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Black Lava: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

black lava rocks

In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about black lava, including its meaning, properties, and uses. Let's get started!


The black lava rock is like the black sheep, quite literally, in the world of gemstones and crystals. It is not considered a stereotypical crystal, but more of a rock or stone. The black lava rock has been used by people for aesthetic purposes because of its beautiful and rustic blackish-gray color and also for its believed spiritual and healing properties. The high concentration of iron and magnesium gives this mineral its dark color.

In this post, we will explore all there is to know about this beautiful black beauty. So let’s begin.

  • Black Lava Rock Meaning
    • What is Black Lava Rock
    • Black Lava Spiritual Meaning
    • Where is Black Lava Rock Found
      • Virginia Black Lava Rock
      • Black Lava in Africa
  • Healing Properties of Black Lava Rock
  • Red vs Black Lava Rock
  • Black Lava Rock Jewelry
    • Black Lava Rock Bracelet
    • Black Lava Rock Necklace
  • Black Lava Rock Uses
    • Black Lava Rock for Landscaping
    • Black Lava Rock for Plants
    • Black Lava Rock for Aquarium
    • Black Lava Beads
      • Black Lava Beads Meaning
    • Black Lava Glass
    • Black Lava Sand
    • Black Lava Pebbles
    • Black Lava Rock Fire Pit
    • Black Lava Pumice Stone
  • Black Lava Rock for Sale
    • Virginia Black Lava Rock for Sale
    • Large Black Lava Rock for Sale
    • Black Lava Rock in Bulk
    • Black Lava Rock for Sale Near Me
      • Black Lava Rock at Home Depot
      • Black Lava Rock at Lowes
      • Black Lava Rocks at Walmart
  • Conclusion 

Black Lava Rock Meaning

What is Black Lava Rock?

Black lava stone is not exactly classified as a gemstone. They are considered to be rocks or pebbles. Typically, they are black or grayish, but a few are found in brown colors as well. If you observe them closely, they have a honeycomb type of appearance. This is because of their porous nature and water retention qualities. The black lava rock is not commonly used for any specific purpose, so one has to be a gemstone or crystal connoisseur to know about this particular stone. These rocks are formed from cooled volcano lava. If the lava takes some time to cool down, the black lava rocks are formed; but if there is a sudden temperature change due to exposure to water, then the lava cools rapidly, forming a glass-like structure called obsidian.

Black Lava Spiritual Meaning

This stone holds a lot of importance for crystal healers in terms of building a strong connection to mother earth. It is known to offer courage and stability to the wearer. Healers also believe that this stone has a calming effect and is useful to dissipate anger. It is also deemed to be useful in situations that require thinking or behavior change. It is rightly called the grounding stone as it keeps the wearer grounded and humble and is believed to rid them of negativity associated with pride, overconfidence, and other arrogant traits.

Where is Black Lava Rock Found?

As the name suggests, large black lava rock is made from lava. It is mostly found near ancient volcanic sites around Utah and New Mexico. Most of these are not active volcanoes and the black lava rocks we find have cooled down years ago through either a slow process forming rocks or a rapid process forming the lava glass called obsidian.

Virginia Black Lava Rock

Virginia and Tanzania volcano black lava rocks are similar to the ones found in Utah and Mexico and are mostly black and smaller in size.

Black Lava in Africa

There are quite a few volcanic sites in Africa. A few mines have also been explored that have volcanoes with black lava. Although there aren’t many prominent locations, black lava volcano rock has been found near a few volcanic sites and mines in Africa as well. These rocks are grayish-black or even deep reddish in color, depending on the speed at which the lava has been cooled down. This is also called black lava rock mulch.

Healing Properties of Black Lava Rock

stack of black lava rocks

The black lava crystal is one of the oldest and most popular healing stones used in the world. It is rightly called the grounding stone by crystal healers and therapists. It is believed to have calming and healing properties. Healers believe that this stone has intense energy within itself due to its close connection with mother earth. It is believed to calm down anger, energize one’s mood, and provide relief from anxiety. It may also bring clarity in thoughts and help to focus on communication and goals in life.

Red vs Black Lava Rock

The color of lava rocks changes according to the minerals in them. The reddish color is due to oxidation of iron or high concentrate of iron, whereas the black color is due to a high concentration of magnesium.

Black Lava Rock Jewelry

Black Lava Bracelet

Black lava bracelets with lapis lazuli black lava rock are worn more for their healing properties than for aesthetic purposes. They are believed to bring about emotional stability and help regulate one's thoughts and feelings to avoid any negativity. They are usually in the form of beaded bracelets and may also have a few stones of different colors or types for contrast.

Black Lava Rock Necklace

Small black lava rock necklaces are often sold in the market as trendy jewelry pieces. The most common design is one with small beads strung together with a larger black pendant hanging from it. Due to its believed healing properties, therapists advise people to keep this stone close to the skin, and what better way to do this than to wear it. Other designs for necklaces also include metal chains with a single large black lava rock pendant attached to them. These necklaces go well with casual attire.

Black Lava Rock Uses

Black lava rock can be used in several ways, as mentioned below.

Black Lava Rock for Landscaping

Black lava rock is often used for landscaping purposes as a more fancy decoration. In fact, it is a popular choice for landscaping because of its unique features. Since this rock does not decompose, it does not need to be replaced as frequently and can be put up for a long time. Also, it is porous, which makes water drainage possible. This rock is popularly seen outside hotels or well-designed and artistically crafted homes.

Black Lava Rock for Plants

Black lava decorative stones are also put around plants. They are mostly for decoration but also serve a few purposes. Since they are porous, water does not pool around the plants as it gets absorbed by these rocks. This gives plants the required moisture while avoiding too much waterlogging and consequently mosquitoes. Also, it gives a classy look to pots and plant beds.

Black Lava Rock for Aquarium

You will see black lava rock being sold for aquarium decorations in many stores. Its porosity makes it perfect for aquarium filtration. The little holes on its surface allow healthy bacteria to grow and thrive, making the aquarium fit for fishes to live in. This healthy bacteria growing on the black lava rocks keeps the nitrogen level maintained in the aquarium so fishes can survive for a longer time.

Black Lava Beads

black lava rock bead bracelet

Black lava beads are used for jewelry items, such as bracelets. They are also used to make rosary chains. These beads have a rustic, earthy look, making them perfect to wear as casual jewelry items. Also, their spiritual qualities make them a popular choice among crystal healers and therapists too.

Black Lava Beads Meaning

Black lava beads are also known as grounding stones. They are believed to bring peace and calmness and help people relax. Crystal healers and therapists also claim that since this stone is directly connected to the earth and even resembles it, it creates a stronger connection between the wearer and nature by giving courage, strength, and hope to deal with change and stress.

Black Lava Glass

Black lava glass is also known as obsidian. It is formed when the lava rock is cooled down rapidly to avoid crystal growth. There is no specific purpose or even demand for black lava glass, however, people may buy and use it for decorative purposes.

Black Lava Sand

Black lava sand has a lot of benefits. It helps retain moisture in the soil by providing aeration. It also prevents soil erosion or degradation. Lava sand is usually used in plant beds, potting mixtures, food crops, and even landscape management. It has soil amendment qualities that increase drainage and prevent soil hardening.

Black Lava Pebbles

Black lava pebbles are mostly used for decorative purposes. You will commonly see them around garden pathways and the side of flower beds. Smaller pebbles are also kept in glass jars in homes for their believed healing properties or just to decorate tables and bookshelves.

Black Lava Rock Fire Pit

Black lava rock fire pits are a wonderful exception to those regular-looking lava pits. They give a nice earthy look and a rustic feel to your fire pit. Other rocks like river rocks, natural rocks, or sand gravel are not good for these pits because they have a low-temperature tolerance and might explode under high heat. This makes black lava rock the perfect choice for your fire pit.

Black Lava Pumice Stone

Using a black lava pumice stone is a great way to pamper your skin. It helps to get rid of dry and flakey skin, dead cells and makes you feel rejuvenated. The porosity of the black lava rock retains moisture and makes cleaning easier. It leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. Many spas and massage centers use the black lava rock pumice stone for skincare purposes.

Black Lava Rock for Sale

Large Black Lava Rock for Sale

Large pieces of black lava rock are priced per ton. They cost somewhere around $75 USD per ton, which is a reasonable price. They are also sold per cubic yards priced in the same range.

Black Lava Rock in Bulk

Unless you purchase these rocks from a crystal store for personal use, they are mainly sold in bulk for landscaping, aquariums, plant beds, etc.

Black Lava Rock for Sale Near Me

You can find the black lava rock at your local crystal shop or even decorative items shops.

Black Lava Rock at Home Depot

Home Depot has sections for gardening, which is where you are likely to find and buy black lava rock, gravel, or even sand in bulk quantities.

Black Lava Rock at Lowes

Lowes has local stores for black lava rock. There are also websites that deliver to a wide range of locations.

Black Lava Rocks at Walmart

Walmart's gardening section or decoration section will also have black lava rocks in different sizes and quantities. 


Black lava rock is available very easily. So if you are looking to buy it for decorative, aesthetic, or even healing purposes, you could check out some of the local stores mentioned in this post or even search online. But make sure to always buy from trusted sellers, so you can be sure of its authenticity and quality.

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