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Mugglestone: Complete Guide (2024)


In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about mugglestone, including its meaning and properties. Let's get started!


Mugglestone or tiger iron is a powerful stone that has many healing properties. A rare crystal found in a few places is one of the powerful protective crystals. It is just as alluring in its looks as it is in its qualities. Let us dive in to learn more about this magical crystal. 

  • Mugglestone Meaning
    • Mugglestone Name Origin
    • Mugglestone Chakra
    • Mugglestone Benefits
  • Mugglestone Properties
    • Mugglestone Healing Properties
    • Mugglestone Metaphysical Properties
  • Mugglestone Jewelry
    • Mugglestone Crystal Necklace
  • Conclusion

Mugglestone Meaning

Mugglestone is a combination of tiger eye, red jasper, and hematite. The tiger eye protects you from evil energies and keeps you grounded. Red jasper is a nurturing stone that provides a sense of calm. Hematite is a balancing stone that heals you when used in feng shui practices. Mugglestone possesses all the qualities of each stone. 

The hardness of mugglestone differs, as they are a mixture of three different gemstones. Cleaning the stones with hot water is not recommended as it has many inclusions and can damage the stone. Mugglestone is known as tiger iron in the gemstone market.

Mugglestone Name Origin

The term mugglestone is rumored to have come from Mucklestone, the place in Great Britain where it is found. This stone is said to have lesser quantities of red jasper and mainly comprises bands of natural hematite. 

Mugglestone Chakra

Mugglestone is primarily associated with the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakra.

These three chakras keep you grounded and provide you with a sense of security. They enhance and boost your creativity and give your mind the clarity to understand others better. It imbues you with confidence to keep moving ahead and fills you with courage.

Mugglestone Benefits

Mugglestone includes the benefits of three alluring gemstones. Meditating with mugglestone helps in building endurance, and physical as well as emotional strength. It helps you overcome challenges. 

It assists in beating exhaustion, both physical and emotional. The crystal is said to reduce your stress and keep you grounded. It shields you with positivity and imbues you with determination and confidence. Manifesting your desires with mugglestone is beneficial. 

Mugglestone aids in being your best self and promotes courage in the face of challenges.

Mugglestone Properties

Mugglestone Healing Properties

Mugglestone is believed to help balance the blood cells in your body and detoxify your body. It helps to soothe the muscles and in absorbing vitamins. It possesses the property of hematite to have smooth blood circulation throughout the body, the property of red jasper to cleanse your blood of toxins, and provides the strength, clarity, and energy of the tiger eye crystal. 

Mugglestone is also known to help with issues of reproductive organs and throat issues. 

Mugglestone Metaphysical Properties

Mugglestone helps re-collect or gather the scattered energies after a fight. It boosts your vitality and endurance and increases self-confidence. Mugglestone keeps your body and mind balanced and protects you from negative energies and toxic vibrations. 

It makes a companion stone for people who tend to keep their emotions hidden and their feelings within themselves. Mugglestone crystal provides mental clarity and energizes your body. It enables you to see the positive side of things and makes you know the truth, and achieves your desires and goals. 

The power of hematite in mugglestone makes it absorb the negative energies around you and protect you from the evil aura. It eliminates fear and anxiety and boosts self-confidence. It shows a promise in the future by making you optimistic. This crystal also keeps you grounded, as it has strong connections to the root chakra. It keeps your mind and soul-centered. 

Using mugglestone helps you create new ideas and enhances your creativity. Thus, it is a powerful stone for artists. Mugglestone provides protection and inspires prosperity. It helps you see and believe in your true potential. It encourages you to keep going and come out victorious. 

Feng shui practitioners use and recommend this stone, as it promotes stability. It is associated with communication, independence, and strong discipline. The red jasper helps in easing stress. It helps you find the courage to be brave while facing challenges. It helps relieve the physical and emotional weariness that you endure while facing challenges and achieving your goals. 

In romantic relationships, mugglestone will help you make sense of your partner's feelings. It will help you understand their intentions more clearly. It may help you decode the mixed signals and see things as they are. It may aid you to be more selfless and kind. This powerful stone may make you see and understand your partner's needs and would not make you hesitant about your feelings as well. 

It will help remove the bitterness and anger from your heart and promote emotional healing. It may help you focus on the positive things. This stone may also help you ‌let go of all the unwanted emotions and feelings and make you feel reinvigorated.

Using mugglestone also helps in forgiving people who have done you wrong. It shows you that keeping sorrowful memories and feeling dejected does not help you in any way. It shows you the right path to move ahead in life. 

Mugglestone Jewelry

Mugglestone is a combination of different stones with unique colored bands, and their attractiveness is used to make jewelry. Keeping the mugglestone stone, or wearing it as jewelry, helps you benefit from its healing properties. 

Mugglestone Crystal Necklace

mugglestone necklace

Mugglestone crystal necklaces have beautiful bands of brown, red, and yellow or gold. They exude a powerful aura and give the wearer a powerful look. Wearing a mugglestone crystal necklace at professional events or parties will not only impress others with looks but also help you communicate better and make you more attractive intellectually. 


Mugglestone is a powerful stone with different properties. It helps to move ahead in life with great confidence. It frees you of negative emotions and makes you a better version of yourself. Meditating with mugglestone is beneficial for your soul and mind as it gives you clarity of the situations. 

Mugglestone, the name reminding you of a certain wizarding world, should not be thought any less magical than anything else. Its properties protect you, make you grounded, and strengthen your mind and soul. It is truly an all-rounder crystal and a must-have in your collection.

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