have a unique, textured finish and a one-of-a-kind pattern that is truly mesmerizing. Meteorite rings have special powers including the ability to bring good luck and protection, and they are sure to add a touch of cosmic glamour to any ensemble. Plus, they make for a great conversation starter at any event. So why not channel your inner astronaut and add a meteorite ring to your jewelry collection?

How are Meteorite Rings Made

A pure meteorite ring is made by first cutting the natural meteorite material into slices. These slices are then formed into the desired shape of the ring. The edges are then polished, and the outside surface is either left natural or coated with a protective metal finish.

The meteorite is then set into a metal band, usually made of sterling silver or gold. The ring is then polished and finished – and ready to put the biggest smile on your face.

Meteorite Earrings

Want to take the word “stylish” to intergalactic levels? Meteorite earrings are here to do the trick. Meteorites have an inimitable appearance with their dark gray and black flecks, so wearing a pair of meteorite earrings will make you stand out from the crowd.

Meteorite jewelry is also known for its durability, making it an ideal choice for an everyday accessory. Finally, meteorite earrings are said to bring good luck and prosperity to the wearer, so if you're looking for a little extra luck, meteorite earrings are right up your alley. 

Meteorite Pendant

Get ready to be the belle of the ball (or trance party)! Meteorite pendants are extremely versatile, and they are usually made from iron meteorites, which have a distinct and attractive patterning.

It is believed by many that wearing a meteorite pendant brings affluence and good fortune. Meteorite pendants can also act as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms, helping to promote spiritual growth.

Meteorite Pendant Meaning

Meteorite pendants are a reminder of the power of the universe. They are a symbol of strength, courage, and determination, as they remind us of the power of the universe to bring positive change in our lives. They also remind us that, no matter how small we may feel in the grand scheme of things, we are still connected to the stars and the universe.

Meteorite pendants can be worn as a reminder to stay strong and brave in the face of life’s many challenges. They can also be used to call upon the power of the universe to make dreams come true. So, next time you’re thinking about wishing on a star, try wishing on a meteorite pendant instead.

Meteorite Uses

There’s no denying that meteorite is of great use to humans. At their core, meteorites offer a unique glimpse into the history of our universe. They are often used in scientific research to gain insight into the age and composition of different planets and moons.

Meteorites can also be used in jewelry and in spiritual healing. However, in this section, we’re going to be talking about some meteorite uses we haven’t yet discussed – and some that might surprise you.

Meteorite Knife

Yes, meteorite can be made into knives! Meteorite knives are incredibly strong and durable and can be used for a variety of tasks from everyday cutting to hunting and fishing. They are also incredibly eye-catching, with intricate patterns of metal and colorful minerals set in extraordinary patterns. They’ll add new flavor to your knife set and ensure that you’re prepared for even the toughest slices.

Meteorite Sword

Meteorite swords are a fine display of craftsmanship, technology, and science! Forged from meteorite fragments, these swords are imbued with an otherworldly power that is both captivating and awe-inspiring. Their unique properties make them a perfect weapon for the warrior who wants to assert their natural powers.

Not only do meteorite swords look amazing, but they are also incredibly resilient and durable. Of course, you’re probably not going into battle any time soon, but meteorite swords have a powerful look and feel that make them highly sought after by collectors and swordsmiths alike. 

Meteorite Glass

Meteorite glass, also known as tektite or Libyan desert glass, is an enigmatic material formed when a meteorite impacts the Earth with tremendous force, melting the sand or rock it hits and leaving behind an interesting glassy substance.

It's thought that these magic materials may even have been used to make jewelry in ancient Egypt and India, so it truly is an amazing material with an exciting history! Nowadays, meteorite glass is often used to increase psychic ability and raise spiritual awareness. It is so powerful that it can be a bit overwhelming at first, so take your time when introducing it to your world.

Meteorite Slice

Anyone who has tried birthday cake will know that one slice can turn your frown upside down in a heartbeat – and that’s also the case for meteorite slices. Although, you might not want to eat them.

A meteorite slice is a thin section of a meteorite that has been cut, with a saw or grinding wheel, to reveal its internal structure. It can be used in research or educational efforts to gain a better understanding of meteorites, and it can also be used to make an artistic, mesmerizing display or décor. 

Meteorite Balls

Meteorite balls are a symbol of luck, strength, and courage. They are known to bring balance, acceptance, protection and clarity to their owner. Their appearance evokes the power of the cosmos, representing the universe’s strength and transformative effects. They also symbolize our own inner strength and connection to the past and the growth we have made. By keeping a meteorite ball, you are reminding yourself to stay true to yourself and your abilities.

Rocks that Look Like Meteorites

We don’t want you getting side-tracked while you’re on your meteorite journey. So, let’s set the record straight on rocks that might appear to be (but aren’t) meteorites. Meteorites typically have a burnt or black crust and a pitted or grooved surface.

It is possible to confuse small rocks with meteorite stones if the stone is magnetized, has some of the same surface features, and is heavier than it should be for its size. Stones that may be confused with meteorites include hematite, magnetite, and iron-nickel pallasites.

Meteorite Care

Finding the right meteorite stone for you is the first step. But, once you have your own stone, you need to look after it both physically and spiritually. Taking care of a meteorite spiritually requires that you develop an appreciation of the rock’s history, power, and energy. Allow yourself to reflect on the rock and its origin and absorb the energy it carries with it, connecting it to your own understanding of the universe.

The more you connect with the stone, the more you care for it, and the more it will care for you. Physically, a meteorite needs to be kept clean and dust-free, so try to prevent rust and corrosion, and store it in a safe and secure place. When storing your meteorite, make sure to keep it away from possible sources of moisture and direct sunlight, as extreme temperatures and ongoing moisture can cause damage. 

How to Clean Rust Off Meteorite

Cleaning a meteorite of rust is easy if you practice patience and understanding. There are a few methods you can try. First, use a sandblaster with coarse ground sharp pieces of sandpaper. Sandblast the surface of the meteorite stone to remove rust.

Next, chemical cleaning can work wonders. Chemical rust removers like naval jelly can be used to clean rust off of meteorites. Apply the chemical to the surface of the meteorite and scrub it off with a metal brush. Rinse the stone off with water when you’re done.

Lastly, you can skip a trip to the store and use vinegar to clean your stone. White vinegar can be used to remove rust from meteorites. Simply apply the vinegar and wait for it to soak in for a few minutes. Then, use a metal brush or steel wool pad to scrub off the rust. Again, rinse the stone off with water when you're finished. And there you have it – your meteorite is as good as new!

Meteorite for Sale

Get in, stargazer. We’re going shopping! In this section, we’re going to be giving you all the tips on where to get your meteorite and how much you can expect to pay. Consider this your personal shopping guide.

Meteorite Price

Meteorite value is way more than just a price tag, but for a lot of us, the price really does matter. Luckily, the cost of a meteorite can vary greatly depending on its size, quality, and variety. You can purchase small pieces of meteorite for a few dollars, but it isn’t uncommon that meteorites sell for thousands of dollars, either.

The most expensive meteorite in the world is the Hoba meteorite, which was sold for $60,000 in 2011. The Hoba meteorite, which is the largest known meteorite in the world, is located in Namibia.

meteorite in Namibia

Large Meteorites for Sale

If “go big or go home” is your motto, we’ve got your back. You can buy large meteorites from dealers who specialize in meteorites. These dealers usually have a selection of meteorites for sale, ranging from small individual pieces to huge chunks of the rock. When buying meteorites, it is important to use a reputable dealer to make sure that you’re getting a genuine meteorite and not a terrestrial rock. 

Meteorite Jewelry for Sale

Meteorite jewelry is sold by a variety of online stores like Amazon and eBay. You can also find meteorite jewelry from specialized jewelers who offer a unique selection of meteorite engagement rings and wedding bands. If you are looking for something tailor-made to you, try searching for a local jeweler that specializes in meteorite jewelry. They might be able to craft a custom piece just for you!

Meteorite Rings for Sale

If you like it, then you better put a ring on it! Whether you’re planning a proposal or simply looking for a new accessory, you can find meteorite rings at many online retailers. Many jewelry stores carry meteorite rings, too.

Sellers tend to have a variety of styles and prices on display, so there is sure to be something for everyone's budget and taste. Make sure to research the meteorite rings you are looking at to ensure that they’re authentic, and when in doubt, ask the seller to confirm its origins.

Iron Meteorites for Sale

You can get your very own iron meteorites from a number of reputable dealers online. Before buying, however, you have to do your research to make sure you’re dealing with an ethical source. Always remember to ask for certification of origin and even a laboratory report to verify that what you’re buying is authentic. Happy searching!

Lunar Meteorites for Sale

Apart from a few legitimate meteorite dealers, we don’t recommend that you purchase lunar meteorites online as there is no guarantee of authenticity. The best option for anyone wanting to buy lunar meteorites is to attend one of the meteorite shows hosted around the world.

Meteorite shows are the best way to find authentic lunar meteorite and other rare meteorite specimens. Best of all, you can purchase them from experts who can tell you all about the stone’s origin and history.

Meteorite Metal for Sale

Meteorite metal is the metal material made up mostly of iron and nickel that comprises the bulk of most meteorites. The term “meteorite metal” can also refer to meteorite rock that has been fashioned into jewelry, knives, and other useful items. You can buy meteorite metal items like swords, tools, and sculptures at meteorite outlets, crystal stores, and via online retailers.

Meteorite Slice for Sale

Meteorite slices can be found on a variety of online stores as well as through meteorite dealers. You can also find meteorite slices at certain rock and mineral shows. Remember where you chose to shop, though. Because once you’ve gotten a slice of meteorite, you’ll be coming back for more in no time.

Martian Meteorite for Sale

Martian meteorites are one of the most exciting forms of meteorite out there!  They’re meteorites that were formed on Mars before being ejected from the planet, eventually landing on Earth.

These meteorites are usually composed of basalt and are possibly a result of impact events on Mars. Martian meteorites are available from loads of online retailers. You can also try searching for them in-store or buying them through meteorite dealers.

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Meteorite for Sale on eBay

Whether you’re a fan of second-hand shopping or you’re simply looking for an authentic meteorite product, eBay can give you what you want. The online store stocks any and all things meteorite, including meteorite knives, gold meteorite, meteorite jewelry, and even meteorite collections that include multiple different varieties of the rock. Even better, eBay sellers often share the history behind the stone they’re selling, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting for your money.

Meteorite Knife on eBay

Ready to get slicing? Then, go check out eBay’s impeccable selection of meteorite knives. You’ll have a wide range of knives to choose from – in various different colors and styles, too!

Most of the meteorite knives you find on eBay are totally authentic, and they tend to have a rustic, aged appearance. While many high quality meteorite knives are on the more expensive side, you can definitely find a reliable meteorite knife on eBay while on a budget. 

Lunar Meteorite on eBay

You can find a plethora of lunar meteorites on eBay! In fact, it's becoming more and more popular to buy and sell lunar meteorites online, so eBay is just getting better and better at the moment.

In terms of variety, you can find small samples for as little as ten dollars, while large specimens can cost several thousand dollars. As with anything you purchase on eBay, make sure you read the listing carefully so you know exactly what you're buying. 

Meteorite for Sale on Amazon

If thrifting isn’t really your thing, why not buy your meteorite brand new on Amazon? Amazon meteorite products balance cost and quality effectively, so you’ll be getting a beautiful meteorite stone without paying a fortune.

Most of the meteorite nuggets on Amazon come with a certificate of origin, and there are loads of options to choose from when it comes to meteorite jewelry, décor, and colorful stones. 

Meteorite Ring on Amazon

Amazon is the place to be when you’re looking for meteorite rings. You can purchase extremely high quality, classy rings for less than twenty dollars! Trust us, you can find a meteorite ring in just about any color, and you’ll be sure to discover your perfect fit on Amazon. 

Meteorites for Sale in Australia

If you’re in Australia and you want to buy meteorite, we have good news for you. Australia has one of the most diverse meteorite collections in the world! From the largest iron meteorites to the rarest of stony meteorites, there is something for everyone. Not only can you find meteorites for sale in Australia, but you can also find out more about them from experts who are passionate about sharing their knowledge. 

Meteorite for Sale in the UK

Meteorites for sale in the United Kingdom are simply otherworldly! Whether you're looking for a new accessory or a one of a kind gift, a piece of outer space is sure to make an impression. You can find a variety of meteorites from all over the world in the UK.

Some of the most popular meteorites for sale include pallasites, chondrites, and irons. Prices will always vary depending on the size, variety, and rarity of the meteorite. So, if you’re in the UK and you’re ready for the magical powers of meteorite, start shopping!

Australian Meteorites for Sale

If you want to buy some of the most incredible meteorites from down under, you've come to the right place! You can buy authentic Australian meteorites from online meteorite dealers, and you can also find them in museums, meteorite shows, and occasionally, in crystal stores. 

Fake Meteorites on eBay

Before we go, we have to address one small concern – inauthentic meteorites. There are a bunch of fake meteorites on eBay! While some sellers may be totally honest, you should always be careful and do your research before making a purchase.

It's best to find an experienced dealer that can help you determine the authenticity of the meteorite in question. Keeping things real can be difficult sometimes and we humans face so much dishonesty in life, so let’s at least make sure that our meteorites are authentic.


As much as it pains us to stop talking about meteorite rock, that’s all the information we have for you today. We hope you enjoyed learning all about this multi-faceted, fascinating extraterrestrial, and remember to come back anytime when you’re in need of some shopping advice or a reminder as to what makes meteorite so special.

These rocks remind us of how unique and wonderful we are, and their origins allow us to remember that we, too, are shooting stars with so much light and potential. Wishing you the best on your meteorite journey!

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