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Bronzite: Complete Guide (Updated 2024)


In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about bronzite, including its properties, types, colors, and uses. Let's get started!


Bronzite, a stone that brings peace, keeps us motivated, harmonizes our energies, and does so much more, is little heard of. Even though it is found in many countries worldwide, bronzite’s potential often goes unrecognized. Here is our small guide on bronzite to help you admire and treasure it. 

  • What is Bronzite
    • Bronzite Pronunciation
    • Is Bronzite Toxic
    • Bronzite Benefits
      • Bronzite for Protection
    • Bronzite Chakra
    • Bronzite Healing
    • Bronzite Spiritual Meaning
    • Where is Bronzite Found?
  • Bronzite Properties
    • Bronzite Metaphysical Properties
    • Bronzite Healing Properties
  • Bronzite and Black Tourmaline
  • Bronzite Types
    • Tumbled Bronzite
    • Bronzite Raw
  • Bronzite Color
  • Bronzite Jewelry
    • Bronzite Necklace
    • Bronzite Cabochon
    • Bronzite Bracelet
    • Bronzite Ring
  • Bronzite Uses
    • Bronzite Countertop
    • Bronzite Beads
      • Bronzite Beads Meaning
    • Bronzite Granite
    • Bronzite Slab
    • Bronzite Sphere
  • How to Cleanse Bronzite
  • Bronzite Price
    • Bronzite on Etsy
  • Conclusion

What is Bronzite?

Bronzite is a part of the pyroxene group of minerals. It is an iron-containing variety of enstatite, which has acquired a partial alteration of bronze sub-metallic luster on its crystalline surface plane.

The color of bronzite is green or brown. Bronzite is an alluring stone that displays bright golden flecks and chatoyance. The chemical composition of bronzite is (Mg, Fe)SiO3. On the Mohs scale of hardness, bronzite stands at 5.5.

Bronzite Pronunciation

Bronzite is pronounced as ‘bron-zah-it’.

Is Bronzite Toxic?

Bronzite has few contents of silica. Silica, if inhaled while cutting, is toxic. But wearing bronzite jewelry or meditating with one is not harmful. 

Bronzite Benefits

Bronzite for Protection

Bronzite is called a guardian stone that neutralizes the negative energies and bad auras. The consistent frequency and vibrations of bronzite repel negative energy. It also protects against hexes, curses, and psychic attacks.

Bronzite Chakra

Bronzite is said to be a versatile stone, but it is mainly associated with the sacral and base chakra. It creates a firm foundation and aids us in using our full potential. It helps positive energy flow through the body with ease and makes us feel safe and secure.  

Bronzite Healing

Bronzite healing properties are mentioned further in the article.

Bronzite Spiritual Meaning


In ancient times, bronzite was used to strengthen the nerves. The Romans used bronzite as a protection against mental illness and confusion. 

Using bronzite can inspire us to be loving and understanding. Bronzite helps you grow emotionally. It makes you kind and encourages you to help those in need. Bronzite is rich in iron, which makes it a very protective stone. It brings you harmony and surrounds you with protective energy. It is known as a stone of courtesy. 

Where is Bronzite Found?

Bronzite is found all over the world, including Austria, India, the USA, England, South Africa, Norway, and Greenland.

Bronzite Properties

Bronzite is a stone that is said to ground us. It promotes clarity of thoughts and makes us certain about our decisions. 

People who use bronzite claim it increases self-esteem, dispels negative energies, enhances creativity, and promotes good decision-making.

Bronzite Metaphysical Properties

Bronzite helps heal soul wounds and unresolved issues of the past. 

Bronzite healing powers help us overcome insecurities and self-doubts that hold us back from achieving the things we desire. It helps us develop a sense of optimism and increases self-confidence. It gives us the courage to move forward.

Bronzite eliminates excessive worrying and makes you feel grounded and in control. It keeps your head clear in times of turmoil. This, in turn, helps reduce stress and anxiety. It reduces restlessness and makes you more focused on the task at hand. 

It helps you realize your true potential. It raises the vibrations around you and reminds you that financial troubles are temporary. It makes you believe in yourself and the process. It provides you with direction when you feel lost and makes you persistent in achieving your goals. 

Bronzite is also said to protect you in troubled relationships. It shows you if you are being coerced, manipulated, or taken advantage of. It also stops you from pushing people away or manipulating your loved ones into doing anything they don’t like. 

Bronzite can help you see the truth and get you out of your denial state. Bronzite energies make you own up to your actions when you are in the wrong. It keeps you emotionally strong and mature, even when you feel disarrayed. It provides stability and harmony within and inspires us to forgive ourselves.

Bronzite Healing Properties

If you feel mentally drained, bronzite can rejuvenate your passions and provide motivation. Crystal healers have thus claimed that bronzite can help with depression. 

People who use bronzite crystals have claimed it helps them with mental and physical symptoms of fatigue. It boosts your stamina and makes you feel energetic and fresh. It is said to aid in purifying the blood and soothing your nerves.

Bronzite vibrations help our metabolism to spread the energy throughout our body. The healing energies are also said to ease pains related to cramps. 

Bronzite’s healing energies help in the treatment of skin diseases and allergies. It is also said to help relieve ulcers on the organs.

It boosts digestion and absorbs the nutrients from the food we eat. Thus, it makes a great tool in weight-loss plans. 

Bronzite and Black Tourmaline


Bronzite is a brown-colored stone with golden swirl patterns. It is called a lucky stone and talisman. It protects you from bad energy and dark spells. 

Black tourmaline has a streaked formation in its natural form and is black. It is a stone that protects you from misfortunes, accidents, and negative energies. It brings optimism and good health. 

Both bronzite and black tourmaline work with your root and base chakras and balance your energy flow through the body.

Bronzite Types

Tumbled Bronzite

Tumbled bronzite has a smooth glittering surface with golden flecks. They are used for reiki healings and meditations. The soothing vibrations of the stones help with stress release and anxiety.

Bronzite Raw

Raw bronzite has a dull and mundane brown look. They do not possess the shimmering quality until tumbled or polished. Bronzite, in its raw form, has a crystalline quality and can break if hit hard on a particular spot.

Bronzite Color

The color of bronzite ranges from green to brown. Bronzite has iron content which gives it a shimmery and metallic bronze color. 

Bronzite Jewelry

Bronzite is a beautiful gemstone with metallic lusters. It is ideal for both men and women to wear dark bronzite jewelry. It has an earthy look and can be incorporated into jewelry pieces inspired by nature. Bronzite jewelry helps ease nervousness and oust anxious energies.

Bronzite Necklace

Bronzite necklaces are available in pendants and beaded form. Wearing them close to the heart helps with the purification of blood. It also calms anxious nerves. 

Bronzite Cabochon

Bronzite cabochons can be carried and used for meditation. Holding the cabochons during meditation helps ease stress.

Bronzite Bracelet

bronzite bracelet

Bronzite bracelets lend a quirky look to the wearer. They can be worn every day with casual attire. 

Bronzite Ring

Bronzite rings are mostly made with a sterling silver setting. They are often worn on the ring finger and make beautiful engagement rings as well.

Bronzite Uses

Bronzite Countertop

Bronzite countertops make your home alluring. The glimmering golden flecks in the brown bronzite give it a very earthy and rustic look.

Bronzite Beads

Bronzite Beads Meaning

Bronzite beads can be made into bracelets, stringed necklaces, or meditating mala. You can benefit from any form of bronzite beads as they give off the same energies and vibrations.

Bronzite Granite

Bronzite granite is a different kind of bronzite mined in Brazil for commercial use. It makes beautiful bathroom floors or countertops. It is one of the more exotic types of granites found.

Bronzite Slab

Bronzite granites are cut into big rectangle slabs and used as countertops, wall cladding, and other decorations. 

Bronzite Sphere

Bronzite spheres make an attractive decorative piece that can benefit house owners. Crystal spheres are used for meditating, and their energy vibrations heal and balance the chakras. These bronzite spheres can be used in reiki healings as well.

How to Cleanse Bronzite

Bronzite isn’t a soft stone, but it is likely to be harmed at the crystalline cleave if hit hard. It is advised not to wear bronzite while doing any physical activities or sports. 

Clean it with soapy water and a soft cloth. Putting it in hot water or using harsh detergents is not recommended. Store the bronzite jewelry away from other harder material objects to protect them from getting scratched and damaged.  

Bronzite Price

Bronzite on Etsy

Bronzite gemstones are found in abundance all over the world and therefore are cheaper compared to other rarer stones. 

Bronzite beads are sold for $3.93 USD, and high-quality cabochons and bronzite towers are sold for $35.47 USD.


Bronzite helps you stay focused on your goals. It gives you the courage to overcome all your challenges and helps you get what you truly desire. If you're looking for a crystal to bring you peace, calm, and a sense of security in your life, then bronzite is the crystal for you. 

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