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Citrine Point


This beautiful citrine point is perfect for filling your life with happiness, positivity and abundance while cleansing and balancing your chakras. This citrine is of the highest quality and has a bright, rich and beautiful color.

Citrine is a crystal of light and happiness. It has a warm, bright energy with a very positive vibration. For these reasons, carrying citrine warms, cleanses and energizes you. As a highly protective crystal, citrine is highly effective at dispelling negative energy. Citrine also helps attract abundance and prosperity and helps enhance your self-control, discipline, and will-power. Citrine can also help inspire imagination and creativity by opening the mind to new ideas. Its overwhelmingly positive vibration can also help dispel depression and anger while enhancing mental clarity, vitality and confidence.

Citrine has been referred to as a stone of abundance. It is capable of attracting material prosperity as well as professional success and wealth. Try placing it in a cash box or drawer, or in the far left corner of your home, which is known as the "wealth corner". Or, carry a piece of citrine in your pocket or bag and let it attract good luck. Citrine is also an excellent addition to any crystal grid as it interacts positively with other crystals.

Citrine can also be combined with aventurine to help magnify and increase the effects that both crystals have on increasing abundance and prosperity in your life. Citrine is also believed to help support the health of the spine and digestive system. It is also believed that citrine has a positive effect on the body's metabolism and can help combat chronic fatigue by increasing energy levels and motivation. Citrine can also have a positive affect on those trying to lose weight by increasing their optimism about reaching their goals. 

Citrine's strong positive vibration can also impact those around you. As a result, citrine is great for any setting and can help achieve cooperation and consensus in a group or work environment.

Citrine is associated with the sacral, solar plexus and crown chakras, although it helps cleanse all chakras.  A balanced solar plexus chakra helps you to recognize yourself as the powerful and confident person that you are. It can also make you feel more able to embrace challenges. A balanced sacral chakra helps make you feel vibrant and invigorated, which supports your creativity, imagination and positivity.

Citrine is commonly aligned with the Gemini, Aries, Libra and Leo astrological signs, although it is effective for all people regardless of their astrological sign.

Each point is approximately 2 to 3 inches (5 to 8 centimeters) long and 0.5 to 1 inch (1.5 to 3 centimeters) wide at the base. The point weights approximately 3.4 oz /  95 g.

To learn more about citrine, see our detailed blog post here: Citrine Crystals: Complete Guide.

The country of origin of this gorgeous citrine is the beautiful country of Madagascar.

We are proud to say that we donate 15% of our profit to several non-profit organizations that work to provide health care to children with respiratory diseases in developing countries. As a result, your purchase of our crystals will help create significant positive impact for some of the most vulnerable communities in the world.

As a unique and natural item made by mother nature, our crystals vary in color, size, shape, and weight. These are unique, natural gemstones and will therefore have variations which give them their own special beauty and character. They may also have slight imperfections and vary slightly from photos shown.

Please note that information on this website is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. 

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Bright citrine energy

Makes me feel so good! Thankyou for this lovely citrine crystal point!