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12 Best Green Crystals and Stones: Complete Guide

deep green geode crystal black background close up view

In this post, we reveal the top green crystals and stones and tell you everything you need to know about them. Let's dive right in!


There are few things as calming as observing a pale green crystal laying in the palm of your hand. Green is the color of abundance, and green stones make up a large portion of the crystal world; here are 12 of the best, and all you need to know about them. 

In this article we discuss the following:

  • Meaning of Green Crystals
  • 12 Best Green Crystals
    • Jade
      • Jade Meaning
      • Jade Stone Benefits
      • Is Jade Lucky?
      • Jade Price
    • Green Aventurine
      • Properties of Green Aventurine
    • Green Amethyst
      • Properties of Green Amethyst
    • Green Calcite
      • Properties of Green Calcite
    • Green Fluorite
      • Properties of Green Fluorite
    • Peridot
      • Properties of Peridot
    • Malachite
      • Properties of Malachite
    • Serpentine
      • Properties of Serpentine
    • Green Opal
      • Properties of Green Opal
    • Prehnite
      • Properties of Prehnite
    • Moldavite
      • Properties of Moldavite
    • Chrysophrase
      • Properties of Chrysophrase
  • Conclusion

Meaning of Green Crystals

You’d be forgiven for being drawn to green gemstones in spite of knowing little to nothing about them; most people are. This has something to do with the light spectrum, in that green represents the color of Earth, peace and abundance. Since these are embodiments of the most natural states of being for humans, it’s unsurprising that green crystals captivate us the way that they do. 

green cube shaped crystal rock wrapped in chains necklace pendant

Different crystals correspond to different energy centers within the human body. Green stones work with the green energy center, also known as the heart chakra. They are deeply concerned with rebalancing this hub, so that the individual in question can experience flow of the heart space. 

In addition to this, green crystals work with the essence of prosperity and abundance. Since they are the color of money, many of them can be used to attract more wealth into one’s life experience. Wealth, however, can be subjective, and for some may simply represent wellness, satisfaction or wealth of opportunity. 

Green stones and crystals are not necessarily considered to be grounding tools, however, because they are energetically aligned with the Earth, trees and plants, they have the ability to subtly reconnect one to mother nature when they have been led astray. 

The individual meanings of each green crystal is as diverse as the many green gemstones names; no two are the same, even if they hold similar properties. When making your way through a list of crystals in an effort to choose the right one for you, always take your time and be sensitive to what rings true. The green stone names, as well as the crystal’s physical appearance, don’t matter as much as the properties do, so try not to judge a book by its cover. 

12 Best Green Crystals


Jade Meaning

Jade is a stone that comes up a lot with regards to health and wellness. It’s been used by many ancient civilizations for the purpose of healing and beauty, and the ancient traditions attached to this stone live on. 

About 70% of all jade comes from Myanmar. Jade is derived either from jadeite and nephrite, which determines the crystalline structure and hardness. Not all jade is green; this stone actually comes in a wide variety of colors, though green jade is considered to be the most valuable and popular., 

In China, jade was said to be the embodiment of the five virtues of humanity, courage, modesty, justice, compassion, and wisdom. 

light green smooth stone circle shape close up view

Jade Stone Benefits

The benefits of this particular green stone are quite vast. Firstly, jade has anti-inflammatory properties which come into play when in physical contact with the skin. It’s a naturally cold stone, so using it on your face first thing in the morning can help reduce bags and puffiness. 

Metaphysically, jade is a stone of harmony. Body, mind and spirit are brought back into balance with jade. This is done through the heart chakra, which may be brought into a healthy flow state through the stone. 

Is Jade Lucky?

Jade is an incredibly lucky stone. Many use it to attract prosperity into their lives in the form of material wealth. It may attract the money directly, or it may bring about opportunity for money to enter via a new career or opportunity. 

If you’re unlucky in love, jade can help mend whatever imbalance has occurred in your heart center that is preventing a loving abundance from finding you. Jade works naturally with the body to harmonize anything that is not in perfect alignment to what your higher self wants for you (which is always only the best). 

Jade Price

The price of these green gems is very much dependent on the formation of the jade in question. As mentioned, jade is either derived from jadeite and nephrite. Jadeite is known to be translucent, while nephrite is known for being the tougher version of the stone. 

Green jade can only be derived from jadeite, which is a lot more rare than its nephrite counterpart. For this reason, the price of green jade is driven up compared to other forms of this crystal. 

One should be prepared to pay a substantial amount for a piece of jade, and one should question the authenticity of the stone if it is being sold for considerably cheap. Green jade is easy enough to replicate using glass and dye, so some manufacturers sell knock-off versions to unassuming consumers. 

Always purchase green jade stones from a reputable source!

Green Aventurine

Green aventurine was first discovered in the 18th century in India, which is where the majority of this stone is mined from. Aventurine also comes in blue, white, gray and orange. 

Aventurine, by nature, is a form of quartz. It’s characterized by translucency, and visible minerals that shimmer in the light.

This is a common green gem that is relatively easy to source and purchase in its raw form. It is less commonly found in jewelry. As far as entry level crystals go, out of all gems that are green this one is definitely best for beginners.

Properties of Green Aventurine

Aventurine is a green healing stone that both comforts and heals the heart. Many are under the misconception that a crystal for the heart should be pink or red, but green is actually the most effective color on the light spectrum for this purpose. 

Green aventurine will bring about mental clarity, as well as strengthen any existing relationships you may find yourself in. This can be a great tool to use to bring more vulnerability between you and a partner. 

If you struggle with decision making, or you need to become a better leader, then aventurine can help facilitate this kind of growth. 

Green Amethyst

white unpolished crystal rock close up view white background

Most know amethyst as the mystical purple stone used for jumping between realms of consciousness. The lesser known green amethyst is a light green stone that sometimes goes by the name ‘prasiolite’. 

Almost all green amethyst is mined in a small part of Brazil, while trace amounts have been found in Poland. 

All amethyst is derived from quartz, even the green variety. These are some of the most easily used stones for beginners as their energetic properties tend to exude out of the crystalline structure even without stipulated intention. Green amethyst is a great crystal to gift to another individual!

Properties of Green Amethyst

Green amethyst is heavily connected to the energy of the Earth. Through channeling, you’ll be brought to a place of inner knowing and self love, that will help you better navigate everyday life. 

This is a highly spiritual stone, and if your existence revolves around a spiritual void, you’ll be carefully guided toward the light. Eventually, we’ll all have to learn to be open to divine unconditional love, and this green gemstone can pave the way.

If there are any issues from your past lives that are yet to be resolved, green amethyst will do the work on your behalf. You’ll find this brings positive benefits to this current life, even if only in the way you are able to face and deal with adversity. 

Green Calcite

Calcite is another stone that comes in an array of colors. The green variety is found most commonly in Germany, England, and the United States of America; in this way, it is considered to be an abundant and accessible crystal. 

Calcite was named after the Latin word for lime, as it is a compound found frequently in marble and limestone formations. Buildings that use limestone in their construction will have significant amounts of calcite in their core. 

Green calcite comes in many different shades of the color, some lighter and some darker. There are some pieces of green calcite that have blue or yellow streaks running through them; these are particularly unique. 

Properties of Green Calcite

Green calcite is associated with the zodiac of Capricorn, Virgo, and Cancer. It works closely with the mind in effort to restore clarity and balance; calcite doesn’t like things to be foggy or unclear. 

If you need help in letting go of certain things that are no longer serving you, calcite is the green crystal to use. It has a gentle way of exposing these codependent situations, and allowing them to be released without causing additional trauma. 

You’ll also be encouraged to stand your ground when working with green calcite. Speaking your truth will become second nature. 

Green calcite makes an excellent addition to any crystal grid in the home, and, better yet, this stone does need regular cleansing and recharging. 

Green Fluorite

green raw unpolished crystal rock close up view white background

Of all green crystals and stones, green fluorite is probably the most illusive. Perhaps this is because it is very uncommon for fluorite to manifest itself in the shade of green. Typically, fluorite appears in purple or indigo streaks, and sometimes even blue.

Yellow and green fluorite is considered to be exceptionally rare and hard to come by, so if you ever get the opportunity to work with this stone — take it!

Some green stone identification can be tricky, and fluorite is one of them. Because it isn’t a common find, fluorite is sometimes mistakenly sold as green aventurine or calcite. The molecular compounds are very similar, making it difficult to distinguish between the two.  

Properties of Green Fluorite

This gentle, light green gemstone is the stone of growth and renewal. It puts us back into energetic flow with the universe at large, reconnecting us to the natural ways of the world that we may have been neglecting. 

Trauma is no match for green fluorite. It dives deep, and doesn’t stop until all unresolved situations are no longer playing havoc with your cellular body, or your emotions. One can experience quite a transformation when introducing green fluorite into their life. 

Similarly, green fluorite is a powerful cleansing tool and will pull contaminants from your environment and body (if necessary). We recommend cleansing green fluorite after each use as it tends to hold onto a lot of questionable energy on behalf of its user. 


Peridot is considered to be one of the most precious green stones. Its origins date back to ancient Egypt, where the Egyptians knew of a remote volcanic island that held the peridot gems. They kept it relatively secret from the outside world, and it was only discovered by the general public many years later in 1906. 

Peridot is often mistaken for emerald, which is a far more precious and expensive gemstone. Peridot is the ‘poor man’s’ alternative, and makes for fantastic jewelry pieces, particularly rings. 

Properties of Peridot

This emerald green gem has a myriad of positive properties to offer even the most inexperienced of users.

First and foremost, peridot is all about money, money, money. The color itself is testament to what it attracts, and abundance finds it very difficult to stay at bay when peridot is involved in the user’s frequency. 

Like jade, peridot is an incredibly lucky stone. It’s through sheer, dumb luck that your newfound abundance and prosperity will enter your life. 

One can also use peridot to bring about more restful sleep. Keep it underneath your pillow and send your intention for more beneficial shut eye. 

Peridot is also an intensely creative light green crystal, bringing any potential to the forefront of your mind so that you might offer it out into the world. 


many pieces of green smooth stones different patterns and shapes

Some green crystal names are used when naming children, and malachite is a common one. 

Malachite are dark green stones that often feature some sort of pattern swirling through their aesthetic body. Since this stone is copper based, it has been used in the making of pigments for thousands of years.

In ancient times, malachite held deep value as a gemstone of considerable worth. It was mined and traded in some communities in place of money, which is ironic considering it is indeed a stone of prosperity. 

The ancient Egyptians were particularly fond of malachite and wore it as jewelry. They also carved ornaments and vases from the stone to have in their personal quarters. There is evidence to suggest that malachite was being mined as early as 4000 BC. 

Properties of Malachite

There are only a few types of green stones that hold the power of transformation, and malachite is one of them. It works to cleanse each of your chakras, and clear them of any blockages, so that you can enjoy your life without anything holding you back energetically. 

Malachite also has protective qualities; another property not usual to green chakra crystals. It has the ability to absorb a significant amount of negative energy, keeping it from infiltrating your aura.

Many users of malachite report it to have strengthened their immune system. This tends to be a natural occurrence when one’s chakras are unblocked and in healthy flow. 


The green gemstone meaning behind serpentine dates back to 1564, when a man named Georgius Agricola named this stone “precious serpentine” due to its mottled and scaly appearance that reminded him of a snake. 

Once it reached the market place, many trade names were used to refer to this unique stone. Some called it ‘false jade’, as it is very easy to confuse the two. 

Interestingly, serpentine is often used as a supplement for magnesium and asbestos. The minerals are found inside of serpentinite rocks, and the mining process is relatively straight forward. 

Properties of Serpentine

Above all, serpentine is a powerful detoxifier of blood and the body. This makes sense when one considers that magnesium supplements can be derived from the crystals themselves. 

If something has been keeping you feeling unsettled, or dissatisfied, serpentine will help you realize what it is. You’ll do so from a place of compassion and forgiveness, so there is no risk of feelings being exacerbated when the issues are brought to the surface. 

Peace is the most natural vibration to serpentine, so using it on your physical body will bring you into a deep meditative state quite easily. Hold it in the palm of your hand as you do so, or place it on your heart charka whilst lying down. 

Serpentine is widely regarded as one of the best crystals to use in the seeking of kundalini energy.  

Green Opal

pieces of green raw unpolished rock close up view

Opal can be traced back to having been mined as early as 4000 BC in Kenya, in Africa. As a compound, opal is a hydrated amorphous form of silica and has quite a high natural water content. Opal occurs as a result of volcanic activity. 

This stone also comes in an array of colors, some more rare that others. Black opal is the most rare, while colors such as green, gray and white are considered to be widely accessible. 

Green opal has a moss-like appearance, and is usually dark rather than light. The untrained eye may be tempted to confuse green opal with malachite, due to the mottled, marbled facade. 

Properties of Green Opal

Green opal holds the energies of both wood and water; for this reason, it is incredibly cleansing. One can use this stone to support better overall health, wealth and abundance. 

If you’ve been struggling with figuring out your life’s purpose, green opal can help you bridge the gap, even if just by giving you the illusion of being on the right track. Don’t let this deter you; often just the illusion is powerful enough to get us exactly where we need to be so that our actual purpose can flow in. 

If you’ve got any friendships that need healing, the green opal is the stone to use. It’s one of the heart chakra stones that is not so concerned with romantic love, and thus it can give significant attention to platonic friendships.


This lesser known crystal is native to the Karoo region of South Africa. It was first discovered in 1788, in the dolerites of Cradock. The stone itself is actually named after the man who discovered it, Colonel Hendrik von Prehn, who was a Dutch mineralogist. 

It was from here that the stone made its journey into Europe, where it was widely (though not well) received in the form of jewelry.

Prehnite is best used in its raw form, either on display in a home or kept close by the user. It’s rare to find this crystal being made into jewelry, but if you happen upon a ring or a bracelet, wear it daily!

Properties of Prehnite

In the crystal world, prehnite is considered to be the stone of dreaming. It has a deep connection with the dream realm and has been known to pull users into a state of lucid dreaming, as well as encourage communication with other planes of existence. 

The indigenous people of South Africa, where it was first found, consider prehnite to be a prophecy stone. It has the power to pull your life force energy in the right direction, thus attuning you to the more subtle languages that exist in the physical world. 

To top things off, prehnite is also a protective stone and is great to have nearby if you think black magic is being pushed onto you. Deep meditation is accessible through the use of this crystal.


fingertips holding top and bottom of raw crystal green rock

It is estimated that about 15 million years ago there was a meteorite that impacted the south of Germany. The result was a vitreous silica projectile rock that we know today as moldavite. It is a crystal with a foot in both worlds, so to speak; one on Earth, and one in outer space. 

It is thought that moldavite only formed because the heat of the meteorite melted the regular Earth rock of that region. There are other conspiracies that suggest moldavite is the meteorite itself, perfectly preserved and now available for human benefit. 

Properties of Moldavite

Moldavite is probably the most powerful green crystal we have access to as human beings. It vibrates so highly that one can actually feel it in the physical body, and some people find it uncomfortable to keep near to themselves for too long. 

Moldavite can facilitate personal and spiritual evolution almost overnight. It will bring you face to face with your most authentic self, and often the result is heightened abilities in terms of telepathy, dream work and meditation. 

Because it is only found in one very isolated place on Earth, moldavite is expensive and can be hard to get a hold of. Pieces smaller than a fingernail retail for exorbitant amounts. 


This green gem is also known as the stone of Venus. It was used centuries ago by the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians to make different forms of jewelry, signets and ornamental objects for visual pleasure. 

The vivid green tone made it appealing to the masses, and everyone in these parts wanted a piece of chrysophrase to call their own. 

This crystal gets confused with emerald a lot, and was actually the favorite gem of Alexander the Great. Chrysophrase is one of the oldest semiprecious stones known to human kind, with uses dating back a lot further than all others. 

Properties of Chrysophrase

Where there is yin yang energy that has become out of balance, chrysophrase will save the day. It pulls the universal balance back into the body, correcting any blockages in the process. 

This stone is a promoter of love and truth. It doesn’t like to beat around the bush when it comes to love; it likes things to be direct, intense and joyous. If you’re having trouble with forgiveness when it comes to love, this stone can help you to overcome this. 

A powerful detoxifier, chrysophrase can cleanse your blood of any questionable entities. It knows that unforgiveness is the route to illness, so the two need to be balanced accordingly. 


These 12 green stones are all you really need in order to have a comprehensive introduction to the world of crystal healing. Throughout the lot, we have properties of protection, luck, abundance and more — green crystals are incredibly versatile tools!

If you’re intending to work with crystal grids, it is our recommendation that you have at least two different green stones to include in your construction. They make for the best place fillers, and work well alongside more powerful crystals such as those in the black or blue light spectrum. For a great discussion of blue gemstones and crystals, check out our blog post on the subject here: 22 Best Blue Crystals and Stones: Complete Guide.

If you are interested in incorporating crystals into your life, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of a crystal that resonates with you. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of calm and serenity. Also, if you are interested in reading more about anxiety and crystals, check out our comprehensive blog post on the 15 Best Crystals for Anxiety!

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