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15 Best Crystals for Protection (Updated 2020)

15 Best Crystals for Protection (Updated 2020)

In this post, we reveal the 15 top crystal for protection, including protection from negative energy and other unattractive forces. Let's get started!


If you feel you could do with a few more layers of protection in your life, we’re happy to announce that there are rocks for the job. 

Not just any rocks: energetically charged ones with properties that can bring about well-being and a sense of balance to the user.

In this article we discuss the following:

  • How Can Crystals Help with Protection
  • How to Use Crystals for Protection
  • 15 Best Crystals for Protection
    • Crystals for Protection from Spirits
      • Malachite
      • Lapis Lazuli
      • Angelite
    • Crystals for Protection from Negative Energy
      • Jet Stone
      • Black Tourmalinated Quartz
    • Crystals for Sleep Protection
      • Moonstone
      • Howlite
    • Stones for Protection from Evil
      • Tiger’s Eye
      • Selenite
    • Black Stones for Protection
      • Black Tourmaline
      • Black Obsidian
      • Smokey Quartz
    • Psychic Protection Stones
      • Labradorite
      • Amethyst
      • Aqua Aura Quartz

How Can Crystals Help with Protection

We’ll be the first to tell you that there exists no crystal that can radically change your life. This was not the intention of these objects when they were fused with the energy, knowledge and memory of the Earth’s vibrational patterns. 

These stones came to provide subtle properties of healing, well-being, attraction and protection to the different aspects of human existence. 

Feeling “unprotected” in one’s life is an interesting concept because it involves such a broad set of instances. There are so many triggers that can cause humans to conclude that a sense of protection is what is specifically lacking.

One might live in a physically unsafe external environment, which amplifies the desire for additional elements of protection. Others may feel that their own vibrations are being affected by the unseen forms of contamination that a human-populated Earth is abundant in (such as pollution or radiation), and seek protection from such forces. Some individuals may simply be nervous drivers, and thus crave protection only when they are behind the wheel. 

Protection is such a subjective experience; if we’re not seeking it for ourselves, we are almost always hoping it finds others that we care for, be it family or friends. 

There is no scientific evidence to support crystals as a sound means of creating protection in one’s life — how could there be? This kind of experience requires unseen forces to conspire to affect our immediate realities: all of which are totally unexplainable within the very limited blueprint that contemporary science accepts. 

Crystals for healing pay no mind to modern scientific constraints, and have been around for centuries as very accepted forms of healing. The fact that people around the world continue to seek out the companionship of crystals daily is testament to the positive potential that these stones can bring to one’s life. 

Crystals occur naturally in the Earth when different rocks and minerals are fused together by the elements. They retain energetic charges from all of these different encounters, absorbing a myriad of electromagnetic information from the planet. This gives each stone a unique vibration that, when measured using wave-recognition machinery, is considerably higher than the vibration of most physical objects in the world, including human beings. 

Science might not recognize the benefits of crystal healing as of yet, but it will never be able to dispute the provable fact that high vibrations have an effect on whatever matter they come into contact with. Thus, science may indirectly recognize crystal healing! 

There are thousands of crystals available to us, spanning all corners of the globe. For every concern or desire a human being can manifest, there is a crystal suitable for remedying that concern or achieving that desire. Some stones amplify, some attract, and some stones absorb and dispel negative energy in order to protect. There are even stones that are used widely for the purpose of neutralizing pain within the body. 

If it's going to take recognition from the scientific community to get you to believe in the abilities of powerful protection crystals, you’re likely to be waiting a long time. Much of the power that these stones hold lies in your belief in said power. Crystals, if anything, work with the mind and attune to your personal vibration in order to help bring about the results you desire from them. It’s a complex relationship that requires absolutely nothing from you other than an open heart and mind. And if you can’t seem to open either of these, don’t worry — there’s a crystal to help with that!

Protection crystals work by affecting the energetic field of the objects and/or beings within close proximity to them. As you incorporate your chosen protective crystals into your daily life, the charges will start to work their magic. 

All crystals work with the spectrum of light as identified in the Earth realm. They have the ability to both absorb and refract light wavelengths. These wavelengths are expressed as the color wheel, as we know. The same colorful wavelengths are found in the human body through what we know to be chakras. These are our energy centers, and they are responsible for the levels of flow that we experience in the body itself, and in everyday life. 

Thus, the different protection gemstones are usually linked to individual chakras within the body, allowing them to work closely with our personal vibratory field and make positive adjustments where necessary. 

When we start to incorporate these zone specific crystals into our vibratory fields, we can attract/amplify certain conditions, including protection. 

How to Use Crystals for Protection

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: many forms of healing or medication that were successful to a human being were only so because the person in question had full belief in the treatment in question. This goes for metaphysical healing, and, in many cases, in Western medicine and in the Eastern tradition!

If you’re skeptical, look into the statistics surrounding medicinal trials. In a surprising amount of cases, the subjects given placebo medications healed better and faster than those subjects working with the actual medication. The state of mind is the key. 

Protective stones are tempting to brush off as miracles, and if that’s what gets your mind on board with receiving the undeniable benefits, so be it. Tapping into the potential of crystal energy is one of the best things for people who are seeking something as difficult to pin down as protection.

How and when you use your crystals and stones for protection will depend largely on your personal viewpoints surrounding this kind of addition to your lifestyle. Since there are so many crystals that can be used for different forms of protection, we’ve pulled together a lineup of our 15 favorite stones that we feel to be the most powerful in this regard. As you read through the properties of each, take note of which ring some sort of truth in your psyche, and disregard those that don’t induce that natural sense of knowing. 

Once you’ve invested in your chosen crystal or crystals, you’ll need to find the most suitable way to incorporate them into your daily life so that they can properly attune to your energy field. You’ll notice that a lot of spiritual protection stones are darker in color; the majority of them are black. 

Protection stones are taking a hit, so to speak. They are likely absorbing a lot more than they are amplifying, so they retain a naturally darker facade. Of course, on a spiritual level there is no such thing as negative or positive (all energy is neutral), but the stones understand that human beings perceive certain forms of energy as threatening or destructive because of the realm of duality in which we exist. 

Firstly, determine what or who it is that needs protecting. If you’re seeking protection of yourself, we would recommend having a stone for protection on your person as much as possible. This could be a crystal embedded into a ring, a crystal charm necklace, or even simply keeping the raw stone in your pocket at all times. 

If your seeking of protection is more related to your home, vehicle or workspace, then you can invest in a larger chunk of protection crystal to display within said environment. Crystals to protect home could be in the form of a crystal carved vase, or even a gemstone covered lamp. 

A wonderful technique for using crystal for protection at work is to carry your stones in a water bottle. Many crystal water bottles have a holding area within the liquid chamber where one can insert the stones of their choosing. This makes it easy to have your crystal for protection with you at all times, while simultaneously charging the water itself with healing properties that will then be carried out through the rest of the body. 

Holding your crystal in the palm of your hand whilst meditating is a way of attuning your vibration with the protective qualities of the stone itself. This is a method that takes just 15 minutes each morning, the benefit of which will be felt throughout the remainder of the day. We love this technique for people who aren’t able to have stones of protection around them at all times. 

Clean Your Crystals

Even the best crystals for protection have the potential to become contaminated by an excess of negative energy (with some exceptions). Energy builds, and after long periods of use your stones might be less effective as they have become run down by the amount of negative energy they have had to absorb and endure. 

This is particularly prevalent in protection stones because most of them do nothing but absorb energetic attacks and negativity, having little to no opportunity for release. 

As an accepted standard, try to make time for crystal cleansing at least once a month. You can do this in the following ways:

  • Leave your crystals under the light of the full moon overnight. 
  • Bury your crystals in the Earth and leave them for 24 hours. 
  • Submerge your crystals in a bowl of salt water for 24 hours. Water from the ocean would be preferable, but mixing your own solution is just fine. Note that some crystals dissolve in water — double check before attempting this method!
  • Give your crystals a sound bath and smudge them with sage. 

    The goal is to always have your crystal in an optimum vibrational standard, and attend to your energy only. For this reason, it is best to not allow your partner, friends or children to handle your gemstones for protection as their own energies will confuse the frequency.

    15 Best Crystals for Protection

    We touched on the fact that protection, as a concept, is a vastly subjective experience that is unique to each individual who seeks it. Protection expresses itself differently in different people; some may even desire it for someone they know, and not for themselves directly. 

    The following are the best protection stones and crystals. They have unique properties that may work to alleviate the reasons why you find yourself craving a heightened experience of protection in daily life. Whilst on your crystal journey, you may even find it wasn’t protection you needed after all, but perhaps help with general stress management, anxiety, depression, lack of opportunity or concentration/focus. 

    In this regard, it is highly beneficial that all stones are so multifaceted with the result that you always end up getting more than you bargained for — and usually exactly what you never knew you needed. 

    We encourage anyone who is new to the crystal world to keep the following in mind: not all crystals are abundant to the Earth, particularly not protective stones and crystals. These can be scarce, and thus more difficult and costly to source and mine. 

    This drives the retail prices up, and some suppliers opt instead to manufacture mock stones made out of inauthentic materials such as dyed glass. This is a gross lack of integrity that plagues the crystal industry, and it takes quite a trained eye to be able to determine if certain crystals are real or fake. Quartz crystal, for example, looks and feels exactly like glass. 

    Glass is not going to protect you from negative energy. Quality is key when it comes to the Earth’s gems; do your research, and purchase only from reputable sources. 

    Crystals for Protection from Spirits


    If you feel that you’re at the mercy of spirits that don’t seem to have your best intentions in mind, and are seeking the protection of a crystal out of sheer concern, then malachite is here to help. 

    This is a beautiful stone of different shades of green. Malachite understands that, more often than not, spirits present themselves due to a lack of boundaries having been established between the individual in question and the spirit world. 

    Spirits usually don’t mean the harm that we think they do. When dealing with them, our intention is everything, and boundaries need to be clearly vocalized. Malachite helps us move into an improved state of being and become attuned with the boundaries we have failed to establish. This is one of the strongest crystals to ward off evil. 

    Lapis Lazuli

    Lapis Lazuli is also one of the crystals for protection against negative entities. This one takes a more complicated approach, because it is also a stone that deals closely with depression and anxiety. 

    If your fear of the spirit world is becoming debilitating to the point where your mood is taking a hit, then this may be the protection stone for you. 

    Lapis Lazuli will work to keep your head clear of any truths that are not your own. It seeks for everyone to identify with their inner wisdom, allowing them to discern between what is an external influence and what is not. When dealing with spirits, this is crucial. 

    In addition to this, Lapis Lazuli is a blue hued stone so it works closely with the throat chakra. Your flow of communication will be amplified, which can help you better express to the spirit world that you would prefer to be left alone, respectfully. 


    As far as crystals for removing curses go, angelite is one of the most effective of the lot. 

    In instances where one feels subject to spiritual forces beyond their control, and thus seeks protection from them, it is always within their ability to call on the angels who are actually employed to provide protection when called on. 

    Angelite helps us get into better contact with these angelic beings who can affect life on earth from within the psychic realm. 

    A stone of pale blue, there is always a sense of calmness when in contact with angelite. Fear, anger and anxiety seem to be neutralized when the angelite vibration is introduced. 

    Crystals for Protection from Negative Energy

    Jet Stone

    Sometimes in life we seem to find ourselves in cycles of overabundance when it comes to negative energy. This may be repeatedly extreme instances of loss, grief and despair that hinder our abilities to function in everyday life. 

    There are great crystals for negative energy removal, and jet stone is one of them. These stones are black as the night, and work to pull negativity from the aura of the individual who can’t seem to break the cycle. In addition to this, jet stone will work to remind the person that there are lessons to be learned in all experiences, no matter how dark. 

    Those suffering from nervousness as a result of a lack of protection should keep a jet stone on their person at all times. This is a very helpful stone to gift someone who has recently experienced a tragic loss. 

    Black Tourmalinated Quartz

    One way to approach crystals for protection against negative energy is to remember that light has the ability to neutralize dark. Black tourmalinated quartz embodies this physically, and is a stone of quartz crystal with natural bouts of black tourmaline embedded within. 

    This is a great crystal to protect from negative energy because it combines the forces of light and dark. It amplifies light energy through the quartz, and absorbs the negative energy through the tourmaline, allowing for a restoration of balance. 

    In instances where negativity is causing an individual to think untrue statements such as “I’m not going to get that job”, or “I deserve to suffer”, these stones help to break through this limit in consciousness so that the positive opposites can flow into the thought patterns instead. A fantastic array of crystals for negativity!

    Crystals for Sleep Protection


    Moonstone is, in our opinion, the best crystal for protection during the hours of sleep. Moonstone is one of the strongest protection stones in this regard as it works closely with the energy of the moon. 

    In ancient times, moonstone was actually used as a sleeping stone, and became particularly instrumental to individuals suffering from psychic attacks that lead to insomnia. 

    Moonstone works with the energy of the new moon, which is all about ‘out with the old and in with the new’. This is the mindset needed for a protected sleep pattern. The reduction in emotional stress allows for the body and mind to receive sleep more easily. 


    If your sleep feels particularly under attack, there is likely something going on deep within your subconscious mind that you are not aware of whilst awake. 

    Keeping a piece of howlite next to your bed works directly with the mind as it sleeps, moving it from an overactive state to an under-active state. This forces one’s sleep to move into an actual place of restfulness, as opposed to the individual simply being unconscious. Anyone who has ever woken up more exhausted than when they went to bed will understand. 

    Muscular tension is often linked to restless sleep. You may not need protection after all, but simply relaxation of the entire body. Howlite has the ability to dispel muscular tension. 

    Stones for Protection from Evil

    Tiger’s Eye

    If you recall the late 90s film, Practical Magic, you may also recall Nicole Kidman in the lead role. There comes a scene in the film where she and her sister, Sandra Bullock, spot blood on the moon, and Kidman frantically rummages through her car to find her Tiger’s Eye pendant for protection. 

    Blood on the moon is reference to evil, and Tiger’s Eye is one of the most powerful protectors from such. This is a marbled stone of brown and gold, and may sometimes exhibit streaks of black. It looks like the fur of a tiger, which explains the name. 

    Tiger’s Eye brings luck, which is one of the opposites to the perception of evil. It doesn’t tolerate fear, and works to help the user meet life experience from a more stable and grounded state. 

    One doesn’t need a massive piece of Tiger’s Eye to reap the rewards; even a small stone embedded in a ring is sufficient for personal protection. To extend this protection into your space, display a bigger piece somewhere in your living room or kitchen. 


    Selenite is another one of our favorite crystals to protect from evil. It does this by working closely with the spirit world through the process of meditation. There is a deep sense of peace that comes with working with this stone for long periods of time. 

    If you feel there is evil that is targeting you, it is possible you may not be seeing the bigger picture. Selenite will help to make that picture visible to you, giving you a newfound perspective on your definition of “evil”. 

    Sometimes we are quick to judge that which we don’t understand. Selenite rejects judgement so that the truth can come to the surface. An instrumental tool in terms of protection. 

    Black Stones for Protection

    Black Tourmaline

    There are many, many black crystals for protection. Black tourmaline is one of the most abundant and easy to find, as there are many that are incredibly rare and thus more difficult to source within the market. 

    We recommend this stone for anyone who feels like they have the tendency to bring the stress of the external world into the home at the end of the day. If your daily life puts you in contact with compromised energies of other people, places and things, the tourmaline will help to diffuse them before they can attach to your aura and ride home with you. 

    If you’re concerned about certain individuals who have access to your home, you can also put a large piece of black tourmaline just inside of your front door. There will be a neutralizing effect over any negative energy that passes the stone, keeping your home protected from energetic attack. 

    Black Obsidian

    It’s not always the obvious energies that work against our personal wellbeing. Sometimes psychic attacks find their way into our auric fields and we end up carrying around a lot of negative beliefs/traits that actually didn’t originate from our own beings. 

    Black obsidian is a protective stone that cleans out all of the accumulated smog that is essentially polluting your aura. The idea is that the stone uses its innate sharpness to ‘cut through’ the layers of accumulated waste that we pick up during the day to day. In physicality, a sharp piece of black obsidian is able to cut through hard matter including blades and arrows. 

    Because this stone is a powerful protector of the self, we recommend wearing it on the body whenever possible. 

    Smokey Quartz

    If you’re already feeling quite stable about where your energetic body is at, you’re likely seeking a stone with the ability to retain this existing state, and protect it from ever becoming compromised. 

    This is where smokey quartz is a powerful ally. These crystals keep energies in their purest, most optimum levels, warding off any external forces that seek to create an imbalance in the individual. You’ll find that a lot of psychic mediums, reiki practitioners and even shamans like to keep smokey quartz close to them at all times for the purpose of self protection from whatever their patients may be carrying. 

    Smokey quartz is also incredibly grounding. If you are seeking general protection because you sometimes find it difficult to keep your head out of the clouds, then this is a wonderful aid to bringing you back into this realm. 

    Psychic Protection Stones


    Not to be confused with spiritual attacks, harmful psychic energy is common in all beings on Earth; most just don’t know when it is happening. 

    Attacks on the psyche of an individual can lead to a deep sense of destabilization, often alongside depression or anxiety. Very few people are naturally equipped with the tools necessary to cope with a psychic attack on a metaphysical level. 

    Labradorite understands these forces, and acts as an infallible companion to the user, allowing them to meet these times of psychosis with great strength and less overwhelming feelings. 

    During these attacks, one’s aura can become compromised and even contaminated. If you’re carrying around an aura that has been contaminated, it can make everyday life feel much darker than it probably is. Labradorite works to nurture and protect the auric field, which helps us better manage any follow up attacks that may occur. 

    Aesthetically, this stone is gorgeous. Find a piece for your home, and one to wear as jewelry on your person!


    Amethyst is one of the most abundant crystals to the Earth, and thus also one of the most affordable protection stones. 

    It’s a gentle healer, but powerful in effect. This is because it has the ability to work with the physical, mental and astral bodies in unison. There is great balance that comes with incorporating amethyst into your daily rituals. 

    One way of better protecting yourself in the physical world is to get in touch with the non-physical side of yourself. Amethyst can facilitate this new form of communication, amplifying intuition and purifying the third eye. 

    The result is a more multifaceted version of you, who may then see that any perceived threat in the physical world is merely something inherently meaningless to which you have been giving negative meaning. 

    Aqua Aura Quartz

    When we feel unprotected, there is a physical response that occurs deep within our respiratory tract that limits the amount of oxygen being delivered to different parts of the body. This causes that feeling of panic, which can eventually lead to an anxiety attack. 

    Aqua aura quartz is a stone that protects through the process of reminding the individual that they are safe. It relaxes the respiratory system, in turn easing the act of breathing and the distribution of oxygen. People who suffer from asthma, and seek protection from this kind of attack, find aqua aura quartz to be an invaluable companion. 

    On a metaphysical level, this stone is highly attuned to the more subtle bodies that we usually forget to give consideration to. It does the work, so you don’t have to. 


    We hope you enjoyed this article! If you are interested in incorporating crystals into your life for protection, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of a crystal that resonates with you. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of being. Also, if you are interested in reading more about crystals that can help with anxiety or depression, check out our comprehensive blog post on the 15 Best Crystals for Anxiety!


    15 Best Crystals for Love (Updated 2020)

    15 Best Crystals for Love (Updated 2020)

    In this post, we reveal the top 15 crystals for love and romance. Whether you are looking for love, trying to repair a relationship, or looking to heal from a toxic breakup, we have you covered. Let's get started!


    There’s no such thing as too much love. In fact, we’d attribute all recent negative phenomena in the world simply to a lack thereof, and encourage all with the foresight to acknowledge this to do their part in amplifying the core vibration of love. 

    We’ll give you 15 crystals with the ability to do so in your personal life, public circles and the world at large. Read on!

    In this article we discuss the following:

    • How Can Crystals Help with Love and Romance?
    • How to Use Crystals for Love and Romance
    • 15 Best Crystals for Love and Romance
      • Rose Quartz for Love
      • Lapis Lazuli for Love
      • Green Aventurine for Love
      • Rhodochrosite for Love
      • Agate Moss for Love
      • Carnelian for Love
      • Moonstone for Love
      • Opal for Love
      • Garnet for Love
      • Malachite for Love
      • Emerald for Love
      • Ruby for Love
      • Pink Topaz for Love
      • Unakite for Love
      • Pyrite for Love

    How Can Crystals Help with Love and Romance?

    Human beings crave many things, but love is probably the one that trumps all. Because of our unconscious subscription to duality here on Earth, we like to equate love and romance to the opposites of things like loneliness, undesirability, unkindness etc. In order for the latter not to exist, we believe love and romance need to be present. 

    The majority of human beings will dedicate their lives to attaining the ever illusive levels of love that give the feeling of companionship, safety and wholeness. Earth can be an incredibly lonely place to be, so it’s understandable that finding love and romance is an important component to most. 

    So, what if there were a gemstone that could help expedite this process? Science is yet to give the time of day to crystals that claim to attract, amplify and repel certain types of energy with intent to optimize the wellbeing of the user. It’s metaphysics at best, but there are millions of people worldwide who seek out the use of these special stones, paying no mind to what science does or does not approve of. 

    Crystals for love have been around for centuries. In fact, ancient civilizations used crystals as healing mechanisms in many areas of life, including physical healing of the body. A crystal has the potential to be a crucial companion in your search for love and, well, companionship!

    All crystals, including love gemstones, occur naturally in the Earth when rocks and minerals are fuzed together by the natural elements. They store the energetic charge of the Earth within their compounds, meaning they hold a myriad of electromagnetic information.

    This process gives each crystal a unique vibration that can actually be measured using wave-recognition machinery. These vibrations are always significantly higher than the natural vibration of most physical objects in the world, including human beings. 

    Science may have avoided the notion of crystal healing up until now, but it’s unable to deny that higher vibrations have the ability to affect whatever matter they come into contact with. With the right machinery, it’s totally measurable — thus, science indirectly does acknowledge the power of crystals!

    There are thousands of gemstones embedded within the Earth; so, there is a stone for whatever kind of love or romance it is that you are seeking to attract in life. Crystal for love attraction could be used to bring a new lover into your experience, to amplify your experience with an existing lover, to attract more love and tolerance into your workplace, or even to just help you with your own levels of self love. 

    The Chakras

    Once you select your love crystals and begin to work with them, the stones will begin to attune with your personal vibratory field. In doing so, they will be more effective in bringing about the results that you desire from them. It’s a complex relationship: one that requires you to meet the powers of the stone with an open mind and open heart — without which you’re likely to feel unsuccessful in your endeavor. 

    Crystals work with Earth’s spectrum of light. They are able to both absorb and refract certain wavelengths of light that are expressed as individual colors. This same spectrum is found in the human body in what we know to be the chakras. These are energy centers, and they are responsible for elements of flow in both the body and everyday life. 

    Crystals for love and romance work with the 4th energy center, known as the heart chakra. Where this chakra is located is self explanatory, and learning to work with the stones to open up this hub will be instrumental in your journey toward more love and romance. Life experience often causes the heart center to become blocked or closed as a form of self-protection, usually unconsciously. 

    How to Use Crystals for Love and Romance

    One thing we like to make clear to all individuals who seek crystals as a form of healing, attraction or protection is that in many cases forms of treatment are often dependent on the patient believing in the treatment in question. This includes everything from Western medicine to metaphysical healing forms. Treatments where placebo patients have healed better than those consuming real medications is testament to this notion. The mind is a powerful thing!

    Crystal healing is easy enough to dismiss as coincidence, but tapping into the potential of these love stones might be the best decision you ever make. 

    How and when you use your stones for love will depend entirely on your lifestyle, and what form of integration is most convenient for you. Shortly, you’ll read about our favorite 15 stones for love and romance: those that we feel are most powerful for a multitude of reasons. As you go through the properties of each, take note of which ones ring some sort of truth within your psyche, and disregard those that feel “far fetched”. It’s different for everyone!

    Once you’ve invested in the crystal or crystals of your choosing, you’ll need to begin the integration process. Most gems for love are pink, red or crimson in color, although there are some exceptions (such as stones for protective love, or crystals to repair a relationship). 

    Love stones are working with attraction and amplification, for the most part. They are pulling that which you seek toward you, or amplifying the essence of love and romance so that you feel more of it at a soul level. With a love stone it helps to get clear on your intention; what is it that you are seeking exactly? 

    Send this intention into your stone, and out into the world, so that the vibration has been set into motion. If your intention is for more love in general (in the world, in your home, in your workplace), you may find that investing in a larger chunk of crystal to display in your home or office does the trick. 

    We find that the best way to work with crystals for self love is to simply hold them in the palm of your hand whilst meditating. You can also repeat this practice at any point during the day where you notice unkind, unloving thoughts coming into your head. Get your stone out of your handbag and cling to it for a few minutes, allowing the higher vibration to pacify your lower thoughts. 

    A wonderful way of incorporating gemstones for love and marriage into your daily life is to actually submerge them in water. Yes, you read that correctly! By placing your crystal in the bottom of your water glass, all water that you drink will be charged with the energy of love and consequently delivered to all corners of your body. Crystal water bottles have become greatly popular in recent years as they are a convenient way of having crystals in action at all times of the day. 

    Clean Your Crystals 

    Though powerful, the best crystals for love remain some of the most gentle and absorbent stones on the planet. This makes them very susceptible to contamination of energies that might not be well intended or pure. The energies that your stones come into contact with will build in the body of the stone, and after long periods of use may render the stone ineffective. 

    It’s very important that you take the time to regularly cleanse your love crystals so that they can continue to work in optimum vibration with you. As a general standard, once a month crystal cleansing is sufficient. You can clean your stones in any of the following ways:

    • On the night of the full moon, leave your stone outside in full view of the light rays. 
    • When a full moon is not accessible, bury your stone somewhere in the garden and leave it there for 24 hours. 
    • Collect water from the ocean or create a saltwater solution and submerge your crystal in it for 24 hours. Keep in mind that some stones dissolve in water, so double check the properties prior to using this method. 
    • Conduct a sound bath over your stones, and cleanse them with sage. 

      The intention is to always have your crystals at their most optimal vibrational standards so that they can work in full effect at all times. For this reason, try to avoid letting other people handle your stones (especially friends and children), as it will only contaminate the energy you have worked so hard to achieve. 

      15 Best Crystals for Love and Romance

      The following are our roundup of different crystals for finding love, crystals for faithfulness, and even some crystals to bring back a lover (it’s possible!). Healing crystals are so multifaceted; you’ll often find you get not what you actually wanted, but what you truly needed. 

      All newcomers to the crystal world need to bear in mind that not all crystals are abundant to the Earth. Some are scarce, making them difficult to find and thus difficult to mine. This drives up retail prices, which leads some people to avoid purchasing them. 

      Some manufacturers combat this by instead producing mock stones made of inauthentic materials such as dyed glass. They can sell these for next to nothing, because there has been no mining labor involved. This is an ever increasing problem in the gemstone industry. For some crystals, such as quartz, it can be impossible to distinguish between glass and the real thing. The takeaway is simple: always purchase crystals from a reputable source. 

      Rose Quartz

      Rose quartz is one of the most abundant crystals to the Earth, making it one of the most affordable stones out there. This crystal is known as the stone of love, and is concerned with all things heart-centered and romantic. 

      Because of its affordability, this is a great stone to invest in if you’re looking to construct a crystal grid for love in your home or workspace. A grid is created by placing a piece of the crystal in question in all corners of a home, or room environment. 

      Crystal love doesn’t get much more unconditional than rose quartz. It works to restore harmony in existing relationships, including the relationship you have with yourself. This is one of a few stones that attract love and harmony in marriage. 

      Lapis Lazuli

      Ancient civilizations dating back 5000 years would dedicate Lapis Lazuli to the goddess of love, Venus. 

      It approaches the world of love from the avenue of communication, and, instead of working with the heart chakra, Lapis Lazuli works with the throat. This is one of the most powerful crystals for relationship problems, as it facilitates better communication for the purpose of healing and forward progression. 

      Honesty is a vital component to any loving relationship, be it with friends, family, or a romantic partner. Lapis Lazuli will bring your throat and heart chakra into balance with one another.

      Green Aventurine

      We tend to associate pink with the heart chakra, but the real wavelength representation is the color green. 

      Green Aventurine is known as the soulmate crystal, as it is concerned with all sorts of chance encounters. The name itself is derived from the Italian term "a ventura" which literally translates to "by chance”. 

      Finding your soulmate is a chance encounter if we ever did see one. Of all the people in the world, you find yourself in the same place at the same time, and the rest tends to become history. 

      Negativity is no match for aventurine; this stone has no time for low vibrational thoughts of self doubt, despair or disbelief in the prospect of love. Use it to reset your thought patterns that may be contributing to keeping you out of touch with your future lover. 


      Sometimes we blame the world for our problems, when really it's been us creating our own downward spirals all along. In fact, this is almost always the case, as we are responsible for the creation of our realities, and this includes the reality of our love lives. 

      Rhodochrosite is a cheery stone with a magnetic energy. It seeks to stimulate natural love and passion by dissolving depression and like tendencies that keep us in negative states. This is one of the best stones for marriage for individuals who feel like that ‘spark’ has become lost over the years. 

      Agate Moss

      This is a particularly understated stone: one that we feel is often overlooked as it is not considered conventionally desirable when held up against the aesthetic standards we tend to expect from crystals. 

      In reality, there may be no better stone for love and romance than agate moss. The green element of the crystal makes it extremely compatible with the heart chakra. More importantly, this is a stone of new beginnings. 

      We don’t know of a single person who has not needed a second chance, or fresh start, at some point in their lives. Particularly when it comes to love. Agate moss will facilitate this process, making way for a whole new vibration to enter your field. 

      In the process, agate moss also improves self esteem. This is vital to anyone who has recently endured a heartbreak and has spent time questioning their worthiness. 


      Another of the powerful marriage stones, carnelian works on restoring stability. 

      When a relationship has become particularly unstable, long term problems are imminent. This is not limited to marriage, and it could be the case in friendships or even in relationships with your children. 

      Abuse is one form of instability in relationships, and carnelian is a stone that can help one overcome the experience and consequential trauma following said encounters. It restores trust in oneself, and it also provides the courage to find a way of dealing with your feelings and moving forward. 


      Overreaction is the root of all evil… or, maybe not, but it’s definitely the cause of a lot of evil and unnecessary complications in daily life. 

      Moonstone has the ability to stabilize human reactions. It works with the light of the moon, which is a feminine energy. That energy is known for being fair, nurturing and balanced. If these are three elements you could use more of in your personal relationships, then moonstone could become your best friend. 

      Intuition is an important component when looking to formulate any prospective connections. Moonstone enhances intuition in the user, helping them to make better choices in their quest for love. 


      If you struggle to formulate new connections or indulge in relationships, it’s likely that you aren’t fully aware of your emotions and thus retain a multitude of inhibitions. This can repel even your most ideal partner, as there is a constant sense of a sort of wall between the two of you. 

      Opal works to break down these self-inflicted barriers. It eradicates inhibitions and intensifies emotions, so that the user is more certain in what it is they are wanting and needing. 

      Opal is also the stone of freedom and independence. Dependence is a one way ticket to a failed relationship, so it is key to put effort into this never becoming a problem. 

      If you feel a sense of stagnation in the bedroom, opal is a highly creative stone that can stimulate fun and adventure in the sexuality department. 


      Sexual unbalance is a problem for a lot of people, particularly those in long term relationships. When this happens, garnet stones can facilitate the rebalancing of the sex drive, and in turn stabilize any emotional disharmony that came as a result of the unbalance. 

      Garnet is a stone of immense passion. It wants this to be prevalent in all areas of one’s life, because passion is the surest way of achieving success no matter the context. 

      This is another stone that can be an ally to those experiencing emotional, verbal or physical abuse in a relationship. It brings courage and clarity as to ways of moving forward, whilst also providing a certain level of protection for the user. 


      Another green stone with a connection to the heart, malachite is a crystal for the creation of healthy boundaries and the benefits that come with it.

      Often people are unable to either formulate healthy relationships, or maintain existing relationships, due to a major lack of boundaries within the relationship dynamic. Feeling unable to express your wants, needs and expectations in a constructive way can lead to a slow decay of love, sex and romance. 

      Malachite is a wonderful stone for anyone wanting to approach love and romance from a healthier perspective. This is also a great crystal for those who want to make a connection with the type of love that comes from the spirit world. 


      Emeralds are hard to find, and consequently very expensive. Bringing one into your life, however, is said to bring about unfathomable domestic bliss to both the wearer and those with whom they share life. 

      It’s the stone of loyalty, commitment and unconditional love. This is not limited to romantic partners, and many people see great transformation in their friendships as a result of the stone. 

      Emerald is a vibrant green stone that works on the heart chakra. It is believed to physically repair the damage done by what we know to be a “broken heart”. Believe it or not, there can be harm on a cellular level and emeralds know how to bring healing where it is most needed. 


      If your love is something you seek to protect, then ruby can help you do so. It is an immensely compassionate stone that has an effect on partners, the home, physical possessions and family. 

      Rubies stimulate the heart in ways that other crystals simply cannot. Their vibrations are so heightened that the energy moving into and out of the heart center becomes faster and faster, for the greater benefit of the individual. You’ll be far less likely to sweat the small stuff, and find that forgiveness becomes almost second nature, even in the most tragic of circumstances. 

      Pink Topaz

      Pink topaz is a unique stone. It is rare, and thus you’ll need to splurge if you want to work with its particular crystal properties. 

      If you’re serious about your newfound quest for love, then the cost of pink topaz should not become a deterrent. This is a powerful stone, charged by the energy of the sun but simultaneously working closely with the lunar cycles. 

      Pink topaz is romantic, sensual and tantric. Tantric energy has been known as vital life force energy for centuries by Eastern cultures, and we are only now beginning to acknowledge its importance in the West. 


      Not everyone struggles with the flow of sexual energy; for some, it’s the emotions that are of far greater importance. 

      Unakite works on the emotional body, and the ways in which it affects our experiences of love. Sometimes contamination of this particular energetic body is the reason why love feels lacking, or why romance seems absolutely unattainable or unimaginable. 

      We are all deserving of love, including the most misguided and destructive of us. Unakite doesn’t discriminate and is unconditional in its approach to bring balance back into the emotions so that the user in question is able to enjoy the rewards of wholesome, loving experiences. 

      Unakite is one of the most powerful natural healers of the body and mind complex. Love and romance are merely a happy side-effect of working with this crystal; the real benefit comes in the form of a radical transformation in multiple areas of one’s life. 


      Not all love manifests in a safe and nonthreatening way. There are some who actually need protection from certain forms of love and romance that may be present in their lives. 

      Pyrite is a highly protective stone of love, and it understands that relationships can be complicated even though love is supposedly present. Perhaps you are going through the motions of desiring a lost lover’s return; pyrite will guide you through this process in a healthy way, keeping your best interests in mind when you perhaps aren’t able to do so. 

      In addition to this, pyrite is a shield against negative energy, including elements in one’s external environment that may be leading to pollution of the heart. Radiation is an example of this. 

      Pyrite is sometimes referred to as “fool’s gold”, for reference. 


      We hope you enjoyed this article! If you are interested in incorporating crystals into your life for protection, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of a crystal that resonates with you. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of being. Also, if you are interested in reading more about crystals and how they can help with anxiety, check out our comprehensive blog post on the 15 Best Crystals for Anxiety!


      Crystals: Complete Guide (Updated 2020)

      Crystals: Complete Guide (Updated 2020)

      In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about crystals, including what they are made of, how they are formed, and whether they have healing energy. Let's get started!


      From materials used in making exquisite jewelry to molecular substances that are believed to affect energy and mood, crystals really are more than just pretty little things to put on display around the house. 

      Crystals have long straddled the line between science and pseudoscience, as interesting even to the most skeptical of scientists as they are to the most avid believer of Wiccan practices. Find out why crystals continue to captivate the human mind in this complete crystals guide that will delve into the different facets of what some people consider the tangible and physical manifestations of Earth's energy. In this article we will discuss: 

      • What is a Crystal?
        • Crystal Definition
        • What is Crystal Made of?
      • How are Crystals Formed?
        • What is a Crystal Lattice?
        • What is a Crystal Structure?
        • What are Crystal Types?
        • What are Crystal Points?
        • What is a Crystal System?
      • What are the Different Crystal Systems?
      • What are the Different Crystal Types?
      • What is Crystal Energy? 
      • Do Crystals Have Energy? Do Crystals Really Work? 

      What is a Crystal?

      Crystal Definition

      The word "crystal" comes from the ancient Greek words krustallos and kruos. Krustallos means ice while kruos means icy cold or frost.

      What is Crystal Made Of?

      Crystals are special molecular substances: every crystal comes with a unique crystal structure. This means two things: first, no two crystals are alike since every crystal has a unique set of chemical elements such as silica or calcium that determine its shape; and, second, the molecular arrangement found in a crystal repeats itself so it maintains its shape and structure even as it grows bigger. It is this repeating pattern that stands as the defining feature of a crystal. The Smithsonian Education website writes, 

      Every crystal has an orderly, internal pattern of atoms, with a distinctive way of locking new atoms into that pattern to repeat it again and again. 

      How are Crystals Formed?

      Crystallization is often a naturally-occurring process wherein liquids cool then start to harden and stabilize. This includes ice and salt (they're crystals, too!) along with the minerals and diamonds you've probably been thinking about while reading up to this point. 

      Ezmeralda Lee from Sciencing.com offers a succinct explanation: 

      What [crystals] are made of determines how [they] will form. Some crystals can be made from salt--these make cubed-shaped crystals. Some are derived from other elements and form completely different shapes. Some examples of these are diamonds or rubies. 

      Crystallization can occur both in the natural world or in a carefully-controlled environment afforded by a laboratory. 

      This process occurring in nature usually comes about in three ways:

      • When liquid starts to cool and harden much like how a snowflake forms;
      • When magma cools and hardens much like how emeralds, diamonds, and rubies form; 
      • Or when water evaporates from a mixture much like how salt forms.  

      There is also a way to artificially produce crystals. Leading materials production firm, Alineason, listed five ways to do this. These include:

      • Czochralski method. Named after the Polish scientist Jan Czocralski who developed it in 1971, the Czochralski method is a process that involves heating and freezing in a controlled atmosphere. Here, you can achieve desired dimensions by controlling the axial and radial temperature gradients through pulling and rotating the seed simultaneously.
      • Bridgman Technique. Also known as the Bridgman-Stockbarger method, this promotes crystal growth from cooled molten material. Here, molten material is heated along a high-temperature zone and a low-temperature one. 
      • Verneuil Method. Created by French chemist Auguste Verneuil, this process was initially put in place for the sole purpose of producing synthetic gemstones. Currently, this is used to grow crystals including corundum, strontium titanate, and rutile. The Verneuil process requires a furnace with an abundant supply of oxygen and hydrogen, starting or source material such as highly fine powder, and a support rod with or without a seed crystal.
      • Kyropoulos Method. Considered to be one of the most advanced techniques for creating artificial crystals, this method originally developed by German scientist Spyro Kyropolous is known to create large single crystals such as a large sapphire.
      • Floating Zone Technique. Developed by W.G. Pfann in 1951, this method involves translating polycrystalline crystal through a heater and the so-called floating zone which is a narrow region of the crystal that is molten. Silicon crystals are commonly made through this process.

      So, each kind of crystal has its own unique crystallization process on a chemical level. What isn't varied though is that each crystal has a unit cell. This is the most basic group of particles that form the crystal, much like an atom is to the molecule.  

      This, then, seems as good a time as any to go into the more technical aspects of crystals. As we dive into this next section, we must first learn some terms as they will be used repeatedly throughout this article. 

      What is a Crystal Lattice?

      This is the three-dimensional arrangement of particles as points in space. Lattices and lattice points define a unit cell, as they are the connecting points for neighboring unit cells. 

      What is a Crystal Structure?

      This refers to the arrangement of ions, atoms or molecules in the material. As this arrangement occurs, the particles eventually form repeating symmetrical patterns. The unit cell shows the pattern of the crystal structure repeated over and over again along the crystal’s principal axes until it achieves optimal growth. Given enough time and the right conditions, the crystal can and will grow into the shape of its crystalline structure. 

      What are Crystal Types?

      This is  a categorical method in which the crystal is defined according to the bonds between atoms. This will be discussed in its own section. 

      Facets - In crystallography, facets are simply the flat faces on geometric shapes that fascinated the field's earliest students. 

      What are Crystal Points?

      These occur when facets are joined forming a physical tip at the end of a crystal. While crystal points are natural-occurring parts of crystals, their configuration is considered by many as the focus for energy that helps humans re-balance and heal. Crystal points are usually mentioned alongside chakra which are the spiritual energy centers within the human body.

      What is a Crystal System?

      Also known as the lattice system, a crystal system is a different categorical method for crystals as this refers to the relative lengths and inclinations of the crystal axes. These six categories will be the first set that we will dive into.

      What are the Different Crystal Systems? 

      Crystals grow when the molecular arrangement repeats itself over layer after layer of the same elements outside the unit cell. As crystals grow, they form different kinds of shapes and are classified according to six general crystal systems. These include:

      • Cubic. This crystal shape is similar to a box that can have as many as 12 sides. Here, all three axes have the same length and when they intersect they create right angles. Cube, octahedron, rhombic dodecahedron, icosi-tetrahedron, and hexacisochedron are all considered cubic. Some examples that fall under the cubic crystal system are diamond, pyrite, lapiz lazuli, magnetite, and sphalerite.
      • Hexagonal or Trigonal. This is a crystal with 3 or 6 sides. A hexagonal crystal has six sides while a trigonal crystal will have three sides. Rhombohedra, three-sided pyramids or prisms, and scalenohedra are all categorized under this crystal system. Some of the crystals that are considered hexagonal or trigonal are amethyst, citrine, jasper, quartz, rose quartz, ruby, sapphire, and tiger’s eye.

      • Monoclinic. This resembles a box that has multiple sides. Each of its three axes are of different lengths with two forming right angles while the third is inclined. Its inner structure forms a parallelogram. Crystal shapes the fall under this category are pinacoids and prisms that have inclined facets. Common monoclinic crystals include azurite, gypsum, lazulite, moonstone, epidote, chrysocolla, and howlite.

      • Tetragonal. This also looks like a cube but with one side longer compared to the others. In this crystal system, there are two axes with equal length but the main axis is shorter or longer. When all three axes intersect, they form right angles. Its inner structure is rectangular in shape. Crystal shapes that fall under this category are eight-sided or double-side pyramids, trapezohedrons, four-sided prisms and pyramids, icosi-tetrahedron, and hexacisochedron. Common tetragonal crystals include rutile, wulfenite, anatase, chalcopyrite, scapolite, zircon, scheelite, and apophyllite.

      • Orthorhombic. This resembles two pyramids attached to each other. This means all three axes, while of different lengths, form right angles when they intersect. It has a diamond-shaped or rhombic inner structure. Among the crystal shapes categorized as orthorhombic are double pyramids, rhombic prisms, pyramids, and pinacoids. Common orthorhombic crystals are andalusite, celestite, dumortierite, iolite, tanzanite, chrysoberyl, topaz, tanzanite, and zoisite.

      • Triclinic. These are the most abstract among crystals. They come with random proportions since all three axes have different lengths and are inclined towards each other. Some of the crystals that are considered triclinic are kyanite, labradorite, turquoise, amazonite, aventurine feldspar, and rhodonite.

      Crystal Types

      There are different types of crystals based on their chemical bonding. As explained by LibreText Libraries, the four types of crystals are:

      • Ionic crystals. This crystal structure is made up of alternating negatively-charged anions and positively-charged cations. With ions that can either have one atom or multiple atoms, this type of crystal is hard, easily breaks off, and has high melting points. It only conducts energy when submerged in molten or aqueous solution. Table salt is an example of an ionic crystal.

      • Metallic crystals. This type of crystal thrives in mobile valence electrons making them a potent conductor of electricity. This type of crystal has varying melting points ranging from as low a 371°C (Sodium) to as high as 3410°C (Tungsten). Gold nuggets are examples of metallic crystals.

      • Covalent crystals. Hard and brittle with high melting and boiling points, they are more atoms than ions. Diamonds and quartz are examples of covalent crystals.

      • Molecular crystals. As the name suggests, molecular crystals are made up of molecules found at the lattice points of the crystal. Again, lattice points are where the different crystal lattices intersect. This type of crystal is held together by intermolecular forces such as hydrogen bonds. Ice crystals and dry ice are common examples of molecular crystals.

      What is Crystal Energy? 

      Many people are fascinated by complementary and alternative medicines (CAM). This includes popular practices including yoga and meditation as well as pursuing the healing energy of crystals. More and more CAM believers have fully embraced the concept of crystals that provide healing energy. They believe that each type of crystal has a different effect on a person’s body, mind, and soul. Crystals create a better flow of energy that help expel negativity from the body and the mind. The belief resembles that of acupuncture, in which the body's energy flows (chi or qi) are guided by inserting needles into specific points.  

      Specific crystals are chosen to help quell specific ailments. Well-respected physical and mental health online source, Healthline, wrote in-depth about 12 healing crystals that are currently the most popularly used among CAM supporters:

      • Rose quartz. This pink stone is associated with trust, harmony, and comfort and peace of mind during times of grief, suffering, and sorrow. This crystal also encourages trust, respect, and self-worth.
      • Clear quartz. Considered a master healerclear quartz is said to help strengthen the immune system and promotes balance. It is also known to boost energy and improve memory and concentration.
      • Obsidian. Considered a protective crystal, obsidian keeps physical and emotional negativity at bay. It is commonly associated with self-love and compassion.
      • Jasper. This crystal is known to be very empowering especially during crunch time. It promotes wisdom, confidence, courage, and quick thinking. 
      • Amethyst. This is yet another protective crystal. It protects the mind from negative thoughts and promotes humility and spiritual wisdom. It is thought to help relieve stress and counter insomnia.
      • Citrine. Citrine is the crystal happy pill. (Not to be ingested, of course.)  It is commonly associated with joy, excitement, optimism, motivation, warmth, and enthusiasm. 
      • Turquoise. Its calming blue hue is known for its healing properties. It helps balance emotions and is considered a good luck charm.
      • Tiger’s Eye. A great motivator, this crystal helps you counter self-doubt, fear, and anxiety. It is also known to help a person achieve personal and professional aspirations.
      • Moonstone. If you need to reset, the moonstone is the crystal for you. It promotes strength, inner growth, intuition, inspiration, and optimism.
      • Bloodstone. As the name suggests, this crystal is known to improve circulation. It encourages creativity, idealism, and selflessness while helping get rid of impatience, irritability, and aggression.
      • Sapphire. This crystal represents wisdom and royalty. Associated with prosperity, peace, and happiness, the sapphire also has health benefits including countering depression, insomnia, and anxiety.
      • Ruby. This crystal boosts one’s vitality in life. Known to improve intellect and sensuality, ruby has been used to remove toxins from the blood, enhance blood circulation, and promote self-awareness and self-love.

      Do Crystals Have Energy? Does Crystal Energy Really Work?

      Crystals are huge in the world of alternative medicine. Most CAM believers hold on to their unwavering belief that these special substances harness energy and possess properties that are beneficial to the human body physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

      Crystals are commonly associated with the concept of chakras. As more and more people delved into an alternative, more non-invasive way to achieve optimal health and wellness, chakras also grew in popularity. Though being a recent addition to mainstream consciousness, chakras were first mentioned in India’s ancient sacred texts of spiritual knowledge called Vedas as early as 1500 to 1000BC.

      Known as Cakra in Sanskrit, "chakra" literally translates to wheel. The wheel represents the rotating disks of energy points in the human body. These energy points, at least scientifically, correspond to our major organs and nerves that affect our overall well-being. To achieve optimal health and wellness, these chakras (seven main ones in all that run through our spine), must remain open and aligned.

      So where does crystal energy come in the picture? This cannot be answered without briefly discussing the seven main chakras that run along our spine. It is widely believed that each of the seven chakras directly affects a corresponding part of the body or emotional well-being.

      For example, an open and well-aligned root chakra which is found in the base of the tailbone or spine helps prevent colon problems, constipation, bladder issues, and arthritis while promoting stability, self-identity, and grounding. An open and well-aligned solar plexus chakra found in the upper abdomen improves digestive health and boosts one’s self-esteem and confidence. An open and well-aligned heart chakra found right in the center of the chest counters heart problems and weight issues while promoting love, friendship, and compassion.

      This is where the power of crystal energy comes in. This energy is thought to positively interact with the body’s energy field. In other words, the energy that crystals harness help keep chakras open and well-aligned. Elizabeth Palermo from LiveScience.com describes a typical session: 

      During a treatment session, a crystal healer may place various stones or crystals on your body aligned with these chakra points, roughly in the regions above the head, on the forehead, on the throat, on the chest, on the stomach, on the gut and on the genital area. The stones used and their positioning may be chosen for the symptoms reported by the patient. 

      Now this may seem like a whole lot of hokum as indeed there is no proven direct link between holding a crystal and actual medical benefit, but the chemists and pharmaceutical researchers might have missed something that the psychologists and neurologists did not.

      Many journals have delved into the fact that the mind is a powerful healing tool in itself. Even science seems to embrace the idea that, under the right circumstances, believing in alternative treatments does have its advantages. The placebo effect is a verifiable phenomenon, after all. An unpublished study conducted in 2001 and presented at the European Congress of Psychology put 80 people in a room, had them fill out a questionnaire to gauge their belief in the paranormal, then asked them to meditate while holding what they (the subjects) believed to be real quartz. In reality, however, they had a 50/50 chance of being given either a real piece of quartz or a convincing glass replica. 

      Regardless of whether or not they were holding real quartz, participants reported, says Christopher French, Professor at University of London,  "that they could feel odd sensations while holding the crystals, such as tingling, heat and vibrations, if we'd told them in advance that this is what might happen." The power of suggestion, it seems, is to some extent a force that needs to be accounted for. 

      Certain areas of the brain are activated when a patient performs actions which they believe to be effective. These areas of the brain can then trigger the release of endorphins and dopamine. Ted Kaptchuk, director of the Placebo Studies program at Harvard Med is quoted in a WebMD article which discusses the power of the placebo effect in crystal healing saying that this "…is a real biological process, not something you are just making up." 

      Taking this phenomenon to its logical extent, while it may not remove a tumor or lower blood pressure, the mind that believes in crystal healing may be powerful enough to be effective in addressing stress-related insomnia, fatigue, nausea, and pain management. 

      And considering the ever-growing popularity of crystal healing and its believers, one can imagine this healing effect (albeit, likely a placebo) to only grow stronger over time. 


      We hope you enjoyed this article! If you are interested in incorporating crystals into your life to help combat anxiety, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of a crystal that resonates with you. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of calm and serenity. Also, if you are interested in reading more about anxiety and crystals, check out our comprehensive blog post on the 15 Best Crystals for Anxiety!


      20 Ways to Cleanse and Charge Crystals (2020)

      20 Ways to Cleanse and Charge Crystals (2020)

      In this post, we reveal the top 20 ways to cleanse and charge your crystals, including how to charge and clean specific crystals. Let's get started!


      Did you know that the energy of your crystals can become depleted, just like the batteries in your electronic devices? And did you know they need the light of the moon, or other things, to regain their lost power? Welcome to the wonderful world of crystal cleansing!

      In this article we discuss the following:

      • Why is Cleansing Crystals Important?
      • Why is Charging Crystals Important?
      • How to Cleanse Crystals
        • Full Moon Cleansing
        • Smudging Crystals
        • How to Cleanse Crystals with Water
        • Cleansing Crystals with Incense
        • Cleansing Crystals with Himalayan Salt
        • Cleansing Crystals with Sound 
      • How to Cleanse Specific Crystals
        • How to Cleanse Selenite
        • How to Clean Amethyst
        • How to Cleanse Hematite
        • How to Cleanse Black Tourmaline
        • How to Clean Rose Quartz
        • How to Cleanse Clear Quartz
        • How to Cleanse Agate
        • How to Cleanse Citrine
      • How to Charge Crystals
        • How to Program Crystals
        • How to Program a Crystal for Someone Else
        • Crystals that Charge Other Crystals
        • Charging Crystals with Full Moon
        • Charging Crystals in Rain
      • How to Charge Specific Crystals
        • How to Charge Rose Quartz
        • How to Charge Amethyst

      Why is Cleansing Crystals Important?

      Crystals, in all their glory, are some of the most impressionable objects on Earth. Since they work on vibration, they will ebb and flow with whatever energies they are brought into contact with. 

      When you intend to work one on one with a crystal, or incorporate it into your personal space, you are aligning your own energy to the stone itself. This means that you share a vibration, to an extent, and foreign energies can cause misalignment in this connection if invited to do so. 

      For example, your friend visits for tea and starts handling your crystals that are placed around the room. This friend's energy is now docking with your crystals, causing a confused, or compromised vibration. 

      One also needs to cleanse crystals after anything significantly traumatic or negative occurs to the person or space with which the crystal is synced. Crystals used for sleep, for example, usually sit right next to our heads and absorb whatever energies are attempting to contaminate the mind of the user. These kinds of crystals need frequent cleansing to rid them of this accumulated energy. 

      Why is Charging Crystals Important?

      Cleansing and charging crystals go hand in hand. Cleansing is needed to free the stones of lingering energies, whilst charging is needed to optimize the vibration of the stones so that they can work at full effect. 

      Charging is important because it is responsible for the metaphysical power of the stones, allowing the properties to permeate into our very dense physical realm here on Earth. 

      Before we remove these rocks from deep within the Earth, they are in a perpetually charged state. They draw their energy from the Earth’s core, and, as this is an endless supply, their energy is never depleted. 

      It’s when we dig them up and invite them into our world above ground that these crystals start to lose their power, slowly but surely. It’s through a number of different methods that we reconnect our stones with their Earthly vibrations, so that they may serve us in all of the amazing ways that they like to. And believe us, they do like to!

      How to Cleanse Crystals

      We’re now going to take you through all of the different ways you can go about properly cleansing your crystals from any accumulated energies that may not be serving you, or them! 

      How to cleanse crystals will depend a lot on your unique lifestyle, and just how much time you tend to dedicate to the practice of crystal healing in general. The myriad of options can feel a bit like a full time job, especially if you’re opting to cleanse each stone after every use. 

      Know that this is great, but not necessary. There are ways of formulating a more reasonable crystal cleansing schedule that doesn’t take over all of your free time. Read through the options, and simply go with the one that rings the most truth for you. 

      Full Moon Cleansing

      When asked how to clear crystals, most stone fanatics will immediately tell you to take advantage of the full moon. 

      Once a month, without fail, a full moon rolls around to bring a powerful release of energy to all who have the privilege of living on Earth. There is something undeniably universal about the feeling of the full moon energy, so much so that many non-Western cultures plan their religious rituals around it. 

      Using the crystal moonlight as a cleansing tool is one of the most powerful, yet most delicate, forms of crystal cleansing and recharging. How to cleanse crystals in moonlight is pretty straight forward; consider this your full moon crystal cleansing ritual: 

      • Set your stones somewhere outside just before sundown on the night of the full moon. 
      • Try to place them somewhere where the light of the moon will shine directly onto them at some point; you can even put them up in a tree if ground level seems too shaded. 
      • Leave them overnight, and bring them in at around 11am the following morning. 
      • The few hours of sunlight in the morning will merge beautifully with the energy of the moon, now embedded deep within the stones. 

        Smudging Crystals

        Another fun and easy way of cleaning and recharging your stones is to adopt the art of smudging. Smudging involves the burning of dried sacred herbs, allowing the smoke to filter over the stones and purify the vibrations. Smudging is commonly used to clear spaces of negative energies, so it makes sense that this would work well with crystals. 

        One option is cleansing crystals with sage. Sage is a superior plant within the spiritual realm, and has powerful cleansing properties over spaces, people and physical objects. Loose bundled sage works best, but if you’re in desperate need of some cleansing then a sage incense stick can stand in temporarily. 

        Then there is how to cleanse crystals with Palo Santo, another form of smudging that involves wood, as opposed to herbs. Palo Santo is a wild tree native only to Peru and Venezuela. It is used in many healing rituals, targeting the clearing of deeply negative energies. 

        Both of the aforementioned forms of smudging involve potent aromas, and should therefore always be done in a well ventilated space. 

        How to Cleanse Crystals with Water

        Cleansing crystals with water is another easy method to try at home. To do this, you’ll need to create a formula containing salt. You’ll also need to keep in mind exactly which crystals cannot be cleansed in salt water. 

        Some crystals dissolve in water, which sounds alarming considering they are technically rock formations. Ionic stones dissolve in water because the positive and negative ions are broken apart by the hydrogen molecules in water, thus causing the rock to dissolve and disappear. 

        The following stones are not suitable for cleansing or recharging in water: 

        • Hematite 
        • Fluorite
        • Malachite 
        • Selenite
        • Pyrite
        • Labradorite
        • Celestite 
        • Halite
        • Turquoise
        • Opal
        • Gypsum
        • Apophyllite
        • Azurite
        • Tangerine Quartz
        • Ulexite
        • Lepidolite

          If you live near the ocean, collect a jar of salt water and submerge your stones in it for a minimum of 24 hours and a maximum of 48 hours. If you’re not near the sea, simply create a saltwater solution of your own at home. 

          Running water is also a powerful means of cleansing and charging crystals. Water in motion is thought to neutralize any negative energy hovering around a stone. Hold each crystal under a running faucet for at least one minute each. 

          Cleansing Crystals with Incense

          Cleansing crystal with incense is similar to smudging. When it comes to how to clean crystals at home, incense can be one of the most convenient methods for all lifestyles. We often have incense laying around the house, and it can be a lifesaver when we are perhaps not in close proximity to salt water, or are still a while away from the full moon. 

          Any incense will suffice for the purpose of a quick cleanse and recharge. Simply burn your chosen incense as you would, preferably in a holder of sorts, and hold each stone in the smoke that is being released. 

          Rotate the crystals so that all sides are generously doused in smoke; aim for at least one minute per stone. 

          If you have a box-style incense holder whereby the incense burns inside of a closed compartment, while the smoke escapes from small holes, you can actually place your smaller stones inside of the box, allowing them to become engulfed in smoke. 

          Some of the best incense to use for crystal cleansing are the following:

          • White Sage
          • Sandalwood 
          • Amber
          • Dragon’s Blood
          • Nag Champa
          • Patchuli 

            Cleansing Crystals with Himalayan Salt

            There is a connection between Himalayan salt and the ability to dissolve negative energy. Crystals work well with salt, and using this substance from the Himalayan mountains works wonders as an easily repetitive means of how to cleanse your crystals. 

            Choose a decent sized bowl or vase, and fill about three quarters of it with authentic Himalayan salt. 

            As though the salt were forming a sort of foundation for your crystals, place them on the surface and set the bowl aside somewhere in your home. They’ll be fully cleansed and recharged in just over 24 hours. 

            A Himalayan salt bed is a fabulous little device to keep in your home at all times, as you can actually place your crystals into the salt every time they are not in use. If they ‘live’ here, they’ll be in a constant state of cleansing and recharging, always ready for you when you need them. 

            Cleansing Crystals with Sound

            Charging crystals with sound is a less common form of stone cleansing, as most people are too scared of getting it wrong. 

            The catch is that this is the one form of crystal cleansing that is safe and effective for all crystals. We recommend this method to anyone with a particular large collection of crystals that would take a lot of time to clean individually. 

            You’ll cleanse your crystals with sound by making use of any object that emits a resonating vibration that holds its tone for longer than just a few seconds. Singing bowls, tuning forks, bells, and even the chanting of your own voice are all suitable options. If you’re new to sound healing, a tuning fork for cleansing crystals is probably the best introductory instrument. 

            Allow the sound vibration to carry over the crystals, and stick with it for a minimum of 10 minutes. The longer the better; some people can end up chanting over their stones for hours out of sheer enjoyment. 

            How to Cleanse Specific Crystals

            We mentioned earlier that certain crystals are not suited to certain methods of cleansing and recharging. How to cleanse crystals and stones depends on their unique properties and compounds. 

            In the aforementioned section we took a close look at the stones that are not compatible with salt water cleansing. We encourage all readers to keep this list in mind, and always do a brief background check when acquiring a new crystal, just to ensure that their chosen method of cleansing is not going to cause any harm to the stone in question. 

            You see, at surface level all crystals seem to be rock hard, impermeable forces that could break glass given the opportunity. At a molecular level, however, most stones are incredibly porous, almost spongy in cellular structure. They can break, dissolve, wear away and lose their brightness over time. 

            What we didn’t look at in the aforementioned section is how to use certain crystals to cleanse other crystals. Some cleansing stones can be used as cleaners and chargers for other crystals. In this way, the stones work together to bring up the vibration of the weaker one. 

            How to Cleanse Selenite

            There are some stones that cleanse themselves without any interference from us, the humans. They are known as the crystals that don’t need any form of cleaning or recharging in order to maintain their highest level of vibration. 

            Selenite is one of them, and it’s such a powerful self-cleanser that it has the ability to recharge crystals that are brought into its vibratory field. Selenite is a crystallized form of Gypsum, one of the non-water friendly stones we referred to earlier. It is considered to be one of the best stones to have around the house for protection and purification of intentions. 

            Not only does it cleanse itself, Selenite also purifies and charges the air and atmosphere that directly surrounds it. Charging crystals with Selenite is easy enough, all you need to do is simply place the Selenite onto the crystal (or vice versa depending on which stone is bigger), and leave it for four to six hours. You can also cleanse your crystal jewelry on Selenite by wrapping the items around the stone and leaving them for the same amount of time.

            Note: Never place Selenite in water. It will disintegrate within minutes. 

            How to Clean Amethyst

            Not all crystals are partial to natural light. Think about it: they spend centuries under the Earth, absorbing the minerals and energies without ever meeting the light of day. 

            Amethyst is a stone that doesn’t benefit from purification via natural light, or any light for that matter. If you’re wanting to learn how to cleanse Amethyst properly, you’ll need to go back to where it all began. 

            Amethyst is a powerful metaphysical stone. It is said to enhance natural psychic abilities, as well as act as an energetic tranquilizer for highly stressed out humans. The best way to cleanse Amethyst is to actually bury it under the ground for a minimum of 24 hours, allowing the stone to reconnect to its energetic roots. 

            Moist soil is preferable; just don’t forget where you buried it! 

            How to Cleanse Hematite

            If you’re pondering how to cleanse a crystal as grounding as Hematite, you’re not alone. Many crystal fanatics feel that the usual modes of cleansing fall short with this powerful stone, as its connection to the Earth is so tangible that anything above ground feels insufficient. 

            Hematite will tie you down to Earth when your head feels as though it is in the clouds. You need only hold your stone in your hand for a few minutes, allowing the force to pull your focus and concentration right back to where you need it to be. 

            Hematite does not like to be cleaned or recharged using water. It will dissolve, and your stone will be no more. Hematite is also not particularly fond of the moonlight; the lunar realm is too foreign for this Earth-based stone. 

            To properly cleanse your Hematite, select any of your other crystals for cleansing that have recharging properties. Selenite and black tourmaline are two viable options!

            How to Cleanse Black Tourmaline

            Speaking of, Black Tourmaline cleansing is something that needs to be done quite religiously. 

            This is a stone that is sought after by many people, due to the very tangible protective effect this crystal has on both the user and the space in which it works. 

            Black Tourmaline is a stone that not only wards off negative energy, but actually absorbs it and transforms it into positive vibrations. This crystal can be placed next to objects that give off high frequency radiation, such as computers and microwaves. It will form a kind of psychic shield, protecting the frequencies from affecting your brain. 

            It’s no surprise then that Black Tourmaline needs regular segments of refreshment. If you want to know how to clean a crystal of this nature, the answer is salt and sun!

            Soak your Black Tourmaline in a saltwater solution overnight, and then place it in direct sunlight for a few hours the following day. 

            How to Clean Rose Quartz

            Rose Quartz is a dreamy stone: one that vibrates at the frequency of unconditional love. Use this stone to attract or amplify love in your life, or just to feel a heightened sense of self-love whenever you need it most. 

            Because this is a stone of such gentle, pure energy, it thrives when treated the same way during cleansing and recharging. 

            We feel the best way of cleansing Rose Quartz is through the smudging technique. Bathing the stone in a cloud of sage smoke, or even Palo Santo, is a soft yet potent way of warding off any negative energy that may be lingering between the cracks. 

            Earlier we looked at how to cleanse crystals using a full moon, and this is a stone that would benefit from this kind of method as well. 

            How to Cleanse Clear Quartz

            Clear Quartz is one of the most versatile and resilient of all healing crystals. This stone has many properties, and is one of the most powerful aids to physical pain within the human body. For many, it seems to neutralize any discomfort the user is experiencing, especially when the Clear Quartz is placed directly onto the body. 

            Any of the aforementioned methods of how to clean crystals are suitable for Clear Quartz. There is no threat to this stone in water, and Quartz loves the light of the moon and the sun. Clear Quartz is incredibly receptive to the vibrations of sound, so a sound cleansing is also a viable option. 

            How to Cleanse Agate

            Agate is an umbrella name given to a variety of translucent, layered-looking crystals made from microcrystalline quartz. There is a spectrum of colors and patterns that Agate can form into, and its desirability within the market is generally dependent on these two factors. 

            What you need to keep in mind when it comes to different variations of Agate is that these are extremely fragile crystals that have the potential to shatter when exposed to temperature fluctuations. 

            You shouldn’t cleanse your Agate in water that is above room temperature. Nor should you leave Agate out in the sunlight, as the colors may lose their vibrancy after long periods of exposure. 

            The moonlight is the most gentle way of cleansing your Agate. Additionally, you could use Selenite as a method of recharging the stone. 

            How to Cleanse Citrine

            Like Agate, Citrine may also fracture when exposed to abrupt temperature changes. This stone is also not a friend of the sunlight, and may lose its soft orange hue entirely after long periods of exposure. 

            Chemicals and Citrine are another complicated duo. Citrine responds well to certain soaps, and then others seem to eat through the stone entirely. Avoid all forms of soap when cleaning debris off of your Citrine, and simply use a damp cloth to do the job. 

            To cleanse and recharge your Citrine, we’d recommend either using the light of the moon, or the Himalayan salt method. Citrine is a powerful yet impeccable crystal that requires cleaning at least once a week, especially if being worn as jewelry. 

            How to Charge Crystals

            Now that you know how to cleanse your crystals, it’s time to learn the different ways of charging them. Cleansing and charging go hand in hand, as we’ve stated. The one needs the other in order to keep the stone at optimal performance frequency, so that you are able to tap into all of the healing properties that the stone in question supposedly holds. 

            We’ll tell you how to charge crystals, as well as how to program them. There isn’t a great difference between these two actions, but the latter involves the setting of specific intentions for a preferable outcome. Read on, we’ll elaborate!

            How to Program Crystals

            When we talk about programming a crystal, we are referring to using it for a very specific purpose, as opposed to for all of the stone’s general benefits. Some people are happy to wear a piece of Labradorite in a ring, for example, and remain open to any of the properties that come with this stone entering their life for greater good. They are not necessarily honing in on one specific need; instead they are happy to see what transpires. 

            When we program a crystal, we communicate with it our precise wants and desires. We let it know what kind of help we are needing, and what exactly we’d like energy to be focused into. 

            This is an intention based practice, and the best way to program a crystal is to sit with it in the palm of your hand in a state of light meditation. Send your clear, specific desires telepathically into the crystal, and visualize the desired outcome so that the stone is able to attune to the vibration of this outcome. 

            How to charge crystals with intentions, without contaminating the stone with the ego, is a lot easier than it sounds. These are intelligent forces, and they know the difference between the vibration of a genuine desire, and the vibration of an ego desire — don’t overthink it!

            How to Program a Crystal for Someone Else

            Sometimes it’s not ourselves that need the healing energy from the crystals in question. Often, people purchase stones with the intention of gifting them to another who seems to be in need of a particular kind of life adjustment. 

            If you’re giving a crystal to someone in hopes that it will affect a specific area of their life where you see issues, then you can program the stone on their behalf. 

            Do so as you would your own crystals. For example, if programming Amethyst crystal, hold the stone in your hand during meditation and send the telepathic intentions into it. This time, visualize the desired outcome but from the perspective of the individual for whom the healing is intended. See and feel them as you would like them to be, and not necessarily how they are. It’s imperative that you always have the individual’s greater good in mind when doing this; crystals cannot be programmed to conduct black magic on your behalf. 

            Crystals that Charge Other Crystals

            We took a brief look above at crystals that cleanse other crystals. As it happens, there are also stones that actually charge other stones. 

            Selenite is the most powerful, and also the most popular. A small piece goes a long way, and the best part is that Selenite requires no form of cleansing at all. It’s almost like a house guest who doesn’t eat or talk, but cooks and cleans for you even when you’re not looking. 

            Clear Quartz is another great crystal to use to charge other crystals. It’s a high vibrating stone that easily affects all other molecular compounds brought into direct contact with it. Clear Quartz, however, can’t cleanse itself and does require some help from you every so often. 

            Charging Crystals with Full Moon

            Even the most Earth-bound crystals can’t help but succumb to some sort of positive influence from the energy that the moon gives off. 

            Moonlight is so gentle, and so charming, that it holds benefit even for stones that would typically prefer to be housed underground. 

            We can use the moonlight to both cleanse and recharge all crystals. Recharging works the same way that cleansing does: by simply leaving the stone outside overnight somewhere where the light can hit it directly (if possible). 

            Charging Crystals in Rain

            Rainwater is often overlooked as a means of charging crystals. Since it can’t really be planned, it’s not the go-to option for those who like to work on a recharge schedule with dates and times. 

            If you’re open to the sporadic nature of crystal charging, rainwater is a great tool to work with whenever the weather allows for it. Rainwater is highly charged with Earth’s energy, as it starts its journey on the surface of the planet before the sun pulls it up into the sky. 

            To charge your crystals in the rain, simply place them outside during a shower. On a grass patch would be preferable, but anywhere on bare Earth is just as good. Even a short downpour is a powerful recharging period for most crystals. 

            It’s important that you adhere to the list of crystals that are not compatible with water, if using this method of recharging. Selenite, for example, will dissolve completely even in the shortest of showers. 

            How to Charge Specific Crystals

            For the most part, crystals can be charged alone or in batches, and receive their full energetic supply regardless of the approach taken. 

            That being said, when we use specific crystals for programmed intentions, it becomes more beneficial to charge them in an individual setting. Some stones just like to be charged without any other vibrations around them, including other crystals. 

            Here we’ll look at Rose Quartz and Amethyst, and the unique recharging methods pertaining to each. 

            How to Charge Rose Quartz

            The most effective way of recharging this stone of love is to take advantage of the saltier things in life. 

            Any form of saltwater charging is Rose Quartz’s favorite method. This includes the Himalayan salt bowl, and the use of seawater/saltwater when available. If you’re merely cleansing a piece of Rose Quartz of bad energy, then submerging it for 24 hours in the water is sufficient. 

            When recharging a piece of Rose Quartz, leave it in the saltwater solution for a minimum of 48 hours. This takes the stone to the next level in terms of energetic charge. 

            If you need to program your Rose Quartz for a specific purpose, do so before and after the stone goes into the water. A short meditation before the ritual, and a short mediation after the ritual, will ensure that your Rose Quartz is absolutely clear on what it is you’d like it to help you with. 

            Personally, we’ve found that anyone looking to use Rose Quartz to facilitate self love may actually benefit more from a piece of the stone that has been recharged under the light of the moon. There is something very tender and motherly about the moon’s energy; it paves way for one to be more gentle with themselves and find the love of self that they so desperately seek. 

            How to Charge Amethyst

            Many seek answers on how to charge Amethyst. It’s a common stone that is abundant to the Earth, but there is something ever illusive about its function and preferences. 

            Amethyst, as we discussed, has anti-stress, anti-anxiety and anti-depression properties. It’s a mood stabilizer/tranquilizer, but it also works closely with the third eye in enhancing any potential for psychic ability that the user may be holding.

            For this reason, the best ways of charging Amethyst are constantly up for discussion. Some feel that if stress and anxiety are your main concern, Amethyst is better recharged by being buried underground, as it can then have a powerful grounding effect on the user, bringing relief to symptoms of anxiety that can cause one to feel detached from Earth. 

            Those looking to program their Amethyst for help with psychic abilities, such as enhanced clairvoyance, are more likely to benefit from Amethyst that has been recharged using the light of the moon. This energy is more “outer worldly”, thus symbolizing a higher plane or elevated frequency. Your third eye will receive great benefit, and your personal powers will be enhanced. 


            We hope you enjoyed this article! If you are interested in incorporating crystals into your life to help combat anxiety, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of a crystal that resonates with you. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of calm and serenity. Also, if you are interested in reading more about anxiety and crystals, check out our comprehensive blog post on the 15 Best Crystals for Anxiety!


            17 Best Crystals for Grief (Updated 2020)

            17 Best Crystals for Grief (Updated 2020)

            In this post, we reveal the top crystals for grief. We also explain how crystals help with grief and how to use them. Let's get started!


            The arrival of grief is generally not something we get the benefit of predicting or preparing for. When it hits, we need all the support we can get, and some are finding solace not only in people, but in rocks harvested from deep within the Earth’s core. Here’s everything you need to know about grief and crystal healing.

            In this article we discuss the following:

            • How Can Crystals Help with Grief?
              • Beware of Fakes
            • How to Use Crystals for Grief
              • Cleansing Crystals for Grief
            • 17 Best Crystals for Grief
              • Black Onyx
              • Amethyst
              • Pink Opal
              • Sugilite
              • Mangano Calcite
              • Tumbled Jet
              • Rose Quartz
              • Amazonite
              • Lepidolite
              • Ruby in Moonstone
              • Ruby in Zoisite
              • Sunstone
              • Smokey Quartz
              • Apache Tear
              • Indicolite Quartz
              • Fire Opal
              • Ruby in Kyanite

            How Can Crystals Help with Grief?

            We tend to think of crystals as objects that provide protection, bring good luck, or amplify love and other high flying vibrations. They are concerned with the more common experiences within the human condition, and very often we overlook the less regular realities such as grief and loss. 

            In the myriad of crystals available to us within the Earth, there are a few very notable stones with the ability to provide support to a person suffering from an intense experience of grief. Perhaps a loved one has been lost, or a long-term partnership has ended in betrayal, and the individual in question is simply at a loss for how to begin cleaning up their energy in order to move forward. 

            Crystals work through vibration; they have the ability to attune to, affect and amplify the energies of people and objects that they are brought into contact with. Naturally, crystals vibrate much higher than human beings. This is because they spend centuries beneath the Earth’s crust forming into their hardened states, and charging with the energy of the minerals & elements that surround them. 

            Grief, as an emotion, has a very specific vibration of its own. It sits in the lower levels, amongst other slow vibrating emotions such as sadness, shame, and worthlessness. In order to rise above grief and enter a space of hope, the energy of the individual needs to be cleaned up. 

            A crystal can’t bring back a lost loved one, but it can help rewire your energetic field so that the perception of the loss isn’t as severe as you may have  initially made it out to be. Where you previously saw no end may now look more like a dark tunnel with a dim light glowing far in the distance. That light will get closer and more attainable, with time. 

            Beware of Fakes

            As the crystal market continues to grow, there are manufacturers around the world who are choosing to cut corners in terms of authenticity. Some crystals are very easy to fake; it takes little more than some carefully cut glass and a drop of dye. 

            Glass crystals are often sold off as the real thing, as it saves the manufacturer the trouble of having to mine the real crystals out of the Earth, thus increasing their margin for profit. 

            Always buy your crystals from a reputable source. Crystals have value, and if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is!

            How to Use Crystals for Grief

            How you use your crystals for grief and loss will depend entirely on the unique situation in question, as well as the lifestyle of the user. 

            First, you’ll need to select the stone whose properties resonate most with your individual experience. Some will sound far fetched — if so, these are simply not the stones for you. Some will sound logical, as though they are referring to your exact situation — keep an eye on these when it comes time to buy. 

            To bring a crystal into your space with the intention of healing, there are a number of different methods you can adopt so that your chosen stone may properly attune to your personal vibration. With crystals for grieving, it’s usually beneficial to keep the stone as close to your physical body as possible, so jewelry makes for a great adornment option. 

            If an individual’s grieving is only triggered in certain situations, such as, for example, when they try to go to sleep, then stones can be kept next to the bed and as close to the person’s head as possible. 

            If an entire family is grieving a loss of someone who once shared their home-space, such as a parent or child, it can be beneficial to purchase a larger sized crystal and have it on display in the living area of the house. This way it is filtering the entire energetic field of the home, and not just the energy of one individual user. 

            Holding healing crystals for grief and loss in the palm of your hand during a morning and evening meditation can be a very effective method of pulling the qualities from the stone into your own vibratory field. There is also the option of submerging your stone in water, thus allowing it to charge the liquid that will then be carried out through to the rest of your body. 

            Take note: not all crystals are safe to submerge in water. There are some that will dissolve on contact, so it is best to do some research before adopting this method. 

            Cleansing Crystals for Grief

            Grief crystals usually act as both support and protection stones. When they work, hey are drawing much good energy toward you, and pulling much negative energy from you. These stones need to be properly cleansed and recharged every so often so that they may retain their optimal function. 

            It is also recommended that you don’t allow friends, family, children or strangers to handle your grief crystals with their hands, as their own energies will be left behind and could confuse the stones. 

            Here are some ways of cleansing and recharging your crystal collection:

            • Keep them in a jar of saltwater (sea water or homemade) for a minimum of 24 hours. Note that some crystals dissolve in water — always double check!
            • Leave your stones under the light of the full moon once a month. 
            • Bury your crystals in the garden and leave them for a full 24 hours. 
            • Place your stones on a bed of salt and let them sit for about two days. 
            • Burn sage or other sacred herbs over the stones in the act known as “smudging”. 
            • Pray over your crystals and charge them with your unique desires.  

            17 Best Crystals for Grief

            Black Onyx

            In spirituality, ‘dusk’ is seen as the moment in time where darkness finally gives in to the light. It is a very sacred point of each passing day; one that is a sure recurrence every 24 hours. 

            Black onyx carries the energy of dusk deep within the core of the stone. Metaphorically, you can see this stone as a bringer of light after times have been exceptionally dark and difficult. 

            Black onyx will facilitate the inner strength you need in order for transformation to occur. It doesn’t dwell on the past, and is very concerned with the future. In times of loss, our inner strength needs to be amplified before we can make it out on the other side. 


            Amethyst is a master healer stone that we come back to time and time again. It’s one of the most versatile crystals in existence, as well as one of the most abundant stones to the Earth. Amethyst is thus an affordable stone for crystal newbies. 

            Grief comes with numerous sensations including anxiety, stress and a general feeling of disarray. These can often exaggerate the perceived level of grief, making it feel more unbearable than it actually is. 

            Amethyst works to counteract these negative emotions so that an overall sense of calm is perceived in spite of the grieving state. This can really help one to wrap their heads around their new reality, without the overwhelm of panic and angst. 

            When amethyst is formed, it takes an immense amount of pressure and heat. This means it can thrive under the same conditions in human life. 

            Pink Opal

            There are different stages of grieving, and there are also different ways of grieving. 

            If you find you’re spending more time in the denial stage than you might like, pink opal can be an ally in helping you move past it. Denial can come as a result of insecurity of the unknown. Pink opal paves way for this next stage to be met from the most calm, stress-free energy possible. 

            This is also a stone that is deeply concerned with emotional wounds. Pink opal attracts love and warmth back into your personal aura, as well as your home/work space. This is a great crystal to use during daily meditation. 


            When in a state of grief, it can be difficult to express love to those around you, let alone any love for yourself. 

            Sugilite works to facilitate this ability to love, even in times where it feels deeply lacking. It is a natural lightbringer, and thus a stone to enable forgiveness with the intention of moving forward. 

            This can be particularly useful if your experience of grief is rooted in the actions or choices of another. Forgiveness is a necessary step for healing to take place. 

            As a preventative method, Sugilite is actually a powerful protection stone and can absorb shock and trauma on your behalf. Sometimes grief is actually just a case of glorified disappointment, and Sugilite can help you to realize this before things spiral out of control unnecessarily. 

            Mangano Calcite

            In times of despair, it is important to reconnect with the angelic realms that seek to support you even when you feel most abandoned. 

            Mangano calcite will do just that, and in the process help to eradicate the remnants of trauma living in your vibration as a result of the initial shock experience. In instances where a romantic breakup has occurred, and one is finding it difficult to comprehend what has happened, the stone will guide the mind to a more logical and understanding place. 

            If your emotions have taken a knock for the worst, unconditional love needs to be reintroduced so that a sense of hope can be established. This is the only way forward, and mangano calcite is one way of moving in this direction. 

            Tumbled Jet Stone

            Jet stone is formed when tree wood becomes fossilized over millions of years. It’s a slow, arduous and pressure-filled process that eventually produces a solid black stone. 

            During the Victorian era tumbled Jet worked as jewelry during times of mourning. It has a historic connection to the grieving process, and the fact that it takes so long to form is testament to just how much pressure a small piece of this stone can withstand. 

            Jet is all about cycles. And this stone reminds us that grief is a natural cycle of life that is also inevitable. We must take the time we need to heal, and then we must take the opportunity to move forward. This is the jet stone way. 

            Rose Quartz

            A broken heart is the most common form of grief within the human experience. It’s one we are more likely to go through earlier on in life compared to grief through deaths which occur much later. 

            Rose quartz is the stone to help cope with these experiences. In these instances of grief, a lack of love is perceived. Inherently, Rose quartz knows there is no lack of love in the world despite how us humans may view it, and it works to amplify all forms of love for the individual, particularly self love. 

            Because rose quartz is so abundant to the Earth, you can purchase relatively large pieces of this stone for next to nothing. Place a piece in all four corners of your bedroom and lounge area, so that you are protected in a loving grid so long as you are in your house. 


            Grief takes a major toll on the heart chakra, often causing it to become closed or significantly weakened. 

            Crystals that work closely with the heart are great stones for grief as they try to bring in a sense of normality and regulated function. Amazonite can be placed directly onto your heart, or forehead, while you meditate lying down. 

            When you sit up from this session, you may feel the overwhelming urge to sob, or purge out your emotions one way or another. Crying, panic attacks or difficulty breathing are to be expected, and the user is encouraged to allow this energy to be released in whatever way it seeks to. From here, healing is underway. 

            Keep this stone next to your bed while you sleep. It will work with your subconscious mind during your slumber and help heal aspects of your mental and physical being that  you didn’t even know were impacted by your recent trauma. 


            If there’s one stone that knows stress and angst, it’s lepidolite. Lepidolite is comprised of lithium, and is used in the making of potent anti-anxiety medications that can only be prescribed by a doctor. 

            Lepidolite will work one on one with anxiety that may have come up as a result of the grieving process. It also seeks to show the positives in every negative situation; for example, death of a loved one may result in a family reunion that would otherwise never have happened. 

            Your mood will play a big role in how you are able to navigate your grief in the day to day. Lepidolite is a mood stabilizer, so keeping a small piece on your person at all times is highly recommended. Look out for a pocket-sized lepidolite that you can carry in your wallet or pants. 

            Ruby in Moonstone

            Romantic love is not the only form of grief that can break a heart. The loss of a loved one is another form of heartbreak, one that ruby in moonstone is particularly familiar with. 

            This is a combination stone, meaning that natural formations of ruby have fuzed with moonstone over thousands, maybe millions, of years. 

            Anger is one of the five stages of grief, as well as one of the numerous stages of heartbreak. Ruby in moonstone works the anger out in a healthy and positive way, for the betterment of the individual in question. Expressing your feelings in a concise manner, as opposed to hurdling them at anyone who looks your way, is a form of this, and can make grief much easier to deal with long-term. 

            Most importantly, ruby in moonstone is here to help you forgive someone for leaving you, whether their leaving was their choice or not. 

            Ruby in Zoisite

            Ruby in zoisite has always been one of our favorite crystals. For one, it’s fascinating to look at, and no two pieces are ever the same. Ruby in zoisite is another combination stone where ruby crystals have fuzed their way into natural forms of zoisite. 

            This is a crystal with a deep sense of transmutation. It wants you to work through each stage of grief clearly, and in an orderly manner, so that nothing is left behind and all negative energy has the opportunity to come to the surface and be transformed into light. 

            It is a stone of deep compassion. If you are sharing in a grieving state with other people, it can help you to remain a rock and source of companionship, even when you don’t feel like you have it in you to be so. 

            Ruby in zoisite wants to remind you that your soul had plans when it came into this incarnation. There were lessons, good and bad, that it asked to experience so that it could evolve to its highest potential. Grief is simply a facilitator in this process. 


            We perceive grief as a sort of darkness, so any energy affiliated with the sun is the direct opposite and thus a bringer of change. 

            Sunstone is a positive, energetic stone that doesn’t tolerate complacency or ruminating. This is vital in times of grief, because if we allow ourselves to ruminate on what is happening we will begin to spiral even lower. 

            When you just want to feel stronger, sunstone can give you that boost and sense of invincibility. Of course, when met with grief, this sense can be partially pacified and will feel more like a sense of hopefulness, which is also a great step up from where you were before!

            Smokey Quartz

            Trauma that brings grief can make us feel like we are floating outside of our bodies, with little to cling to in terms of reality. 

            A piece of smokey quartz will facilitate your re-grounding process, helping bring your energy back to Earth where it can begin to face the realities at hand. This can be difficult for those who are deep within the denial stage of grief, and might prefer to stay in the clouds where it feels dreamlike and safe. 

            Smokey quartz absorbs fear, so coming back down to the ground doesn’t seem like such a daunting or undesirable experience. 

            Note: this is one of the most common crystals to retail in fake replica form. Glass and black dye are easy to come by, and it is relatively impossible to tell real smokey quartz from a fake. Always get your smokey quartz from a reputable source. 

            Apache Tear

            Black obsidian is a powerful protection stone, but it is sometimes felt to be a little too harsh for people who are going through a process of grieving. 

            Apache tear is a more gentle form of black obsidian; it brings the support and protection, without the aggressive vibration. 

            This stone will absorb whatever negativity is lingering around you on your behalf, and transmute it into the most positive vibrations to be sent back out into the world. It creates a safe and amplified space in which you can get your grieving done. 

            Grief can also make one feel particularly hollow on the inside. This is a vulnerable place to be in, as this hollow space can be easily filled by less than positive energies. Apache Tear will protect the hollow space so that, when the time is right, positive energies of love can flow in without obstruction. It’s an amazing little rock, if we do say so ourselves. 

            Indicolite Quartz

            When we grieve, it is natural to regress deep within one’s own mind and to fail to talk through certain things that may offer relief to our subconscious. 

            Indicolite quartz is a unique stone as it works directly with this possibility during grieving, helping you speak about things that have occurred so that you may find your way forward. 

            This stone teaches us that even in mourning we are never alone. It brings in all of the spirit guides and helpers that we need to forage a better path in this lifetime, as well as retain the spiritual connection with the person who has maybe departed this realm. 

            The stone will also clear away any bad karma that has been accumulated in the process of trauma. This is something we are often too busy to consider because we are drowning in pain of a more tangible nature. 

            Fire Opal

            Those who use fire opal in daily life will tell you this is a stone that is constantly future focused. It does so by holding the energy of fervent love, meaning that you can move forward to a better state, because of love you have known in the past. 

            Instead of clinging to the pain associated with grief, you are met with a crossroads and have the option of healing and moving forward, opening an avenue for fresh passion to enter your life.

            Moving forward from grief requires a positive outlook, no matter how long it takes to get to that point. Fire opal will bring this positivity in at a rate this is not overwhelming, so that it doesn’t feel like a false sense of stability has arrived. 

            Ruby in Kyanite

            Making it to the other side of grief doesn’t always mean we’ve been able to let go of the past. There are elements that can linger with us, even when we are in a more stable and positive state. 

            Ruby in kyanite is a combination stone with powerful hurt-healing properties. The hurt that is caused because of the actions of others, or even our own actions, can live deep within our psyche and fester as the years go by, coming back up the next time something triggers us and affects our state of balance. 

            It encourages the user to meet life with passion, and possibility. There may be residue of anxiety or stress that has been holding these areas of life back, and this crystal will cut through them in quite a powerful manner. 

            This is also one of the most interesting crystals to look at; no two stones are the same, and it is incredible to consider how the raw kyanite was able to fuze together with the ruby stones. Keep a piece close by for best results. 


            We hope you enjoyed this article! If you are interested in incorporating crystals into your life, you should consider a mindful breathing necklace made of a crystal that resonates with you. Mindful breathing jewelry made of crystals not only help provide the benefits of the crystal you choose to wear, but they can also be used to help slow your breath, leading to a greater sense of calm and serenity. Also, if you are interested in reading more about anxiety and crystals, check out our comprehensive blog post on the 15 Best Crystals for Anxiety!