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Crystal Towers: Complete Guide (2024)

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In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about crystal towers, including their meaning and where to buy them. Let's get started!


We all know how different crystals benefit our energies and aura, and how it helps us to grow. Now let us see how a particular shape helps us with its individuality. Let’s explore more about crystal towers, which stand tall among others, and concentrate on positivity. 

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Crystal Towers Meaning

Crystal towers are concentrated energy generators that amplify the vibrations around you and aid in manifesting your intentions. Reiki and crystal healers use crystal towers for cleansing and healing. 

Crystal towers direct and enhance the energies of the crystal. They are used for spiritual practices and to channel energies. Crystal towers generate energy to amplify your intentions and reasons. They increase positive vibrations around you and bring balance to your life.

Crystal towers are also used in meditations and healing practices. It provides calmness and focus and makes the inert energy flow anew. Crystal towers are known mainly for attracting positive energy and letting go of the negative energy around you. 

A crystal tower commonly has 6 to 8 sides with a flat base for it to stand. They are ‌carved and polished in the tower shape or made from natural points by cutting the bottom flat in crystals like quartz, citrine, or amethyst. 

Healing Crystal Towers

Crystal towers are used to attract energy and they provide many uses. They focus their energy on your purpose. It is a fine alternative to place a crystal tower at your place of work as it helps with focus and increases productivity. 

Crystal towers are sometimes also known as crystal points. These are often used in the center of the crystal grid as they focus the energy in one direction and amplify your intentions. They are also placed in the corners of a room to create an energy vortex and protect that space from negative energies. 

The crystal towers emit concentrated energy and affect their surroundings and other crystals near them. Its healing energies are powerful and thus not merely concentrated on you, but also on others around you.

It creates an emotional balance and thus invites love and new relationships in your life. Crystal towers are used by crystal healers on a large scale as they have great healing and meditative properties, like eliminating the negative energy and bad aura. 

Crystal towers have protective energy. One must purify them according to their needs. Meditating with crystal towers heals you mentally, physically, and spiritually as well. It embeds your mind with clarity and focus. 

Crystal towers are also used in feng shui. It amplifies the chi throughout your body. They aid you in spiritual growth and can be used while doing yoga. 

As crystal towers absorb negative energies from around you, they need to be cleaned often. You can cleanse your crystal towers with salt or rinse them under running water. 

Crystal Towers for Sale

crystal tower

The prices of crystal towers differ based on the type of crystal and their sizes. A single piece of a 1-inch crystal tower costs $10 USD. Whereas a 16-inch crystal tower can cost $621 USD. The price increases depending on its size and weight. 

Crystal Towers Wholesale

The prices of the crystal towers differ if bought wholesale. Wholesale crystal towers come in different varieties. The lot contains either the same crystal stone towers or different crystal towers. A lot of 25 pieces of 0.5 to 1.5 inches towers cost $15 USD and a lot of 150 pieces cost $70 USD. 


Using crystal towers in mediation and healing helps you focus and amplify your intentions. It is a very beneficial type of crystal to have. A crystal tower is a must-have if you like to collect or use crystals.

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